Game's Manager Says He Working On A G-Unit Reunion

Game's manager says he's been working on a reuniting Game with his former G-Unit partners.

Despite rumors of a possible reunion, it's been nearly a decade since fans last saw 50 Cent and Game share a mic. Now, in a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal (via HHNM), Game's manager says that he working to get the G-Unit team back together.

Dontay "Taydoe" Kidd revealed to Lee Hawkins that he has been working with Game and 50 Cent in an attempt to reunite the Compton emcee with his former G-Unit partners. Kidd said that while nothing is finalized yet, he believes that Game and Fif see the business sense in agreeing to a reunion.

"I can't say it'll happen, I can't it won't happen; however, from a business perspective, I'm gonna attempt to make [a reunion] happen," Kidd said. "I think it'll be a wise business move on both parts…I'm thinking about tours, I'm thinking about merchandise, I'm thinking about all these other things that [are] lacking in the industry, and this is the perfect timing for that…I can't really speak for 50, but I think they're both open; it's just a matter of approaching it in the right way. 50 understands that he needs Game to make a G-Unit push. Game understands that if it's gonna be a push, he needs to be involved and 50 needs to be involved…they both are business savvy. We know that 50's a businessman, we know that Game's a businessman. They understand that. So now, it's only their internal egos that would stop that from happening."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • wackjack

    this is gunna be stupid as fuck unless something miraculous happens like KRS-ONE hosting this album and making them rhyme about real shit instead of some dumbass agent openly talking about doing this to make cash... wow. Game's RED album was supposed to be REDedicated to Hip Hop. Making music with people you don't even respect just to get money is bullshit

  • sek2nun

    dj skee is a homo.. dj skeet down his throat

  • IROC

    50 may need a G unit reunion since his rap career is Flat Line and Game time is up almost up 50 got so many other bizness dealing thats making money he dont want a reunion Lloyd Banks hasnt had a hit since his first CD, Young Buck maybe locked up but he got skills and can get on with any hot down South artist

  • Anonymous

    50 Cent x Game = CLASSIC

  • Eat a dick biatch

    This is a stupid idea...who wants to hear that pop music that fool has been releasing these days...50 this is not 2004, shit has changed, n u became a pop artist...Game has talent but damn slow down n be yoself maybe u will make better songs coz the talent is there overshadowed by stupidity...and fire dat stupid manager plzzzz...

  • Anonymous

    don't know about this... Game needs sales, both dissed the shit out of each other not to mention yayo called game out numerous of time... isn't young buck in ail???

  • chris

    When Hate Being Sober came out everyone I know was like where the fuck did 50 come from. Niggas was like 50 did alright didn't completely fuck the song up. Thats the only mention I ever seen of 50 cent on twitter in like 5 years.

  • Anonymous

    next DX headline... "Gaymes gay Manager says Gayme is gay"

  • shaxn

    Why is there so much 50 cent stans on this site. Yall niggas swear 50 the hottest in hip hop, I never ever went anywhere and heard 50 music playing. None of my associates ever say I should check out that new 50. I never see anybody tweeting his songs. He is not popping anywhere except on hiphopdx.

    • shaxn

      I'm my favorite rapper, I listen to a lot of indie hip hop, niggas you never heard of, I like west coast rap more than anybody right now, but I dont listen to game. I guess my favorite rappers would be Kendrick , Schoolboy Q, Danny Brown, a bunch of niggas you dont know about.

    • Anonymous

      shaxn, who is your favorite rapper? cause you sound like a rick ross fan or maybe say....j-rule

    • shaxn

      I got over 700 followers on twitter and not one person listens to him. Let me know the demographic that gives a fuck about 50 yall gotta be from conn. Like at least when Game drops some shit I hear about it on social media, I dont listen to Game but knowing he's relevant I might check out his album. This nigga 50 tho, my homie played that track he got with schoolboy q but he skipped straight to Q part then changed the song. One day I seen a 50 video for some song with the dude from Maroon 5 sucked but Em killed his verse. I never heard that song again. Those the only two songs I heard from 50 since he had that video with him wearing the clown mask...That sucked also

    • King Caesar

      just because your butt buddies dont listen does does not mean other people dont check out 50.

