Joey Bada$$ Responds To Lil B With "Don't Quit Your Day Job" Diss Record

Responding to Lil B's "I'm the Bada$$," Joey Bada$$ has released his own diss record, "Don't Quit Your Day Job."

The feud between Joey Bada$$ & Lil B is heating up. Lil B fired the first shot with "I'm the Bada$$," a diss record released this week. Now, Bada$$ has responded with his own diss track.

Joey's response comes on "Don't Quit Your Day Job," a track that samples Janet Jackson's "That's the Way Love Goes." Joey later tweeted about the track and his issues with Lil B, saying that he "caught a body" with his diss record.

The feud was sparked recently when Bada$$ quoted his late friend Capital STEEZ's rhyme, telling Lil B not to quit his day job. The problems continued when Lil B released "I'm the Bad A$$," saying, "If you really think you're a Bada$$, I'll turn you into trash." For now, Bada$$ has said that he is "done with the topic." 

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  • Anonymous

    joey sounds like he needs to go to speech class so he can stop slurring his speech.


    its over for Lil Bitch

  • jaceshadoe

    who the fuck is lil'b???? did joe budden already killed this dude??? and DMX said dudes " lil'bitch, not lil'b". lol.

  • Gamestwin

    LOL badass FINISHED this bois career..#THANKGOD

  • Anonymous

    why did badass even have to waste his time? I have respect for dude, but bosses shouldn't have to stoop to the levels of of artists like lil b

  • Anonymous

    WOW.straight bodiiiiiiiedd........

  • YoAnon

    Lil B is not anything like Charles Hamilton. Get it straight! Charles Hamilton can actually rap and make beats. Lil B can't even flow and is a homosexual!

  • SMDH

    I pray to the based god that all of his idiot, emo, retard, fans lose their hearing. I would pray for them to die, but the life of a true lil B fan is punishment within itself, I only pray for justice. May all fans of Lil B go deaf, so that they may never taint Hip-Hop or any other genre of music with their bitchassness. -Amen

  • Brandi The Goddess

    Brandon The Based One, shouldn't even respond to this lil lame east coast rapper.

  • ShinbrigGoku

    I don't know what's funnier, Lil B himself saying that he's trolling hip hop or the fans that actually buy his act, REALLY?!?! He's messing with everybody; I like Lil B but even I can see he's messing around, Lil B is just proving how stupid this generation is by making stupid song ON PURPOSE!!

  • Anonymous

    lil b is like charels hamilton joey b shouldnt waste his time lil b has no lyrics or skill

  • Anonymous

    Gotta luv these based swaggots

  • Fagfree

    This diss record was wack and baseless. The fagification of hip hop is the future. Why yall just cant let a niga suck in peace?

  • Anonymous

    ''u hit my once i hit you twice'' my lmao fuck outta here lame

  • Anonymous

    Shit was ight but it doesnt have to be ether to go at someone like lil b. The biggest clown to ever touch a mic and fans that are even worse. You guys support a rapper who sits at home and says "What kind of gay shit can i do next and still have these puppet fans support it." This guy is laughing at all you fans every night before he goes to bed while yall sticking up for him on websites like these trying to claim that hes different and unique. This movement has to be the biggest disgrace to hip-hop since milli vanilli.

    • Anonymous

      the original poster is dead on.. Lil B is straight trash. all his songs are garbage he makes tons of songs because he doesn't have any standards for what he writes. anybody and i mean anybody could make better shit than LIL B. name 1 rapper Lil B is better than.... i'm waiting

    • Fuck 2Pac

      Fuck 2Pac and I hope you contract AIDS from your father for replying to my comment.

    • Anonymous

      2pac is not the only rapper in the world so how bout you speak on somebody who's alive and get off a dead mans dick you full blown aids patient

    • wtf?

      "based god is the truth" gtfoh oh man you are so fuckin hurt

    • Anonymous

      Lol you seem butthurt behind that computer screen. Oh & Lil B >>>>>>> 2Pac's wack ass.

    • Anonymous

      Look bruh, I dont know what DL type stuff you in, nor do I care; but Based God is the truth. He is taking Hip Hop to its roots well before it became homo and female-focused. Hip Hop was always about the men doing their own thing. WTF does anyone need breastes for?

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