Meek Mill Suing Philadelphia Police For False Imprisonment

Meek Mill is taking the officers involved in his November detainment to court for false imprisonment.

Back in November, it was revealed that Meek Mill was forced to miss his own release party for his album Dreams and Nightmares after Philadelphia police detained the emcee with no charges. Now, in a recent report from HipHopWired, it looks like Meek is looking for a little compensation in the matter.

Meek Mill, born Robert Williams, is apparently suing police officers Andre Boyer and Michael Varga and the city of Philadelphia over the nine-hour ordeal. He is suing for a litany of charges, including false imprisonment, civil rights violations, civil conspiracy and invasion of privacy.

The Maybach Music Group rhymer is seeking punative damages in the case.

"On October 31, 2012, at approximately 7:30 p.m., plaintiff was driving a Range Rover SUV when Philadelphia Police Officers Andre Boyer and Michael Vargas, without cause or justification, conducted a motor vehicle stop," the complaint reads. "Following the vehicle stop, police officers Boyer and Vargas handcuffed plaintiff at the scene, transported him in custody to the 22nd Police District, took photographs of plaintiff which the officers posted and published...on Instagram and other social media websites, depicting plaintiff in police custody...without being charged with any criminal activity and having caused plaintiff to miss a scheduled promotional appearance in Atlanta, Georgia."

DX will keep you updated as more information comes to light in the case.

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  • Dubz

    Hopefully for Meek Mill this leads to something because if this case gets dropped or dismissed with no fuss from him...people will really start to question what he was doing with the cops for 9 hours

  • King O

    If they didn't read his rights, then it means he wasn't arrested. Meek might have something here. They clearly violated his civil liberties. Those cops need to know 'black codes' shouldn't exist anymore and young brothers have civil liberties. Not even the Patriot Act justifies this action towards Meek. I don't like MMG, but I'm with you Meek. dont know 'black codes' ?? now you do...

  • Anonymous

    Dammm Casidy got friends in high places

  • 0treborz

    Meek Mill (Robert Williams), Rick Ross (William Roberts)... Former convict (Robert Williams), Former C.O. (William Roberts).... Skinny, hungry employee (Robert Williams), Fat eating boss (William Roberts)... Shit had me confused at one point, just saying!

  • Kiladelphian

    Philly got a Live Stop program that enables cops to search you and your car without any real reason. Philly's new laws are just violating out civil liberties left and right. This happens probably 50 times a day in Philly, cops do whatever they want and profile they're asses off. Finally they did it to somebody who has the money to fight it in court. Meek could really set a standard if he wins and it could go up to federal court. I think everybody in Philly is rooting for Meek on this one.

    • Anonymous

      the difference with all those guys and meek is they were all found breaking the law. Meek didnt do anything

    • Anonymous

      All those guys were found to be in the wrong. Meek was not. That is the difference.

    • Anonymous

      Wayne, Ja Rule, Prodigy, Alchemist, Cory Gunz, Jim Jones all got profiled and stopped and arrested due to NYC's Stop and Frisk program. Still hasn't changed the procedure. Even the higher profile case now with a judge leaning towards saying it's unconstitutional won't change them pulling people over. Snap out of that fantasy world.

  • Anonymous

    Smart move by Meek his lawyer can now sue for a couple million especially racking up damages behind the picture as sort of a cruel/unusual punishment argument from there he can get the City to let go of whatever other charges they try him for. They'll think twice about pulling him over out of fear that he'll figure out a way to sue and get the town to fork up money that im sure no city can afford to lose over a highly publicized case. If the case get resolved out of court then you can believe Meek's getting perks.

    • Anonymous

      you think hes gonna get a few million for damages from a photo they released of him cuffed? hes a a convicted criminal who makes music about selling drugs and killing people, how could they possibly damage him by releasing a photo of him in jail.....?

  • John-Boy

    Guarantee this will get him kicked off MMG. Ross will not stand for him suing some of his closest buddies.

  • Anonymous

    meek is gonna win this one cus those guys were dumb enough to post the pics on instagram. pure stupidity

  • Anonymous

    Cops will get a slap on the wrist and Meek will get violated and sit down for a couple of months This ain't a chess move, it's an Uno move.

  • Anonymous

    He gonna seu ross his ex-homies

  • Anonymous

    Good for You Meek N.W.A F- the police .They get away with alot more bullshit .........shit hood niggaz know.

    • shh

      MEEK MILL sold over 250,000...huge win.... GK,MC is a "THRILLER" almost 800,000 plus.....SECTION80 did the UNTHINKABLE....making a huge return..out of nowhere ey3 want KENDRICK to make "CLOUD 9"....*HUGE SMILE THE KENDRICK LAMAR EP changed "THE GAME"....FO REEL"...7777

  • Anonymous

    thats gonna work out real good for him sue the police and see how they treat you next time you get stopped, nigga thought it was bad then, just wait

  • Anonymous

    They can arrest someone, they can hold them..for like 24 hours for no reason what so ever, BUT.. taking pics of the guy and posting them on social media? They are going to lose this one. follow at noles506

  • Anonymous

    Mo money mo problems.

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