Meek Mill To No Longer Address Cassidy Beef, Says Cassidy's Not Welcomed In Philadelphia

Meek Mill speaks on Cassidy being "scared to address" Ar-Ab's comments, says he's tired of the back-to-back diss records.

After feuding with Cassidy for several weeks now, it appears that Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill is beginning to tire of his feud with the Philly emcee who once referred to their lyrical battle as being “good for Hip Hop.” While speaking with, Meek revealed that it’s no longer enjoyable releasing diss records aimed at Cassidy and that at this point he believes the rapper is merely trying to benefit from their quarrel.

“If we [release] diss records and whatever and after your diss record the next day you gotta try and drop a new song and you try to benefit off me that’s when it becomes not a game anymore,” Meek Mill explained. “You ain’t benefitting off of me. That little shit, your interviews, that go in four or 50 days…So when it becomes that it ain’t fun no more to me. It’s a nigga trying to steal from me basically.”

After stating that he would no longer speak on his beef with Cassidy in interviews, Meek Mill addressed Ar-Ab’s recent comments on Cassidy and revealed that Cass is no longer welcomed in the city of Philadelphia.

“He can’t come back to the city really,” said Meek. “Last five times he been back to the city he was back here with me or either Ar-Ab. He ain’t addressed everything Ar-Ab said in none of his raps because he won’t address it, he scared to address it. He won’t dare address that. And Ar-Ab ain’t saying nothing new he been saying shit like this. He only saying it because of the camera.”

In the span of their beef both Meek Mill and Cassidy have released a handful of diss records including “Raid,” “Me, Myself & iPhone,” and “Repo.”

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  • Anonymous

    meek mill violated cass , slow he makng it to the top mean while cass been died out

  • Liyable

    Meek knows does Cassidy...he's tryin to get attention out of all this shit,so Meek's doin ryt by no longer responding to those diss trax

  • hotboxedigloo

    first off let me say im a big wale and meek mill fan dream chasers2 is dope. but meek knows he fucked up. he looks right nervous; probally having night mares from RAID. RAID ethered is ass. period. no way he can save face sayin he wants to end it now that he knows cass won, especially when meek started this

  • ThaDonPrince85

    Meak truely ant impressed me with any of his tracks he's put out. If it werent 4all tha features ppl truely wouldnt notice Meak at all. Cassidy been a problem 4years even iff ppl dont wanna give him his props

  • Irv

    If you dont want people talking about R.A.I.D 6 or 7 years from now, ssshhhh just move on homie. He ate your food, took your lunch money, Cassidy beat Meek. Meek knows it, thats why he wants to bring ar-ab, 50, Styles, Ja, missing kids, basketball players etc. He got Raped in this battle, period!

  • brollya

    wow he say drink and my two step and hotel wasnt better den wat he puttin out now....... dude crazy... dat song wit him and kirko bangz is ass and i fucks wit kirko bangz heavy.... meek aint even put out a new single yet from the album...

    • Anonymous

      he dont have no more singles thats why hes doing dreamchasers 3 already, not even 3 months after his album came out

  • james

    When's Meek going to discuss how Cassidy tore him apart on RAID?

    • LM

      ...and this is the only reason he's all of a sudden "tired of the back-to-back diss records"...let's keep it 100 Meek!

  • rw

    aint this dude on probation, and cant leave philly? but says cassidy aint allowed in philly? cause he dont ever come to philly? u think he"d be sayin that shit if he was free to leave?

  • Anonymous


  • He Fake Like his Bo$$...

    Two years ago Ross was beefin with 50, and 50 proved his mortgage was $1200 and his cars was leased. Two and a half years later Ross employee can afford a 100k watch, Homes and Ferrari's? Show a receipt for a 100k watch, Prove it to us. Show Me a Pink slip that say PAID for these cars. These clowns look foolish as hell. In 5 years Meek will be gettin Repo'd like 99.3% of all these niggas. GTFO, Ross said he was "19 million up", and was paying a $1200 mortgage and leasing cars. My rent is $278.00 more than that and Im poor as fucc. Prove to me that a nigga who sell 200k records and does tours can afford that price. PROVE IT, OR SHUT THE FUCC UP AND BATTLE!!!

