Pusha T Discusses "Wrath Of Caine," Working With Rick Ross

Pusha T discusses his upcoming mixtape "Wrath of Caine" and working with Rick Ross.

Even though fans will have to wait a while longer before he drops his Kanye West-approved solo debut My Name Is My NamePusha T has been steadily working on a new mixtape Wrath of Caine. Now, in a recent interview with MissInfo.TV, Pusha Ton gives fans a glimpse into his anticipated project.

According to the Virginia rapper, Wrath of Caine is a collection of lyrically-driven street anthems, comparable to the music he recorded with his brother and Clipse cohort No Malice. He explained that when approaching the tape, it was most important for him to go with his gut and make the music that he would like to hear.

"Wrath of Caine is basically just me catering to my core. It's all about just street Hip Hop, street music" he described. "It's just something that I like to do. It's something that I feel like has no boundaries, no parameters. I can do what I really, really want to do…[my approach to the mixtape is] not about more of a creative [decision], I just think it's about more of what I want to hear for myself and what my fans want to hear. They want to hear lyrics, they want to hear street [music]…it's just the whole street life perspective."

Pusha went on to discuss his recent single off the tape "Millions," which also features Rick Ross. The G.O.O.D. Music emcee said that the song is an ode to the street life, and has an energy to it that's long been missing from modern Hip Hop.

"'Millions,' it's basically an ode to dope boys and stash spots; it's just an ode to that energy," he said. "I'm trying to make music and recreate that energy that I feel was missing in Hip Hop, [the energy] like you roll down your windows, you hop in your car and you front until you pull up to the club. Right now, that energy is sort of missing to me, and I feel like 'Millions' is a prime example of what that is."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    is he secretly saying his a fraud like officer ricky

  • nairobistar

    whats up with the whole bla bla discusses, blabla breaks down, ...says. bla bla explains. stop with the grapevine shit n drop music. i dont rememeber being interested in anything other than the music back in the mid 90's early '00. internet killed hiphop a bit

  • jayy

    good to see that him fuckin w good music isnt fuckin his style up... clipse been hot together and i always messed w there music i was worried kayne n that group would water his music down... nice

  • Chill on the coke shit

    For real, man he needs to chill on the coke talk. It's get kinda old. Like you can't talk nothing else?

    • styles g

      I agree with Chill. Pusha really has nothing else to rap about. He can rap but his content is mad shallow. In every song no matter what the subject or feature he has to dedicate a couple bars to flippin keys or pushing hard white.

    • Anonymous

      u never been to richmond va i see lol COME OUTSIDE u lame we wont hurt u lol

  • Anonymous

    Ha, interview ends after she starts asking about shit thats none of her business lol


    So, Pusha T has a problem with lil wayne and drake, but is just fine workin with a former C.O. Rick Ross? I don't understand it, I used to respect this rapper. Now im thinkin hes a whore. Is that all rap is now? whoring around with anybody that'll work with you? Rap is 100% fictional. Not worth anymore of my time.

    • tommy68

      you ever think drop the Ross hate, there ain't many niggaz old skool or new who don't fuck with him,he's shootin videos wherever he wants, maybe he did the co then street hustled, it ain't that hard believe, y'all haters just don't want too.

  • Poppa Clippin

    "I'm trying to make music and recreate that energy that I feel was missing in Hip Hop, [the energy] like you roll down your windows, you hop in your car and you front until you pull up to the club." Yeah, that is what hip hop is missing, more bullshit about fronting and clubs. I am a fan of Pusha, but this sounds silly. You know what is missing from hip hop? Good beats and lyrics. People have been bragging about their riches for too long now. Maybe it was fly when Biggie did it, but now,it's just played. If you want to hear some bullshit, go listen to Tyga or Trinidad James. Pusha, we look to you for quality music.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga cannot see cons. no matter how many coke flips

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