  • Anonymous

    50 dont need a reunion yes he isn't popping musically as he once was but his still making moves business wise. Game isn't popping musically and aint doing shit business wise

  • Anonymous

    No need for a reunion, I always thought beef was actually the "buisness" side of hiphop. I'd rather them have beef tracks thrown at each other then make songs with no vibe or chemistry.

  • Anonymous

    LOL honestly what does 50 gain from a G-Unit reunion

    • Yo!

      Everything, tbh G Unit ain't been hot since Game left and slaughtered them. Look at them now. Stupid fucks. A reunion would garner the buzz that 50 ain't seen since back when. Although I can't stand 50 OR G Unit, I wouldn't be mad at a reunion. $$$

  • Anonymous

    "He Working" LOL at Sean Ryon typing like a black man

  • Anonymous

    if you fucking read the article without jumping to conclusions like monkeys after bananas, you'll find out that game's album is looking to bring them together (not that game hasnt reached out to 50 in the past), so game and buck can, in fact, both suck a dick, since they're the ones coming back for more of that black meat after being jizzed on.

  • bob saggot

    false prophets uniting for money how typical

  • MASTez

    Though it would be great to hear em (and hopefully Buck as well) with Banks/Yayo on mic, but for me it's impossible. It just stupid, if you write in a song, that "both game and buck can suck a dick"-my life quote, and few months later you goin to re-unit? They were my first favorite group so i have a sentiment, but it ain't gonna happen, ot it ain't gonna work, for me.

    • Anonymous

      if you fucking read the article without jumping to conclusions like monkeys after bananas, you'll find out that game's album is looking to bring them together (not that game hasnt reached out to 50 in the past), so game and buck can, in fact, both suck a dick, since they're the ones coming back for more of that black meat after being jizzed on. my bad for double post.

  • dre

    u should be kicking 50 when he's down fool

  • realestcjb

    "I guess Ice Cube + Dre got back together after their falling out, but I feel like it wasn't to this extent." uhhh you heard no no vaseline??? Shit makes 300 barz sound like a nursery rhyme....

  • Milehighkid303

    THE REAL G-UNIT REUNION DOESN'T HAVE THIS FRAUD INVOLVED..... THAT is reserved for Bang Em Smurf AND Domination.....THE REAL G-Unit members BESIDES Yayo/Banks.....the real fans of the group know this....

    • Milehighkid303

      @Anon.....does it really MATTER....oh wait....yea it does you you clowns who count record sales. THERE WAS A REAL G-UNIT LONG before 50 got super famous and those two were part of the "click"....IF we wanna get TECHINICAL GAME'S SORRY ASS WASN'T AROUND WHEN THE UNIT WAS SHAPING THE MIXTAPE GAME.....go sit in a fuckin corner fam....for real.

    • WestCoast17

      Agreed, Bang em were official but them niggas suck at rapping so wtf can ya do with em??

    • Anonymous

      never heard of them, what hit songs did they release and how many million copies did they sell?

  • Chris O

    I'm thinking this reunion might be a little awkward since the Game has recorded 50+ songs dissing G-Unit, had a G-Unot tattoo, has released DvDs dissing G Unit. I guess Ice Cube + Dre got back together after their falling out, but I feel like it wasn't to this extent. Like Honestly when me and my ex-girl were together it was great, but after the falling out and all the fights I don't know if it could be that great again -- especially if it was motivated by money. Plus what type of Chemistry would they have? Like the only song that could make sense would be them rapping about their problems w each other from their own perspectives. Like how could they be ride together/die together or balling, since they both have disrespected each other so much.

    • Anonymous

      I could maybe see an album that they could record without having to be in the studio together all the time. I couldn't see them doing a tour together and not have anything go down.