  • Anonymous

    few rappers put Philly on the map, i give Cassidy his due.

  • Anonymous

    "Are you that blind to common sense?" Of course it's a genre. Movies are from different genres, but it's predominantly a business with the goal of making money. There is no such thing anymore of hip hop being an "artform". If that was the case Common would have sold 50 million by now. I can't think for you guy. Develop a brain and use it.

  • Anonymous

    "Hip Hop is NOT a business. It is a genre of music" You are an even bigger mental flunkie than I thought. You think music is just whipped up for free and given away outside grocery stores? Record labels are in it for one thing and it's not love for the genre.

    • Anonymous

      Common sense eludes Quote-Man on a consistent basis. He's too busy trying to be right all the time he can't see it.

    • datnigga

      Umm Hip-Hop itself is a music of genre. That is a fact. Now when you're talking RECORD LABELS, then you get into the business aspect. However, record companies and hip-hop are TWO TOTALLY different topics of discussion. If we're just talking about hip-hop, then we can talk about the art aspect. For you to bring up record companies changes the whole topic. Are you that blind to common sense?

  • Anonymous

    Yall niggas talking that Cass be in Philly shit not from Philly. if you from Philly you know Cass NEVER be in the city and dont have no hoods or blocks behind him. Cass may have beat Meek on the rhymes but Meek got Philly on lock. This is from some who was born raised and still live in Philly

    • Anonymous

      He don't have philly on lock!! I'm from philly too, West philly to be exact.... How he got philly on lock and cant make a gold album. Cassidy at least had a gold album. He the only rapper in philly that is mainstream right now and that's why everybody dick ridin.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      "and dont have no hoods or blocks behind him" ^ means nothing in the real world Believe when I say Meek wishes he would have went to Africa and left Y'ALL Philly dudes right there. BTW, I grew up in Bed-Stuy, you're not talking to some suburban kid from Idaho or Montana.

  • Anonymous

    Fuckin' boring interview. God damn. Money, money, money.

  • Anonymous

    just another day, another 2 black cunts fighting over bs

  • Earnest

    This is definitely an undercard fight.


    meek just sounds all the way bitter in this interview.and why he talkin about cass doin a 10 minute song? meek doin a 32 minute interview talkin about a whole lot of nothing.this guy sitting here eating a grilled cheese are you serious? than says anytime someone now wants to ask his about cass he gonna cut the interview.this is the 1st time he ever responded talkin about cass.wich means he been ducking thos questions for a wile.thats how you can tell he a sore loser.guaranteed if meek won that battle he be answering these questions all day best believe that.

  • AON_HipHop

    Ok, this beef was cool at first, but its getting played out. Who cares anymore? Really?

  • Anonymous


  • >_

    LOL "if u ask me how sore my ass hurts from cassidy, im gunna cut the interview WAHHHH"

  • 2Sense

    I have to say these last couple years have been a blessing to hip-hop as far as the emergance of new emcees goes. J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Big Krit, A$AP Rocky...bringing something new and refreshing to the game, and dropping quality music that will make them relevant in the long run. Sorry, but you can only talk about "coming from the bottom" and "popping bottles" for so long. It's fun at first when the artist is NEW but if you don't have any other concepts or subject matter, then point blank you're just a short-term rapper and your style will get played out fast. Hip-Hop is a art, not a money machine to be milked for all it's worth cuz if that's all your about then get it while you can cuz it don't last long when you put money over your art. Kendrick dropped a timeless classic and he's gonna be laughing 10 years from now at all the come-and-go rappers during his time. Everybody just wants to be a rapper nowadays and that's the problem. Real talent will always last while natural selection gets rid of these gimmick emcees.

  • Anonymous

    "This is a contact sport and right now meek actin scared to take the field put on his pads and take a hit" No, football is a contact sport. Hip hop is a business, and you don't make money recording diss tracks, and engaging in banter back and forth. The facts speak for themselves. Meek is ballin, makin move, and moved a decent 300,000. He'll easily see another album, yet what is Cass doing with his life? I don't see an album out. You scared it'll do 20,000 first week? Why aren't you touring Cass? You got your own label yet? Movies. You're definately poppin off in movies, right? Yeah, that's what I thought. Real bosses keep their eyes on the prize. Now contemplate that.......

