Joey Bada$$ Speaks On Passing Of Capital STEEZ, Delivers Freestyle

Joey Bada$$ reflects on the loss of his friend and partner-in-rhyme Capital STEEZ.

The Hip Hop community faced tragedy at the end of 2012 after PRO ERA member Capital STEEZ committed suicide. His partner-in-rhyme Joey Bada$$ has remained relatively silent about his death until now, speaking with Shade 45's Sway in the Morning about how he's been coping with the loss of his friend.

"I been trying my best," said Bada$$. "I've been trying not to get too lost in my thoughts. It truly hurts. He was a brother, a best friend.

Explaining that his death was self-inflicted, Joey revealed that he's already written a tribute to STEEZ. He said that he usually does not discuss his passing, but felt that he should take the opportunity to do so.

"I already wrote that," he said. "I usually choose not to but I respect you a lot."

Check the interview below, where he also delivers a freestyle.

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  • 47 Piiirate

    REST IN PEACE KING CAPITAL STEEZ. 93 'til infinity.

  • SillyShit

    this kids amazing. best thing i've seen in awhile, i love it.

  • badasze

    For real though we need more rappers like Joey, like he is so good even his comments are good, like check out a Rick Ross or lil' Wayne interview and check the comments, now just read down. Impressive how true good work changes everything, keep perfecting those lyrics Joey, respect.

  • Anonymous

    fucking dope excited about that album

  • Big Dill

    This kid is the truth thank god he spittin them gems about time we get that original creativity poppin.

  • Almar

    The Interview was a little awkward because joey is still super new to these interviews, but that shit instantly went away once he started spittin', Fuckin stupid.

  • RC

    I agree with jerryc, You gotta get producers who are not just phenomenal when they're the man of the hour but also movers & shakers 10, 15+ years down the line, all the producers he mentioned definitely fall into that catagory. It defintely wouldn't be easy to get all those producers actually probably impossible but alot of them have already vocally spoken strong like & support for him and that's half the battle, DJ Premier sold BIG the "Unbelievable" beat for $5,000 cuz he liked him & respected what he did so good will & respect could take him a long way. The difference between Joey and Saigon, Bumpy Knuckles, Wais P, La Coka Nostra etc. is he has all eyes on him right now, all the guys mentioned before didn't have that exsposure during their careers, they're highly respected in the underground in spite of their lack of press. I think if this kid plays his cards right dare I say it he might get a "Nas" moment and get that dream team of producers like Nas had on Illmatic. But who know's this buisness is real fickle and true talent doesn't always get acknowledged, hopefully he gets it though he's bright shining star in a dark state for Hip-Hop.

  • jerryc

    In response...First of all, good kid mad city is no classic by any stretch of the imagination. You might think it is now, but in 3 or 4 years you wont touch that shit. Its lyrically good, as kendrick always is, but that is as far as it goes. Dont tell me those are good beats and listen again. Im not just against the new era dog. I just said I like Joey Badass didn't I?? I'm not some old school biased dude who hates everything new. College dropout, Late registration, 2001, Stillmatic, Reasonable Doubt, Blueprint, etc etc., are all better than the new shit that has come out in the last 3 or 4 years and that includes good kid maad city. The black album, another classic, featured 3 songs by ye, several by just blaze, several by 9th wonder, a timbaland track, a neptunes track, and dj quick. Get rich or die trying had tons of dre on it and eminem. The Game had dre, kanye, timbaland, havoc, and eminem. The classics have production by incredible producers that are the best in the game. Joey badass is the best, or one of the best young rappers in the game. He should get the top producers in the game. Name another classic and I'll show you top notch production by the top producers. You can laugh all you want, but if you want another classic youre going to need those guys, or something new that is comparable

    • jerryc

      Well, Anonymous, I think Just Blaze and Preemo are still two of the top producers out there. 9th wonder does some great shit that never gets recognition because of the rappers that go over it. I think whats happened is that execs have decided that the trap style, hitboy type beats, are the hot ones right now. Tehrefore, you have the top rappers rapping over those type of beats instead of the soul sampled flavor 9th wonder type beats, or the old school feeling preemo beats. The thing is, 2 chainz, Wiz Kahlfia, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, etc., are never going to or never have made a classic. Ye has dissapeared production wise as well. I still believe if you took a joey badass type rapper, and had those guys making the track, you would have something better than anything weve had in a long time. I mean when is the last true classic? I know some people would say watch the throne, but I dont think thats on a blueprint, 2001, illmatic level. ICollege dropout, late reg, and graduation were all much better and are probably classics, but not watch the throne.

