Game Starts A G-Unit Reunion Petition

Game leaves it up to the fans to decide if they want to see the G-Unit crew back in action.

Game has started a petition for a G-Unit reunion.

In a post on Facebook, the Compton, California rapper posted a link to the site, writing, "Is there a G Unit Reunion gonna happen in 2013??? Let's see how many signatures we get!"

While surprising, the petition comes in the wake of Game's manager Dontay "Taydoe" Kidd stating that the two were working behind the scenes to get G-Unit reunion into motion. He said that it would be a business decision on both ends.

Even though Chuck Taylor is on board for a reunion, 50 Cent said that even a G-Unit reunion with just him, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo was unlikely. "Probably not," he said. "I don't know. You have people that go in different directions."

Check out the petition at (via HHNM).

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  • Peter

    a G-Unit reunion would shake up the rap game again. You all know it! DO IT 50! COME ON, you ain't got nothin to lose!

  • Jake

    This is straight up embarrassing. Game needs to stop begging and put out a QUALITY album like The Documentary, Doctor's Advocate & LAX. Other albums he put out are great but don't have that feeling that his first 3 albums did. Make a album with less features and rap about real shit and then people will actually buy it and you won't have to ride other rappers dicks or beg for a G - Unit reunion

  • ShotDown

    50 just shot down this petition hard! All those who voted for it might as well go back to sleep. 50 handled it like a boss! ONly G-Unit reunion I want to see is Banks, Yayo and Fif

  • Anonymous

    GAMES STANDS FOR: Gay Ass Motherfucking Emcee!!!! I like Game. He can flow. Raps about Bullshit, but he can flow! Stop the Gayness, Game! Are you broke or something? Rap about something real for once rather than Lambos and Bitches in red bottoms! Learn from Kendrick!!!

  • Anonymous

    Game takes an L on this one. He bragged and bragged and bragged he killed G-Unit. G-Unit, like every gangster rap group/mc lost their shine because of the climate not because of G-Unot. If that was the case wouldn't have Game surpassed 50 at some point of his solo career? Logic and common sense lacks in rap fans TBH! Now times are tough and BWS flopped hard with 0 releases he wants back in! GTFOH! G-Unit = 50, Banks & Yayo!

  • real nigga cj


    • Anonymous

      yeah like he still has 50 cents number even if he did, 50 would just record that shit and put it out mocking him for backpedaling

  • sam snead

    And somewhere....Young Buck is making as many catfish accounts as he can...praying it will happen and he will get included

  • Anonymous

    Is game that short on money that his actually set up a petition oh my word

  • ThaDonPrince85

    Its sad tthat now of dayz music is all about makin money & marketing. WTF ever happend to tha luv of hip hop? I understand everybody needs to make a living & support their familys, but 4real we need to have more artist that bring out that heart & spit them raw lyrics

    • ShinbrigGoku

      Have you heard of the underground?? Like Army of the Pharaohs, Jedi Mind Tricks, Ill Bill, Slaine, Atmosphere, Grieves, Input, G-Mo Skee just to name a few

  • Jake

    Shut up Game. Make another classic like doctors advocate and then you'll have other artist's running up your ass just like you do to them now :)

  • rick ross' third chin

    bring back hotrod!

  • Game is a industry whore

    game got his hands on the street king immortal album he trying to catch the wave again hahaha

  • Bad Kid

    Game is a b*tch, he claim he destroyed G-unit, now wat the F does he want a reunion for? i fuck wid Game, ba it seems nicca cant do without 50 cent. boy go such D*ck.

  • vczell

    I don't know what this guy is doing. OK, his albums are all very good but he is talking to much on the internet. seems like is doing a market survey if there is any possiblity to gain numbers out of a reunion. then he will maybe sit in front of 50s decks and do a presentation! i get more and more the impression is doing everything for money (he made a diss track two months ago)and gives a fuck about principles!

  • TMark

    What is Game talking about?He wasn't even on "Beg for Mercy" album and wants to reunite?pfff He has nothing to do with G-Unit. Maybe joint album with 50 cent.

  • TruthHurts

    No true G-Unit fan would ever want those two disrespectful punka$$es back with the group to perform a 'reunion'. 50's always been about loyalty over money, no amount of losers signing an online petition will get him to renege on that

  • Anonymous

    Buck was the best one in the unit

  • K-Ruz

    G-Unit will be back only on 50's Terms. when he feels like it!!!, he won't give any one the power to say they rebuilt the Unit, that's like suicide in case that rapper gets Big headed and decides to leave. 50 will seems like a lil B*@#h!! now that would really be the end of G-Unit..



