Method Man To Begin Recording "Crystal Meth" Soon, Says Wu-Tang Clan Reunion Will Happen

Method Man provides an update on his upcoming fifth solo album.

Method Man has provided an update on his upcoming solo album Crystal Meth, which he has discussed as far back as 2008. During an interview with Montreality, he says he hasn't yet begun recording the project but that he's "going at my own pace" and needs "to get my ass off the couch."

"I'ma start work soon. I can't put a number on it. I'm doing it at my own pace, which is slow as shit," he said. "I need to get my ass off the couch. I been on that couch, heavy. I write a verse now and then because I don't know if there's any real listeners... You've gotta have a real listener in order to appreciate what you're doing. I don't want someone to say 'I like the beat.' I hate that shit. Or, 'I like the hook.' There's so much more to it than that. I hate that and the motherfuckers who run up on me every day thinking that I'm just a pothead or some shit. There's so many more levels to my character than just smoking fucking weed. On that note, pass the blunt son."

As for a Wu-Tang Clan reunion album, Tical echoed recent statements from Masta Killa that it has potential to take shape. Though he didn't speak at length on the LP, he said that he spoke with RZA about the project and that it will most likely happen. "I spoke to RZA and shit. It'll probably happen. It'll probably happen," he explained.

Watch the full interview below.

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  • soo

    everyblog i went into almost everyone want a new methodman album just bec u got a few who dont like methodman like i dont southern rappers who cares theyll always be ppl w a different taste.. on that note meth..time 2 start cookin up..

  • Nick08

    Method Man is the Epitome of an MC. Stop your damn nonsense shit talking, you don't know shit!


    method man went toe to toe with big, pac and nas. he more than held his own. i feel as if he lacked the desire to reach his full potential. i am not sure if it's entirely on him or being tooo loyal to def jam. either way, as a pure hip hop fan, i expected much more from him. the only way he can make amends now is to sign with YMCMB.

  • Mike

    Glad he's working on it...take your time METH!

  • foekist

    I used to fucking love this guy. He's such a disappointment. What has Meth done with his life? Look at the opportunities he's had. Travelled the world (which any fool with a job can do) and made movies. Yet falls behind on paying his taxes because he "forgot"! Now he can't get his arse of the fucking couch and make a album. All he has is a good title and hopes of RZA producing some of his shit and pointing him in the right direction. Son needs to get his shit together BIG TIME!

    • idiot

      Method mad has tons of great achievements, and I really don't think he's let it all go to waste. This guy has young children for crying out loud, and hes stated in other interviews that hes more focused on giving his kids a proper father. I think you got it twisted, cant hate on a family man with his priorities in check.

    • Anonymous

      What about YOUR life foreskin? Then explain to us how a cashier or a sock salesman can tour and travel the world simpleton. Employees at Foot Locker don't even keep that job beyond 3 years, how do they travel the world on a meager salary and discounted sneakers? Scrub.

  • kennyken

    man method man sounds like he really has anger and animosity built up in him, but he sounds intelligent as hell though. looking for that album jack

  • The MG

    Damn, I thought he's been recording Crystal Meth, but it's cool. At least he's man enough to admit he was lazy when other rappers would make up excuses for their slow output. But the way Meth has been ripping his guest verses over the past few years is really making me forget about that and anticipate the album even more. His verses on House of Flying Daggers, New Wu, Troublemakers, Every Soldier In the Hood, Built for This, Pull the Cars Out, etc., all of them were insane. Even his work on Blackout 2 and Wu-Massacre were sick as well. Meth is definitely one of the more underrated MC's who doesn't get all the props he deserves. I'm ready for Meth to put out some new material and show these people what he's all about. Bring on Crystal Meth. Ticaaaal!