    • AngelPsychosys1387

      Cassidy is the real winner in this and NOT BECAUSE OF THE RHYMES. Seriously, who the fuck was mentioning Cassidy before this??? No fuckin body! He rode Meek Milly shine back to relevance and if you don't think so, look at recent history. It speaks for itself. No one was banging Cass til he started in on Meek Milly.

    • Anonymous

      cassidy probably making more touring than meek mill, that nigga cant even leave his state! meek stuck in philly and has to ask the judge to let him eat! ASK MEEK WHY HE NOT ALLOWED IN CANADA OR THE UK dont even bring up meek mills so called label. no one under him is gonna do any real number cause that nigga barely sold 300k in 3 months with all that buzz

    • Anonymous

      "you don't make money recording diss tracks" ^ I went a bar last night and a crew of white guys had "Ether" on the jukebox, reciting line for line Know what that means? Nas made money last night off of a diss track. And how do you know Cassidy isn't touring? Are you his booking agent or manager?

    • Anonymous

      You're an idiot. Hip Hop is NOT a business. It is a genre of music, which is considered art. Looking at it like a business is how we get these shitty ass superficial Hip Hop songs. Looking at it like an art is how we get songs like "Me, Myself & iPhone"

    • Anonymous

      Weak Mills got bodied.. U and him both need to come to terms wit it

  • meek da new ja rule

    this nigga is finished.

  • Anonymous

    it's pretty obvious that Meek is just being a sore loser. "If we release diss records and whatever and after your diss record the next day you gotta try and drop a new song and you try to benefit off me" Cass didn't drop anything after R.A.I.D, he did say he was going to worry about his next project and you can expect something from him in the coming weeks. Meek is just butt hurt he didn't expect to get eithered, and lose some recognition at the same time he just trying build his reputation back after that beef.

    • datnigga

      I agree with your post but I just thought you should know that the correct term is "ethered" not "eithered". If you don't know where the word Ether comes from then do your research.

  • East Oakland Yeah, when you see the radio interview its clear Cassidy was'nt tryna beef or go at Meek. I guess pressure by the goons sent Meek to battle. Maybe Cassidy should move on, its clear Meek dont wanna battle and this could bring the street on the scene. I know I would'nt take too many more of them R.A.I.D joints directed at me. Im just sayin.

  • Anonymous

    thats not his twist, this guy obviously dont care about the fans now. "you know the game, it aint really nothing going on right now...." Hip Hop was based off battle rap fool. you don;t get it twisted

  • Anonymous

    "He looks like She-na-na and screams like hes in labor pain". ROTFL, Now this the funniest shit I heard in a while.

  • J

    I don't think you need to side with either cat in a rap battle. But it's obvious to anyone who knows hip-hop that Cass is one of the best battle rapper and has been for years. That's what he does. Meek might have been trying to make a name for himself going after Cass, I don't know. And now that he got ethered he is trying to name drop Ar and talking about how Cass come to Philly no more? Then trying to come up with some wack ass excuse about he not battling because Cass is making money off of him? Dude, NOONE believes that dumb shit. You lost, it's OK, you will still get respect because you lost to Cass, many have no doubt. Just be a man about it. Meek needs to stick to the same tired formula that is used by the majority of hip hop, hoes, money and drugs. Just like his boss, the C.O., Rick Ross.

  • Dhiven

    Hey guys. Here is Cassidy on the breakfast club on the 16th of November discussing how this whole shit started --> Here is cassidy in the Ruff Ryders Studei with glocawear radio on on the 13rd of January --> I think everyone should watch these videos and understand the whole shit properly...even through all this CASSIDY never once spoke recklessly and always kept level headed throughout!!!