  • Anonymous

    im laughin' my ass off...what a loser

  • Anonymous

    that would be cool

  • Sheeit

    What a little trik, just wants a reunion cuz he can't handle solo any more.

  • Bitch Dont kill my vibe

    Tony yayo and banks hate game more then 50 cent so it will never happen

  • wow

    G-Unit reunion? Sure! But the real G-Unit....not the wack ass extended family version. I don't see mobb deep in there? HUH? HUH? GAME IS A BITCH ASS NIGGA!

  • Po

    "Damn Homie, In 05 you was the man homie, the fu*k happen to you!?" He on Bow Wow level afta this stunt.... smh

  • biged

    Look at all u Faggots whining and complaining, fuck him and his family its the same shit over and over on this website, buck sitting in jail still has more money than u fuckin rope smokers. What the fuck do u care anyway, if I don't like their music don't listen..grow up already do u hear fuckin Willie nelsons fans saying fuck Kenny rogers and his family???? I swear rap has the most ignorant fans

  • 3 headedmonstah

    my django, let it go.. you killed the group already, you are not that tight to get it back .. whats wrng you u.. shouldnt you be touring with that dope as album you just came out with..leave da unit alone.. it wouldnt be a unit without buck anyway and frankly i would not want to see a reunion with all of yall, you did too much damage lol.. id rather see fif, buck, banks, and yayo..

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Game is so funny dude is seriously the most pathetic rapper ever and almost as irrelevant as Shyne and Canibus. Dude has said Jay-Z's name like 500 times, had a beef with a guy over another dude, constantly retracts his statements and then restates them, and has a butterfly tattoo. Thanks for the countless laughs Game.

  • Not Rich And Still Trying

    LMAO there's almost 10,000 signatures LOL fuck 50, his family and everything he loves and stands for

    • Anonymous

      LMAO if that's really been up for 5 days that's just pure comedy.. I bet Game thought he'd get hundreds of thousands of signatures the first week... Instead he gets his first week sales for his next album.

    • Anonymous

      10k signatures in 5 days don't mean shit! 50 still got the final say on this because he owns G-Unit and he don't fuck with Game or his bitch ass fans like you no more! He has way too many business deals going on to start hustling backwards like that.

  • Anonymous

    Really Duke? You that starving? Only a woman switches her mind up like that, be a man of your wordS and leave FIF alone. It's not happening, FIF has paper already he doesn't need a G-UNIT reunion, he don't even fuck with Banks and Yeyo like dat what makes you think he going to record any records with YOU? GTFOH Kid.

  • Anonymous

    I think they need to, Game needs ideas and direction from 50

  • frank

    I love hiphop so im supporting this

    • Hell yeah

      Frank knows what's up. Disregard all conflicts and lousy records that may have come from 50, Game, and G-Unit in the past and get them back together.

  • The Azrael

    Yo we should start having bets on Game's bi polar ass... I got money that next is going to be a diss track!

  • Tony Yayo

    I Herd Jayceon Taylor can't pay his rent!

  • Anonymous

    Games a joke its just laughable why would want to reunite with something he claims he "killed" embarrasing, like I said Game is irrelvant and needs to talk about G-Unit to stay relevant, bi-polar g-unit groupie

  • Anonymous

    "Game" sus' But I'm wit' it

  • LoveLife&Music

    I'm bouta go sign that shit right now we need this shit even pharcyde got back together after all the bullshit and drug abuse

  • Unanimous

    In before the bi-polar bear releases a new G-Unit diss record...

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what the G-Unot stans gotta say about this? Lol fucking clowns & Game is an even bigger one.

  • jesuspiece

    Game is more relevent in hip hop right now then anyone who was on g-unit

  • Anonymous

    This is how we do, we dissin people then buttlicking em to start earning money again

  • GreatnessJ

  • Anonymous

    Just a bad look all the way round...ya lost on this one Jayceon...


    This nigga is starving, come on Game you're going against everything you stood up for with that DVD you made. You have a G-UNOT tattoo on your arm, 50 doesn't fuck with you, leave it alone and do it yourself

  • tamponskee

    ok this is jus downright scary. if im 50 im actually scared for my life at this point. game is OBSESSED OBSESSED OBSESSED with 50 i mean this is just scary. game if u have any sense move on with ur life i mean this guy really reminds me of an ex that jus cant get the hint that its over. its like an ex gf tryin to get all of her friends to call u and convince u to give her another chance, but deep down u know the bitch is crazy n you'd never get back with her. man i really feel scared for 50 at this point seriously, this is just scary man.

