Lupe Fiasco Removed From Stage After Making Anti-Obama Comments

Lupe Fiasco ruffles feathers in Washington, D.C. as he is removed from the stage.

Lupe Fiasco was removed from the stage during a performance at Hamilton Live in Washington, D.C. on Sunday (January 20) night.

The rapper was removed after performing an anti-war song for 30 minutes, and stating that he did not vote for President Barack Obama in the recent November election. He was reportedly booked to perform as part of a celebration for Obama's inauguration, which takes place on Monday (January 21).

After the performance and anti-Obama remarks, Lupe was asked by security to leave after refusing to move on to a new song.

Below are tweets from Foreign Policy's Josh Rogin, who was present at the show (spotted at Complex):

Lupe's stance on Obama is nothing new, as the rapper has criticized the President numerous times in the past.

Watch footage from the show below (via

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  • jared

    nobamas should be impeached for his ncomplete lack of nleadership...........he is pathetic.....he also should be chargedb with murder for his use of drones he killed 3 innocent americans...he is a terrorist far more incompetent than irans leader, north koreas leader...and the fools thinking hes doing a good job.....i would like to put a citizens arrest on obama...his wife is a skanky rag racist....america is going downhill with this non born in america moron....i hope bad karma haunts nis family for ever,,,,maybe he should tell his wife halloween is over man that woman is ugly.....i puke when i nsee her...

  • Anonymous

    As far as Im concerned Lupe has lost a great deal of respect from me for this latest move. As much as it might sting you people to hear this there is a time and a place to raise your concerns regarding certain issues. Lupe was invited to the pre inauguration event with the obvious intent of entertaining the masses and showing support to the re-elected president. He then not only used it as a platform to voice his views denouncing the president but did so for 30 MINUTES. Everyone here is acting as if he made an offhand comment and was removed immediately. The fact that he performed that same song for such a lengthy amount of time meant that he was seeking some sort of reaction. When my little cousin wants my attention she will constantly wail until I am practically forced to address her. Lupe has acted no different in regards to his actions. His constant use of the same song has not raised peoples awareness in any way in regards to various international issues, it was clearly a move to promote a shock factor and to get people buzzing and talking about him. If he truly wanted to make a stand he couldve declined the opportunity to perform and stated his reasons through various interviews. Some of you may argue that he would not have reached as many people if he had done so but at least he would have been looked upon more favorably by the masses for sticking to his core values in a respectful and peaceful manner. What he did here just showed a lack of etiquette and common courtesy.

    • Down With Republicrats

      When did it become a crime to voice a dissenting opinion in this country? It's what artists are called upon to do. Nothing Lupe said was violent or threatening and he shouldn't have been removed from the stage. Full stop. It's a sad day when everyday people side with our oppressors while demonizing those who stand up to them. If you don't have a problem with this man being strong-armed by a bunch of muscle head goons for voicing his opinion peacefully, you need to check yourself. America has a history of killing or silencing those who stand up for peace. Crack a fucking book sometime. Presidential events are not pep rallies and we are not cheerleaders. The two parties are not opposing sports teams vying for a championship. This is real life. These "representatives" are nothing more than salesmen hired to sell us fucked up policies. It's not a privilege to criticize them, it's our DUTY. Please do us all a favor and stay home on election day.

  • Rob S.

    Tha KosherGod response to Lupe Fiasco being Kicked off Stage at 2013 Obama inauguration party!

  • Anonymous

    lots of fans were still chanting his name though in the audience... come join our hip hop discussion group on facebook, type Freestlye Facebook: Finest hip hop/rap on the search bar and follow me on twitter: #somethingsomong, won't be disappointed... ONE!!!

  • Anonymous

    I'm oldest than lupe is dumb young man because he open mouth without read MLK or Malcolm X because lupe don't nothing about government is my old job shit, you don't know government have racist credit than you think

  • ETK

    Lupe did what he had to do. hear me out. some of you people bitch and bitch about what he did cause it was "uncalled for".... yeeea that's the god damn point G! he closed his Twitter account & canceled his next album days before doing this. HE WAS GETTING PREPARED FOR THIS. now he got you niggas riled up, and guess what. That's the ONLY way to make a fuckin statement in this social mediatized day and age. I wholeheartedly laugh at these people who are all like "wtf Lupe you should've blogged about it or something" SAY WHAT!? so his blog entry would get lost in the masses of millions of whiny preachy bitches thinkin they important? no no. whether you think he's arrogant or not, Lupe had the platform to do it. Damn right Lupe is preachy, but preachy people will never get their word heard without taking a stand or doing something like this. Don't get me wrong. I agree it was stupid, I agree it was uncalled for, I agree it was out of line. shortsighted though, no. ignorant, hardly. and you think his career is over!? LMFAO that's the biggest joke I ever heard. good or bad publicity works, or else Chris Brown's faggot ass would be workin at McDonalds right now. Lupe's career will only fall if he doesn't do anything after this, and I'm damn sure he ain't done voicing his opinion, so chuuch AND THE BEST PART... you niggas who are hating will be the first ones to click on what he gotta say next. y'all love to hate. those who co-sign him will be second.

    • Anonymous

      You just CONTRADICTED everything you claimed you thought Lupe did Right, so obviously your not able to separate being a fan from Lupe using is Extremist Pro-Islam views to create a dialogue that is conducive for further Rapport. Obama has helped put Chicago Artist in great positions with promoters to help progress their careers , but Lupe is not targeted any white people for their Long standing hate for America, including him writing letters to all the Republicans senators FIRST- who by the way have been in their positions longer than Obama has been president. How can Lupe not address these CAREER SENATORS who are to blame for the issues he is supposedly advocating for and skip by them because their white and head str8 to Obama who has only been in office for 4 years? Lupe is a "House Slave" just like a cuddly little poodle- barking up the wrong tree and giving the impression he is making a difference. Who cares about Lupe's personal Twitter account or his album? What you just explained is these things were done in CONCERT to a prior RELEASE date which makes it look like a gimmick just to sell Pop records for mainstream. Underground artist during their lifetime continue a steady steam so they don't need to accept a concert because they have fans overseas. Lupe is a little girl, he has bitched out and he is seeking fame for trying to look like a hero and Marty in the eyes of only those who believe in Islam, he is no advancing any causes for ALL Americans - only those of his faith and he's doing a bad job at that

  • Anonymous

    I support lupe on music, but I can't agree with him on this. Better apologize man, soon CNN will report this.... BTW,guys Lupe is intelligent, he's not using it the right way. Lupe, just stop insulting Obama, he's done good for this country man. Just go back to your ill rhymes and all. Even Nas and Rakim would agree.

  • FromDaCHI

    People saying Obama ain't got do shit with wars? Obama has a KILL LIST, he uses drones unilaterally and the CIA use their drone program as well. Obama signed NDAA, Obama continues to pursue WikiLeaks, Obama and his Administrations have done SOME good (ObamaCare, Gays in the Military as Progressive examples) yet He follows the U.S. narrative on Foreign Policy and the biggest issue, domestically, The War on Drugs.

  • Anonymous

    TO THE SHEEPLE: #1 Most of the comments I have seen here just want the brother to shut and keep it moving, and obey his master. I find it fascinating that on the same day as Dr. King's Birthday for someone to echo what Dr. King was about, and attempting to make you think instead of shaking yo ass. whenever your enemy decided to kill one of your leaders they always used one of our own to either do the job or set them up . This is ENDGAME! America has got you dumb MF just where she want's you. Most of your men in jail, the other half a bunch of eunuchs!And most if not all your women will drop their draws for some trinkets, and become infected with AIDS! Yall better wake up before the roundup! AKA THE FINAL SOLUTION!!!!