  • DaMatter

    Ha.. So wrong. Lloyd Banks and 50 are the only members that are necessary for a reunion. Yayo and Buck take the priority after that.

  • Anonymous

    What fuckin' song did Game record with G-Unit that would make this moron think 50 needs Game for a G-Unit reunion?

  • jayy

    at this point in the rap game 50 needs game more than game needs just put out a great album, where as 50 hasnt put nothing worth remember since his first major album. but 50 has more money probably so i doubt 50 cares to curb his ego enough to do that.. on that note game and 50 have always been dope together i wouldnt mind seeingit happen

  • Anonymous

    don't bother game, fuck 50

  • Chi-Ill

    I know that nigga Fif a business man but game!? Business man!? hahahahahahaha Besides him being a stripper I don't know any other kind of business he be doing?

    • Chi-Ill

      Hahahahahahaha Talk about dick riding! All my statement said was fif making business moves! What business moves has game made beside wack as reality show? Ain't no one ever said fif better or game better in music! BUSINESS YOU BUNCH OF DUMB FUCKS!!!!!!!!! LEARN HOW TO READ!!!!!!! Oh yeah I'm soft! hahahahahaha bunch of idiots

    • real

      @Anonymous...word to Anonymous, exactly...CHI-ill delusinal..get your facts together holmes

    • Anonymous

      Chi-Ill- fuck u bro game is better thn 50 period u cnat say shit dat could chang dat, ai, now stfu n go bak to sucin 50's dick


      lol..."backing up slowly"..r u kidding me? u soft, clearly I can tell..i was showing u mercy fool..i will rip u to hiphop knowledge goes back to 87 child...the year you were born...GAME 5 albums deep..a rare accomplishment for a rap artist..he official and got his spot in hiphop..and btw, he got a COOL milli for his reality show..while 50's power of the dollar got CANNED..

    • Chi-Ill

      Hmmmmmm I see you are backing up slowly with the "Nothing against you homie" line hahahahahaaha So let me see, You was there when they wrote up the contract. Also let me guess, you was present at the time of the signing of the contract?! Weather it was a movement or a crew, my point was that they didn't do shit! Name "ONE" track from the game that has made some noise in the industry?! I think Master P and his new mixtape has made more noise then what game has done in the last two maybe three albums. So stop with nonsense and get back to what you was doing before jumping on my posts! #ChildPlease


      r kidding me?? tell where i asked for ur life story? u a lonely hermit..I dont care bout ur life or how u make income..Game was tied down with interscope..50 put so many limits on his release from the gunit contract that it made it near impossible to venture he done his 5 album deal that he a free agent..and btw blackwall street was NEVER a was just a movement/crew..nothing against u homie, but do some research b4 you speak...

    • Chi-Ill

      Anonymous, completely forgot about that, I guess game stay #Winning with that reality show lol Look who is back on my posts, THE TRUTH! hahahahahahaha I actually don't have the industry figure out. I do can say this, I've seen how fif be making MONEY decisions/moves and I've seen BWS doing shit! I'm not a MILLIONAIRE but I am self employed and can proudly say I have my own business and living out of it. I no longer live in Chicago but I stay close to my roots in the Chi. Anything else you want to ask? Feel free, I'll answer. Now can you get of my nut sack THE TRUTH?!


      u know it all got the industry and artists figured must me a huge success in CHI town...

    • Anonymous

      dont forget he makes trashy reality tv shows and exploits his family and loved ones to make a few extra bucks

  • Anonymous

    Fuck a G-Unit reunion...banks, yayo, and buck don't need to be involved at all. We need 50 Cent and Game records to come out - every track they made together is timeless and people still bump that shit. Hate it or Love it, Westside Story, How We Do, etc.

  • Anonymous

    Deez niggas industry-niggas I swear but they swear they in-da-street-niggas FOR even thinkin bout doin some dumb shit like that. G-UNIT's death was years ago, who ever died in Hip Hop n came back?