  • Anonymous

    so this proves game was the deeply hurt one getting the boot from 50..?

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    This is hilarious. It must be rough to be a Game fan. Once min, you have to scream G-Unit!!! Then G-Unot!! then G-Unit again, then G-Unot, then....

  • Anonymous

    AND YOU STILL THINK 50 ONLY WROTE HOOKS ? HAHA ASCAP DONT LIE oh yeah that new 50 cent joint with kidd kidd and is FIRE!!!

  • Hip Hop please

    I don't care about a G-Unit reunion But a 50 Cent and Game reunion would be dope Not that I don't wanna hear 50 with Banks, Buck or even Jayo That's just my opinion, Game & 50 Cent >>> that other optio

  • Fish

    I don't want this reunion to happen BUT... There's a lot of people commenting saying shit like 'No one cares about this' or 'There's no interest from fans' Well the article has only been up a few hours and there is already 4 pages of comments which suggests that you are all full of shit.

    • Anonymous

      why do you keep typing Jayo? is your keyboard broken or are you a retard?

    • Hip Hop please

      @ Fish What I meant was, they could leave the name G-Unit out of this Just 50 Cent & Game, or the other way around, 50, Banks, Buck, Jayo But I prefer 50 & Game because they sound dope together, f*ck beef man And about the G-Unit members 50 Cent - Dope rapper, nice hooks, can give you that raw NY sh*t Banks - Good MC, nice wordplay, real lyrical dude, sometimes a bit boring Jayo - Has his ups & downs, nothing special, but for the Unit a good hype-man Buck - When he uses good beats (f*ck 808) he can be pretty good, sadly he uses coke Game - Great well rounded MC, he can spit with the best of em, too bad he works with too many lames But from this list, the first and the last one are my favourites

    • Anonymous

      have u read the comments? most of them are hating on this dude for being a bitch

  • Lloyd Banks


  • Balla

    This punk changes his mind like a bitch changes clothes. This shit ain't even funny anymore, just disturbing. Is there anybody left that takes this bipolar fake Piru Blood stripper serious?

  • gunit ftw

    Yooo i dont care what no one say but im down for this 100 this shit will be fire if it happens i dont even listen to game cuz im a really big fan of 50 and games beef with 50 didnt make sense it was for no reason it made him big tho cuz fif was king at the time but game i mean really he apologized n shit this shit better work save hiphop peace

  • Anonymous

    lmfao game wants 50 to ghost write for him again.

  • Lol

    Why DX giving game bad press lately!!? game didn't start the petition you idiots..his FB isn't ran by him

  • Da Enigma

    I don't understand these newskool rappers! One minute their angry with each other then the next their the best of friends. Even though Hiphop introduced some lyrical geniuses at the beginning of the millennium like Planet Asia. The genre nowadays lacks substance because everyone's coming in it just for the money, materialism and to be noticed. Plus, others who are decent lyricists like Skyzoo, Torae, Reks, Jean Grae, Lupe and 1 or 2 more i can't think of the top of my head. Most of the new emcees are garbage. There are even some oldskool rappers who i think are excellent lyricists, but are now either straight contradictory, in it for the doe or just love the lime light such as; Nas, Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe and a couple others. It's also obvious that most of this beef ain't even real and there just to sell records and get more publicity. The game will never be the same!!!

  • anonymous

    Ahah game finna get a sip of that vitamin water

  • Anonymous


  • dazeone

    Let it go you got the best flow of all of them ...50 got lazy lyrically and loyd banks can rhyme but can't make a song..Yayo is the group jester...I know you want that tour money but let it go

  • Anonymous

    Weak ass nigga aint got no love for them dudes, so why do this other than for a cash grab?

  • Anonymous

    Keep dreaming. This shit will NEVER happen.

  • Anonymous

    funny shit about the site is (its purpose aside, ofc) that the banner of them portrays 50 in the place of the leader, the middle. now, didnt game get kicked out because he "wanted to be his own leader" or some shit? but then again, game has said a lot of this in the past... wackwallstreet! gayme!