  • Fuck Lupe Fiasco & His Family

    Someone's desperate for record sales.

  • herewegoyo

    KingO said it best. He's starting to force it which in turn makes me wonder how sincere it is. If this cat is so enlightened why is his approach so sloppy? I think it's about time to expand your views about what's going on Lupe. He remains focused solely on Obama because he knows it's taboo in the black community. "I'm so edgy and above-it-all with my little silly ass round glasses". Fuck outta here.

  • Eksel563

    All of you talking about Lupe and his rights to freedom of speech bore the shit outta me. Obama (and every other president) is NOT the one sending our Marines (oh and the other branches) to war!! It's the other 98% of the BIG GOV in congress and our senators that are "stealing oil" and all that other conspiracy shit (that I somewhat believe in)! Bottom line, Lupe makes music that hurts my fucking ears, his beats are wack AF and his lyrics sound like he's trying to be KRS, Cube, and goddam Chuck D rolled in to one artist. STFU and make some good music with some dope beats that I can bump in my ride, or be a politician. Stop trying to be both, because homie, you aren't any of the three I mentioned,not even close!! To all you Lupe Fiasco (cuz that's what his career has become) I suggest picking "Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City" so you can bob yo head and stop worrying about what Obama is doing for about 30 min. Obama gonna do as much as BIG GOV will let him do, and that's THAT!

  • donnis mac

    Be advised that the same people who are behind Lupe bashing Obama are the same people who bashed Kanye when he said something about Bush's reaction to Hurricane Katrina. And don't forget Kanye was out there for the Occupy movement and is doing shows and donations for Sandy victims. Don't let these anonymous bigots on HHDX fool you.

  • KingO

    I respect Lupe first for making his points but I am losing respect for him because he is forcing it now. You made your point brother, now keep it moving. I don't see you going after other leaders like the democrats, republicans, corrupt law officials. It seems Lupe is using the prez as a space goat. Grow up Lupe and follow the steps are Dr. King. There are other way to doing things without looking like a ignorant fool.

  • FnFUp

    Hahaha.... Lupe even left tha stage like a boss. I personally have nothing against Obama but I do recognise that all leaders of tha world are corrupt. In tha words of Mighty Mos Def, God is sufficient and disposer of affairs... Fnf Up!!!!!!

    • Trevor

      Keep in mind the black community, Muslims, or the rap community never elected Lupe as the unofficial ambassador on the state of politics. Educated blacks would rather prefer to here this from Cornell West because he doesn't become emotional, nor does he thinks he has been assigned by GOD like Lupe. Lets look at the facts for mobilizing a cult following for a CAUSE...even P.Diddy got more people to vote and used his celebrity and platform in a coherent way that wasn't mired in ineffective grandstanding and emotional tirades that lead no where... Hip hop fans are an untapped market with an abundance of minds looking for a CAUSE to back. Yet, Lupe has been in-effective as a spokeperson and young and old Hip Hop heads lost respect once he went POP. Now Lupe is trying to recreate his career and image because his CORE fan base has called him out for being a sell out. Lupe has music in the vaults and on a shelf at record companies that they wont release concerning his extremist and pro-Islam rhetoric. The record company is saying " Hey Coon- express your beliefs elsewhere we just need you to make money off you!", Go watch Django Unchained and when you see Samuel Jacksons spectacular portrayal of a House slave then you will identify with Lupe's scheme. In closing- Lupe became infuriated with his label for not releasing the Pro-militant music he wanted but he signed with a pop label, he didn't go underground to stay underground, he wanted fame and they played him and now he is considered a sell out to real underground rappers and activist like Immortal Technique. Lupe has been a house niggah and when they should him the cotton fields to pick he exploded and now he's misguided trying to use the Office of the President to claim he haven't got dicked down by the industry. Once Lupe started growing his hair the other girl came out and he has been ineffective ever sense. Yo lupego call Trey Songz and make another pop song for fame since they got you assed out without a sensible cause...

  • Anonymous

    Lupe knows what he's doing ppl something to talk about

  • Anonymous

    lmao why the fuck would they even book him? this nigga been hated Obama. lol clown.

  • Anonymous

    Man Lupe wasnt worried bout the right to bare arms when lil C. Keef said he was gon smack the shit out his bitch ass. lol Man this nigga is a fucking clown why are we giving him this much credit like it was a cool thing to do. He aint a rebel he aint a real nigga he aint in these streets to know the pulse of themis. And he doesn't have any people behind him to back what he is saying just a bunh of computer geeks and nerds and Obama haters.

    • Anonymous

      Nigga do u know Lupe? i guess not he that same kick push rapping ass nigga,And yeah i like Obama cuz he black bitch but so what i can care less about the politics in life i'm doing me i aint tryna be a politician or a freedom fighter fuck outta here he did all that to sell his weak ass album in which nobody is going to buy.Like i said he tried to play tough on the president who is tryna help America but he copped a deuce to a young nigga that posed a threat to him that aint real in my eyes thats like telling the nigga that want to put hands on u i dont wanna fight u but i wanna fight the nigga that dont want no problems wit me Both of yall sound like a bunch of suckers u wouldnt last 1 day in my W.Baltimore hood flat the fuck out

    • Vern

      Shuddap fool. Lupe is as real as they come. He been in the same streets as that dumbass Kief. He just chose to turn another page, pick up books, get on his rapping and made something of himself. Look into Lupe before saying such dumb shit. Like he wasn't grown up in the Chi seeing homies die n get locked up. Fool.

    • Anonymous

      you are the reason why america is so fucked up , you just like obama cuz he's black , and fuck cheef keef

  • danjamouf

    This guy is an asshole, period! Self indulgent, bi polar asshole who thinks he is bigger than he is. You aint important Lupe, go stab urself in the mouth with a dick.

  • Anonymous

    He had the ability to reach ears that would never hear him speak on such subjects and he took the opportunity. You are a blind sheep. You don't even know wtf is going on in the world at the moment. They are attacking your second amendment right to bare arms, the NDAA which removes your right of the 14th amendment, which states no State shall deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law. DUE PROCESS OF LAW IS REMOVED BY THE NDAA which obama initiated which allows the government to throw anyone in prison if they suspect you to be a "terrorist". In other words, any rebels, outspoken leaders with skilled rhetoric will be thrown in a prison or killed all while being labeled "enemy of the state". God bless you Lupe.

    • Anonymous

      Sign petitions and speak in forums like any other sheep? NO. These idiots who booked him should have known Lupe would speak out against Obama, common fucking sense... He took the opportunity and ran with it. You have to realize that music is a lot more eye-opening as opposed to a boring fucking speech. If you claim I have no "ideological basis for anything I believe in", you clearly skipped half my paragraph stating just two of hundreds of reasons as to why Obama and his administration need to be booted out of the white house. I don't have the energy to type arguing with the likes of you, all I hear is "baaaaaaaa baaaaa" fucking sheep.

