Vado Says Cam'Ron Will Not "Baby" Him Anymore, Talks Dipset Closeness

According to Vado, Cam'Ron told him, "I can't keep babying you." Vado also says Dipset is rarely together outside of concerts and rehearsals.

For a long time, any mention of Vado often came with a mention of Cam'Ron. That has somewhat changed over time, even sparking rumors of a beef between the two. The Dipset affiliate recently spoke with DJ Whoo Kid about his relationship with Cam and why he is stepping out on his own. He also talked about how the Dipset doesn't really see each other outside of Dipset concerts or rehearsals.

In discussing Cam, Vado had positive things to say. 

"He gives you the opportunity to grow," he explained. Plus he on his third decade. He makes sure he tells me every chance. He makes sure he tells me that every time."

Vado also explained how Cam wants him to step out on his own now.

"[He says] 'You gotta grind. You gotta step up. I'm on my third decade. I can't keep doin' shit for you.' In other words, 'I can't keep babying you. You gotta take it there. Everybody know you good. The vouch is good. Run with it. I put you there. Now run with it,'" he shared.   

Vado also spoke on how close the Dipset is, saying they only see each other in rehearsals or concerts but said that it's because everyone in Dipset is a boss.

"Dipset concerts...I mean, like, you know, in rehearsals," he said when asked about how often the Dipset crew is together. 

"Everybody is bosses," he clarified. "They got they thing. They doin' they own thing. They got they own things goin' on. So we can only get up when it's scheduled." 

Vado is currently working with Lloyd Banks & others. More from the interview can be seen below. 

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  • Anonymous

    Cam ain't no boss. Jim Jones ain't no boss. Juelz isn't even an underlink at this point. And now Vado? lol Clearly he sees what's ahead for him.... A reality show on BET. That's it.

  • Edubb

    Cam told him right!! At some point a man has to step out on his own and do his thing!

  • Real Talk

    Sorry, I can't listen to Whoo Kid, can't stand that n*gga.

  • Money First

    You gotta have a team...a manager who concentrates strictly on business and not a bunch of artists trying to concentrate on being CEO's...You can have the title for branding purposes but you have to have someone doing the day to day work (and it can't be the artist) because that grind will take away from their main job which is to make music!!! Thats why these artist do not soar as high as they could go!!!!!

  • Vado

    Please Cam baby me. Let me suck your cock. I got burgers.

  • Anonymous

    good for him jay lets j cole stand on his own feet and now 50 is letting banks and yayo do the same officer ricky and khaled should do the same

    • Harlem's Reckoning

      Fuck outta here nigga. Wayne wasn't the first to do shit. Get into your hip hop history before making retarded claims. If people in your crew had ACTUAL talent and didn't need to gimmick their way through the game, they wouldn't have to be made to do anything. If there was an authentic love for Hip Hop, they wouldn't have to made to do anything either.

    • Judge Dredd

      So if I sign or vouch for an artist and tell them to grind on their own.... put out records without me necessarily overseeing each and every aspect of the process I'm copying Wayne? You dumb little boys and your logic....smh

    • lol

      wayne was the first one who "made" his artist do their own thing.. Funny how everyone shits on him.. but then copies exactly what he does..

  • yo

    sounds like daddy issues..

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