  • Money First

    The Game thinks his plots are sly or coy but honestly they make him look hella weak!! Man focus on your music/show and your family....When people see how you get down on that you won't need stunts...

  • Anonymous

    I think what Game is dong is proving a point that he did dismantle G-Unit...Dude drops solid projects vs. G-Units albums go under the radar. So you tell me who won the battle?

    • The Real Franchise

      G unit hasn't put out an album since right around the time they kicked buck out, so what g unit album are you saying didnt sell? They've done two and 1 is platinum, game is 1 for 5 on platinum albums i believe, The one he has, being the on 50 wrote for him.

    • Anonymous

      how does begging to do a reunion after 50 said 'KISS MY ASS' prove he dismantled g-unit?

    • Milehighkid303

      The Unit did......dumba$$, must you be reminded who OWNS G-Unit and how much the man is worth?? Also that he OWNS Game and his BEST album to date.....foh you cornball.

  • Just Stop It...

    This is sad!!! Game has no pride whatsoever. He is practically begging to reunite with these guys who hate him. We dont need to wonder about 50, Yayo, and Banks feelings about Game. They make it crystal clear, they dont like him. He's past corny, the shit Game do is str8 feminine. Games music is cool, I wont waste my $13 b'cuz he's a clown. I cant stomach dude all this ass kissin. Too many features, and too much ass kissin is what destroyed him.

  • Anonymous


  • Bitch Game

    LOL!!!!!! Studip Game....Now that he is no one, he needs G-unit.....Since his first album, 5 Million sold, he has gone downed as a horrible artist/entertainer. That is what you get stupid fuck!!!!!! Now you want to be G-Unit....Fuck that!!!!!!! Hope 50, aka BOO BOO, never does that shit with you.

  • oligjames

    Jesus, he is really desperate.. Doesn't he hear 50 telling him "NO" in interviews all the time?

  • Fuck Compton

    I've been hearing on the streets the homie Gayme can't pay the rent.

    • NaSty

      Nah he asked the crowd, "who got troubles? If you have money in your pocket then you don't have troubles." Then he busted his wallet filled with hundreds out and handed some random guy in the front one.

    • ....

      Lol, probably just his landlord nagging him at work for his rent...

    • NaSty

      Really? Cause I just saw him performing at a show and he gave $100 to a random dude in the front row. I'm sure he's doing fine.

  • Anonymous

    This fool has wet dreams about G-Unit even after that G-Unot ish.

  • Ricky Rozay

    A snitch, a stripper, a stoner, an ass kisser and a broke ass nigga in prison. Who the fuck lookin out for this shit? Niggas know they career on hold and they tryin anytihng they can to revive it. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      your idol william roberts is hiding out scared for his life after hearing a few gun shots! hes not talking that boss shit no more! we saw him hiding his face behind a newspaper after co-operating with the police! REAL BAWSE SHIT RIGHT?

  • Tony Yayo

    Heard it through the grapevine that Jayceon Taylor can't pay the rent!



  • Anonymous

    Fuck no, I don't want these no talent rappers makin'an album eva again.

  • Anonymous

    game is making himself look cringe-worthly desperate. dont burn your bridges and expect everything to go back to how it was when you fail

  • Mikael

    Okay... Bring 50, Banks, Buck & Game back together. But leave Yayo out of it, that guy is pure garbage!

  • Anonymous

    young buck g unit died withoout him

  • Anonymous

    Signed it but all you Game fans take notice. Look whos coming back to who after 10 years. Your whole GUNOT thing just went out the window. If this happens, or if it doesn't. Game caved

  • Jeez

    Game dug his own ditch, but he dug it Curtis property.... Game destroyed G- Unot, now he talking bout some reunion, cause he finally realized had he played his role he really coulda been booming... He got Blackwall Street and Rolex boys, but he worried about a G- Unit reunion? He confused yo, and 50 don't need G-Unit money... He spent alot of his own cash on Game, Banks, Yayo and Buck.... Why risk going thru that again?, he got a son he can invest a rap career in, if thats the case...

  • Anonymous

    listening to some NEW G-UNIT shit would be interesting

  • Anonymous

    What is up with dude? Each time he does this, it just shows how resentful and bitter he is about leaving the Unit. I guess deep down he believes he needs G unit's help? WTF? He went from soldier, to being his own boss to wanting to be a soldier again.

  • LAX

    Game owns gunit.. he has the right to do this like it or not

  • foreal

    no more GGGG - UNot? It is funny that this dude's album flops then he is crying for a g unit reunion. 50 already said that he doesnt want to do it. it is interesting that every one who isn't 50 is wanting this problems maybe?