    • hypocrites

      ^ I don't know if cognizant is the right word to use there... However I do find it funny that most of the people who would be lauding his behavior if he said this during Bush's reign, are the same people criticizing him now. I'm an Obama supporter, but I feel like most of you don't have an ideological basis for anything you believe. Otherwise you wouldn't be so butthurt because the dude who wrote "American Terrorist" has a problem with America's military policies

    • Dexter Zane

      Who told you this lie that people needed to be reached when they are looking for entertainment , not political views. there is CNN, Wall Street Journal, Reuters and The Times of India -if they wanted to get IN DEPTH to hear about the subjects they FELT warranted it to their liking. The audience got no warning from Lupe, the promoters, or knew of his conspiracy and pre-meditation to lecture people in song. Unless your a bigot- how do one suggest others be forced to listen to some one calling rush Linbaugh anf glen beck racist as a form of fun entertainment? even if they both are dickheads and come off racist- This was not a I count - the audience count moment where this dialogue was pre-agreed upon, Thats what makes it inappropriate,offensive, insulting, degrading , and the tone and hypocrisy laced with music was too SERIOUS for me to even consider it entertainment to dance to. Lets be honest here- Hundreds of people go to Washington, sign petitions and speak in front of lawmakers ARE INVITED to forums to share their views by citizens who are voters and would like to have their informed consent. Lupe did not do this in a respectful cognizant manner but he considers himself international in his thought process. It was very ass backward and self serving what he did. Try advocating Artist like him learn Tactful Diplomacy 101 and then try to bring the free speech shit back in

  • Anonymous

    He performed the track words i never said,for 30 mins! , thats fucking funny!

  • Anonymous

    Nigga needs to cut his goddamn hair! shit's drivin' the nigga crazy

  • Izoto

    Lupe is another pretentious truther who thinks he knows the political world in its' entirety simply because he recognized things aren't so black and white. (pun not intended) When you perform at a government related event, you don't start talking shit about the aforementioned. No class.

    • Anonymous

      "In other words, any rebels, outspoken leaders with skilled rhetoric will be thrown in a prison or killed all while being labeled "enemy of the state"." ^ you mean like MLK & Huey? Silly rabbit, that practice is years old.

    • Anonymous

      You're an idiot. He had the ability to reach ears that would never hear him speak on such subjects and he took the opportunity. You are a blind sheep. You don't even know wtf is going on in the world at the moment. They are attacking your second amendment right to bare arms, the NDAA which removes your right of the 14th amendment, which states no State shall deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law. DUE PROCESS OF LAW IS REMOVED BY THE NDAA which obama initiated which allows the government to throw anyone in prison if they suspect you to be a "terrorist". In other words, any rebels, outspoken leaders with skilled rhetoric will be thrown in a prison or killed all while being labeled "enemy of the state". God bless you Lupe.

  • Anonymous

    It's sad how you dumb fucks can't accept that Lupe is the most intelligent human being alive.

  • osiris modan

    There it is everyone, the causes of expressing your "rights" as an AMERICAN. This is the new policy everyone. Our rights slowly killed until we are all one day silenced. We will see more and more our our privacy and rights violated and destroyed right on our face and those who oppose will be shut down. Get use to this because it will get worse. One luv Lupe!!!

    • donnis mac

      A marvelous, fluid comment anonymous. Kudos.

    • Anonymous

      White males to black Lupe fans: "Its Lupe's freedom of speech they are trying to deny him the right to say what he wants. We hate Obama so Lupe don't let them silence you!" White males to Maclemore, Machine gun Kelly and other white rappers: "Hey man there is a time and place to air out your political views. You don't want to be blacklisted. Keep in mind your under contract agreement so use your words wisely, you have a condo your trying to pay for- get your cash man and speak off the record" these racist wanna be white dudes who want to steal Hip hop will keep telling Lupe's goofy ass to use venues as such for his President bashing, but then they turn around and secretly tell other whites to chill and don't get on the wrong side of powers that be...Just pointing out the hypocrisy. Lupe if he had ill motives and un-pure intentions like another commenter noted , then he could for religious and political reason declined to perform and kept his character and showmanship intact. Yet instead he is getting hyped up by cracks to revolt and they are the same ones that want to steal Hip hop just like Elvis stole rock and the blues was stolen. Let Lupe take his ass down to Mississippi and start a revolution against Obama and surely they will find his ignorant ass lynched somewhere by the same people he thought he was advocating for that he is getting advise from to ruin his career. There is a way to do things and this is just not conducive to rapport. If he wants to quit the industry then buy out of his contract. Don't try to preach to people- its like your trying to brainwash people and its makes you just as bad as the bigots your telling people to observe. What I observe is Lupe is a black bigot, and we have those in our community too- Its not black pride when you need to denigrate others to force fed your own message of racial intolerance. Lupe is no different then Glen Beck or Rush Limbaugh-race baiting feeble black minds and white minds alike

  • Chem

    All you guys are suckers! Let me tell you why he said what he said! 1: The American goverment is all about war buisness. 2: Why is the goverment all about war? Oil!! I think it was a good move.. Why the fuck aren`t y`all critizising the goverment? I know my (the norwegian) goverment is corrupt as fuck! Like Bun B said: It`s all dirty money.

    • Anonymous

      Your knowledge to the true sentiments of the American constituents is limited. Americans do not speak on Norwegian politics. Why? Because we have no realistic information to make any assessments, all we do is read propaganda (news), the same thing YOU are doing in reverse. Why do you feel you have absolute information to call Americans who do not like Lupe's tactics suckers? We criticize the gov't regularly, but you wouldn't know because you only read selective articles. Think before you speak next time.

  • Anonymous

    Lupe is NOT Tavis Smiley or Cornell West, and the dialogue he continues is more of a smear campaign of the black president then anything. Tavis and Cornell both have more experience in politics and education then Lupe has and its clearly more personal. Just watch Django Unchained with Jaime Fox and when you see Samuel Jackson playing a brilliant rendition of a house negro you will see Lupe steppin and fetchin for the record companies as the mascot or the mule- you choose...I say this to add this: surely the white elite society could have found the most illiterate bumbling black to run for office and then Lupe would be fine with that because the caricature would resemble people he knows in Chicago from the deep south with a corrupt gang mentality, but since Obama is educated and married and embodies everything that whites republicans envy and are jealous about- Lupe has sided with them to degrade a black male and then hide behind Islam calling himself a righteous muslim. Lupe can get his ass on a plane and golive in the middle east and see how long the coward last there since he can't speak shit but house negro talk. The Record companies syked the shit out of his ass when he assumed he had creative control and they made him settle into Pop music like a slave , now that he has lost the fickle underground following he is angry and have to blame the first black presidnet when America hasn't changed in 50 years especially the INDUSTRY whites in control. they made Lupe feel special- not like the rest of the brothers then they threw his ass out in the field and he pissed off while they own all his best shit and got it locked in a vault...Take noted ya'll- it aint about free speech- he crying out for the president to save his poor dumb black ass and he wasn't that smart after all since he signed up to be the mascot

  • What

    nothing here just black on black, it bad when you have the white man, doing whatever they can to bring down the president it worse when you have someone the same race trying to do it someone should tell Stupid Lupe, Obama then screw up america and the world check all the white president before him that why it this mess up.

  • Greatness

    Thank You Lupe! Fuck Obama

  • Anonymous

    lupe is a faggot. dis nigga preaches more than fucking lecrae. shut yo ass up and make some muthafucking good music.

    • KorbinPheenix

      hahah yes! when you preach to much it starts to be a gimmick.. the game is to be psychological about hittin people with messages. hes too overt wit it and people expect it too much from him. the trick is to plant a seed in the subconscious like marley or somebody. to add, ras kass did a better job at it than him and dude was before him. kweli, mos, common, etc.. its like he's just puttin one-sided debates on wax when he does certain records.. that aint the way to go. this is the formula, go in hard with the first verse, go persuasive with the second and motivational with the third. simple!