  • jay

    meek u are officially done to me, try and make a song? u must of forgot what a battle is, considerin meek said he come from battlin he must be confused right? im not listenin 2 none of ur shit no more, meek mill and his music is rip to me bec of how he handled cassidy situation like just a bitch its crazy.. its over and stop mentionin arab.. this is a meek / cass battle.. u wanna mention how cass did arab dirty..throw it in bars not on twitter and utube.. LAME! ur rap career is OVERRR

  • Oh man

    Man he cant even grow a decent beard. You cant rap. Get out of the business. Your album was wack.

  • Anonymous

    I can't say that I blame Meek for leaving it alone because Cassidy spanked him on RAID. But if Meek would have done to Cassidy what Cassidy did to him, he would have kept indulging in it. He knows what people are saying about RAID. All of this is just damage control.

  • Real Nigga

    the watch is fake... ask Dave the jeweler.

  • Anonymous

    the shit I hate about the game now is that niggaz don't have to be good at rapping no more to make it. They say just cause he a street nigga he get a free pass, that's some bullshit. If that's the case then the street niggaz belong in the street and the niggaz that can rap need to be rapping. It's to a point now where any random nigga outta prison ain't never rapped a day in his life get a deal with young money or MMG is instantly hot regardless of how garbage the product is. That's why I luv this shit with Meek and Cass, it's bringing a lot of the bullshit that's wrong with hip hop today to the light. These young niggaz really don't understand that's why the older niggas have to start schooling these nuckle headed mathafuckaz

    • Real Talk

      The few people, like both of you guys here, restore some of my faith in humanity.

    • Future Minds of the World

      What happened to the days when rappers rapped about shit that was relevant in our lives? I remember growing up and listening to Tupac - Dear Mama or Eminem - Cleaning out my closet, shit like this which was relevant to my life and problems in it unlike today where these motherfuckers are rapping about killing people and bitches and girls...and this shit is subliminal, you dont see got us thinking that we can do this shit just like them and be like we start acting like 'gangsters' and talking slick to our parents...trying to fuck with bitches and when its too late, our lives have already been fucked ... trust me, this shit is true and i aint even from america, its fucking crazy...this shit is polluting our minds and the minds of our peers... fuck, this shit is all the way in South africa man, some dudes who live next to my house trying to be like these niggas and acting all gangster and shit...fuck it , i cant let this shit happen... we can stop this shit if we all changed the way we listen to music...if these fuckers dont have us, then they will fall off... what happened to RAP having a fucking message...fuck fuck fuck

  • Killa poe

    To all the people that's supporting Meek just keep this in mind: Cassidy could destroy that nigga anytime he feel like it, he don't have to wait on Meek. The people be talking like Cassidy started the shit but he just been defending himself from Meek punk ass comments and it only seems like Cassidy been on the offensive because Meek aint got shit. That's how wide the gap is in terms of rap skills. The only reason he aint is cause he trying to do Meek a favor and fall back to save the nigga career but Meek dumb ass keep running his damn mouth talking like he some sorta Big shot trying to put the nigga down and know he aint no match for Cass. It's like some beginner ass light weight trying to fight Mike Tyson in his prime. meek gone keep running his mouth talking shit and Cassidy gone have no choice but to knock that big mouth nigga out the game lyrically.

  • wow

    that interviewer looks mad bored through the whole thing

  • Jizzle

    Damn....ALOT of Meek-Haters commenting...smh

  • T shot

    Meek is a dumb piece of shit, Cass reps Philly more than him how can he no longer be welcome there? Meek reps Miami and the south more than his own city. GTFOH - you were Ethered.

  • dRob


  • Anonymous

    the beef ended cause cassidy killed meek lyrically, theres no beef anymore

  • stankinASS

    rap is so flavor of the moment right now, nobody thats hot now is gonna be hot in 3 years, might as well get it while they can

    • We....

      We can only hope that Kendrick and the other few talents are relevant in the next 5 years because Hip-Hop fans, blogs, and people are just as fucking fickle as ever nowadays and love jumping onto the "next big thing" hella fast.

    • Anonymous

      what about kendrick???

