Pusha T States That He Has No "Real Issues" With Consequence, Says The Two Have Always Been Cordial

Pusha T is unsure of where Consequence's issues with him came from, says his mom thought he was in the Illuminati.

For quite some time now, Queens, New York rapper Consequence has not hesitated in expressing his distaste with Kanye West and G.O.O.D. Music. While Consequence’s gripe seemed to initially start with Kanye West, he’s gone on to call out several other members of G.O.O.D. Music including Pusha T and his cousin Q-Tip.

During an interview with ThisIs50.com, Pusha T seemed heavily taken aback by Consequence’s claims that The Clipse rapper stole his style from him and even revealed that at one time the two artists were cordial with one another.

“What style? Who the fuck is he?” Pusha T questioned. “I don’t know what style. What style is it…I’ve been around him a couple of times and I swear man the times I was around him he was a good guy, no issues. I thought we was on a decent level. Let me tell you, for real, I think people be having real issues probably with 'Ye or some discrepancy with them and it bleeds over into us…Again, it’s one of those situations where I don’t be having real issues. I don’t know these people like that. And when I have met them it’s always been on a good, cool note.”

In a separate interview with Sway Calloway of Shade 45's Sway In The Morning, Pusha spoke on the time he was questioned by his mother about being in the Illuminati. The rapper explained that his mom was approached by the people in her church about his possible involvement in the cult-like group.

“I never asked him [Kanye West] about the Illuminati,” Pusha revealed. “But just in conversation I hear him be like ‘Man, people saying I’m part of the Illuminati. These people are crazy.’ But it’s bled over to everybody…My mother asked me the other day, ‘I heard you part of something called the Illuminessence.’ And I’m like ‘Ma, what are you talking about?’ And she was like ‘Nah, you a part of something called the Illuminessence. The people at church told me you a part of something called the Illuminessence’…So come to find out she’s talking about the Illuminati. And I’m talking about I was so hot…I was gonna go to her church in a bright red suit, hair pressed out like Vampire In Brooklyn, and sit with her in church all day. It really had me upset.”

With his Wrath Of Caine mixtape now available, Pusha T is currently focusing on his next project titled My Name Is My Name

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  • Anonymous

    this illuminati shit is just sad. i mean really, just sad.

  • Anonymous

    "I was gonna go to her church in a bright red suit, hair pressed out like Vampire In Brooklyn, and sit with her in church all day" lmao shit had me on the floor

    • IMhO

      i was dyin when i heard that too lolol.. pushas official i cant wait for the album the mixtape hyped me up for the album hard

  • Anonymous


  • Anon

    ILLUMINATI DOES NOT EXIST. Yall are retarded anyone who thinks Illuminati exists... damn read a book. Take a sociology course. Do something. Instead watching fucking YouTube videos believing everything you hear. What exists is a bunch of rich powerful white people. They control whats played on the radio, because they pay money. They control the politicians and government because of lobbyists. There aint not damn Illuminati meetings and shit held once a week. GTOH. There are FreeMasons but they aint shit, my friend was going to join them but they don't do shit. Nothing but a bunch of old guys with nothing better to do, no influence on nothing. ILLUMINATI DOESNT EXIST. POWER,GREED, and IDIOTIC MASSES EXIST. Sick of that shit. I can't wait for some asshole to post some dumbass YouTube video some lame made in his moms basement.

  • dentaldamboy

    Pusha T has had a rough time of it lately. First, he was upset that he was one of the least distinguished contributors to the Cruel Summer project. Also, he's had trouble getting women lately. He's at the age where, unless you are successful, girls are simply not that interested. Then he realized that no one in GOOD music is taking his side of the YMCMB beef. Kanye is way tighted with Wayne than he is with Pusha. To make matters worse, Pusha T's brother, Malice, made it clear that Pusha has never sold drugs in his life, and that he's disgracing the family by rapping about being a dealer at the age of 37. In early January, Pusha T's accountant called and said that if he keeps spending money at this rate, he will run out by mid 2014. His only hope is to drop a successful album. That's when Kanye called and broke the news: Pusha's solo album will never see the light of day! It's a terrible time to be Pusha T while it's a great time to be part of the YMCMB family.

  • Anonymous

    Illuminati? hahaha! this nigga serious or are niggas just plain dumb?! 1st of all you're wack, 2nd ... you're wack! 3rd.... YOU'RE WACK! Your bars make NO sense at all....

  • Brandon

    The Illuminessence? XD

  • LOL

    LOL HHDX be posting if Pusha has orgasm, if he thinks his dicks big, if he had a great Thanksgiving, etc etc about cruel summer, about cruel winter, about his verses, his "album", when the last time he cut an 8ball, etc etc

    • Anonymous

      okay which rappers do you want them to talk about? Probably the ones making really great music and probably give links to interviews they've done and show music videos and links of their music and where to listen to it. They'd probably do all this because they're a great artist and getting a lot of buzz. Oh wait right now thats only Pusha

  • Anonymous

    lmfao pusha funny af

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