    • Anonymous

      his songs were produced by madlib..

    • Anonymous

      Mostly agree with what you're saying.The thing is, are Premo, Just Blaze, etc still the best producers in the game today? Wouldn't he be smarter getting beats from dudes like Chuck Strangers, Statik etc who are all on top form now? Jay Electronica got Just Blaze beats and ain't done shit since, same with Saigon. Bumpy Knuckles, Wais P, La Coka Nostra all got premo beats, but no means classic shit.

  • real


  • Anonymous

    East coast East coast! I sense a comeback! Dope!

  • keegs

    kid's kinda got some AZ flow in his pocket. dig it.

  • sway

    my bad. i didn't mean to say the wrong mixtape name. i meant peep the aPROcalypse.

  • jerryc

    listen joey..take your time on the album. You have the rhymes, but you MUST get the production to make a great album. A lot of these guys in teh last few years have had good lryics, but they arent making good songs. Kendrick, imo, came out with a good cd; however, he is capable of a classic with the right production. Joey should get Premiere, Kanye, Just Blaze, 9th Wonder, etc. These new producers make these cookei cutter trash beats on their computers, and people thik that shits hot. Dog, Dre's 2001 sounds better than anything thats come up in the last 3 years and that shit was perfected in 1999! Make sure your production is top notch joey. A good cd will be forgotten in 5 months, but a classic will go on(and carry you with it) forever

    • ad

      wow an interesting discussion on DX! now that's rare. still laughing at the guy who says Joe should just get Kanye and Just Blaze for his album like they are just waiting for his call.... you cant get big producers just like that. kanye? are you fucking kidding me? he wont make a beat for NOBODY unless he is feeling him.

    • D3

      u young motherfuckers dont really kno shit about hip hop but yall act like yall r some experts. this dude aint just gonna go grab the 5 hottest producers in the game to get on his shit. if he did, that shit aint hip hop. that would be falling victim to what other rappers today believe to be "classic shit." he gonna KEEP it with the same producers he been kickin it with because thats his style. the beats u hear on his mixtapes is the beats he wants to fuckin rap over because it fits his style. he flows best over those beats because hes comfortable with them motherfuckers. he aint gonna jus sell out n say fuck u to his pro era dudes like that. thats what yall young motherfuckers dont understand. Just Blaze? for real? Just Blaze? what the fuck that gonna sound like Joey spittin over a just blaze beat? if u knew what u were talkin bout u'd know that dont fit his style at all and he aint even LOOKIN for a just blaze beat. damn. hes creatng his own style and sound with his music for all u stupid motherfuckers that dont understand that. to come out with a debut album full of kanye and just blaze beats would be selling out and against everthing he stands for. hes an mc. he rolls with his producers n DJs. to u young naive skim-milk babies, that's called HIP-HOP. he gon have his OWN style, his OWN sound, and thats whats gon make this dude stand out from the rest of these clowns. peace.

    • Kburban

      Word to "Anonymous" JerryC should go give GKMC another listen..Production was stellar. I recommend you read up on Joey's Camp Pro Era a little more. Kirk Knight & Bruce Leekix & Chuck Strangers for example are ALL wizards on the boards. Pro Era's "Peep The Aprocalypse" tape had beats for days. As far as Production goes..Joey & crew are already set.

    • Anonymous

      lmao this guy just tells joey to get with the 5 biggest producers of hip hop. like "its easy joey just get premier 9th wonder and just blaze, then your album will be good for sure :)" saigon made an album with just blaze... and even though his lyrics are fire, the beats and the flow just sounded dull and outdated. cookie cutter new school???? your telling me the beats on good kid maad city were cookie cutter??? lol sorry all your doing in that paragraph is calling everything garbage if it doesnt fit into the hip hop purist old school sound that you like

    • reaniggi

      yo go get some ass this is rap not shakespeaer u monkey

  • Kaylo

    This kid is mad good! DAMN!

  • Rain

    Man, this kid can rap. Sorry about his friends death.

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