    • Thaddeus

      Damn, You made an excellent point...Lecrae is wise enough to know not to try to convert EVERYONE with the same hook and tirade without being able to agree to disagree. Lupe is stuck on stupid but he thinks he is a genius

  • TruthHurts

    When did Freedom of Speech begin to be on the outs and mad people begin criticizing it? For all of you who criticize what he did, just know, the exact same freedom that you have to criticize him is the same freedom that he has to criticize the current administration, whether warrented or not...Let's get it straight -- political correctness is self-censorship in any democracy

    • TruthHurts

      My point was not that Lupe was denied freedom of speech, but that most of the commentators on this forum are partaking in a character assassination simply because he has a view different from theirs. I don't even like Lupe, but everyone has a right to their opinion and they shouldn't be chastized for not bowing down to another man's political 'god'

    • Anonymous

      You might want to do some further reading in the comments section and go several pages over to see how tired that freedom of speech lameness is not the issue and how Uncle Luke is the only one who was almost censored for freedom of speech but it didn't happen. Lupe doesnt even fall under being denied freedom of Speech. Please read further if your a slow, no disrespect

  • kickpush

    If you want to take a stand then fucking say no when you are invited to perform for the inauguration and tell people why. Otherwise you're a money hungry whore that wants to take your pimp's money but then talk shit when his back is turned.

  • Kryptondavillain

    This nigga just ethered his career. lmao!

  • Honestly

    Im fucking sick of Lupe. Used to be the biggest fan when he was just a young talented under dog. Now he's a whiny, stubborn, dork.

  • Anonymous

    Obama is anti civi?

  • Jay

    this was some childish shit. thought lupe was more mature than this. ah well, he's still fucking legit.

  • Starmani

    Lupe is stubborn and foolish. U cant talk about a president like that...let alone the 1st black president

  • goooooood

    The problem with Lupe? He talks about all the issues in the world but never takes actual action. Also, he should have just performed, is this really going to make any kind of point?

    • Anonymous

      Exactly my point. Students should use this as a lesson in being "breach of verbal contract and agreement" to perform. what artist does ONE SONG for 30 minutes and its not a remix with other Artist on the bill or song? Lupes arrogance showed up with Satan in the driving

  • cudder

    FOR ANYONE WHO SAYS LUPE HASN'T DONE ANYTHING FOR HIS PEOPLE he's fed hundreds of people during Ramadan, including in his own hometown of Chicago. and those haters who are still gonna say "that ain't shit", well that's more than I bet you ever did in your lifetime stfu. that doesn't completely justify Lupe's timing for what he did, but your "Lupe hasn't done shit for this country" argument won't hold up here. and with his political stance on F&L2, he's done more for this country than you think (#freedomofspeech)

    • Anonymous

      Whats wrong with Lupe Canceling beforehand for religious,spiritual, or political reasons without fanfare or backlash? He was immature and self seeking that's why. Keep in mind there are people who just happen to have INTEGRITY and they would have politely declined on a professional note. That huge difference is not what Lupe did- he wanted the bitch to come out on stage and when "she" did they kicked him and his alter ego off the stage. Up and coming rappers should take this as a learning experience as to what NOT to do. If Lupe is that rich he should have taken himself out of the pool of options and stayed home and prayed for the President since he is supposed to be praying 5 times a day right

    • Anonymous

      If Lupe is so Spiritual as you said then maybe he could have canceled the show and allowed a less spiritual entertainer to take his position. I have many excuses, like he had a case of the flu, just had a wisdom tooth taken out, baby momma rushed to the hospital (all lies that a less spiritual person could employ) but for someone so in the ESSENCE and highly ENIGHTENED why didn't he just say the show went against his beliefs or conscience? I understand your trying to make a point but fans on here have also been performers to some degree in the Arts and clearly Lupe did the show with un-pure motives with ill intent to cause a unwanted,UN-welcomed charade. In anger management we learn "I Count- You Count" and he was all about Lupe and secretly conspired to create a disturbance so he could look like a hero or Martyr. Instead he looks unprofessional and like a goofy. Was it Rick Ross who said "God forgives-I don't?" Well the public audience shouldn't have to tell him to learn/develop a professional acumen to cancel if he's that emotional about his issues

    • cudder

      no one has said Lupe has not performed acts of charity? really?? read carefully before makin your huge diatribe homie and while you're at it, quit talking for everyone, including his fans. some of his fans are applauding that shit because he stuck it to the man. not everyone bums Obama.

    • Jamison riding

      Pardon me son, but no one has said Lupe has not performed acts of Charity. Ramadan is targeted towards those who believe in Islam or who are Muslims. Not trying to subtract anything from anyone's charitable acts but did it need to be Ramadan to publicly get that attention and did Christians,atheist and others partake in this act of kindness or was it contrived for that particular Week of Ramadan? You get my gist? People who all happen to be fans are expressing a discernment that Lupe used that occasion to be selfish and for self serving reasons that did not meet his SAID written obligations to perform as an Artist. People mayt feel they can google his rants on bill o'reilly or watch his video's and google his Bio- NOT be forced to hear his dialogue at that GIVEN TIME. During what was a momentous event for others celebrating an inauguration weekend. I salute the venue for even giving him the nod to perform despite his beliefs and apparent disdain for the President. It was extremely unprofessional and had he not been so self serving he could have easily not PRE-MEDITATED or CONSPIReD beforehand to be a negative distraction and been man enough to opt out and let another performer take his slot. Since the record companies bitch slapped him he has been a moody little girl getting emotional and losing sight of using common sense. Stay his punk ass home if he was on his period next time, they gave him a chance to refocus and he declined. Poor showman ship

    • The_truth

      isn't Ramadan fasting time? so how he feeding people when they are fasting?


    Illuminati is real and they dont want us to speak the truth. 2pac and michael jackson are good examples of exposing the truth.

    • Anonymous

      If black rappers blame the Illuminati for their inability to employ Problem Solving skills 101, Conflict Resolutions Skills 101 or to even discern when a invite to perform would knock them off their square making them act inappropriately then we are doomed as a nation of poets and thinkers. Blaming any OUTSIDE que for this "public relations stunts by Lupe is ignorant. Black peole as professionals have come too far for this; Its not about Obama, and clearly not about politics at the end of the day for real Muslims and those who practice Islam as their faith all wouldn't surely do what Lupe did because there was no peace,dialogue,conducive rapport or outcome that led to any better understanding. Just a bitchy display by a male who thinks he is the shit. Its expected from Pop diva's not a hardcore underground rapper

  • Lupes alter Ego

    Man, this dude has had 4 years to enlist or create a CULT FOLLOWING of racist rednecks and crackers to come out the wood works to support his stance and it hasn't occurred. Dumb ass Sarah Plain was able to shake them racist rednecks downsouth who are illiterate to side with her and she gave them the IMPRESSION she was running for the office of President and took all their money and hasn't been shit every since.Lupe is heading in the same direction. The Klu Klux Klan have the same belief system and share the exact same sentiments about Obama as Lupe except they are not Muslim or trying to peddle their extremist views at a concert...If Lupe hasnt found a cult following with stragglers as fans of the rap game where the hell he thinks they will come from. He decided to leave underground for fame and now its not as sweet as he believed it to be

  • Anonymous

    Seriously who is this guy? I know he had that skateboarding song years ago.

  • Anonymous

    people honestly forget that lupe fiasco was also one of the most profound figure heads of the occupy movement.... but no of course lupe hasn't done anything (sarcasm)

  • Rashaad

    Lupe has never gone to CHANGE.ORG to get a petition started and do the ground work to get signatures for anything because he is scared to walk Chicago neighborhoods because he tried to go hollywood and when he couldnt release his activism girl power he got upset and now he thinks he is Ghandi. He tried to convert the audience and got his ass booted from a venue

  • global

    saying something is that start of doing something right?

  • Anonymous

    Mother fucker if I pay you to sing or rap a song YOU DO IT! All that other shit you tried to squeeze in??? FUCK OUTTA' here Lupe.



