50 Cent Suing Sleek Audio For $261,000 For Unpaid Debt

50 Cent is taking Sleek Audio to court over an unpaid promissory note worth $261,000.

Fresh off his legal victory yesterday, it looks like 50 Cent is jumping back into the courtroom in a new case. In a recent report from AllHipHop, it appears as if the G-Unit mogul is suing his former headphone partners Sleek Audio.

According to the suit, Fif is seeking $261,000 from the company for a longstanding debt. Sleek Audio, however, is fighting the charges, saying that Fif cut the company out of their business arrangements to create a new line of headphones.

Prior to 2011's botched headphone deal for the "Sleek by 50" wireless headphones, Fiddy claims Sleek Audio signed a promissory note of $285,000 plus interest to be paid before July 31, 2011. Sleek also had the option to pay the Queens rapper after the company earned upwards of $750,000 aggregate gross proceeds.

As of now, however, 50 Cent says he has yet to be paid by Sleek. Fif did receive an arbitration award for the money owed, and is now looking for the court to confirm the award.

DX will keep you updated as more information in the case comes to light.

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  • Anonymous

    50 suing everyone sued jarule for getting beat up at the hit fotory snitch nigga!!

  • Anonymous



    time for 50 to swallow his pride and sign with YMCMB. hard to believe a "street guy" is suing people. he need to go to their office Keith Murray style. but he aint got the type of goons that come with being a YMCMB artist. you think Tyga wouldnt got that guap by now????

    • Fact

      In a case like this there's nothing wrong with suing. It's only in the Game-40glocc situation that there is if you sue. Which means you(40glocc) a bitch.

    • Hip Hop please

      Don't you never get tired of yourself? Attention seeking whore

    • foreal

      Street shit? What would you do? walk into a CEO's office, trash it and threaten to beat them if they dont pay the money? Then that CEO is gonna call police and you will be locked up. This is how corporate america works... get that money Fif

    • Anonymous

      What a dummy. Yeah what is he gonna do take a gun and hold it to their heads. Must be a young dumb nigga. 50 is where he is cause he is smart

    • geminiman7

      What is he gonna do take a gun to their corporate office? LOL SMH @ your comment. This fool is a mogul when it comes to corporate dealings and that's what they do. Street sh** is street sh**. Business sh** gets handled a different way. He want every dime from his business dealings. Nothing wrong here.

  • jtoozle

    50 is the realest boss around, nobody fucks with him

  • OoNo

    Lol 50 want every cent lol

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