  • hova da god

    crisse de negre sale

  • Fish

    This is the exact type of fuckery which is why he went from being my favourite rapper tot the point where I havent even listened to his new album. G-Unot

  • Anonymous

    who cares g unit was wack the was only big because of 50s buzz back in the day now 50 is done just like his label

  • Fuck Compton

    Someone please give this nigga the Nobel Prize for Most Bipolar Nigga Of The Millenium.

  • Anonymous

    Game doesn't control his fb only his twitter so this is not by game. Who started the petition idk but these rumors started with a fake tweet about hate it or love pt 2 which someone photoshopped.

  • anon

    hes dying for relevancy.

  • mac DIESEL


  • Juice

    Ayo Game, what happened to our Black Wall Street thing? I'm still in Bompton :(

  • whats crazy

    whats crazy is theres alot of ppl i know thatd fuck w a new g unit album but dont care to much for a new 50 album.. in all honestly i think 50 wants to get hot again then be the one who puts g unit back together and look like a genius..smh. id like to hear a gunit album with 50 banks yayo and buck and game would be cool to bec 50/game made dope music back in the day.. could be a deadly combo

  • Anonymous

    Game is crazy this shit is pointless even if mad ppl sign 50 has all the rights to gunit so he can say fuck no. Game better start a new group with them dudes except for 50

  • Anonymous

    as a big game fan.. shut the fuck up. you just dropped a few notches in my book. do this shit behind closed doors. the 113,000 people you may get won't get it done. oh and you need a new manager, my tadoe just aint cutting it. Smart people surround themselves with samrter people. Game has isloated himself to the bottom of the barrel... aka stat quo.

  • the Grza

    Game is bi-polar and pathetic. Might as well tattoo desperate on your forehead.

  • IMhO

    damn this dude still going on w the gunit reunion shit.. i agree itd be dope to see 50, banks, yayo, game and buck together bec those 5 were nice together even the original 3 plus buck was nice but at this point its like beatin a dead horse.. game should jsut focus on himself and improving his music.. he just dropped a GEM in jesus piece one of the best hiphop albums in a long time but way to many the features for a mixtape n go more dolo on the next one w a few features.

  • k

    So The Game REALLY started a petition for a possible G-Unit reunion? G-HeNot

  • .....

    Holy....Shit....this dude is getting desperate. If for all logical reasons, this doesn't get a shit ton of signatures, 50 laughs at it, and they don't reunite....Game will start a "fuck G-Unit" chant a week later. If for some reason, this petition gets a shit ton of signatures, 50 agrees to it and they do all reunite....Game will start a "fuck G-Unit" chant a week afterwards.

  • Tony Yayo

    I heard Jayceon Taylor can't pay the rent!

  • Anonymous

    50 probably laughing his ass off. Yo Game if you stayed loyal and real you could be set 4 life like Yayo and Banks. He probably broke.

  • Frank Zones

    This is the type of shit that keeps me thinkin The Game just be doing shit. Why even waste your time my nigga. Game did all that work to get where he is, musically 50 needs to give him a call.

  • wu wear

    NO ONE wants to see this. I honestly don't remember one G-Unit song with Game anyway and sure as shit am not looking forward to one.

  • john

    lol the game is really bipolar eh and i dont throw that word loosely. One second he hates on 50 and g-unit next second he wants a reunion. That says a lot about his character. I even remember him saying in an interview "some days i wake up and it's fuck g-unit and some other days i don't think too much about it".

  • Anonymous

    fucking liers, after all diss records between game,young buck and 50 cent they are gonna be back

  • Anonymous

    Hahahahaha what a clown.

  • Anonymous

    loool this dude fell the FUCK OFF

  • Anonymous

    game gotta be trollin

  • MIke Tita

    Game is a pussy. Reality tv shows. Constantly involving himself in some other rappers beefs. He is a media whore. A pussy ass nigga. A real dick taker. Fuck nigga


    DON'T DO THIS GAME!! I'm saying this as your fan. I REMEMBA when u destroyed this faggots. and now u want reunion to make some greens? U bipolar as fuckk! U DONT REMEMBA Stop Snitchin Stop Lyin G unot Tony Gayo and other shit?? Be Straight and don't reunion this faggot team. Tony Gayo 50 snitch and other fags. GGGGGGG UNOT WORLDWIDE!!!!

