Lord Finesse Says He Has "No Beef" With Mac Miller Following $10 Million Lawsuit Settlement

Lord Finesse speaks out about his $10 million lawsuit against Mac Miller.

Last July, Lord Finesse filed a staggering $10 million lawsuit against Mac Miller for using the beat for "Hip 2 Da Game" without his permission. After going back and forth in the media over the next six months, the two finally decided to settle their legal issues in December. The terms have not been disclosed.

Breaking his silence on the matter, the D.I.T.C. member said that he has no ill will towards the Rostrum Records signee and that the media made the situation bigger than it actually was.

"I don’t have no beef with Mac,” he told Fuse. “I think Mac is a cool dude. But [the lawsuit] became a lightning rod and people made it more than what it really was. It’s just the way the media makes it look. At this point, I just want to move forward and I wish Mac the best moving forward.

“I’m just glad that it’s over and I’m definitely relieved that we moved past this," he continued. "From day one, I never looked publicly to use this for attention and I purposely never talked about this from the beginning. This will be the only time I speak on this.”

Miller also spoke on the subject, echoing previous statements that he wants to collaborate with Finesse. "I think that that’s something that I always wanted, so I’m not going to let anything get in the way of that," said Mac. "I still want to do a record with him. After everything was settled and closed, we spoke and exchanged some text messages of relief.”

Finesse said that there's a possibility of collaborating, but not in the near future. "It’s something that I could see as a possibility further down the line," he said.

The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania rapper isn't in the legal clear. Yesterday (January 31st), Donald Trump threatened to sue Miller for titling his gold-certified single "Donald Trump."

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  • Anonymous

    I think it's safe to assume that they settled for an amount nowhere near $10 million if they're both cool and "moving forward" now lol ..I still think this was the most bullshit case in music history. I can't even count how many artists use previously established beats on a mixtape to start a buzz..Lord Finesse's situation isn't unique lol

  • Anonymous

    "Cause if he actually was broke then that more then enough reason to sue" If Finesse was caked up like he should be after how many years in the game now (?), he would have handled the situation in another way. Then to insult MM's intelligence by saying maybe in the near future they can work together. Only in America.

    • Anonymous

      It's Mac that wants to work with him still smart guy, your reading comprehension is fucked. ^^Miller also spoke on the subject, echoing previous statements that he wants to collaborate with Finesse. "I think that thats something that I always wanted, so Im not going to let anything get in the way of that," said Mac. "I still want to do a record with him. After everything was settled and closed, we spoke and exchanged some text messages of relief.^^ Finesse didn't want to shut him down so he said it's a possibility in the future.

  • Anonymous

    Half a man, you keep bringing up Miami Vice. Is there any reason why I shouldn't think you're old and unliked? If you were young you would have dismissed it already. You can't cause you're weak, and the weak hang on the every word of the mighty. As for the Latin thing, all I said was plenty of urban rappers have worked with them. I realize Kendrick makes you tingle, but try educating your ear drums to something other than snooze music.

  • Anonymous

    "miller just gave him a fat pay check" Should have given him a fat lip instead.

    • Anonymous

      Quoteman, you are the most bitch made person on this website dog. We know you're old and bitter because you watch Miami Vice. We also know you listen to latino rappers, Diggy Simmons, Birdman, and Lil Flip all the while you're hating on Kendrick Lamar! Get the fuck off this website you hoe!

  • anonymous

    of course he has no beef with him, miller just gave him a fat pay check

  • 8

    Now he can buy all the ribs he want for the next year

  • Anonymous

    The gentleman from the Eagles (lol) is Don Henley, but that aside, artists from another generation don't like people either downloading their music for free, or sampling their songs. Obviously Henley's not broke, but he could loosen up a bit knowing he's already financially set for 10 lifetimes. That being said, there's a difference between someone using a sample which yes should be cleared, but the reality is, most of the times it's not. More times than not people get away with it, and that's just fact. Now if Mac had lifted phrases from the song, or simply named the song Hip to the Game with the same instrumental, then yeah, that would be a slam dunk for Finesse. But the way he went about it rang foul to me. What if OC had done that? Would this crusty old senior rapper have taken his pal to court? Of course not. OC doesn't have two pennies to rub together. It was about opportunity, and how much you wanna bet Finesse was talked into this once he figured out just how much money MM is generating right now. He can front and say it was nothing personal all he wants, but at the end of the day "real street dudes" don't respect Finesse.