    • Nemesis

      right? i thought he been recordin this shit,fuck it atleast hes shud check out his verse on the chris webby mixtape, shit was FUNK

  • Anonymous

    What happened to the Album

  • Nemesis

    Yo straight up, FUCK all these haterz on here that dont know shit about hip-hop...Tical was classic, 2000 was a great album an cuda been classic if some fillers were removed, tical o the prequal was wack cuz it was handled by diddy, and then 4:21 was SICK, take out one or two songs an it wuda been classic...method man, if your reading this, you are in the top 3 of underated MC's in the game next to AZ and Black Thought, your still as raw as you used to be,the verse on the chris webby mixtape was classic MEF, I am a listener,i see the cadences an the echoes and i know the trippy vibe you got it from, i seen you live 3 times and your the geatest performer of all time and its my dream to work with you on a whole album, I produce and rap and am influenced by the 90s...find me on twitter @classick_nobull

  • casper21

    Tical, I love ya till you put the mic down for good and beyond. Whenever you release crystal meth, I'm buying, no need to download, no need to prelisten for quality, I flat out support your product, and there's only a handful of artists I commit to like that. And yes, in the grand scheme of things you are overlooked, slept on, whatever. Every time that conversation comes around or lists get posted people just throw the same names around, most of those ppl don't even support the catalogues of the artists they put on those lists. IMO Tical your a personal favourite on a list with DMX, Eminem, Lauryn Hill, and more recently Joe Budden and Tech N9ne. And i hate just about everything thats come out in the last few years, I can barely call myself a hip hop head anymore, but your place is up there even if they don't give you your dues just yet.

  • datnigga

    Anybody else remember the 'World Gone Sour' video by Meth with the sour patch kids that came out back in 2011? That shit was hype and had me thinking Crystal Meth was gonna drop soon after.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    heard some great verses on WU-BLOCK method mans still got it

  • Anonymous

    real motherfucker right here too funny dont get why he doesnt do more work look at raekwon and meth more talented more people know him but raekwons working hard so he'll get the fans and album sales

  • Anonymous

    saga dreamcast method man

  • channelPink

    These guys are washed.

  • d

    That console he's referring to is the Neo Geo

  • Anonymous

    haters gonna hate



  • Anonymous

    Every Meth album may not have been classic but had those gems on there.

  • TPR

    Here's the truth. Meth, the reason why you're not considered one of the dopest cats in the game NOW, besides the fact of your lack of material, is your flow is a little played out at this point. Not too basic, by any means, just outdated. Thats not saying you could somehow figure out another method (no pun intended) of attacking a beat, or get motivated again, but until that happens, be content with your current position, or do something to get your spot back. When you're on (even now), you're on. I can't remember what it was, but it was something recently (maybe on the Wu Block) and you were spitting some ill shit, so I know you still have it in you. Real talk, I had kinda stopped listening to my Wu Tang shit for a few years (I went through a 10 year wu-tang "phase", so, kinda like Fudruckers and Oreos, I needed a break), but the last few months, I've been bumping that Classic Wu, and by far, my favorite of them all is Tical (let's not kid ourselves though, OB4CL is in it's own category altogether). Back in the day, I was more of a Liquid Swords kinda guy, but Tical is so fucking crazy, lyrics and production-wise, and has definitely stood the test of time. Whatever you were doing back then, try to revist that mental state, because that is the griminess and rawness you need, not this glossy, singsongy, lackadaisical approach. Peace God.

    • jayy

      this dudes buggin..421 was crazy and other than that meth dont drop nothin. blackout 2 was crazy to. meth flow will NEVER be dated...thats what makes meth, meth but he needa come hard on this next project and get that fire meths a legend in the rap game

    • anono

      421...the Day After = Official.

    • Anonymous

      Quite comical how you "fans" always want to pass off your opinion as fact. This is why meth said: "I write a verse now and then because I don't know if there's any real listeners... You've gotta have a real listener in order to appreciate what you're doing." ^ this is a poisonous dart thrown at you internet "fans".

    • Assassin221

      Meth's flow can never be played out son.

    • Anonymous

      I didn't even read far into this, but you gotta be fuckin trollin. recently he hasn't put out shit, probably cause he isn't gettin the respect he deserves, but dude was merkin shit on the regular. he's been on tracks w/ biggie, pac, nas,- basically hip hop itself and has managed to stand out on nearly every substantial collab.

