Joe Budden Not Intimidated By Eminem Lyrically, Says A Collab Is Possible

Joe Budden speaks on hopefully working with Eminem one day, says the two share "eerily similar" personalities.

With personalities that Joe Budden referred to as being “eerily similar,” it’s somewhat surprising that the Slaughterhouse emcee has not yet had the opportunity to record a song with Shady Records architect Eminem. Although a collaboration between Budden and Eminem has not yet come to fruition, while speaking with DJ Whoo Kid the rapper revealed that there is a possibility that such a collaboration will happen eventually.

“It’s possible,” said Budden in regards to working with Eminem. “We haven’t done solely a him and I record. We haven’t done that. We’ve been in the studio together, but we haven’t recorded. And I mean the one time that I had a record where I thought it would make sense for the both of us to do, he was really heavy into his album. I didn’t want to interrupt that.”

During his interview with DJ Whoo Kid, the subject of lyrical intimidation was brought up and Budden quickly responded with a “no” when asked if he has ever found himself intimidated by Eminem.

“Eerily similar. I agree with that,” Budden shared when the topic of the two rappers personalities was brought up. “That’s why I think the record would be different and it would make so much sense more than people actually know.”

Joe Budden is currently preparing for the release of his album No Love Lost which is due out on February 5th.

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  • Anonymous

    eminem is top 5 all time and joe budden is one of the illest in the game when it comes to lyrics

  • Anonymous

    anyone who says joe budden or eminem is wack clearly doesnt not know good deep lyrics with meaning and instead prob love the gay mainstream shit

  • Zak

    LOL ask your favourite rappers who they think is sitting on the thrown and a huge majority of them will either say jay-z or Eminem, maybe both. Eminem has done something that most rappers don't do, he evolved lyrically. Just because he done a song with skylar grey and rihanna you think he has gone pop? If you think that you don't hip hop. The guys 40 years old and you want him to rap about chain saws and drugs lmao get a grip on life. Skin colour has no interference on the reason why people favour him and if you think it does then why did people favour Tupac so much because he was black. You think rap should be about smacking a hoe n smoking a blunt. Tupac was talking about god in his songs yet because he was black most of y'all accepted it lol Eminem is the most quick wittiest, lyrically insane, cleverest diverse rapper in the game. One minuet he can rap about riding bikes making himself look childish then in an blink of an eye lid he's made 2 diss tracks to lil wayne and even featured wayne on one of the tracks. Most of y'all that think rap is just about rhyming gun with bubble gum need to turn their stereo off. Niggers be hating that a white guy be shitting in every mc in the game. No one wants beef with the white guy that's why Eminem disses so many people because he is desperate for competition but every mother fucker is too scared to challenge. Keep playing tha carter IV whilst the real rap is on recovery and hell the sequel.

  • Anonymous

    Why be intimidated by the Eminem of today ? he's wack , the eminem from back then would have eaten him alive

  • Larrywhite

    I use to ride for joe back in the day but this dude gone soft. He's one of the wackest rappers out now corny as fuck. Eminem would body this fool if It came to battle. Joe lost his touch too much dust and wet puss. He need to retire with them other jersey fools that have gone to the wack side(redman). Stop butchering my ears with your new wack flow and garbage one liners make some heat rockets and bass bumping blunders that I feel in my unders. This is me Larry white aka slam dance your mother I'm out

  • Anonymous

    this is the nigga next to kendrick who's got the worst dickriding stans


    Joe Budden's pen game is sick. he might fall in love with video models unlike no other. but I have yet to see Budden outshined on a track. yall can complain that budden is not a commercial success, but lyrically, he has very very few peers. with that said, em is sooooooooo overrated. royce carried him on the bad meets evil cd. sidenote: you guys are complete clowns if you think lil b could even challenge joe budden. lil b is in the same lyrical weight class as trinidad james, waka flocka and chief keef.

  • Lil B

    yeah, Buttons is not intimidated by the white boy, but he scared of ME, da #BasedGod! dat's why he never responded to "T-shirt & Buttons". i slayed this fake ass nigga cuz! and dat other nigga joey bada$$ feelin #BasedGod's wrath as well. bow down to da God and pray to me or feel my wrath. #Rare #TaskForce #Based #PinkFlame #BitchMob

  • B

    Not sure why there was a budden wayne track before a burden Em track

  • Dhiven

    Eminem sales, enough said. Greatest rapper alive. Billboard 200 #149 Recovery 3,096 - 4,381,769 #189 Curtain Call 2,509 - 3,660,269 Top Catalog Albums #77 Eminem Show 1,844 - 10,142,944 #119 Marshall Mathers LP 1,505 - 10,665,701 Hot Digital Songs #119 Lose Yourself 18,427 - 5,200,478 #141 My Life 15,777 - 278,883 #174 Till I Collapse 13,240 - 2,437,01

    • manup

      man those are just U.S. sales, but when you look at his worldwide sales theyre even more insane. i mean hes sold over 90 million albums worldwide, and thats freaking a lot cuz barely any rappers can sell 10 milli. it's not like he used to be a great seller cuz when recovery came out in 2010 it was the TOP SELLING ALBUM IN THE WORLD IN 2010!!!! I don't know any other rapper that can do that cuz thats just impossible.