    • Big Bang Theory

      Hay Anonymous when you got three people suing you all in the same year(or a year apart from each other) the only person who is here to blame is the idiot who is getting sued. Stop all these BS about he is only suing cause he is broke bull shit. Cause if he actually was broke then that more then enough reason to sue. Infact i would be looking to sue anybody i can.(Joke before one of you nerds take me serious)Fuck the state of hip hop if a nigga is broke like you geeks claim.

    • donnis mac

      What I see is that 3 different people who are only connected through business with Rostrum Records, have a problem with Rostrum Records' business practices. One is an old school producer who was around to see labels rob his peers with loopholes, one is a businessman who is in the business of licensing his name, one is a producer who was smart enough to copyright his work. Companies have had a stigma of doing things like this to artists for years and standing behind their lawyers, I don't see how the plaintiffs are all to blame now.

  • Anonymous

    "Would you be happy if he started suing broke nobodies for stealing his beats too?" Why would he do that? Clearly it's about the opportunity to get money, so of course he's not going to sue a broke nobody.

    • Anonymous

      you're the one who keeps blasting finesse "every rapper does this why single out mac miller" but every rapper isn't making money stealing other peoples beats it so there would be no point in taking them to court because he has nothing to gain

  • BXNigga

    Lord Finesse lives in the building next to mine (So does peter guns, And Nature Lives in my building)I see them everyday. Homie live in the PJs he just needed a quick check.

    • Get Real

      Get real son... I know where Finesse and Nature live and they don't live near each othe and they don't live in the pj's. Finese lives in a condo complex and has for a while... You clown ass nigga, get a life

    • Anonymous

      The reality in your comment is you live in the PJ's next to them and see them everyday because you have nothing do yourself. Let's see you say just because you see them and live by them doesn't mean you are broke and thirsty so I can point right back at your comment.

  • Anonymous

    "If you created a song, would it be fair for me to make a few millions off of it and give you nothing?" One, he didn't make millions off using Finesse's instrumental, and two, this has been going on for years. Finesse knew Miller was getting caked up so instead of being a man and just letting the kid get his shine, he sued\s him for some ridiculous amount because he's a broke joke with no huge payday in sight.

    • Big Bang Theory @Donnis mac

      Yo if that message doesn't get to these geeks nothing will. Ain't it odd that Mac Miller and Company is getting hit with all these law suits. Its so obvious that this dude has been stealing music from day one. I never heard of the other case tho. Glad you put me on to that. Im starting to like this Mac Miller kid less and less each day cause i realize he been stealing music since forever.

    • donnis mac

      @digga Thanks.

    • digga

      @donnis mac, u are wasting time explaining this to these little kids on here. they are so immature and don't know about life yet. they have no taste in any good music, let alone know about business. u are absolutely right by the way

    • donnis mac

      "instead of being a man and just letting the kid get his shine" ^ this is getting out of hand None of you were saying the gentleman from The Eagles was a broke joke with no payday in sight when he sent a C&D to Frank Ocean. A "kid's shine" has NOTHING to do with BUSINESS. In all honesty, many of these rappers receive cease & desists and denials of samples all the time, these are some reasons as to why albums are pushed back (Tyga/MLK speech) and some songs are regulated to mixtapes. And as of NOW, because mixtapes are a venue to make money on the INTERNET if they are sponsored or have a buzzing single video on You Tube (millions of views/downloads=MONEY), the industry is PAYING ATTENTION TO MIXTAPES. Best to believe ASCAP & BMI workers are on Datpiff and livemixtapes checking for their CUSTOMERS' work! And there IS a "nobody" suing Mac/Rostrum for using his music: "Exclusive: An artist named Warm Speakers has filed a $10 million suit again Miller for using his copyrighted work without permission. An artist named Patrick Berlinquette, a/k/a Warm Speakers, has filed suit against Mac Miller, Rostrum Records and DatPiff for stealing his music. In a complaint filed yesterday in the Eastern District of New York, the defendants state that Berlinquette wrote, produced and recorded a song titled The World Around You in June 2010 and registered its copyright on June 20, 2011. This year, Miller reportedly took his song without his permission or knowledge and copied it in a song titled Fuck Em All, included on his Macadelic mixtape. The suit alleges that Mac took the chorus Get your money (Get your money) / Fuck em all (Fuck em all) and rapped over the track. Miller acknowledged that he used Berlinquettes song on Twitter in June, but Berlinquette states that he has not been compensated or properly credited for its usage. Shout out @warmspeakers for the song we sampled on Fuck Em All, wrote Mac." ^ this was on HHDX! Most of you are SERIOUSLY ignoring the elephant in the room, which is Rostrum Records and their failure to properly handle clearances for Mac's music.

