Business Partner Accuses Russell Simmons & Reverend Run Of Stealing Millions

Russell Simmons' and Reverend Run's business partner is gearing up to sue.

Russell Simmons and his brother, Reverend Run, are likely facing legal action.

Lawyers for Rasheed Young, president of Run Athletics, sent the brothers a letter in November accusing them of funneling millions in revenue from their Pastry brand of footwear into a company Young had no part in, reports TMZ.

Young claims that Rush and Run have stolen tens of millions, and that the duo hasn't responded at all to Young's letter or demands.

Young demands changes in the company's structure and his share of the shoe profits, or he says he will sue.

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  • Ken

    Who is Rasheed young? I mean he forgot the ticket he rode in on. The Simmons family has millions and u were a nobody til u started working for them. Damn be glad u are making money with them. Becuz when they fire your ignorant ass you wont be making anything else. I seen dude a few times on Run's house but it's not like he sets the world on fire. But dude just look up Dame Dash and see how broke he is without Jay-Z.smdh at this dumb ass dude!!!!

  • dentaldamboy

    Wayne is right. Everyone from NYC except for 50 is a snake... Russell, Jay-Z and Diddy are all snakes. Birdman, my boss, is a good dude. He always takes care of his people and is fair to his business partners. That's what makes Birdman such a good role model for young black males.

  • Lboy

    All I have to say is lol.

  • Anonymous

    Not a surprise. Russell's been stealing millions from poor people with his Rush Card as well.

    • Anonymous

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