Jay-Z & The Artifacts Clash In Previously Unreleased Radio Interview

Exclusive: In a piece of throwback news, former WKPS host Mike Jax releases rare audio of a 1997 conflict between The Artifacts and Jay-Z.

In a previously unreleased radio interview from 1997, Jay-Z and The Artifacts clash after the former failed to show up to a scheduled concert at Penn State.

The clip, released by former WKPS host Mike Jax, begins with The Boom Skwad's Skull Fonts airing out Hov for not making it through to perform at The White Building. "Want to thank everybody coming out to the show and representing. Even though Jay-Z didn't show up," he said. "That's how it be with them playas, that's them playas for you. They don't want to give back. They want to take, but don't want to give back. We showed up, that's what it's about.

"If you're putting money in somebody's pocket and they can't come back to support you, something is wrong with them," he continued. "Now, you've got to look at it and say I'm going to support who came and who is real and doing this and [keep] positive vibes growing."

Shortly after The Artifacts, Louis Logic, Cimer Amor and more spit raps on the air for 20 minutes, Opal went to the lobby and returned with Jay-Z, Damon Dash, Sauce Money, Teflon and a few others. 

"First of all, we was listening to the radio. It's Jay-Z by the way, we try to make it up here and things like that. All them bum-ass niggas stay out my business. They don't know what's happening and the situaitons, what we went through to get here. Unfortunately, we didn't make the show but we did come and shit."

"And if we was there, we was going to rip them. Pause," joked Dash, stating that their limousine driver got lost and caused their delay.

Listen to the full exchange below.

UPDATE: El Da Sensei claims that The Artifacts were not involved in an altercation, pointing out that the incident occurred between the radio station and Jay-Z.

On Facebook, he wrote, "Wow wow and more wow. First of all my dudes y'all was lil dudes when this happened and me and tame said nothing about Jay. We weren't even in the room when skull fonts had that. We was outside smoking then we left and went to a dorm party so we had never even heard what was said. You are all entitled to your opinions about lyrics record sales whatever you choose to debate about but this is so not an issue. I do me and I have no problems with nobody. I met Jay few times and if I saw him today I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem now."

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  • everybodywant2beHOV

    His d realest person doing it till all those you haters have mentioned here prove him wrong bitches. watch out for WTT2 fuckers

  • stankinASS

    man i used to love the Artifacts

  • Bklyn-Qns

    It sounds to me like the radip djay was the one talking shit, and when Jay and them arrived got all shook and his voice got higher, hilarious. Jay and them said they're peace and bounced, not even trying to make friends. Big up to Jay-Z

  • Me

    Jay came wit the squad on his goon shit, "Bumb ass niggaz stay out my bizness" #word

  • name

    they must've gone way back in the archives to get that picture. he looks 15 years younger.

  • sincerejk

    I love seeing the artifacts in the news at least. the only thing i really took away from this was the fact that Pause was around in 1997

  • Anonymous

    Sound like somebody from the Artifacts to me...bitch made...talking about it was the radio station...

  • Axe

    Shit. I remember when Jay was supposed to play the at the End of Summer Jam in San Diego, 1999. Neither him or Missy showed up. Most people bought tickets just to see them and they was mad. Nelly was the last act on stage, but a lot of people just got up and left.

  • Nem

    artifactz are the shit...fuck jay-z

  • Anonymous

    That picture of Jay-Z takes me back to 1998, junior high school, gym class, this kid walks in the gym with "school of hard knocks" shirt. remember that shitty brand

  • Gooch Escobar

    You dudes are bugging, Jay got street cats who ride and die for him since day one! You suppose to switch your damn flow up to stay relevant, what the hell you dudes be talking about? It's about many styles and hate him or love him he's still relevant in 2013 and the artifacts... are artifacts

  • Anonymous

    "Its all about hip-hop and positive vibes" - Why even start talking shit about Jay? Whats so positive about pointing out what other people do wrong all the time. Don't just say "positive vibes" be about it.

  • Greatness


  • Anonymous

    Jay is no realer than Rick Ross with that persona, and gangster life style. In the 90s was about thousand times a better mc, but only took stories and characteristics from others in the circle. He influenced the game so much, the average shorty now only wants to know how much money, stacks, jewelry and bitches you can throw in their faces before he'll give it a respectful listen

  • gotti

    Yo, this is wild ill! Can't front. This is interesting. Not because of the whatever happend way back wehn and whatnot. but because it's wild to even here the artifacts and hov in the same sentence! cats dont remembr when there wasnt really an underground and all that. it wasnt as clear cut until right around the time of this intervew. I ain't even know hov did a show with the artifacts ever. I been fuckin with both of them since the 90s. I mean, the article doesnt really frame it the right way, but its a cool look into hiphop history.

  • Anonymous

    wow, the radio host is a 2 face instigator

  • Anonymous

    This was posted because?

  • 7 Cities SLymm

    REAL $HiT!!! 90s is the BEST ERA (along with 80s) of OUR culture !!! * Artifactz had an issue with how Roc-A-Fella handled sh*t so they got it off their chests! * Hove, Dash, & Sauce heard em on the RADIO then went to the station to set it straight!!! * today, rappers go on twitter like lil b@tches then hire a goon with a gun! * Peace to Artifactz (Wrong Side of Da Trackz, Come On Wit Da Get Down) and Jay Peace to Shabazz Da Disciple (Gravediggaz/Wu Tang affiliate) who's instrumental "Death Be The Penalty" they played at the end!

  • Anonymous

    sorry but this was such a waste of time

  • Anonymous

    damn i was 9 years old when this dropped

  • brollya

    never heard of the artifacts til right now.... now im youtubing em and seeing wat they bout

  • Anonymous

    deep down inside, jay is a self centered wise guy

  • dazeone

    I'm sorry at 95-96 Artifacts had that heat ...Gay Z had reasonable doubt but like Nas said he was rhyming like the Fushnickens and he has writers and bites styles and concepts..he owe Young Chris for his flow and Beanie for his Street Cred...it is what it is ...his homies he came up with don't support him and what's sad none of the team he started out with is with him ...Loyalty (He a loyal dude)...

    • darius

      yall losers dissing artist over the net thats so weak and lame... smh its like an epidemic.

    • Anonymous

      blablabla another hater comment. Jay is a legend and that's that get over it!

    • tigerking79

      what dazeone posted is true, Jay-Z has switched his flow at least 25 times. In the early and mid 90's Jay-Z was a speed rapper. On Reasonable Doubt he completely ripped off not only the Notorious B.I.G.'s flow, but his style to. Jay-Z copied his whisper flow from Young Chris. In the late 90's he ripped off of Nas' flow. When Jay-Z tries to rap hard core he rips off of Beanie Siegel.

    • tigerking79

      and remember Reasonable Doubt didn't go platinum until after Hard Knock Life Volume 2 came out. Reasonable Doubt was a good album, but it went largely unnoticed. Jay-Z didn't get big until Hard Knock Life Volume 2 came out and he went all commercial. In 96 it was like 2Pac said, "Fuck Jay-Z, he's broke and I smoke daily."

    • Anonymous

      dazeone: You're an idiot

    • Anonymous

      What are you talking about? Everything you wrote was completely made up. I hate people like you! You have no facts, just weird grandiose statements. To compare The Artifacts to Jay-Z is wrong in every shape, form or fashion. Be a better person. Don't let your dislike for someone you've never met blind you from the truth. Don't be that guy(gal).

  • Ronnie Lott

    This is Hip-Hop!!!

  • djbvax

    Wow. This was a COLOSSAL waste of time, energy and effort......

  • 101

    Damn this old as a muthafucka

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