    • Anonymous

      Would you be happy if he started suing broke nobodies for stealing his beats too? Sorry but that isn't worth his money, time or effort!

  • Anonymous

    of course you have no beef. You just won a fuckin settlement idiot!!! .....So you sue Mac Miller for using your song but you sampled tons of artist for THEIR music... How about they sue you...Karma'a a bitch Finesse. Yeah, you're a legend but c'mon man! .........Look at what JLO did to the Beatnuts song Watch Out Now....THATS BULLSHIT!! They couldnt sue her for because of some legal BS. You're wrong for doing this shit. You lost my respect for breaking the HIP Hop rules.

    • Anonymous

      you're still a fool for comparing the use of samples to jacking a whole beat and selling it without permission now it all makes sense... you're butthurt he didn't respond to your groupie ass!

    • Anonymous

      haha! Idiot! ^^^ Youre right, i dont buy his albums anymore...cause he doesnt fucking release shit!!! His Remix project that he was suppose to drop 5-6 years ago has never came out...SHIT I asked him in PERSON about that remix album but no answer. .....You should loosen your Bra strap nigga, its too tight and is cutting the oxygen off. i can give a fuck if he doesnt care, get off his sack..BITCH! ..and the names Rick....you pussy!

    • Anonymous

      Stop trying to compare using samples to create an original piece of work to stealing the whole beat and selling it for profit without the owner's consent! Lord Finesse doesn't want your respect! I'm sure you don't buy his albums anyways and respect from anonymous punks on the internet don't feed his family.

  • cakedup

    Bum ass Finesse just broke, he went trial with court assistant because he's got no dough. Fat,Bum & Ugly as Hell! Beg for other peoples money, bum ass nigga!

    • Anonymous

      hahaha cakedup got burned

    • The Decatur ATL BOI

      You sound ignorant, if someone uses your material then you deserve to be compensated for it. You're not a bum for getting what is owed to you, you are a bum for allowing someone to eat off of what you created dumbass. If you created a song, would it be fair for me to make a few millions off of it and give you nothing? I'll wait.

  • IMhO

    this guy should give all the money miller gave him from the suit back for extending his 15 mins of fame hes completely milkin but still talkin about it..thats like sellin somethin 2 someone then when u agree on the price (if one) and hand the item over u see the man flipped ur item for profit n ur jealous n want the profit now.. smh old bums

    • fucking kids

      Extending his 15 min of fame? You gotta be fucking kidding me! Lord Finesse has been in the game over 20 years strong! He is highly respected and has made classic beats for legends like Biggie and Big L (who happens to be mac millers idol!) Mac Miller would drink the sweat from this mans ass crack just to be associated with Big L or B.I.G. If you think little Mac Miller will still be around after 20 years you're fucking tripping! Lord Finesse had a career before Mac Miller and will still have one long after. You have no idea what you are talking about.

    • Anonymous

      Instead of taking up for Mac you should ask yourself why is Mac's label being called out so many times for not taking care of business, but by your comments here and on the Donald Trump article I can see you are a young person who has a lot to learn.

  • king


  • Anonymous

    Finesse got ** MAYBE ** $10,000 out of the deal and probably half that... better than nuttin-- and more than anyone would pay for Lord Finesse beat in 2013-- but come the fuck on. Mac Miller is dogshit, of course but let's be real here.

    • Anonymous

      how would you know though? he could have got 100k, he could have got 1 million we will never know but i bet it was more than 10k

  • Anonymous

    yea he has no beef cuz mac miller jus paid his living expenses for the next 5 years. lol shady business watch this for real hip hop wit real lyrics http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWkwaBNX8II

  • Anonymous

    The only way the "media made it look more than it was" is if he actually sued for far less than $10 million.

  • Anonymous

    So they are buddy buddy but one sues the other?

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