Big Boi Says He's Recorded 9 To 10 Songs For Next Album

Big Boi provides a status update on the follow up to "Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumours."

Big Boi only recently dropped his sophomore solo album Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, but he's already thinking about this third project. During an interview with Hard Knock TV, Sir Lucious Left Foot said that he's "nine, 10 songs in" on his next album, having already hit the lab with Organized Noize. He also revealed that he's got two remixes in the works for "Mama Told Me" and "In the A," though he remained mum on who listeners can expect on the latter remix.

"Yeah. I'm like, nine, 10 songs in. I been on a promo run for a minute now, so I'm stacking songs up and ideas," he said. "I just labbed up Organized Noize last week to put together a couple remixes. I got the 'Mama Told Me' Organized Noize remix coming. We're also doing a remix to 'In the A' too. So I really got beats for that, so when I finish shooting these videos and get back in Atlanta, I'll probably get back in the studio and get it tapped out."

The Outkast member most recently dropped off Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors on December 11th. The album had a soft debut with 30,000 copies sold in its first week, placing it at No. 34 on the charts. The LP has since sold 59,000 copies.

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  • So

    Who gives a fuck? I bought that wack ass Chico Dusty album when it came out and it fucken sucked. That was it for Big Boi's solo shit...

  • Anonymous

    Vicious was one of my favorite albums of the year. Sir lucious was also one of my favorites of 2010. There were a couple songs I would have dropped from each album. He should send his next album to me to listen to before he releases it so I can tell him which three tracks to drop and switch out before he releases it. It will go from 4.5 to 5. Been down with outkast since southernplayalistic. If Andre 3k doesn't want to be down anymore than that's his loss. Big boi keeps putting out fresh music unfortunately his numbers are so low bc people don't know shit about hip hop or music these days but I will still support it.

  • Anonymous

    This is where I got a problem. It seems like all rappers and hip hop artist make quantity over quality. They just pop out songs like if its nothing to them but a paycheck. For example, did you know Kanye took 4 years to release college drop out? Maybe that explains why its still his highest selling album. Just sayin.

    • BradZuk

      yo i get what youre saying on a general level. The market is oversaturated. but i dont think that applies here. Certain guys just work hard and keep chuggin out music, but that doesnt mean theyre rushing it. And the best guys know when you rush and when you slow it down and think on it. vicious lies took 2 years. Sir lucious leftfoot took 4. and there are plenty of really great albums all the way through. they arent "classic yet" because for some reason right now the mainstream and the actual hip-hop-steam is not in sync. but there is a lot of material that would be "classic" if people had their heads screwed on right. GKMC and Section.80 are the obvious two, since Kendrick is just a head above everyone right now. but I think Habits and Contradictions and COntrol system both deserve mention. A couple of bronsons tapes, Dr lecter and Blue chips, are both right there. The new alchemist album, russian Roulette, is pretty much perfect. Both pilot talk albums are straight up gold. although to be fair, curren$y is the epitome of what you're talking about. the a.Dd+ album, when pigs fly, is truly fire, but completely unknown. LiveLoveA$AP was fuckin raw, as was Krit Wuz here, and The Book of David. Take Care was pretty perfect. Theres a shitload of fantastic albums that people just overlook cause theyve got their head up their ass.

    • jerryc

      dude, you nailed it. the internet has been good because you can hear anyone, however, its bad because the market is over saturated. We hear wayyy to much, and mos tof the stuff is just good. As I always say, when was the last time we heard a classic? A full cd of great songs? Pusha t, for instance, had hell hath no fury and lord willin with the clipse. Both of those cds are classics, and now as a solo artist he pumps out a song a week that is good but not great. I would rather he save his lines, get great beats, and make a timeless classic!

  • Anonymous

    "your not funny, try again" I don't give two fucks if you laugh or not.

  • Mike Balls

    Looking forward to it already, the last album was the best from 2012. Shame it hasn't had the sales it deserves yet.

  • Kramer

    Vicious Lies was unreal

  • Alfalfa

    tomorrow's headline: "Big Boy Says He Enjoys Taking Hot Showers"

    • Anonymous

      and you'll be there again, putting up a stupid post like this, which will cause hhdx to find that big boi articles are getting attention and put up more articles on him.. and then your dumbass will say something like hhdx is on big boi's dick when really it's you that's at fault for it.. so again, if you're tired of seeing big boi articles, then don't post anything on them..