    • Anonymous

      Versatility man, its all about being an entrepreneur. Fans are never one dimensional, and some of us fans are activist and performers as well. If Lupe reads this he can take in some wisdom if that suits him


    and the fact yall all using the term nigga perfect explains why we all must do better and why most of you have no argument

    • Anonymous

      Don't get off topic my dude, Lupe is not a consummate performer where he can demand people listen to his diatribe about politics on THEIR time, ow while someone else is paying to hear his artistry. Lupe has never volunteered to clean up an alley in Chicago let alone heal the world by preaching to people. Fans are just asking that he start in Chicago and when thats successful he can stop rapping since no one wants to hear what we already heard from him- to no


    And also lupe had issues well before obama was president but it is his label that wouldnt let him put out songs saying this stuff. Or songs that cant get any air play

    • Anonymous

      not excuses at all just stating facts. And the simple fact is his fans are his fans no one in that video seemed to have a beef with lupe in that clip you guys are. If you are a "fan" you know what kind of music lupe fiasco makes. If you are a promoter booking him you would know what kind of music he makes if you did your homework. Granted as a promoter you have all right to kick him off the stage its your money but dont make it seem like its an anti obama thing when it isnt

    • Excuses for not going underground?

      Your excuse is he couldn't sell music out the back of his trunk ? Or he was forced to go with a pop label instead of an underground label where he had a contract that SPECIFIED creative control before he signed? All the excuses for Lupe just means his fans are also at a loss for words why he is so angry and has turned anti-establishment EVERYTHING because he got suckered for trying to go POPULAR. Should a audience be subjected to his rants and crying like a toddler cause he signed bad deals and sold out? NO!. He needs to man up and do like Joss Stone did and bought herself out of her contract so she could have creative control to release what she feels like


    Im not gonna call anyone stupid or dumb as our beliefs are our own. But we simply must understand If you booked lupe fiasco and you know the songs he makes and what he stands for you should already know what you are gonna get. And as for him standing up for chicago or anywhere near his community. you have to understand what it is like to fight for a people that dont want you or feel they dont need you. you can only keep saying a certain thing for a certain time until you move on and strive to better other places. but when you hear him confronting chief keef or someone lupe is made to seem like a fool or soft or whatever. People dont know what they really want only see whats really given to them

  • the real

    lupe's the man. fuck you brainwashed idiots, he's doing the most hip hop thing possible by questioning power and speaking up against oppression. keep listening to 2 chainz and then complain about the state of hip hop. retards.

  • Anonymous

    all ignorance aside , how does this man Lupe think he has the right to call out the president, whats Lupe done for his country , or his people, ? he didnt organize any type of rally , or protest or anything positive as a matter of fact. so he should shut the fuck up or do something . these young niggas i swear have no clue

    • Te'

      Because we don't live in a police state? Lupe and every other American else has the right to criticize any part of their government. All politicians work for the people, (technically) and are subjected to any criticism we decide to give them, regardless of how well the argument is put together. That being, said, they let him rant for 30 MINUTES. They didn't even have to do that, he had no right to just force people to endure that, not without running by the showrunners first. I bet Lupe did that shit with the intention of getting thrown off stage, that way he could make some convoluted point about our actual lack of freedoms. God I just wish he actually liked rapping still.

  • SMH

    Niggas be scared of white men but let a brother become president and all of sudden they got something to say OUT LOUD AND PROUD. Fuck Lupe indeed. Hypocrite.

  • Anonymous

    stupid ass just like stephen fron Django..fuck Lupe

  • Anonymous

    groan. lupe done fell off so who the hell cares?

  • Anonymous

    You niggas is stupid, the first amendment protects us from the government prosecuting us for saying what we want or expressing ourselves. It does not protect us from someone kicking you out of their private property for saying something they don't like. Which exactly what happened here, you don't see anywhere in this video that he gets arrested or is getting charged with something.

  • Sensaye

    The man is entitled to his own opinion and free speech. If he wants to do one song for 30 minutes, then he should be able to. If the people in the crowd are feelin' it, then so what. Having security 'remove' him from the stage because he's talking negatively about the president? I didn't know this was North Korea. As far as all you fuckheads bequeathing your 'political knowledge' onto us, save your breath for your next weak ass freestyle. NONE of us really knows what goes on behind the political curtain, and it's arrogant to think you do. For someone to say the love the president or they hate the president, I don't give a shit, as long as they're a decent person. I don't know Lupe personally, he might be a great guy, he might be a complete prick, but I know one thing, he's a dope MC. All that other shit is for you gossip queens.

    • Anonymous

      Lupe got his free speech, he just bamboozled the audience and hijacked their ears when this moment wasn't about him and his beliefs. Just imagine you go to a concert and someone tries to convert you into Judaism to become a Jew because they are passionate about their religion? You wouldn't want to be hijacked right especially if your a fake vegan acting like your bohemian eating pork and other shit which makes you a hypocrite...Ya'll need to get off of free speech and ask why Lupe is using his platform as an artist to attack the President for policies that were created by white society long before Obama took office. Obama can't change the world in 8 years or bigotry and the way wars have been conducted. Given this new found enlightenment you guys need to ask Lupe to heal his own city Chicago first before trying to convert the world into his shenanigans to make himself appear smart. I haven't heard of Lupe being arrested for striking at the U.N. or anywhere let alone Chicago. So subtract his music from the equation and he is as fake as all these celebrity white women adopting black children like its a new trend. He's useless and a sell out. Theres many a crack redneck at the labels who signed him to boycott- why isn't he going public about all the shit they did to him?

    • Dylan Dudicle

      Actually, he's being paid at a PRIVATE venue. The owner has all the right to pull him off the stage, he's the one paying him to entertain in the first place. Your 1st Amendment rights have no say when the person on the other end of the contract YOU signed can pull you off stage at his discretion. Neither the POTUS nor his security pulled him off the stage, you stupid fuck. And Lupe is the definition of pretentious with this shit. People put him on a pedestal after Food and Liquor and he's been on a high horse ever since.

    • Anonymous


  • soo true

    How is it funny that he's "anti-Obama"? Cause he's black? He's not "anti-obama" he's anti-shooting missiles into random houses on a percent chance a "bad-guy is there." He's anti-running a campaign saying you'll close a torture center, then keeping it open. He's anti-saying you'll increase presidential transparency then advancing drone strikes, back room meetings, and secrecy. I wish we had more public figures like Lupe. Peace my friend, keep looking for truth.

    • Anonymous

      you're so stupid. sorry. stop using that "killing innocent kids" line. educate yourself on the subject. there is a reason that this is being done

    • Anonymous

      Like they weren't doing all of that before we knew what an Obama was. We know about the Tuskegee experiments, McCarthyism, CIA sponsored coups, compromised lobbyists & politicians, Iran Contra Scam, Watergate. The US funded Afgans because of Russinas, played both sides in Iran/Iraq War. Know what you're talking about before you run your mouth. You idiots look really stupid blaming Obama for things that have been happening for DECADES, when BLACKS WERE NOWHERE IN POWER, political OR business wise.

  • RC

    This cat is such a wannabe coffe shop revolutionary, he trys to come across as the psuedo intellectual type but all he does is bitch & moan for attention. I'll stick wit Immortal technique, at least he takes action and actually trys to make a difference in the world.

