Pusha T Is Riding With Rick Ross, Explains Big Daddy Kane's Influence

Pusha T talks about how Big Daddy Kane influenced "The Wrath of Caine" and says he's riding with Rick Ross.

Soon after releasing this week's Wrath of Caine mixtape, Pusha T spoke about the tape, Big Daddy Kane's influence and Rick Ross. In his interview with BET's 106 & Park, Pusha explained how Big Daddy Kane had a hand in the title for his mixtape and how he's riding with Rick Ross. 

"Anybody that knows me and my history knows I always keep it street but at the same time, 'Wrath of Kane' is one my favorite records by Big Daddy Kane," Pusha shared. "If you go back in history, I'm at 106 and Big Daddy Kane's from Brooklyn. [He's] a Hip Hop legend, a great." 

When asked about his relationship with Rick Ross, who was recently the target of a drive-by shooting, Pusha said that he's riding with Rozay.

"I actually haven't spoken to him but I heard that he's doing okay," Pusha revealed. "We're riding with him. That's it." 

Pusha also said that he couldn't confirm or deny the rumored G.O.O.D. Music compilation album Cruel Winter. However, he did confirm that his own official solo debut, My Name is My Name, will be out in the Spring. In the clip he also shared that he doesn't know what Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will name their child. The full interview segment can be seen below.

Pusha T's Wrath of Caine mixtape is now available. It was recently reviewed and rated as "EP-Worthy" by HipHopDX's Omar Burgess. 

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  • Milehighkid303

    I continue to lose respect for Push over the years....kicks Re-Up Gang in the groin, Malice is nowhere to be found and these guy is co-signing and cheeseburger eatin, CO havin no bullets hitting the vehicle fraudulent RAPPER.....fuck is you doin Push....??

  • enugh w all that

    pushas official fuck all that.. hes been in the game for 10 plus years with clipse spittin nothin but raw shit..we know pushas offical..hes just co signin another human making sure hes straight bec he knows what street shit is all about... ppl in here that think otherwise are just fake themselves..would like to see what would guys would do had u have all them gds after u LOL id guess call the cops for 99 percent of u 'everyones real til u get punched in ur mouth'

    • Anonymous

      id be in the Middle East

    • Anonymous

      If all them Gd's were after me and I think most would agree with me, I definitely wouldn't go on the radio and talk tough like I was untouchable claiming to not be scared and to have 1000 gangsters in every city with choppers if that wasn't actually the case.

  • chief "murder"

    is the pusha t former prison guard police ass nigga too..

  • collateral damage

    i wouldnt be caught riding anywhere near that punk! might catch some of that AK spray

  • Anonymous

    fake niggas always stick together

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