Pusha T Says He Checked On Rick Ross Following Drive-By Shooting

Pusha T gives a status update on Rick Ross after an assassination attempt.

Following yesterday's incident where Rick Ross crashed his Rolls Royce after a drive-by shooting, Pusha T has revealed that he reached out to make sure that he was doing alright.

During an interview with MTV News, the G.O.O.D. Music rapper said that he and Ross share the same mix engineer and that he hit him up to make sure that the Maybach Music Group emcee was in good spirits.

"I don't wanna hear about that with anybody. I definitely like hit him up like, 'Yo just let me know you're okay.' We have the same mix engineer and I ended up speaking to him later on that day and he was like, 'Yeah, he's just laying back,'" said Pusha. "That was enough for me, but it's tough out here. It's tough out here for an artist. This is the only profession where you don't really leave your core. You don't really leave your upbringing. You don't really leave that behind, you stay in it, lyrically and so on and so forth. You can't really get out of it, you can't get away from it. I don't care how much money you have."

Ross is yet to comment on the matter. "Freeway" Ricky Ross spoke with HipHopDX earlier today, stating that "not surprised" that the assassination attempt occurred because Ross "doesn't understand the street rules."

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  • u kno

    only person aint surprised is the one who ordered it....BOSSSS

  • on to the next.

    Ya'll are wild with the comments seriously. I think that as a human to another human I would think reaching out to someone in time of hurt or pain is a HUMAIN gesture. Taking shots at Rick Ross the former cop or current rapper that means so little since people are and will continue buying his music if they deem it worthy. I don't think he comes to your job at the car wash and tell you how to do your job so be easy. As for Pusha T..I bet he doesn't care about any of the comments you make because at the end of the day he's still grinding and making music because that is what he does and that is why hes on a label and youre still shopping your music around on a cassette tape. smfh.

    • werd

      i said the same shit.. people are simple minded and cant break down rap real and real real..and if its gang then ross is in the real real but its bec of his rap real and image that got him there in the first place..double edge sword? but i cosign what u said after everything said and done dudes a human being.. and to be honest a C.O is a desent livin ppl on here dont even make half of that money today u know lol n everyone knows him..again raps a double edge sword.. hears to hopin rick ross is good and cuts the gangsta shit out in his music and makes real life shit that he goes thru

  • Anonymous

    "Officer Ricky was a police officer" When he was 19, retard. What were you doing at 19 besides taking field trips to Penn State?

    • Fish

      So if someone molests a child at the age of 19, you'd be cool with them when they hit their mid-30s??? Get the fuck out of here simpled minded fuck. FUCK OFFICER RICKY!!!!

  • Omecca

    You reached out to him because ya'll have the same engineer??? You don't have his number??? You make records with ppl and have to go through a sound engineer to holla at them??? That's same Pusha.....

    • David

      ok, So Pusha T is from V.A and his manager got arrested for Pounds of tree and His Club had Tons moved throught it. Officer Ricky was a police officer. How do people just ignore the fact he was a cop, and are just ok with the fact he talks about drugs. And then try to shit on a real dude like Pusha T? Check your facts fuck boy.

  • Anonymous

    all these fake gangsta coke rappers stick together and look after each other

    • Blaze a 50

      Say what you want about Officer Ricky but Pusha T and them ReUp Gang nggas from VA are certified... Dudes brother even turned into a born again Christian.. plus their manager got 30 years for that cocaine stuff they was involved in

  • Anonymous


  • wahwah

    Publicity stunt. The rapper Rick Ross is a character like in a movie. The people close to him know it. They are actors too. The rappers that rap about their real life aren't popular with the youth . Aka Joe Budden

  • JJBro1

    This is no assassination attempt, Rick Ross is not a political figure he's just an entertainer.

  • dentaldamboy

    Pusha-T will do anything to avoid battle-rapping Drake. Drake has challenged Pusha-T numerous time, and every time Pusha comes up with a different excuse. Drake even agree to pay Pusha $250k if Pusha wins and to collect nothing if Drake wins. Pusha T is not built for war and he's not destined for success. YMCMB for life!

    • j noble

      lol who are u drakes boyfriend ...drake is the biggest actor in the rap game ....fake

    • troyall rumble!!

      in the one corner weighing in at 2 tablespoons we have the dental dam boy!!! in the the other corner.. in the shitty blue fubu shirt. we have yes sir!!!!! lets get ready to rumble!!

    • YESSIR

      this like your 800th pusha t diss. the most honorable and distinguished birdman does not hold any animosity towards him.neither does wayne "aka" better than eminem. it might be a good time to learn that drake bought a clipse signed microphone off ebay for 300 bucks. but again, you not that creative. moving on, pusha t and rick ross need to officially bow down and acknowledge birdman's greatness.

  • Anonymous

    i wanna know why ross was driving that rolls royce after his big ciroc b-day party! you tellin me that man wasnt drinking and getting high at his own birthday?? i dont care if they was shooting! he crashed into a building! he should be charged with impaired driving! shouldnt the biggest boss have a driver on his birthday?

  • Famous Last Words

    "Ain't no checks gettin cut! Aint never no checks getting cut. I don't play those games. I consider that extortion. We don't play like that, this Dade County. You Understand? This what we about 305 M-I-Yayo" "So y'all google up. Y'all get online. All the sites that rock with Ricky Rozay. You pull up my footage of being in Chicago when I walked out in that 40 thousand dollar black chinchilla you understand. I told them cut the music off. I want them to just look at me for a little while ya heard me. Look at my beard. Look at the coat. Look how I walk."

  • Famous Last Words

    "'m certified world wide, I could put 1000 gangsters in any hood, To me rich is gangsta, loyal is gangsta, family is gangsta. If thats not gangsta I don't wanna be gangsta. I'm a boss. I went from nothing to bein 50 million man so don't get it twisted." "I just wanna say that again, I go anywhere! So don't get it twisted. And when you pull up the footage of me walking out in Chicago on the stage with the chinchilla dragging on the floor, you let me know if thats the swagger of somebody that in fear of his life, and you holla back at Ricky Rozay."

  • Anonymous

    ross is in hiding. we saw him hiding behind that newpaper after talking to the police! everyone from mmg is quitet as a mouse about this while his publicists try to figure out a way to spin this in his favor! ross statement about this is gonna be pure comedy!


    "assassination attempt"? You really think mainstream america gives a fuck about Rick Ross dying? Go to cnn.com and tell me if he's on the home page....

    • david

      hahaha so TRUE. Ross was a COP, Its like People just total ignore the fact that he was. This is what you get when you mess with the street, He needs to come clean and start rapping about something else. This is getting to real for him. " Ross was still inside the hotel, SPEAKING TO THE COPS" snitch.

    • Anonymous

      he was the day it happened/day afterward...

  • beats


  • Pusha T

    I suck illuminati dick, but I still don't sell records. Am a house nigga.

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