  • The_Observer

    he yelling even when he talking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Meek could not handle Cassidy lyrically, so he got these fake ass goons to diss on his behalf how lame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hj

    meek is a bitch... nd this nigga supposed to be one of the realest out.. he need to pay nas or ghostface for some lyrics b4 he get excommunicated to liberia or somewhere

  • Anonymous

    fuck Meek Mill and his wack ass mickey mouse sweatshirt

  • BOY

    Meek be looking like a duck with all that ducking Cass. Nigga Cass murked ya ass! Hahaha! You aint shit but a Gorilla pussy Meek. RIP Meek Mill

  • mac

    This nigga dont want to adress it cause he got murked

  • Thats Right

    he ain't wanna get his ass lyrically whooped again, he's ducking son... Meek gonna cross to the other side of the street when he sees Casssidy

  • Anonymous

    Lol Meek need Ar-Ab to help soften them heavy ass blows. Lmao I think we all would do what he doing. Yeah he look mad weak but he no he cant win. Leave Meek alone he smart.

    • Aaron

      That's what I'm saying, Cassidy one of the last niggaz in the game anybody wanna battle with. Meek got to running his mouth when all this shit started and i think he forgot who he was fucking with, now he done opened a can a worms and trying to avoid the nigga even going so far as to bring arab it the mix to draw attention away from him. I don't blame Meek but thats a cowards move, and not a good look for his career. Eventually he gone have to face Cass cause now that's what the streets want and it's gonna show in Dreamchasers 3 album sales. Unfortunely in a battle Meek gone get anihialated by Cass. I'm starting to feel bad for Meek because his situation is hopeless, damned if he do and damned if he don't. But that's the price you pay for running yo mouth bout the wrong niggaz.

  • Anonymous

    Now if Cassidy is smart He would give his response on a diss track. Thats how you make this nigga Meek shut up or battle. Shut your lips or get on the mic. This fool shook.

  • Big Bang Theory

    I see alot of people knocking Meek Mills. Rightfully so dude is lame for that bull shit he's pulling. With that said come on, you people can't believe its in Meeks best interest career wise to battle Cassidy. Backing out like a bitch is probably the best thing for this little nigga. Nigga just needs to be man enough and admit he isn't nice like that. I would have respected it if this nigga would have said im not a battle rapper no more. But he says this faggot shit. With all that said, Cassidy probably made more money when he was hot fucking with Swizz beats then this nigga did now. Meek Mills claiming Cass is broke where Mills think he is going to be in a few years. Once niggas realize Ross is a fraud(people still fuck with this fraud i use to but i can't take that fake shit no more) Mills money will slow down too.

    • ajayGHOST

      Cass was on a roll but that jail sentence and that car accident set the nigga back. I'm happy that the boy back to his old self and still got his flow, but that nigga Meek need to sit his ass down somewhere. His ego done got way too big and the money done got to his head. Like you said i would respect the nigga more if he just had gave Cass his props and admitted he aint no match for him than to be actin like a bitch on twitter and shit. This video was the icing on the cake. He's officially a bitch ass nigga now.

  • escomillions

    I must be on cause 95% of these niggas commenting are on his dick, cassidy is done get it through yall f@#king heads, Meek destroyed Casssidy , Ross destroyed 50 #MMG Quit foolin yourselves.

    • Anonymous

      dis nigga esco poppin da hardest mollyz around cause he str8 trippin. 1st he said meek tossed cass AND THEN he said ross destroyed 50??? NIGGAZ DEF DICK RIDIN BUT ESCOBOY RIDE MMG DICK LIKE A PORNO

    • Anonymous

      meek destroyed cassidy? must have missed that one cassidy got in that ass!

  • Shut up...

    This says it all. This nicca spent 32 minutes talking on the internet about Cass and money. Why not save 27 of those minutes and put all that on a track? You still goin in on Cass, but on You Tube? This is so lame and why should Cass mention Ab when the battle is Meek vs Cass. He looks like She-na-na and screams like hes in labor pain. You were a fan of Styles P? You was ridin with 50 over Ja? Really Meek, "ridin dicccs is not a good way to travel Meek". GTFO you exposed yourself. Cassidy a clown azz for even startin this beef, BUT MEEK A FLAMIN PUSS!

