Fabolous Nears Completion Of "Loso's Way 2," Reveals Collaborations

Fabolous gives a progress report on his upcoming album "Loso's Way 2."

Fabolous hasn't released a studio album since 2009's Loso's Way, but he's nearing completion of its sequel Loso's Way 2. During an interview with Billboard.com, the chip-toothed rapper said that he's "80-85% done" recording the LP, which he says will feature a "mixture of producers."

"I’d say it's 80-85% done," he said. "I’d even give some of that 15% to working daily until I’ve got to turn it in. You may come with a record that’s urgent, that has to be on that project, the day before you turn in."

Like with Loso's Way, which featured a slew of guest stars including Jay-Z, The-Dream and Lil Wayne, the Brooklyn, New York native doesn't plan on straying from a feature-heavy formula. For Loso's Way 2, Fab has nabbed guest features from Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Future, Young Jeezy and more.

"I’ve worked with a lot of guys. I’m not even sure which songs are going to make it or not yet," he explained. "But I’ve worked with Chris Brown, of course. I got Rick Ross, John Legend, Future, Ne-Yo, Trey Songz, Young Jeezy, Chrisette Michele. I'm just thinking of names off the top. I’m still working on piecing it together and making it sonically fit. I even got a text today and was speaking to Nas about doing something as well."

Loso's Way, which dropped in July 2009, debuted atop the charts with 99,000 copies sold, marking his first LP to bow at No. 1.

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  • Anonymous

    One of the most underrated rappers out today, but stays relevant because he is more than nice when wants to be. Great mixtapes just needs to figure out how to make a successful CD this and Pusha T are my most anticipated albums of this year. Interested in what they have to offer.

  • qudebo

    Watered down mixtape rapper like jadakiss. "Priest Andretti" shits on everything Fab has ever put out. And that was free.

  • Anonymous

    wow, sequel to an album NOONE gave a fuck the first time... Fab is nice on guest spots but was incapable of making good-- let alone-- great albums back when such things seemed possible...

    • sanesmitty

      Co-sign. I'm from NY and "future before nostalgia" is the last hot record I heard from out here as far as retail.

  • Anonymous

    A Esco/ Loso collab would be welcomed

  • Where my water

    Yea gotta agree with below comments Fab is pretty similar to jadakiss both are dope mc's make great mixtapes and features but cant make a great album Fab its usually too much rnb pop songs and jada its usually the beat choices

  • Loso's Way Tracklist

    1. The Rise to Power (produced by AraabMusik) 2. Ready (feat. Chris Brown) (produced by The Runners) 3. Sickness (produced by AraabMusik) 4. Pain (feat. Jadakiss) (produced by Southside) 5. Hip-Hop (feat. Rick Ross and Jay-Z) (produced by Southside) 6. Sucka Free (feat. Meek Mill) (produced by The Beat Bully) 7. Blow Up (produced by Cardiak) 8. Street Dreams (produced by J.Cole) 9. Higher (feat. Trey Songz) (produced by Cardiak) 10. Desert Sands (feat. Nas and J.Cole) (produced by J.Cole) 11. Interlude (produced by The Runners) 12. Ridin' (feat. Chrisette Michele) (produced by Hit-Boy) 13. All Night Long (feat. Future) (produced by Hit-Boy) 14. Enchanted (produced by Boi1da) 15. Lord Knows (produced by T-Minus) 16. Major Living (feat. Young Jeezy) (produced by Boi1da) 17. Got To Have It (feat. John Legend) (produced by No I.D.) 18. So N.Y. (produced by Just Blaze) (Deluxe) 19. Number 6 (produced by T-Minus) (Deluxe) 20. Boost (feat. Drake) (produced by Hit-Boy) (Deluxe) 21. Atomic (produced by Jake One) (ITunes Edition Deluxe)

  • BKNYKid

    Once again.... an over abundance or R&B features. I know it's women that buy albums but at this point, Fab has established himself as one of the better and more well known MC's in rap.. why so much pandering to that audience? This is why you fail Fab and dont get the proper respect you deserve as an MC the lack of balance and a consistant focus on syrupy, pop sounding garbage that this dude constantly falls back on when its time to release a retail album. Lemme guess the other features he couldn't remember on Losos Way 2: Jeremih, Ryan Leslie, Miguel & Rhianna? SMH What a waste. Soul Tape 2 shoulda been his retail album thats the Fab I wanna hear. Not R&B collaborations that sound like something outta 2005.

    • blackula

      BKNY is right. And it seems to be the pattern with everybody. Everyone following the same trend, using the same guest artists. Budden's tracklist was posted here last week and it's the same type of bullshit guests. Fab does this every album though so it would be nice to see him change it up a bit.

    • Harlem's Reckoning

      The point flew way over your head Anon. BKNY is talking about excessive features, regardless of the genre, that take away from the element of what makes Fab who he is. Soul Tape 2 had a somewhat RNB influence but it maintained its hip hop identity. Every album Fab has put out has been RNB overdose. Ask Ja, that led to his demise.

    • Anonymous

      what's wrong with adding R'n'B into hip-hop? It makes it inventive - especially if you're someone like Kanye, Drake, Ja Rule, Bone-Thugs etc. and do it yourself as part of your style.

  • Harlem's Reckoning

    Fab and Jada suffer from the same sickness: feature-ism.

    • Harlem's Reckoning

      Can't say most artists. I have no problem with feature spots. Its when the features lean so heavy into another direction that it blurs genre lines that I start to have issues. If I want to hear crooning, I'll throw on some Novel or Lyfe Jennings. When I pick up a Fab or Jada CD, I want to hear BARS. Not Faith Evans or Ray J. And I want to hear THEIR bars, not every other nigga in the industry trying to get max air play. I know I'm asking for too much but DAMMIT

    • L-Zo

      Even Drake fits that - dude's last album's features - Lil Wayne, The Weeknd, Rihanna, 3000 and Ross.

    • Anonymous

      Not always Kendrick's LP had 4 features (yes, one was Drake, but that's cos they're mates rather than radio play - and arguably Dr. Dre commands more radio play anyway) J.Cole had 3 features (although one - Trey Songz - was probably for radio) T.I. had 6 features (but only 3 rapped, and again, only one - Pink - was definitely for the radio) Eminem's only features tend to be Dr. Dre, on his last LP there were only 4 (Lil Wayne, some dude called Kobe, Pink and Rihanna) and there's loads more...

    • foreal

      sadly... you can say that about most people in the hip hop game. I am surprised that Drake wont be on the album... seems to be the trend to get some radio play. missed the days when there were just 3-4 features at most and the artist carried their own album. Nowadays when you look at the track list of an artist, it looks like a DJ Khalid album

  • Average Fabolous

    Yo Fab form a group because solo you suck. You just aint good enough. I mean you 13 years in the game with NOT one good album under the belt. This dude makes 4/5 dope songs and the rest is just weak om his albums I hope you are not offended by my comments

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