Ralph McDaniels Reflects On 30 Years Of Video Music Box

Ralph McDaniels discusses 30 years of Video Music Box.

Ralph McDaniels, creator and host of the iconic music video program "Video Music Box," spoke at length about the history of the program as well as some special events lined up to help celebrate the show's 30th anniversary while a guest on the weekly online radio talk show The NY Hip Hop Report. 

McDaniels admitted that there was some early resistance to the idea, but his persistance led to the birth of a platform that helped launch the careers of countless rap artists. He also noted that despite the early regional success of the show, there were still some who didnt believe that mainstream TV was ready for a Hip Hop music video show.

"Yeah, we approached them [MTV] in 1986," he said. "And they said, 'Mainstream TV's not ready for Hip Hop.' I said, 'Did you ever go to the Fresh Fest? You play Run-DMC! All kids are wearing Run-DMC gear and listening to the music.'" While MTV would go on launch "YO! MTV Raps" the next year, McDaniels held no ill will towards the company, seeing the show as an opportunity for Hip Hop to reach a broader audience.

"People were like, 'Yo, what do you think? Is that your competition?' I said, 'No, now the music can go further.' If I or The Vid Kid did a video, it automatically got played across the country. That made our work get seen by people in other areas we didn't reach."

McDaniels mentioned several events planned to help celebrate the anniversary of "Video Music Box," most notably that the 2013 Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival will be dedicated to the legacy of the show's 30-year history.

The full article and entire radio show can be found here. The New York Hip Hop Report is hosted by Birthplace Magazine editor-in-chief Manny Faces and co-host Steve Ortiz. 

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  • BxBomber

    DAMN! Truly brought back memories. I'll never forgot having to turn the top know to U and the bottom know to 31 to catch Uncle Ralph. Memories.....

  • junMaf*ckn

    Uncle Ralph Is An ICON. I Worked For Crazy Sam. He Really IS Crazy. Video Music Box Raised Us 80s N 90s Babies. Thanx Uncle Ralph! I Remember When His Car Got Stolen N When The Thieves Found Out Who It Belonged To They Brought It Back A Day Later Unscathed. Respeck Is Da Cornerstone...

  • Anonymous

    i hate 50 year old people who still dress like they're 15

  • donnis mac

    If you don't know about Crazy Sam and the SHOUTOUT, you don't know about Video Music Box' impact on rap music. If Ralph didn't break them, MTV wouldn't have scooped them up.

  • Malik

    VMB - Five Minutes Of Funk....back when hip hop was an actual artform and not watered down with synthesizer beats wack rappers on some gay homo shit. I miss those days.

  • Antonio Ried

    Best New Artist on the Rise!!!!! http://www.datpiff.com/Doomz-Martial-Law-mixtape.431684.html

  • DefBoy3

    I never forget watching Ralph do his thing during the time I was a lil young buck. It was another classic underground type show thats a must see.

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