    • Nigga What

      Nah dawg Meek started this shit with his "you gotta be hot to battle me" comment and after he backed down when Cass said he would do the battle Cass was sleep and Meek woke him up

  • Anonymous

    meek made it nigga , cassidy faded nigga

  • murdock

    cass went in on the last shit now you lost and say he isnt welcome in philly?thats crazy talk you lost take it how it is and keep it moving.

  • sjw

    In the beginning I was looking forward to this, but after cassidy released RAID and Meek starts acting like a bitch this is just sad. I was listening to Meek a lot over the past two years, but after releasing a wack diss, followed by crying on twitter, and now backing out with excuses, I just don't have any respect for dude. His raps are getting hella cliche and boring on top of that. You might be ballin but that doesn't matter when you don't have any respect.

  • Anonymous

    I'd get tired of ppl on twitter commenting dat Cassidy destroyed too lol Dnt be a sore loser, take the L like a man. U said u wanted to enter the battle scene, Cassidy challenged u, both ya'll egos got involved & than came diss records. Cassidy officially murdered u w/raid & u have no comeback. Cass won it's over,move on to making more money & music. Dissing Cass just wasnt a good look even if he dissed u first. It was a lose-lose for Meek on a hip-hop level but ofcourse not financially

    • Anonymous

      It is a loss finacially. Meek losing a lot of repect, which leads to losing fans and fans equate to mulla. He might be ballin now but money comes and it goes. It wasn't that long ago when Cassidy had more dolo than Meek do right now.

  • Anonymous

    meek hit his peak now its a slow fall to the bottom

  • Anonymous

    meek you dont have pull like that....go rap about your rollie some more

  • Anonymous

    YOU CHO CHA ASS NIGGA, CASS BODIED YOU AND INSTEAD OF YOU DROPPING SOME THOUGHTFUL REBUTTLES, YOU CLAIM HE CAN'T COME TO PHILLY? NAME DROPPING AR-AB? THIS BEEF IS BETWEEN YOU AND CASS LEAVE AR-AB OUT OF IT PUSSY....Meeks reactions pretty much sums up all what's wrong with hip-hop and these so called new artists who think because they move units that they are actually skilled....GTFOH...This is your craft that you so called mastered, DROP SOME HEAT AND STOP BRINGING UP A NEXT MAN NAME IN THE CONVO PUSSY...

  • Anonymous

    This dude is always talking about money and corny shit...I guess that's what happens when you grow up broke then suddenly have a bunch of money...In about a year or so he will be much more humble cause his funds will be low again.

  • yep

    wow, this guy is...uh....I want my 5 minutes of life back!! what a corn ball. He seems very insecure

  • james

    Who cares what other drama hes talkin bout cass destroyed him lyrically. And there he goes hiding behind his fame again just because he is a worse rapper and needs to throw jabs other ways now

  • Mu

    I don't know if anybody else noticed this, but what the fuck is Meek looking at in this interview?? It seems like there's a second camera that he's looking at the whole time. He can't even look the dude in his eyes while he's talking to him. I notice shit like that cuz real men, whether you from the streets or not, look you in the eye while their talking to you. On another note, I fuck with Meek's music more than Cassidy's, but he's corny for dodging this battle now. He saw the positive response Cass got all over the net for the "Raid" diss and was like, "Cass killed me on wax so Ima get the fuck outta dodge cuz I got a buzz to maintain", lol

  • raid


  • ayo

    The fans dont give two shit balls about Ar-15 or whatever the fuck niggas name is yaddig. This is a contact sport and right now meek actin scared to take the field put on his pads and take a hit. Imagine is Kobe or Jordan got dissed by Magic Johnson or Larry Bird (Cass nor Meek is neither but...) do you think they would start yapping about some off the court shit!?!? Nooooo! they cant wait to play that game to show who is the better player. Meek is not a competitor, he's back peddling on ice skates down an ice hill. Lastly, who gives a fuck if Cass dont go back to Philly, what the fuck is there anyway? no diss to philly but its not the place to retire, grow a career or raise a family.. Im sayin...


    Can someone let Meek know he's a dead man talk...Roberts. Ass. Is. Dead.

