Gunplay Spoke With Rick Ross Following Drive-By Shooting, Says He's "Good"

Exclusive: Gunplay confirms that Rick Ross is in good spirits following an attempt on his life.

Rick Ross faced a life-threatening situation earlier this week after crashing his Rolls Royce into a building following a drive-by. While the Maybach Music Group honcho is yet to break his silence on the matter, Gunplay confirms that he's in good spirits and says that he's "unfuckwitable."

In an exclusive interview with HipHopDX, Don Logan said that he spoke with Ricky Rozay on the phone and that the situation didn't faze him. "He good, he good. Rozay is good, man. He’s unfuckwitable, man. It’s the untouchable Maybach, man. You don’t understand. It’s for real, for real, though," he said.

Reports indicated that Ross had hired 24-hour security to protect him following in the incident, but Gunplay says he's heard nothing of the sort. "Nah, I don’t know about details like that. I know my dog good, though," he said.

Early on Monday morning, Ross crashed his car after an unidentified gunman or gunmen fired rounds at his vehicle. Pusha T said that his mix engineer, who the two share, confirmed that Ross is doing well, while "Freeway" Ricky Ross told HipHopDX that he's "not surprised" the shooting occurred.

Gunplay is currently on limited house arrest where he can only travel for shows. He most recently released his Cops N Robbers mixtape, and is planning to drop his Def Jam debut Medellin following a court date on February 25th.

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  • Anonymous

    "Understand that Yayo is mainly a soldier" I think what you meant to say was cheerleader.

  • WG

    Ironic this fucking faggots name is Gunplay, just because your born in the ghetto doesn't make you hard, everyone goes through the same shit so don't front like your bodying people on a daily

  • Dummy Pride

    This cokehead needs to shut up. Why keep talking shit and piss them off like they can come after your dumb ass. Sometimes it's best not to act hard and say we blessed they missed. that's all. MMG has already pissed off real street dudes and it's obvious officer ricky is not built like that.

  • anonymous

    Didn't CNN confirm there was NO drive by. That fatboy just heard gunshots and freaked out?

  • Obviously

    If somebody wanted this fool dead all they gotta do is ask "Would you like to Super Size that?" whenever he eats out. Cholesterol is one hell of a drug.

  • FFF

    MMG is trash. You have a groupie crackhead, who got has chain snatched, notoriously sucking Ross's fat dick thinking he's "unfuckwitable". Meek Mill's arrogant bitchass gets bodied by Cassidy and still thinks he's the shit. Rick Ross is living a false life and is frontin' TOO damn hard. French Montana is an untalented dickeating poser. Wale sold out. They don't even represent the North with their terrible, redundant, southern trap sound. They just think they are fucking invisible and that NOTHING bad can happen to them. If Biggie & Pac, who were both REAL as FUCK, can get shot dead, then these fraudulent fuckers need not to say shit about being "unfuckwitable" and "real". Do they really need to listen to Kendrick Lamar's song "Real" and Notorious BIG's "What is Beef" to fucking understand anything?!! I'm tired of YMCMB, MMG, and all these horrible and poser-ass rappers trying to be something they are not. Even if they are fake (almost everyone of us is fake in some way), most of them have NO TALENT to back them up at least, along with their fakeness. It's sad day in hip-hop when you get called a "hipster", "old hiphop head" or "nerd real hip-hop fan faggot" for not tolerating the current bullshit. You have R&B and rappers Twitter beefing, dissing, and trolling each other over insanely retarded shit. You have sites/blogs like HipHopDX and other media outlets that overhype and exaggerate almost EVERYTHING and post stupid rumors, misinformed info, meaningless stories, and other bullshit. The current music game is sooooo dry that even slightly above average artists like Kendrick Lamar, Beyonce, Adele, Earl Sweatshirt, Taylor Swift, and Frank Ocean are dickridden to death as they were the next coming of Christs' disciples and saviors of all music. For example, let's be honest. When "good kid, m.a.a.d city" dropped, it didn't really change anything. It only let people know that there's still good music being made and that some people still listen, buy, and support true music and artists. It wasn't influential like the East Cost Rap Renaissance where people were dropping classic after classic like "Midnight Marauders", "Enter The 36 Chambers", "Illmatic", etc. etc. Hip Hop fans are starving for more quality music soo much that they'll crown anyone from Joey Bada$$ to Earl Sweatshirt to Kendrick Lamar as the next Nas when there will only be one Nas. No one has to be as good as Nas, but dammit most of these cats like Tyga, Lil Wayne, and countless others don't even seem to be trying or are hungry enough. And on top of that, most new cats out now are very disrespectful toward the pioneers AND even each other. It's just sad of what has become of us all. *Sighs*, this generation is just pathetic. P.S. - And I'm really lost about the MMG chain thing though. If it has been confirmed that 50 Cent and/or his crew snatched GunPlay's chain, then why aren't they in jail or have charges against them for theft?