  • willmofo

    A reunion?!?! Nope, I don't see it happening because 50 Cent is too stubborn! It would probably benefit their pockets to do it though just because folks like me say it won't happen. We'll be waiting on this to come to fruition just like Detox!

  • Anonymous

    50 just dissed game on the low on howard stern, said game wouldnt call the cops if his house was robbed because theres probably nothing in there

  • Todays Hiphop Sucks

    G-Unit Reunion? Is this special? I mean G-Unit aint a group like: Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang Clan, NWA, Geto Boys etc. They all made classic hiphop. G-Unit aint classic hiphop but just average hiphop about i have guns money and bitches. So we dont need G-Unit.

  • $P!T@U

    So its gonna be faking for the sake of making money??? This rap shit is the new wrestling tv shows...

  • Hmm

    Not sure why there's so much hate, two of Game and 50's best songs were when they were on a track together, and we all know which two songs those were, it's a shame they had massive beef because they made real Hip-Hop back in the day, oh well, maybe it is too little too late but who knows.

  • Anonymous

    we need that i miss them

  • jester

    If they get back just for business & dollar signs it wont work they gotta see eye to eye & hear ear to ear!

  • Anonymous

    Great interview !! Game is a force that is not to be fucked with.

  • ox

    Game was calling 50 a rat now he wanna work with him smdh anyways look up Doughphresh Da Don on youtube he got heat!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    just for making the impossible happen it would be a good/fun thing too see. but for it to happen to expand hip hop's catalog with good music i don t know

  • The Angels

    WHY? No one wants to see a G-Unit "reunion." They're acting like this is epic like the Jackson 5 reunion. G-Unit as a group is less than 10 years old and it fell off. Leave it in the past.

  • the RAIDER

    there all faggets. il loose all respect for all them if they rap together. i think Banks is better than that and he wont have any part of it.

  • 3 headedmonstah

    I can't really speak for 50, but I think they're both open; it's just a matter of approaching it in the right way. 50 understands that he needs Game to make a G-Unit push. hahahaha, wrong approach already lmao.. aint happening.. sorry .. besides u have to wait til buck comes out and him and fif not goin to reunite.. better luck trying to get bones to stay together for 1 whole year lol .. fif needs banks and yayo and em.. thats it .. and game needs dre .. all u need

  • The_Observer

    It ain't no G-Unit without Buck!

  • Anonymous

    Yo I would check for a new G Unit album with Fif, Game, Buck, Banks and Yayo...that would be dope

  • Anonymous

    50 cent needs The Game

  • BCcoastin

    i want to hear it from fif. Until then i dont believe shit. plus g unit = 50 banks and yayo. always will be

  • Hip Hop please

    That would be a good thing Game feat 50 Cent >> Game feat Wayne

  • Anonymous

    game and fifty can make songs but no g unit reunion

  • Londell green

    Buck will be out of jail in less than 18 months, and truthfully speaking he is the star of all of them just went thru worse bad times and never fully recovered. After dealing with boss man 50 and gay rumors according to Game it would be wise for 50 cents to team back up to save face from being a snitch, fruity, and going flop on every project since then. Shit, the Game is more animated and for the most part even rival gangs tune in to listen and read about the Game before they will 50. Lloyd Banks has built an impressive catalog of music so everyone stands to make a couple of million- the big question is could they stand to be around each other that long given the Game called everyone booty bandits

  • The Real Franchise

    I liked a lot of games older stuff, but the game fans still talking shit about 50 are delusional, game needs 50 to sell records, 50 doesnt need to sell anything hes set for life, I sincerely doubt this would ever happen, 50s ego is too big, why let someone back in the crew that already sold you at once? Although it would be hilarious if game resigned with g unit and started dissing banks buck and yayo.



  • acidrap

    50 wont stoop to that cause he don't have to.He got too much money to think about that shit.