  • Anonymous

    Meek Mill is a corny ass nigga. How can anyone real support this nigga after he done shown his bitch card? Some of what Meek saying make a lot of sense but he doing it like a bitch nigga. This is RAP, how you just gone let another rapper body you in a diss? Then he act like Cassidy is so irrelevant, well obviously he was relevant enough to spook yo ass you bitch ass nigga

  • Anonymous

    And Meek Is Supposed to be an MC?? Did this stupid nigga even know its not about AR ab and Cass... it's about Cass and MEEK. This nigga is a bitch. and this nigga talking about vcass ain't welcome in philly like he run the city, no hate, but Meek is a straight bitch ass nigga. SMH

  • Hoe ass nigga shit

    That's what's fucking wrong with the game now, too much hoe shit going on and not enough quality music.

  • Decatur

    Cassidy a bitch in the streets Meek cnt beat cass rappin everybody lose its over that shit wacc now

  • Anonymous

    Whatever Meek says about Cass doesn't take away the fact that he lost a diss record battle and backpedaled on a real battle. This regardless of how hot Meek is now, this is still a low point in his career. Right now he got his name out there because of his afiliation and for being nice or multiselling.

  • Anonymous

    "Who died and made Meek the ambassador of Philadelphia?" The swearing in ceremony is next week. Be there.

  • Anonymous

    cassidy gonna keep making meek mill look like a bitch, this nigga dropped an album not even 3 months ago and hes already putting out another mixtape cause he got no more singles to release on that peice of shit record and everyone forgot about it already

  • Anonymous

    Who died and made Meek the ambassador of Philadelphia? This nigga should just shut the fuck up.

  • Biggies momma

    Man. If Cass steps foot in philly again I'll light that motherfucker up. Real talk. Not like that fake ass talk. Farting out your mouth spewing shit. P.s I hate the chinese

  • Anonymous

    Meek ya shud have taken the battle...kicked the $$$ and just took ya loss on the chin...u sounding like a bitch...first off fuck Ar-Ab he ain't got shit to do with the fact Cass MURDERED you on have no comeback...he exploited ya corny ass( WAS ON SUM BUMMY SHIT) you on this he can't come to Philly shit, knock it off, you ain't running shit to make a call like that...just say the nigga Cass sonned me, my voice is hoarse so I can't yell and comeback joint and continue to ride off your success...but you can't fool the people brah...#RAID

  • Anonymous

    Why is it that individuals thing they have the pull to "revoke" your street cred card when their own cred is on the line, especially after the punches Cass threw? I dig Meek, but damn, this sounds like he need a bib and bottle.

  • Anonymous

    cassidy may not be able to go to the hood in philly but meek mill is not allowed to LEAVE PHILLY!! THIS NIGGA IS STUCK IN HIS STATE AND HE HAS TO ASK THE JUDGE JUST TO GO OUT ON TOUR AND GET MONEY

  • Anonymous

    If we [release] diss records and whatever and after your diss record the next day you gotta try and drop a new song and you try to benefit off me thats when it becomes not a game anymore, Meek Mill explained. ^ c'mon Meek "Jack The Ripper" was a B-side to "Going Back To Cali". You entertained it Meek, tweeting and reciting verses. And you lose points for bringing the streets and Ar-Ab into the fray, let your raps stand on their own two against Cassidy's. I think people would acknowledge you more losing against Cassidy (or winning, we don't know) as being a true participant in the rap game than this tap-out speech you're reciting as the high road. Good luck with your rap career.


    This nigga is soft, can't come with bars so he resorts to personal threats. This is how corny the game has become.

  • Anonymous

    Damn Meek salty as fuck, fucking sore looser. Acting like he runs Philly, bitch you dont run shit. Cass gets more respect the you in Philly any day!