  • Anonymous

    Chicago has the highest murder rate and was currently first place ahead of Flint and Detroit Michigan, Richmond Virginia, and New Orleans/Louisiana. I currently live in Chicago and Lupe Fiasco is not challenging gangs,crime,drugs, and lack of education like Ryhmefest does. In fact Lupe is trying to go international on politics to try to undermine Obama on foreign policy but WHERE IS LUPE here in Chicago? He hides like a coward. Lupe doesn't use his influence,fame, street skills or karate and tae kwondo skills to uplift and advocate shit on a local level. There has been a murder every weekend since I have lived in Chicago for the last 6 years...So lets be honest if anyone gets props for advocating it would be Chicago's artist Rhymefest. "YOU PEOPLE" fans of Lupe need to get educated about the Artist Lupe and just respect his music and not his hoax to get media to do free promoting of himself by going after the president when he is not respected locally on the streets here. He can't call cease fire and be respected so he tries to take his platform nationally and internationally(???) this sucka can roll up his sleeves here right in this city if he was about shit, but No he trying to make the news. Fakers! not Lasers should be his next

    • That's hilarious

      I swear you angry nerds just want a reason to hate this man. Lu (and most notably his sister) do right for our community in IL and chi. Moreover, he tries for a lot of eastern causes. Dude has and still tries for his part from time to time. Do the research if you'd like. He not getting a soap box and preaching he a prophet. Shit he's barely ever in the media. Quit making random ish up just to hatehatehatehatehate

    • Anonymous

      Well said my "G"

    • Anonymous

      ^ What He Said...

  • kjbdf


  • Chess

    Lupe has gone from a potential hiphop legend to shit! His music sucks now and all he cares about is preaching Islam to people who do not give a fuck. The guy has wasted his talent!!

  • LUPE the Truth

    "Fear is such a weak emotion, that's why I despise it/We scared of almost everything, afraid to even tell the truth" Land of the free speech?? hmm its funny how the US fights in the Middle East for "freedom" yet there's no freedom of speech, All the negative responses most definitely come from those who have lost their connection to the Most High. This country and the things all industries in it have pushed on us have the majority of us blind, ignorant and spiritless. Most of us are mind blinded forreal. GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY !!! Lupe Greatest Hiphop MC dead, alive, in crutches, in a coma: whatever!

  • YEBO


  • Rocky

    Where's the change ? When Obama was 1st president we were 4 trillion in debt now were 11 trillion In debt great leader .......keep blaming everyone but you're self Obama and stop giving handouts to people who don't wanna work and help the people who do wanna work

    • Anonymous

      Multi-billion dollar companies get handouts, they're called tax breaks. 8t of that debt is from the war expenses Bush never put on paper. Stop watching FOX News, those same leaders you swear that were going to do something have been raping the US for DECADES. Clown.

  • R.Pgh

    the venue knew his stance on Obama, why did they book him then?

    • Anonymous

      yeah that's true. although i do i think lupe's political leanings, while good natured, are filled with holes.

  • Cealix

    You dumb fucks still think Freedom of Speech means you can say what you want whenever you want where ever you want?

    • Art-illery

      Basically... Even when this country was being created, "freedom of speech" had its limitations. They used that same logic against Uncle Luke and 2 Live Crew when their first album was banned. Fortunately, the album passed the "Miller Test of Obscenity", and the U.S. Court of Appeals (11th District) overturned the obscenity ruling. Anybody that claims to be a Hip Hop head, and is using that "freedom of speech" angle in Lupe's case needs to read up on shit like this. Lupe ain't saying shit that's already been said, and he's not doing shit that's already been done. Revolutionary... MY ASS.

  • Anonymous

    This nigga look like the result of Whoppi Goldberg and the Geico lizard having a baby.

  • Anonymous

    The next Makaveli! The realest motherfucker out there! Thanks Lupe!!

    • ddd

      shut the fuck up man, yall are blind as fuck. he didnt create it so what, neither did the rest of the americans but they still stood silent watching their own country drop bombs in hiroshima, yall are full of shit with your war and your greed. (not everyone of course)

    • Mista Luong

      BOOO! Lupe madd fake with it... Heres my take on it: Dear Lupe, Keep in mind all these people agreeing with you were also the ones who called you a sell out when you did pop songs and way before you did that pop song with Try songz. Granted we love your music man, but you are no Immortal Technique (Felipe Andres Coronel) advocating ALL THE TIME being colorblind on issues. In my opinion Lupe is madd fake because he didn't stand beside Kanye West when he commented on Presidents Bush's handling of Hurricane Katrina and Lupe was relevant back then. Its seems like Lupe the artist is like Samuel Jackson character in Django Unchained (house nigrah) who gives light skinned bigots a pass but attack a black president who didn't create these wars and injustices in America. I'd be real careful assuming rap fans will support your endeavors since they turn on you every time you release a pop inspired song, and I digress. Ya'll go check out Immortal Techniques music and compare him with Lupe- you will see a huge difference not just a contrived campaign for free press

  • Anonymous

    lol knowing how smart this nigga, that mighta been part of the show

  • Tony

    That why people should listen to Tony Yayo Gun Powder Guru 5. Best mixtape of 2013

  • MosDef

    Where is the freedom of speech in the United States? Your governmount is corrupt as fuck !!!

    • Anonymous

      WTF Do you mean, kicking him out for vocalizing his own efforts, people were not getting bored, people were enjoying it. They paid him to have him there and then kicked him out, was their property in threat of being damaged?

    • Anonymous

      You fucking moron he didn't get charged with any crime, that's someones property and they can kick them out if they want.

  • lupe fiasco is a prick

    this guy is such an annoying prick. he has prick written all over him every time i read something else about him

  • Anonymous

    Come on Lupe. 30 minutes are you serious?

    • 490717

      Yet Ye and Jay perform Niggas in Paris 43 times and people like: "That shit cray" Lupe did the right thing, every other rapper sucking Baracks balls

  • Anonymous

    beware the media is trying to ruin his name and make him unpopular because of his truthfullness and ability to get sheep to see the light yahoo said the crowd was upset and that is why it ended ha, this video shows a cheering crowd who was not ready to go home and enjoying every minute of it like that other dude said I bet Jay Z and Yeezy would have been able to play meaningless Paris 28 time that night

    • anonymous

      He goes on a 30 min rant talking bout how he hate obama AT a Obama inaugural ball, and the media is trying to destroy Lupe name? Yeah you must not have followed Lupe over the years he single handly destroying his own name

  • Anonymous

    obama is gonna recreate the g-unit vs gunplay situation with lupe i called it first

  • Maan Man Listen!

    Lupe needs to chill bruh! he aint doing shit! so why try to knock the President as if you doing anything to change the world. Writing 16's aint cutting it bruh! go Out and really do shit stop complaining Bitch!

  • Anonymous

    Lupe is a fucking clown, if this is how he feels then why doesn't he actively work to resolve his problems like Malcolm X or MLK Jr. Instead this idiot doesn't vote, or protest, set up any boycotts, provide monetary support for people he feels are victimized. But he will tell his fans to protest record labels to put out his shitty music that no one wants to hear. GTFO with that shit Lupe.

    • Old English

      at least he's doing more than talk shit on dx comments

    • Anonymous

      Lupe Fiasco says absolutely nothing of importance he's a fucking moron stating shit we already no and providing no solutions. You fucking stans think this is doing something? No MLK's protest and Rosa Park not giving up her seat was doing something. What Lupe is doing is just displaying how many ways he can look like a smart dumb nigga.

    • Anonymous

      You stupid fuck Lupe hasn't donated shit as you can see on that website he's asking other people to donate money. And name one time during his rap or dumbass rants where he named that website? Exactly Lupe doesn't give a fuck about them he's an idiot who thinks he's smarter than everyone and a fucking attention whore. Then you stans just eat this shit up and act like he's the next Nelson Mandela or Gandhi, gtfoh actually do something and stop talking.