    • FFF

      @Anon1 - Okay, I see, lol. Although, I don't think 50 Cent should be flashing it exceedingly, since MMG might be pussy enough to hire secret hitman or some shit to retrieve the chain (if they even want it that bad). Now that I just thought of it, 50 really could've gotten that shitty replica of the chain from a dealer just to torment Gunplay for the fuck of it. Lmao!! @Anon2 - MMG is already making itself look weak. Rick Ross just missed a permanent death sentence. Meek Mill got semi-ethered. French Montana and Gunplay are getting harassed by 50 Cent and/or his big-ass crew. None of them have much skill in rapping either. Lol, I'll give it up to 2015 at the absolute most for the MMG clique to fade away into obscurity since it looks like their peak is already slipping into the turning point.

    • Anonymous

      LOL @ pressing charges against 50 cent! That would be a real good look for MMG after calling 50 the police and a snitch!

    • Anonymous

      50 too smart to confirm that thats why he said the chain came from a jeweler

  • GLM

    Satisfied wit all the comments, now is clear MMG is shit... But @ Gabby & Anonymous (talks about Tony Yayo) Understand that Yayo is mainly a soldier in his team, if u ever in the game u do understand better his role, all that matters is his Loyalty, He's Paid & Rich (+ try & read his yesterday interview about the position of the G Unity at present)... Fuck Gunplay, get your chain boy, @ Ross, 9c acting but the street is tougher than a movie though... GEE 4EVA

  • Anonymous

    Lets be real though! The only person Rick Ross ever scared was that lil white girl Kreayshawn.

  • Anonymous

    if someone wanted the man dead all they would have to do is slip some poison into one of the dozens of meals he consumes each day

  • Anonymous

    LOOL shut up you coke head, wheres your MMG Chain though ?

  • Chitown

    What an ugly coke sniffin nobody. "untouchable, for real real man" Why drive into a building if you untouchable with a chopper in the car? hahahahahah its okay ricky if you aint a gangster, i'm neither, just don't act one

  • Anonymous

    where's the guns at mr gunplay? hiding in a closet somewhere sniffin lines, follow at noles506

  • Anonymous

    Funny how DX post's that photo with the chain on, knowin damn well that man don't own that chain anymore, HA HAH HA HA it's FIF's chain now.

  • Anonymous

    We know he cool, he just got a small army. "Unfuckwitable" I would say that too if he was sponsering my coke habit.

  • Got Rich And Stopped Trying

    Wonder if he spoke to 50 prior to chain snatching.

  • Anonymous

    HOw do you pull next to a car fire over 20 shots and not one hits the vehicle? In every case the man was shot T.I. friend(death), 50 cent(hit nine times), tupac(death), AR-AB (shot 10 times), Biggie Smalls (death). The fraud ( not one bullet touch the car )

  • gunplay's chain

    so if ur a former cop and u cooperate with ur former buddies and give a description of the shooters to ur police buddies, is that still considered snitching?

  • Anonymous

    dis nicca broke as fuck! future only making 200k a year so imagine how much gunplay getting with no album or songs on the charts! LOL

    • Anonymous

      look at his hair mane, he broke as fuck! rich niggas dont have 4 nappy ass dreads

    • Anonymous

      naw dog hes broke! i saw his crib, he dont have any furniture! thats why hes sticking up accountants for cellphones and gold chains! furute has an album in stores and big songs on the radio! what does gunplay have besides lawyer fees and an expensive coke habbit?

    • JRich

      Nigga this is easily google-able. And Gunplay makes twice as much as ur mushmouthed boy Future, lmao.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    we already know gunplay is on the best coke rick ross money can buy. aint no one believe anything this junkie says

  • Anonymous

    What if somone was trying to kill you, show fear ?

  • Anonymous

    what the fuck is on his chin in that pic? looks like he got shaved by stevie wonder!

  • mac DIESEL

    Gunplay confirms that he's in good spirits and says that he's "unfuckwitable." ^ ......BUHAHAHHAHA!!!! THEN U MUST BE FUCKWITABLE!!!! GO GET YA CHAIN BACK U JUNKIE!!!! DON'T HATE ON MY OPINION!!!!

  • Hip Hop please

    DEF JAM They used to have one of the best rosters in Hip Hop Now they got Gunplay W.T.F

  • Gabby

    Tony Yayo or Gunplay: who's better

  • Anonymous

    stfu scrubPlay, y'all getting tested and you already failed because you don't have a chain anymore. Go rob an H&R Block accountant and try n get block credibility back faggot.

  • static

    off course he is good he didnt even get shot... smh. you should be a news reporter gunplay its obvious retard mmg done put a pitch fork in them..

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Gunplay but we saw William Roberts hiding his face behind that newspaper after co-operating with the police on Monday! They said he didn't want his name released to the public because in fear for his life! Those are not the actions of someone who is unfuckwitable or untouchable!