    • The Real Franchise

      If this guy represents the standard intelligence level of games fans i can see why he cant sell records anymore, this guy isnt smart enough to pump gas or clean toilets.

    • Anonymous

      LOL, isn't it sad how desperate he is now! Rolex records not going so well? What happened to Black Wall Street? You don't bite the hand that feeds

  • Anonymous

    "He said that it would be a business decision on both ends." So its not to make great music but only for the money!

  • RealTalk

    I would like to see this happen only if 1. Young Buck is on it, and 2. Tony Yayo is off it.

  • Man Maaan Listen!

    This man's corny man! I dislike corns that try to do irrelevant stuff like this.

  • Anonymous

    50, if nothing else, does have dignity. He's not gonna work with a guy who stabbed him in the back just because the fans want to hear it. I honestly think we'll see 50 Cent retire before he works with Game & Young Buck again. Game looks desperate with this shit, he needs to move on with his life.

  • Chi-Ill

    This nigga done lost his mind! I guess he seen his shit ass album not sell well AGAIN hahahahahaha I bet that man fif laughing at this nigga


      OK MORON, cause 50 is so relevant, thats why interscope DROPED G UNIT, lloyd banks and tony yayo, Hot rod and countlerss others...they reluctant to even put out 50s next album,. but GAME COMPLETED HIS 5 ALBUM DEAL WITH INTERSCOPE..

    • Chi-Ill

      The Truth, let me quote you on this "yet comming back to the comments section to see who replied to your nonsense" -The Truth Yet you keep replying! I guess monkey see monkey do huh? hahahahahaha Guess what I'm back at my office, sitting laughing at yo dumbass! The affect of the internet wasn't in full force! I think you mean fif not working with Game anymore! I'm sure you can see the results off that.... Go give yo mama a hug and thank her for letting you stay in her basement! Good Day Dummy!


      its a different time now MORON..the industry has changed...the digital era is whipping out record downloads...documentary was in 2005, the effect of the internet wasnt in full force the Interscope machine was at its peak at that time as well...who sounds stupid now MORON

    • The Real Franchise

      why dont you go suck 50's dick for your homie game, im pretty sure thats going to be his next move. 187k? what did he sell when 50 wrote his raps for him? 5 mil? you sound stupid.


      listen little girl, you started this by FIRST disrespecting me and the Homie a big shot clearly..always mentioning that you in your office, yet comming back to the comments section to see who replied to your have no friends and no life a low life..reall hiphop lives on with game, hate it or love it fool

    • Chi-Ill

      You a lil ass fucking troll that needs an ass whopping from his mama! Stop repeating the same shit over and over and over! I know you have this industry shit on lock! Still sitting in my office laughing at yo dumbass lil kid


      what u know fool....his ALBUM did sell well fool...187k and no tour or second single yet..once again, you know NOTHING about industry economics..fool..low watch your mouth, Game got plenty of soldiers in the streets..

  • Anonymous

    Can someone please name a song he was featured in with G-Unit? If JS sold what he thought it was gonna sell this would not be brought up at all...

  • Anonymous

    How desperate can you be.

  • Anonymous

    Its strictly from a financial point of view with Game (he's clever) if it makes money it makes sense

  • Anonymous

    50 already said 'kiss my ass!' he can get 2 million signatures its still gonna be "I don't care what other people want. I give a fuck what they want, A reunion? You can kiss my motherfucking ass as far as that's concerned."

  • anono..

    From G-UNot to petitioning for a G-Unit reunion?

    • Anonymous

      I think he really is bi-polar. That or he's hard up for some cash. Maybe it's really Game who can't pay the rent!

  • Enlightened

    It's funny Game is always the one screaming this when he was never in G-Unit the group, and was only on the label for a very small amount of time. Young Buck is more important to a G-unit reunion than Game. You don't think of Game when you think of G-Unit. You think of 50, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo and Young Buck.

  • gunplay's chain

    man its been damn near 10 years and this fool is still talkin' about GUNIT, man that shit is dead! i was watchin' sum old gunit videos and they were def. doin' it big back between 03-06 they had sum bangers but times change man and even if Game wants a reunion, does anyone actually think its gonna happen? 50 doesn't trust this fool and he hasn't even spoken to Banks in almost 1 year. shit isn't happening, time to let it go Game.

  • Anonymous

    There's every chance we may get a G-Unit reunion... minus 50.

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