    • Anonymous

      stop being an idiot this is a problem what about free speech LUPE is the only rapper you ever heard of who actually does or says anything important go listen to drug pushing thug shit you little birch

    • Anonymous

      You're the only clown here you ignorant ass fuck

  • Anonymous

    Most of yall don't read no books. SO SHUT THE FUCK UP

  • Anonymous

    Good for Lupe. Obama is one of the worst presidents ever between NDAA, CISPA, spy drone act, completely ignoring congress when getting involved in Libya, not improving our economy, and adding trillions to our debt.

    • Anonymous

      I fully admit Bush screwed things up. However Obama has made things worse, lied several times, and has made a mockery of the constitution.

    • Anonymous

      You sir sound dumb by typing in all capitals, how about you do some research instead of talking shit hes right

    • stophatingonmyBLACKPRESIDENT


  • Anonymous

    But Jay Z and Kanye West can perform Paris 14 times in a row?

  • jayanderson06

    What do they expect? They know not to book him. His feelings towards Obama were known, he called him a terrorist. The bookers were DUMB

  • gunhillrd

    I never liked this dude. I mean, he makes descent music. But he's kind of a weirdo. Lupe, for your info... When a war is going on, you can't just pull the plug in a day and and send everyone home. A strategy has to be developed that makes the most sense, saves the most money and ultimately doesnt defeat the entire purpose of us being there to begin with. Military personel arent conducting major operations over there anymore, the Afghans are. We are only teaching and critiquing them now. Before you bash the President, do your homework.

  • Anonymous

    YOU the masses never made any changes its always the small group who knows the truth that make shit happen you the masses just some along for the ride when you see shit working

  • Anonymous

    Lupe I get you have opinions and shit, and you're entitled to them, but dude pick better places to say them. You have the right to voice your opinion, but it's just stupid to disrespect the president like that.

  • dsf

    Someone needs to assassinate obama soon..that would be the best thing to happen to this country in 4 years

    • Anonymous

      You keep repeating yourself brother, if you are going to disarm an argument your rebuttle shouldnt be the same as the one from a different comment

    • LAME


  • Hip Hop please

    What a weirdo

  • TeronTheDon

    Use to rock to Lupe Fiasco all day, but I'm heavily into politics now and Lupe has lost it... I'm kickin and pushin on... Lupe you have just lost a fan.

  • marcopolitic

    Obama works for the Zionist and Big Bankers... that would love for the ppl to be distracted by American Idol and Real House-Sluts, while Obama bombs children in the ME stealing those folks oil and land

  • steee

    still think hes the most smartest MC ever... but im quickly losing all respect for him. so so so glad i was not at that concert. falling from my personal top 5 to one of my least favorites

  • Super Nigga

    This is nothing new. He said the same thing in the interview from last year, so knowing that, why would these idiots pick AND pay him to perform for a presidential inauguration? This is their fault -- not his.

  • kashrulz

    you guys bashing lupe need a wake up call. i dont think lupe hates obama, he said as much in bill o reilly's show. he dont beilive violence solves violence. he is raising question too painful no one wanna answer so we cover our ears and deem him crazy. public enemy came back out spittin similar declaring give power back to the people and raising the big questions. problems dont go away with just one man nor by sweeping it under the rug. we the people are grown adults and should be trusted with the facts and truth not baby-fed filtered info that the goverment THINKS we can handle. tch, the ignorance. but lupe didnt go on a tirade, he left gracefully. i dont support lupe brashness but i support truth tellers.

    • Anonymous

      @gunhillrd you close-minded fuck.

    • gunhillrd

      ...he left gracefully because he didnt want to get pounded out. Dude is a modern day hippie. Power back to the people huh? When we have ppl running up in schools shooting kids, homosexuals taking over the world, babies having babies, etc. Go to some of these other countries and see what kind of power you will get...

  • Q

    Everyone hates Lu. But thas cuz no one understands Lu. Ah well. Can I Live

  • slick

    1 why would they invite a guy they know don't like obama? 2 why would he attend a pro obama event?

  • A Bathing Drape

    I hate this fool with a passion. He is attention starved because his shit is not what the people want to hear. Stop giving this maniac attention.

  • g

    I used to fuk wit lupe heavy but this shit made me mad. You really gon come at an individual politician. This dude is stupid as fuck. Only white ppl like lupe now he has no respect from anyone... only white ppl and the black ppl that dont like obama still listens to Lupe.

  • IDK

    lol and not one fuck was given by Lupe. Well, he took advantage of those 30 minutes and voiced his opinion and exercised his freedom of speech, and after those 30 minutes, he was kicked off from stage. So I guess everybody won in this situation.

  • Art-illery

    Lupe Fiasco is the definition of a smart, dumb n*gga. This is the same guy that said in front of a parent/teacher conference that stated we should teach our children to "grow plants" rather than learning mathematics. Lupe is the same dude that got shut the f*ck up by a seventeen year old after "voicing his opinion" about him. Nobody went to that concert to hear how you feel about a certain politician. You were paid to PERFORM. Heroes like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. primarily spoke out against an entire system that was shattered, and not just people that were in that system. Yes, it is true that the U.S. has built its power off the bloodshed of many other people. But what empire in the history of the world has ever built its empire off without bloodshed? And as empires rise, reign, and rule, THEY FALL. It's a sad reality, BUT IT'S REALITY. DUDE NEEDS TO GROW THE F*CK UP.

    • Art-illery

      @Tbkb... That's a pretty stale comparison. You STILL didn't give me an example of an empire that has built its power without bloodshed. You skated around the question by rationalizing Egypt's slavery of the Israelites. Slavery is slavery. @urnso2... As John Blaze was saying, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck don't hold political positions within the U.S. government. The Gaza Strip was going to get bombed anyway regardless of who is president. It's that position of power itself that inherits the good, the bad, and the ugly; not necessarily the person that holds that position of power.

    • John Blaze

      @umso2 You Do Know That Rush Limbaugh And Glenn Beck Are Just Right Wing Loudmouths That Only "Matter" Cause Of Fox News And Are NOT Politicians Right?....Just Accept It....Lupe Has Taken A Turn For The Worst....

    • urnso2

      I am pretty sure that Lupe was not just voicing about one politician....Limbaugh is a racist, Glenn is a racist, Gaza strip was getting bombed, Obama didnt say s***.

    • Tbkb

      The U.S is guilty of building its power off the blood and sweat of black slaves. These slaves weren't considered human beings, and this is why American empire is historically the most vile and evil form of empire. Show me one quote, one page, sacred or profane, that says the Egyptians believed the Israelites were not human beings. The condemnation of black folk to being property slaves, not human slaves, is what sets American bloodshed apart from other empires. This is a key distinguishing feature that separates American empire from all other forms of empire.

  • Respect

    Lupe IS the smartest rapper I know and idolize. Because he's not a puppet, either. Respect.

  • Old English

    England>AmeriKKKa We don't have psychopaths like Fiasco and useless idiots like Obama. Chip>2Pac also.

  • TOY-T


  • romero

    im a lupe fan but this is stupid people pay money to see a good show and you do shit like that lame.

  • H.Kohr

    I just can't stand dudes music but with actions like that he earned my respect. so which evil things did he do? performing an anti-war song & telling he did not vote for obama??. freedom of speech my ass. fukkk all american patriots and that oreo-cookie at the white house. and fukkk every single american soldier. in fact fukkk every soldier in this doomed world. evolve!



  • SBMobile

    CORNY!!!!!!!!!!! This is typical Lupe, looking for attention. #chump

  • Anonymous

    This dude is so corny...I liked him when he first came out but after the second album he started turning into a prechy, pseudo-political analyst, asshole. Just rap dude, cut the bull.

  • g

    lupe is the smartest man on earth!!!fuck Obama let lupe rob a store start a revolution lets pis in public eat some raw fish and meat go crazy folks go crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wuh?