  • Anonymous

    I thought he had been recording it, he said he had a collab with Nas ages ago

  • Ray Jay

    1. Method man has a 1 hot album every 20 year average. Tical was hot, Tical 2000 was hot garbage and I can't even remember the name of his last album -- that's how bad it was. 2. Method man is old news, everybody knows this, 3. RZA is washed up and hasn't made a decent beat for 15 years, so the beats will be some garbage, mundane NY repetitive filler. 4. Chief Keef will probably sell more in a week than Crystal Meth will ever sell in it's lifetime. Not saying that Chief Keef is better than Meth -- but just saying. 5. Wu Tang is full of washed up pensioners -- who no longer have their hearts in music and are only in the game to make a quick buck because they f***ed up in the 90s and didn't save their cash. 6. The only chance Method Man has of selling above 100,000 is if he signs to Young Money -- but they won't sign him because he is too old and washed up.

    • Anonymous

      Tical 2000 was dope as fuck and so was 421. You should try listening before judging. same with you sam snead...have even heard rae or ghost's newer shit? Apollo Kids was dope so was OBFCL2 and Shaolin vs Wu-tang

    • Sam Snead

      Ya I have to agree to an extent, only ghost and rae have cared to do anything in the last 10 years, they half ass most of their records now to make a quick buck

    • TPR

      I can't tell if you're trolling or you're serious. Regardless, 1.) Tical 2000 was decent. Definitely not hot garbage. I actually fuck with that album more now than I did then. 2.) RZA is washed up? That must be why Kanye flew his ass out to Hawaii to work on his last album (AND Watch the Throne), huh? Yeah, he probably had Marley Marl in there, as well as Beats by The Pound and maybe some of the guys who did Hammer's beats too. Wash your drawers, you retard. 3.) "Washed up pensioners?" Ghostface? Raekwon? RZA? Everyone else, alright, they might fit in the "Washed up Pensioners" category, but not those cats. Wu Block was hard as fuck. Dudes are icons of that crazy slang lyrical shit, and still killing it. RZA is doing his thing (the Man With The Iron Fist" Sdtk was solid too, not to mention he MADE A DAMN MOVIE STARRING RUSSEL CROWE - ok, maybe he didn't star in it (not sure, cuz I didn't see it), but the fact that he's in it speaks to the RZA's power in the industry). So if that's what a pensioner looks like, where the fuck is the pension at? Look, I'll give you props for using "Washed up pensioner" in your posting, but stop trolling and disrespecting the Gods. Yeah, Meth didn't catch up with the game when it moved on to the 2000s, but that doesn't discredit his work in the game. Dude was literally THE GOD back in the Golden Era (at least one of them, top 5 MOST DEFINITELY). He doesn't deserve your disrespectful bitching. Post something that makes sense or quit posting. Peace

    • Earthcrusher

      Fuck off TROLL.

    • Anonymous

      I can't argue with your points with exception for RZA being washed up. He's changed his approach to music; however, he's not washed up.

  • Wu Hippy

    We need that new WU and crystal meth! Meth is top 5 dead or alive

  • Anonymous

    Lmao that freeze frame from the interview is awesome

  • Jayy

    thats crazy i was just on here few days ago sayin i need some new methodman shit.. i been bumpin his music for the past week im still on that 421 CD.. we def need that crystal meth, we DEF need blackout 3 .. a whole wutang project? only if everyones about to give 100 not like 8 diagrams. meth!! u ever need an honest opinion on ur music or verse or hook or w.e holla at ME ill keep it 100 if it sounds good or not lolol

  • Former Meth Fan

    Meth you time is over it aint 1994 anymore but 2013! So you are 43 and gonna rap about weed, guns and other stupid shit? Please retire. Tical and Blackout were dope but retire.

    • Anonymous

      Only in HIp Hop they scream "the years" and its over. yet Bruce Springstein, Led Zep, Pink Floyd still tour... No Fam YOU ARE OVER... Attacking Hip Hop legends for no reason was so 2012, what has any new artist done to UPLIFT the culture???? Is the "South" still winning and the East still hating? forget you and your comment Get off a computer and read a book educate yourself beyond the internet and dont come back til you learned something.....

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I feel him on that misconception shit, ever since he teamed up with Redman and made that stupid movie people act like he's Afroman or some shit, like he does nothing but rap about weed and Tical never existed.

  • Anonymous


  • Hip Hop please

    Methodman, cool as always Keep on making that dope Hip Hop sh*t mr Meth And keep on smokin' that weed if that means good music Solo or with the Clan, I'm lookin forwords to it

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