  • Anonymous

    Here are the titles to 9 of those songs: 1. Imma Flop 2. Andre where are you? 3. Bargain Bin Bounce 4. Imma Flop (remix) feat. Slaughterhouse 5. Triple Copper feat. Chief Keef and Game 6. I Wish I Was Drake feat. Pusha T, Common, & Chris Brown 7. Industry Outkast 8. Feels Like I'm On Koch 9. IRS Woes feat. Nas

  • AmeriKKKa: Land Of The Weak, Home Of The Slave

    Why even waste your time? Ain't nobody cared about your last album, ain't no one gonna care about this one either.

    • Jon

      Why good albums don't sell in 2013: record companies don't push them, message rap doesn't sell anymore, creativity is considered a risk, somehow dumbasses like you have forgotten fucking OutKast (nobody cared about their diamond album!?), and people steal all their music. Even your boy Ice Cube releases music independently to avoid record executives sticking their greedy hands off the content. Wait, do you even know where you got the Amerikkka reference from? Or did Weezy jack that one too?

    • DJ Game

      you are a clown. he had a crazy album!

  • foreal

    i hate seeing him sell so little, great veteran artist. The people want an OutKast album... this record sales numbers show that. I love outkast but honestly do not want to hear a whole album with just Big Boi.

  • chris

    Nobody can touch Big Boi in terms of quality music in hip hop right now. He's a beast! SO happy to hear that his creative juices runneth over....

  • Anonymous

    I get so upset on how artists are in such a rush to drop projects. I mean dayum give your shit some time to develop! I know he's a vet in the game but take some time to improve and step your game up. Idk. I like the older Big Boi because I knew what I got from him but it doesn't seem like he tries new flows. Maybe his voice is annoying for a whole song. I'm an Outkast fan to the fullest but they had this balance. But I guess $ is the focus in hip hop now with albums coming from everyone 1-2 times a year!

  • Anonymous

    Next album? Damn nigga you wanna flop again???

  • Lol

    Damn maybe it will push 5,000 units. Not hating, just sad to see the numbers he does so low, when shitty artist are pushing the limits

  • Big Boi - Musical Perfection (Tracklist)

    1. Wake Up (feat. Katherine Jenkins) 2. Number One (feat. Rihanna) 3. Boots (feat. Sarah Barthel) 4. Hate It or Love It (feat. Drake) 5. More (feat. Sleepy Brown) 6. Booster 7. Uptown (feat. Fabolous and Ludacris) 8. Skill Switch (feat. J.Cole) 9. Three 10. Twilight (feat. Janelle Monae and Andre 3000) 11. The Morning 12. Bang (feat. Waka Flocka Flame and T-Pain) 13. Code Red 14. Pygmalion (feat. Chrisette Michele) 15. Starting Blocks (feat. Raekwon) 16. Celebration (feat. Florence Welch) 17. Verbal Intercourse (feat. T.I., Kendrick Lamar and Andre 3000) 18. Farewell (feat. Alicia Keys)

    • Anonymous

      correction: they're on Epic Records

    • Anonymous

      ultimately why it's fake: because of their contract as 'Outkast' with their current label (i think it's Jive, but not 100% sure), 3000 will probably never appear on a Big Boi solo album & vice versa. that contract is the same reason why Dre's features & production were pulled from Big Boi's first solo album. label politics/issues/bullshit. to be honest, i don't think we'll get another 'Kast album until they can get out of their contract as a group.

    • Anonymous

      So obviously fake, but with the exception of the Waka Flocka/T-Pain joint, I would actually love to hear this album

    • Hey loser

      Rihanna?! Drake?! Waka Flocka Flame?! Why don't you go ahead and kick rocks, you fucking 10-year-old

  • It's criminal to see Big Boi push those kinds of units...

    damn it's sad to see a dude who was a part of a legendary duo and is still creative and lyrical sell only 59,000 copies while a certified helmet wearing like Trinidad James went platinum with his single on iTunes...The music game has gone to complete and utter shit...

    • H-DUB

      To be honest, i had 2 listen like 4-5 times to his new Album before it grew on me. BIG BOI a real Dude, this is not just RAP, it is MUSIC , it is ART....Open your Mind Goddamn Hood Roaches !!!

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