  • hello world

    Meek is a fuckin moron. Just about nobody has him pegged as the winner in this shit, his credibility keeps washing away more and more by the minute, and now he's on here replying to comments talking about putting Cassidy on youtube and shit. Nigga unless it's you puttin your fucking hands on him yourself ain't nobody gonna care about that shit, handle your business with this dude yourself, write a proper fuckin diss track, all you're doing is embarrassing yourself

  • Anonymous

    I don't blame meek at all cass is just tryin to get himself a buzz off of him pluse meek had the better diss song imo

    • mike

      Regardless of what Cass' real goals are. He made this so called ex battle rapper look like a sell out. Meek just took all the punches Cass sent him and ran home. This could've been a great MC battle. But of course, you see people's true colors when in line of fire.

    • Anonymous

      and whats your point? he tryna eat just like everyone else... stop hatin.

  • 666

    i like cassidy more but i see some of u guys saying he on ross dick..if he was ..he wouldnt be talkin about 50 like that .. he even said ross raps beef for promotion on this interview and he caught his self .. MEEK NEEDS TO LEAVE ROSS ..

    • ajayGHOST

      Dude you crazy as hell. If Meek leave Ross his career is over period. That's the only reason anybody fucks with his no rappin ass. Under Ross he gets the best beats and the best production. Without MMG he would be just another wack ass nigga trying to rap.

  • RAID = Robert Ass Is Dead

    LMAO nigga acting like he own the P or something LOL fuck that Cassidy comes and goes everytime plus ever since he got rich I ain't seen Mill in town that much

  • Jnx

    The interviewer looks scared and intimidated.

  • Luke

    Meek Mill dangles from Rick Ross's balls...

  • blankman

    everything meek put out is trash this nigga cant rap wale the best thing MMG got

  • Anonymous

    its crazy all this came about from people misinterpreting what meek said. in the original interview, Meek NEVER SAID he wanted to battle cassidy. He said he wanted Cassidy and Mook to go at it. People with very little comprehension skills thought he was challenging cassidy but if you go back and read it word for word you can see he never challenged Cass. Now cass has the better bars of the two. Thats obvious. But Meek makes better songs.

    • Anonymous

      It aint that people missunderstood that Meek wanted Cass to battle Mook. People WANTED to see Meek battle Cassidy. Meek shouldn't have been running his mouth in the 1st place talking about he wanna see these two battle like he some sorta superior spectator when in actuality he's inferior to both the niggaz. Then Cass drops a bomb on the nigga and he can't handle it so now he trying to avoid the shit and change the subject. Niggaz would've had more respect for Meek if he just battled Cass and loss but instead he goin the hoe route. I was gonna get that dream chasers 3 but honestly I would feel like a fuck boy listening to that nigga now that I know he bitch made.

    • Anonymous

      He did say that read the link below.

  • Anonymous Proof of Meek being shook about battling Cassidy or Murder Mook, he shoulda just kept his mouth shut.

    • Anonymous

      Watch the bloody video lol. He (Meek) did say he was willing to get back in the ring, he did say he wanted to see Mook and Cassidy battle, but he personally wanted to get back into battling would Meek's reaction woulda been any different if Loaded Lux, Arsenal or any of them cats had responded to the challenge, maybe not; and all the fan boys would be here using Meek current status to defend him like they did for Soulja boi 4 years ago.

    • londonboii

      are you stupid, that article was bogus. it was full of misquotes and a had a misleading headline. people believe anything these days.


    LOL! i like meek i really do, but this is the definition of butthurt!

  • Anonymous

    Meek hasn't addressed anything about actually battling Cassidy or anybody that would've taken him up on his challenge before all this shit snowballed. What would he would've said if Black Thought would've accepted the challenge? Can't pull the "beneath me" card on him.

  • Lex

    Cassidy tryna get some attention. His diss is pretty good, but he is tryin to get back in the game, so he take shots at cats that are actually poppin right now. Smart move by Meek.

    • JRich

      Its a smart move to save his own ass. Has nothing to do with money or coming up again, Cassidy is a better rapper than Meek and he doesn't want to be embarrassed. You jokers are here acting like Meek Mill is some kind of genius

  • Anonymous

    Meek got a big mouth. Someone is gonna punch him in his phat lips one day.

  • Anonymous

    his acting like a bitch lol

  • Anonymous

    Smart move on Meek's part. Cass is merely baiting Meek to keep responding. Don't say a word and watch this broke joke just disappear.

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