Big Hutch Announces "Live From Hell's Kitchen" Album, Reacts To Criticism Of Insane Clown Posse Association

The Above The Law veteran admits to catching flack from some longtime supporters for rolling with the Juggalos, with whom he scored his first solo Top 200 appearance.

Pomona, California emcee/producer Big Hutch (a/k/a Cold 187um) has announced his second solo album in as many years. The Above The Law co-founder plans to release Live From Hell's Kitchen (I Am The Definition Of The Art) in the first two quarters of 2013.

In 2012, Hutch released The Only Solution on Insane Clown Posse's Psychopathic Records imprint. The effort garnered the former Ruthless Records star and later Death Row executive his first solo Top 200 chart appearance. In a statement, Hutch addressed the controversy that came with the new alliance. "The Only Solution project was an innovative good idea between myself and Violent J, but everyone is so damn opinionated these days and not going with the idea of the artist’s creativity, the project was harder than it needed to be. We are all independent, we are all against mainstream music, we all should have been one not separate. That goes for both Juggalos and my West Coast Hip Hop fans. We might come from different places but we are all on the same side, fighting the same fight. It’s like anything else in life, if there is no unity the real enemy will always win. End of story.”

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  • Steve

    Haha these haters are pretty humorous. worst group in music history lmao... ive never heard someone who has actually listened to oldschool ICP tell me they suck, the people who talk shit usually just think icp raps about homicide or rape(which they've never even brought up in a song). go listen to milenko or jeckel bros... or even riddlebox or ringmaster... icp is sick, and they are running the underground as of now

  • Anonymous

    LOL @ Hutch trying to Justify signing with the worst group in the history of music. We all know your broke ass signed over there out of desperation.

    • mentalcase420

      you're probably correct on the desperate far as ICP being trash...its all opinion but they've never claimed to be amazing MC's or singers...the fact that they've been in the game since the early 90's and still manage to put out successful records (by underground numbers) speaks for itself

  • fernando

    ICP isnt just Icp. ICP is just one alias they do. the old ICP stuff was more carnival thug rap over old school beats. the newer shit is more rock n roll and i dont like that with my rap too much. i still like icp when they rhyme in the group Psychopathic Rydas. the first psychopathic rydas albums DUMPIN and RYDEN DIRTAY are straight classics.

    • mentalcase420

      Rydas are always fun to listen to lol...the cd's you mentioned are great I agree...they put out another Rydas album about 2 years ago that was pretty good too IMO though they've lost 3 members of the Rydas since then (Twiztid aka Lil Shank and Fo Fo, and Boondox aka Yung Dirt) so who knows when or if we'll ever hear another one also the album Hutch did with Psychopathic was entirely guest appearances if I believe from anyone else on the label he was just spitting over their album may be different but who knows...ICP & Hutch did a pretty entertaining cover of Eazy E's "Love For Dem Gangsters" on the bonus cd's of their most recent album

  • Hip Hop please

    Big Hutch is DOPE And I'm a fan of Above the Law, but I just don't like ICP The same goes with Game, he's dope, his work with Wayne ain't A feature can make or brake a track IMO

  • mentalcase420

    to be fair...ICP is a 'love em' or 'hate em' type of group...I'm not sure how a person could like one song of theirs (especially one like Halloween on Military Street) and think everything else they've done is trash...its all pretty consistent IMO...different things for different ppl I be honest I didn't like the record Hutch did with Psychopathic (was basically a mixtape sold as an album...all the beats were from old Psychopathic Records songs)...hopefully this new one is a step up though and there's actual original beats this time around

  • Fossie

    This album is classic shit!!Great concept !!Very good beats and his rappin untouchable as always!FUCK THE HATERZ!!!

  • Anonymous

    Play a westcoast show for the juggalo`s...

  • anon

    he'd be right if it wasn't for the fact that Insane Clown Posse sucks dick

    • Anonymous

      ICP has done a one good song, that 'Halloween On Military Street' -joint. Everything else I've heard is trash.

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