    • Anonymous

      Your point well taken, yet given no one but old school "stepford Wives" pre recorded radio plays their music 50 has no other ideas to remain viable to the public. 50 can sell product and merchandise so if not for any other reason he would definitely want in on that part of the deal. 50 also can get loans and not have to front his own cash. in 7 years 50 will be irrelevant to the new generation of rappers-best to go with a track record that IS as opposed to what could be that may never be All their fans done got old and are not even buying music anymore- its all digital and mixtapes. I see a win win for 50,Lloyd, and the Game- everyone else will be able to eat better and invest in they kids college or for a house

  • Anonymous

    GET THE FUCK out of here will this reunion BULLFUCK! one day game hates fif the next he loves him like a brother.. the manager doesnt know his own bi-polar fuck client! its been 10 years.. no one cares anymore!

  • Anonymous

    Game's manager says he working on rejuvenating games career.

  • dunk

    the fucks up with his illuminati on his shirt to the fuckhead.. been going down hill sinc ehe had a break after LAX

    • Anonymous

      It means he's evil and he's gonna stick his dick inside your brain and give it a few strokes. Such a fucking idiot.

  • The Game G-Unit

    Back Game Please, BWS & G-Unit Side to Side GGGGGGGGGGG-UNIT FUck BEEF

  • Anonymous

    How is Game a business man? He's been slowing turning into a footnote for years now, and the best he can do is a VH1 reality show. All a G Unit reunion would be about is money and last time I checked none of these dudes is starving so why bother.

  • dunk

    hahahaha i fuckin doubt it would happen.. would be cool to hear 50 and game on a track together tho..with a good beat..jesus piece was fuckin shit and im a huge game fan..not liking 50s gay single with em and that maroon 5 fag either.. also fuck banks and yayo they aint shit, 50,gmae and young buck would be cool..but none of it will happen

  • Anonymous

    Games last two albums were dope, 50s new shit is SURPRISINGLY good. Would be cool to see a collabo

    • jayy

      jesus pieceis a beast i think its one of games top 2-3 albums hes done. nice concept he just had 2 many features on it still a great album..r.e.d..not so much

    • Rip

      Do u listen to music or just skim through it?? Game last 2 albums were fucking trash!!! I am not hater. I just call it like it is... Don't get it twisted I grew up in Watts and Game's albums are not impressive at all... GTFOH!!!

    • wu wear

      Red was the worst album I've ever heard

  • yeah...

    And then in a week we'll see Game talking shit about 50 and Banks.

  • CLick

    50 understands that he needs Game to make a G-Unit push just because u say something like this, 50 would not allow this reunion to happen. and i believe game needs gunit more than gunit needs game

  • Anonymous

    These guys get no credit. 50 reinvented the mixtape scene with gunit. GUnit radios were classic. Show some fucking class and give respect where respect is due. I dont care how long ago it was. Its still better than the crap thats out now. Good luck to GUnit, and also Dipset for atleast staying to true to the real fans

  • Anonymous

    title is very misleading smh

  • row

    cant lie... I WANNA SEE THIS HAPPEN!!!!!!!!! HATE IT OR LOVE IT

  • Ricky Rozay

    A stripper and a snitch. When the last time any of these niggas released an album that didnt go triple wood? If these niggas get together maybe they can put out an album thatll sell more than 200K. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    FIF replies on twitter tonight..his answer???......G.G.G.G..G-UNOT GAME!! LOL

  • officer ricky

    games a businessman?? get the fuck outta hey gaytoe

  • Truth

    So they just want to reunite to make money? Not because they like making music together? This album is going to be TERRIBLE.

  • Nemesis

    I'd only be interested if they did it right and also brought back young buck,or put in freddie gibbs to replace buck.

  • Anonymous

    This would make people like me so happy, hope he does because there will be some dope tunes out of them!

  • datnigga

    Won't happen. Dr. Dre & Eminem wouldn't even be able to bring these dudes together. 50's ego too big, and game and yayo threw shots recently, and 50 dissed game and buck on My Life. Move the fuck on, nobody cares anymore.

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