    I swear it's some new nerd trend to hate Lupe for existing. What they don't tell you is Lupe had the music for every other song finished before he got to this. There was no song to move on to. All this dude does is bring a truth yall avoid into the mainstream with some passion, not once has this dude ever preached. Some shit I know your favorite rapper can't do.

  • nuc

    dammmmn lupe. get back to the studio, say what you want on quality studio albums, thats what ppl wanna hear. not you making lame headlines. its not your lane.

  • 2 Icy Boi!

    lupe failed again. swag

  • Anonymous

    Shame on the venue for thinking an outspoken anti-Obama activist would quietly help celebrate Obama's inauguration. Shame on Lupe Fiasco for using a concert like Twitter. If he wants to take a moment between song's to share his views; fine, that's cool. But he need's to remember he is an entertainer first-and-foremost. They aren't paying him for anything else but to entertain the crowd, and 30m Anti-War songs are not entertainment.

  • Anonymous

    Twitter Hear-Say is still news?

  • anon

    lupe= epitome of pseudo intellectual... some of this shit he brings up his true but, he lacks perspective..same way he rapped about riding skateboards when he doesn't even skate,,he's rapping about social consciousness and awareness yet doesn't seem to understand politics. With that said, i'd rather have fake intellects in rap then fake gangsters or wannabe skateboarders....

  • Blaze

    Look at all you sheeps rooting for obama do y'all even see the truth or just blinded by you're own ignorance ? , lupe spoke against obama cause he messed up believe it or not , damn y'all need to wake upto reality cause you people are sleeping with the fishes.

  • Harlem's Reckoning

    You have the right to say what you want. You are not free from the consequences of what you say.

  • sufur222

    Surely the government's aware of his stance on Obama... why did they plan to book him in the first place?

  • Anonymous

    lupe is a true intellectual unlike people like ab-soul who fakes it

    • lol nah

      Soul calls Obama a puppet but can't ever cite that shit or back it up. He's food for hip hop nerds. Lu calls figures like Obama a catalyst for terrorism, tells you exactly why, makes an album on American phenomenon and cites the books and facts he was influenced by. He leaps over the heads of hip hop nerds.

    • d

      Don't turn to rappers for enlightenment. Neither Lupe or Ab are that involved, but Lupe kids himself. Ab says in interviews how he gets all his shit from books and the internet. He just wants people to question and maybe dig a bit deeper he's not trying to preach to you guys.

    • Anonymous

      you people are just blind to the lies but ab-soul sheds light on ancient spiritual theories that the church doesnt teach you so fuck off and lupe also speaks the truth.

    • Anonymous

      More like pseudo intellectual.

    • Anonymous

      shut up nigga ab-soul is intelligent

    • Anonymous

      ab-soul watches tv thats it

  • Anonymous

    Hahahaha, FNF bitch

  • RealDeal

    SMH. People are dumb as fuck! The people who booked Lupe are privately owned, they are not the government, therefore free speech does not fucking apply. Just like if HHDX deletes or censors your comment, guess what, they can! Because free speech does not apply to private entities.

  • Lupe is political

    So much for free speech in the "land of the free" lol

  • Anonymous

    If lupe got thrown out for exercising his constitutional right then it is the fault of the organizers. If he got thrown out for not respecting his contractual agreement then it is his fault. It is that simple.

    • anon

      agree, somewhat...He has freedom of speech but they have every right to kick him off stage, regardless of contractual obligation. You think if he were at Coachella or SoundSet,talking about how shitty Coachella is and how much everyone who works on coachella sucks. Then sings the same song for 30 minutes straight continuing to diss coachella that they wouldn't do the same thing??

  • Anonymous

    lol no freedom of speech

  • Anonymous

    lupe and obama just needs to play street fighter and get it over with thats what this whole thing is about

  • The Victorious B.O.I.


  • Anonymous

    Land of the free speech

  • Anonymous

    dude with talent turned into a gimmick rapper. pathetic

  • UMAD?

    Haha yeah u mad. Fuck Obama.

  • Slruim

    I respect his opinion, but this guy needs to be smarter about how he goes about putting it out there. I mean really? 30 minute song? Now him and his opinion just sound crazy...

  • Den the man

    Wow, Lupe is real ignorant to try to outshine the President during the Inauguration weekend while performing. Yo- Lupe was you getting paid to perform or you was on your period? Everyone knows your position so couldn't you wait another day to do this and have some class. I thought you were quitting the Rap game anyways? Hell, i got enough of some of your good cuts so keep it simple son and make that cheddar and sing black power when your not trying to outshine the black You can't revolutionize "Class" if you have not class

  • The Victorious B.O.I.




  • mannski

    I'm so glad he did this.

  • d

    Lupe needs to get the fuck over himself. You ain't no writer, not an activist, you're a pretty good rapper and if that's what you're being paid to do then fucking do it.

  • cflip12

    Seems like Lupe has changed since that whole Lasers situation, like it boosted his ego and knocked a few screws loose

  • GLM

    Am wondering what Lupe's game plan is, though i understand his stands

  • ETK

    why, WHY would you invite Lupe to perform at Obama's inauguration? sumbitches must not have done some homework on this guy

  • WhatThe

    Obama is just a cog in the machine of the United States government. Even though he's president of the U.S., he can't change the primary directive of the entity known as the United States of America (ensuring it's own survival no matter what the cost). Hey shithead, how about concentrating on making a good album instead?

  • Real Talk


    • Cordero

      Tru dat! You bring up a valid point, he was crying a little while ago like Prince or the "Artist Formerly known a Prince" when the major label played him like a bitch. what a hypocrite we are as humans

  • rljunior

    Never knew how dumb America has become until I began reading the post on this article. If you don't like Lupe as an artist I can understand that but what you idiots seem to be forgetting is that you no longer have freedom of speech not even in an art form such as music, He was removed from his performance for speaking negatively about the President, that's fucked no matter how you look at it. I do not know about any of you but that is not the America I want to grow old in where we have to bow down to Emperor Obama, fuck that nigga

    • vargo05

      So, what you're saying Kevin is that he was censored? Correct? Same as not having freedom of speech. They asked him to perform. He was performing, correct? It wasn't to their liking so he gets taken off stage? Communist much?

    • kevin

      Actually...he performed an antiwar song and went on a tirade and wasn't removed. He was only removed after refusing to move on to the next song...essentially, not doing his job. I like Lupe but this was stupid by any standard

  • Anonymous

    Cant't stand this fake ass intellectual smh

  • jaymalls

    this nigga Lupe is the purest form of a bitch made nigga! Him and Charles Hamilton have the same blood pumping through em!

  • Anonymous

    He was reportedly booked to perform as part of a celebration for Obama's inauguration, which takes place on Monday (January 21). Really? so was bill o'reilly and then mitt romney scheduled to speak before lupe went on? Asking lupe to perform at the obama inauguration is like asking the colonel to say a few words at ronald mcdonalds funeral.

    • Nick

      It goes to show there was no bigotry because at least he got to use his !st amendment right to free speech but then tried to hijack listeners to promote himself. Hagglers get thrown out of townhall meetings everyday in America who can't contain themselves without getting OVERLY EMOTIONAL. There you have it- Lupe became overly emotional and sensitive like a female and got the boot. There's nothing wrong with having passion, just have a proper time and place is called using discernment



  • Anonymous

    Lupe has always been against obama! ,whats the big deal! We already know freedom of speach doesn't exist. Move on.

  • Anonymous

    This guy is just annoying at this point.

  • BOY

    Only ni99ers vote for Obummer

  • gsonii

    Lupe trying to get that hype up so he can get his next album out.

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