Joey Bada$$ Recalls Recording With DJ Premier, Performs "Unorthodox"

Joey Bada$$ stops by Shade 45's Sway in the Morning to discuss his collaboration with DJ Premier.

Joey Bada$$ recently linked up with DJ Premier to record the free track "Unorthodox," released through Green Label Sound.

The 18-year-old emcee stopped by Shade 45's Sway in the Morning to discuss and perform the track with Sway Calloway and Heather B. He said that he signed a one-off single deal with Mountain Dew for the track and they put in him the studio with Primo.

"Shout out to Mountain Dew and Green Label Sound for linking that up," he said. "I did a one-off single deal with Mountain Dew and they just hooked that up for me. I was like I'll do this for you, and we just gon' get you in the studio with Premier. That's how it happened. It was like a dream come true."

Check the interview and performance below.

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  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately the track is very orthodox... snooze

  • anon

    this man is hip-hop...You got the talent, lyricist Joey BadA$$ on one side the spectrum then Cheif Keef over produced commercialized bs on the other side..I prefer lyricism and talent and I think more and more people are seeing that. Hip Hop is coming back---kendrick lamar whole Black Hippy Crew, Joey BadA$$ and Pro Era, even A$ap Mob, some of there stuff is commercial garbage but still got that harlem underground sound.

  • jerry

    cold as fuck. This is true talent. AS I always said, it wasnt as if talent on earth just dissapeared midway through the 2000s. The problem was, labels wouldnt sign them, or they would sign them then hold them back. This guy has the talent, and if he gets production(which no one seems to have nowadays), he will make great music for years to come. I'm talkin just blaze, Kanye, Dre, premier, etc. No more of this hitboy, young chop, blah bla blah

    • Anon

      I don't think the producers you named are bad, they just don't get the great lyricists of today on their beats. They are more hit and miss than the producers like Kanye or Premier but for the most part I think its the rapper on the beats

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