    • YESSIR

      i go hard on eminem for reasons like the above. em is indeed super lyrical. but unlike talib, black thought, phoarohe monch and others, he dont get 89000 spins a week on every media outlet. being able to sell records is a great accomplishment. but does that mean mc hammer and vanilla ice were better than rakim and big daddy kane???? the only time record sales equate to greatness is within YMCMB. we sell the most records and ringtones because we have the best talent, best overall depth and concepts. in addition, birdman is the biggest, most inspirational record mogul ever!!!

    • Anonymous

      absolutely no evidence put forth.

  • Eye Control

    I always knew Joe would be the first one from Slaughterhouse to put out a debut album after Eminem found them and put them together. Welcome To Our House was the best album since Recovery and it just proves that Detroit rappers are the best. I'm gonna buy 2 copies of No Love Lost, which is pretty expensive but I've been saving up my allowance to show support. If you guys watch Love & Hip-Hop or you like Eminem's new 8 mile group, go buy Joe Biden's debut album February 5th. Eminem's verses will be worth it.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Possible feature on Eminem's new album? If so, GONNA BE AWESOME!

  • Anonymous

    I think i would look forward more to a MC Hammer and Eminem song than this douche

  • Anonymous

    These dueds on here are always vouching for eminem through thick and thin, more or less because there is only a hand full of skillful white rappers that are known globally. Dude been making that corny wackass shit from day one! move on or go and visit the teenage pop Web sites

  • Anonymous

    buddens one of the worst rappers ever.; seriously. all of his "best" lines are dated current event punch lines that hold no weight. his projects are cheap and forgettable and he's now on tv cat fighting with video hoes with other low lives. what happened to slaughterhouse? eminem still in contact with those boys? doesn't sound like it. nice that joe can embarrass himself on tv but what is crooked i and joeel gonna do?

  • Na$ty NaS

    lol Budden a cocky ass nigga I mean ya u not gonna out right say any rapper will shred you but cmon on now... SHADY '13 nigga hope news on da new album comes soon

  • Anonymous

    liar, just be real Joe. Its nothing to be ashamed of. Eminem is better than 85% of rappers out there, with jay nas and kendrick the only 3 exceptions imo (maybe tip) just my 2 cents

    • Anonymous

      why does everybody think kendrick is a good rapper? I dont think he's that good

    • Anonymous

      He's better than 85% of rappers then you say 3 rappers are the only exceptions so there's only about 17 other rappers to you? Get outta here with these random figures.

  • Anonymous

    I think em is on a whole different level from any of these rappers

  • Dashing

    Every rapper should not be lyrically intimidated by anyone else. I'm sure Drexler and Barkley and Isaiah and Magic weren't intimidate of Jordan. And Eminem is not even Jordan.

  • La,

    Okay before i read the comments. i can guess there is a bunch of kids, saying joe budden suck and eminem would murder him on track, Eminem is the illest no one can fuck with him,(which i agree with) but dont underestimate other rappers capability. alot of Eminems credit is given to him from a fan base that can relate to him to it is the best in their opinion not neccessarily the facts. Ironically i do know EM is definitely on the top 10

  • Anonymous

    Joe budden couldn't out rap 50 Tyson with his wack ass

  • Conscious Nigga From Baltimore

    Funny how the world turns, this is the same guy who said Eminem should of had his teeth knocked out for that "Foolish Pride" song.

    • HK

      you niggas are killin me. it ain't possible they set their fuckin differences aside? hell Royce had beef with Em god dammit. should we quote his articles from back then when they was beefin? ffs yeah there's no surprise eminem rubbed a lot of people the wrong way back then and now he's on top of the food chain. he's got niggas under him and they cool now so whatever!

    • Lyonel

      LOL yo I read some article where they had Crooked I talking shit as well and now both these niggas work for Em

    • Anonymous

      lmao EXPOSED!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    pretty funny interview near the middle

  • Anonymous

    eminem is one of the greatest and so is pun but eminem will never make a capitol punishment mainstream rap sucks

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