  • Hollow point dick

    Ross is shook

  • JMA

    im not surprised someone tried to shoot him lol.. c'mon its rick ross!! just dont know how they missed such a big target

  • Anonymous

    If it didn't faze him why was he fearing for his life asking for his name not to be released hiding from cameras with a paper round his face being escorted away with police and has now hired even more security. all these niggas are clowns. you can't believe anything they say. this the name crackhead who said he was jumped by 6 bodyguards built like refrigerators trained to kill a man with 1 finger and its turns out it was yayo kidd kidd and knox. no its not true man it ain't me in them photos. smh WWE

  • Anonymous

    says he's good? lol niggers its ok fine NOT GOOD idiots

  • BP

    I have to know.. how the FUCK do you miss shooting at Rick Ross? not that I want the guy dead, I'm just askin'. either they wanted to scare him or the shooter has really bad fucking shooting aim. or 50 is right and maybe it is all staged, but I'm not going there yet

  • Anonymous

    I haven't heard unfuckwitable since Canibus was poppin.

  • kizzo

    this shit is so fake these wanna be thugs is straight bitches don't nobody believe someone was shooting at this fake nigga ohhh but wait ross got an album gettin ready to drop? ohhh i c hmmmm can u say publicity stunt? and why is funplay talkin bout ross is unfukwitable when it seems everyone is tryin to test that faggot? funplay already got his jaw broke and chain snatched, ross hiring niggas to recreate movies scenes, wale a 5'2 bitch nigga that gets no love in dc, omarion got fucked by marques houston ol faggot ass, and stalley, i mean who is that nigga? meek mill is the only nigga in the camp that has any type of skill and if he were smart he would ditch the "untouchable mmg" haha what a joke.

  • Gunplay's Chain

    That's gotta be an old picture because that MMG chain is now the property of the G-Unit! How you claim 'untouchable' but your chain got snatched by the enemy and your boss almost got lit the fuck up? Sounds like they've been getting touched to me!

  • 666

    if he wasnt unfuckitable what ever he said ...he wouldnt have got shot at unless u saying it was staged and shit but come on gunplay... u makin ur self look fake by followin a fake dude

  • Anonymous

    "Hes unfuckwitable, man. Its the untouchable Maybach, man. You dont understand. Its for real, for real, though," This Pookie ass nigga was prolly talkin' to himself...all I know is first it was cancelling paid its drive-by shootings after bday parties...they gettin' closer Bawse...

  • FUCK maybach music

    LABEL of ASSHOLES. FUCK maybach music

  • Anonymous

    When are these niggas gonna learn to stop all the tough talk! No one is "unfuckwitable"! Gunplay of all people should know this as he has first hand experience in what getting fucked with feels like! Did they ask him about his chain in that new 50 video?

    • Got Money In My Ghetto

      Cosign. Nigga loves to walk around thinking he gangsta and no one finna fuck with him just because he's rich, but at the end of the day, what the fuck is your money for if niggas don't respect you??? Niggas still have the nerve to rob you at a goddamn award show, and you still walk around like you got an S on your chest. Gayplay needs to wake up; everyone can be touched, including him.

  • Anonymous

    Unfuckwitable? lol

  • Ricky Rozay

    Watch all the bitch ass niggas come out and hate on Ross for nuttin. Ross never did nuttin wrong but so many niggas hate on him for having a JOB while yall niggas be broke as a mohterfucken joke in yo moms basements. Get over the CO shit them jokes aint funny and he was gettin money. When you at the top, the haters come out. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      That was his "fuck yo couch nigga!" moment. Now it's more like him Summerjam screen moment.

    • Anonymous

      Never did nuttin wrong huh? He talked that talk but couldnt walk the walk! He put his own life in danger and hes just not built for this! Shoulda kept his mouth shut or just cut the check! "I'm certified world wide, I could put 1000 gangsters in any hood, To me rich is gangsta, loyal is gangsta, family is gangsta. If that's not gangsta I don't wanna be gangsta. I'm a boss. I went from nothing to being a 50 million man so don't get it twisted." "I just wanna say that again, I go anywhere! So don't get it twisted. And when you pull up the footage of me walking out in Chicago on the stage with the chinchilla dragging on the floor, you let me know if that's the swagger of somebody that in fear of his life, and you holla back at Ricky Rozay." "Ain't no checks gettin cut! Aint never no checks getting cut. I don't play those games. I consider that extortion. We don't play like that, this Dade County. You Understand? This what we about 305 M-I-Yayo" "So y'all google up. Y'all get online. All the sites that rock with Ricky Rozay. You pull up my footage of being in Chicago when I walked out in that 40 thousand dollar black chinchilla you understand. I told them cut the music off. I want them to just look at me for a little while ya heard me. Look at my beard. Look at the coat. Look how I walk."

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