Birdman & Slim Sign "America's Got Talent" Finalist Sarah Lenore To Cash Money

Birdman and Slim sign "America's Got Talent" alum Sarah Lenore to their YMCMB imprint.

With a roster of acts that includes Lil Wayne, Drake and even Limp Bizkit, the YMCMB line-up shows no signs of stagnating anytime soon. Now, in a recent report from HipHopWired, it appears that Birdman and Slim have signed a new singer to their label.

"America's Got Talent" singer Sarah Lenore has reportedly signed a contract under the YMCMB umbrella. The Detroit-born singer also inked a deal with the Williams brothers' Money Mack Music publishing company, which will market her music to a wide variety of different media outlets.

“Over the past few years I have had the chance to sign with different record labels - but I held off, hoping for that perfect opportunity. My patience paid off when the perfect opportunity came by way of Cash Money Records,” Sarah said of the signing. “I cannot think of a better way to introduce myself to the music industry than to sign to the most powerful and influential independent label in the music industry. The chance to work with Birdman and Slim and have access to their professional team and resources is both a dream and a reward.”

Birdman echoed her sentiments, saying, "Sarah is a star in every sense of the word. She is a strong performer, has a beautiful voice and lights up the room. My brother Slim and I have big plans for her. She is glamorous, but also very much the girl next door, and very relatable."

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  • One

    Let's hope she doesn't end up like Teena Marie. Congrats to ol girl. She better pray they don't shelve her like the roaster of artist on the label Unless your name is Wayne, Minaj, Drake. Universal can't be that bad for them. They still on it. Oh yeah Strange Music is actually not a bad independent label. They should have started earlier but considering the sales of music today, not bad.

  • ....

    Congrats to her, she signed to a label that has signed 135 other people, 90% of whom haven't even released an album yet. She probably didn't think this out.

  • Fossie

    Independent!!!!??????What the fuck is she talkun about?Strange music is the most successfull indie!!

  • Anonymous

    FINALIST??? She didnt make it past the top 20. Do you know what finalist means you fucking monkey. This is easily the most untrustworthy hip hop site i have ever visited.

  • Idiot

    Cash money is nowhere near being an independent label umdumb bitch....they're under universal music.....they're the worst label....the strongest independent label is STRANGE MUSIC


    Baby is the biggest music mogul in the game, EVER!!! better than quincy jones, clive davis... all of them. PLUS, he gonna negotiate a deal to get her own LUGZ endorsement!

  • Supa Lulz

    They gonna turn this white bitch out something proper. Physically and financially.

  • dentaldamboy

    Look at all of the hate that my boss, Birdman, garners. All of you are jealous cause cause Birdman has a great work ethic, and when we wanted to make something of himself, he posted up and got it. Meanwhile, Jay-Z relied on Dame and Kareem to do all of the work for him. So all of you lazy welfare recipients admire Jay-Z cause he made it by taking advantage of others. Birdman and Slim work hard, and you pussies aren't capable of that. YMCMB for life!

    • Anonymous

      Both of you are fucking idiots. Birdman is the worst businessman ever and is an embarassment to black people. Jay-Z works harder than Birdman and Slim which is why he makes more money than the whole YMCMB label. BTW, @dentaldamboy you don't work for Birdman. Quit living in a fantasy and come back to the real world. You're the welfare recipient here.

    • yessir

      I love Birdman and the supremely talented YMCMB roster as much as you. but you talking reckless now. Birdman capitalizes off other's success. Hova made far more money since the rockafella break up. by the way, Hova made Birdman pay him 500k to do the Juve remix many years ago. Birdman is still salty off of that. with that said, Birdman is still probably the most inspirational black man alive!

  • 50 cent

    Congatulations, Sarah. Your career has already ended before it began. you should have sign to g-unit, its hot! BEG FOR MERCY! POPPIN DEM THANGS!! have u heard those fool, hot in these streets of minnesota

  • Birdman

    The reason why we truly signed her is beause she gives bomb head. I hope Wayne isn't jealous of me.

  • Anonymous

    Another addition to the Cash Money tax write-off collection. Congatulations, Sarah. Your career has already ended before it began. No YMCMB artist who's not named Lil Wayne, Drake, or Nicki Minaj will have a successful career.

  • Anonymous

    *Jada voice* WE'LL BE RAPING YOU!!! *echo*

    • BlazeDatIshUp

      True dat.... Your comment might go over a few folks heads, but I know its part of some skit off the Jada album I have too. In the skit it even says 'no matter how hard you try, after you sign, you cannot escape the 'rape'.. It's fucked up what they do to artists in the industry, and cash money is one of the worst, just like bad boy.. They 'rape' the artists, but yet dumbasses keep signing to them..smfh..

    • Anonymous

      P.S. Not THAT kind of rape. I mean raped of her money.

  • Anonymous

    kiss your career goodbye girl. your new career is going to be a dust collector now. ask anybody on the label not named wayne, drake, nicki or tyga.

  • Real Talk

    Wouldn't signed to these guys for anything, dudes are straight sketchy.

  • Anonymous

    Say goodbye to any semblance of a music career girl.

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