Man Charged In Rapper Yung Teddy's Murder

Curley Dean Holden has been charged with shooting rapper Yung Teddy, who tweeted about death threats he received prior to his murder.

A man has been charged with shooting and killing Yung Teddy, who was killed on January 2nd.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, convicted felon Curley Dean Holden reportedly shot and killed Teddy, whose real name is Justin Mitchell, as two women watched. An arrest warrant claims that the "accused pointed the handgun in the direction of Mr. Mitchell and fired several times."

Twenty-three-year-old Holden forced entry into the home, pointed a gun at one woman and held a gun to another woman's neck before murdering Mitchell.

The shooter has been on the run for almost three weeks before he allegedly threatened to kill someone at a barbecue, according to a different arrest warrant. "I want to break your jaw and be happy," Holden reportedly stated while gripping a handgun in his waistband.

Holden, who has been in prison twice and was released in August after serving 18 months stemming from drug charges, was arrested on January 23rd and charged with terroristic threats. While in jail on Friday, he was charged with murder and three counts of aggravated assault in Mitchell's death. He is being held without bond, and was booked under the name Willie Hunt.

Teddy was initially found dead after tweeting about death threats he had received. On January 8th, a woman named Yachari Kiyana Miller was arrested for sending messages to Teddy during the 24 hours he was slain, stating, "You a dead man walking" and "This your year to die." Miller spent 15 days in jail before being released on January 29th on $4,620 bond.

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  • What

    When will it ever change, nigga killing one other, it doesnt make sense

  • Deadboy90

    smh... 23 years old. These young dudes running around thinking that if they shoot guys in cold blood it makes them tough. In 20-25 years hes gonna realize what he did was wrong if he lives that long in prison. But by then it will be too late, the time to realize how f***ed his life is becoming was an hour before he busted into Teddys apartment. Another young man thrown his life away.

    • blitzlegga

      "thrown his life away". you don't know the dude. the nigga been in prison twice already. he obviously is the "i don't give a fuck about anyone or anybody" type. his life was already wrapped in a garbage bag and placed on the corner...

  • Anonymous

    I hope Miller gets years of jail time. As for Holden, they need to lock him up, throw away the keys. Dude is a walking timebomb and reminds me of O Dog from Menace II Society. Nobody is entitled to murder in cold blood. RIP Yung Teddy.

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