Lupe Fiasco Cancels "Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 2"

Lupe Fiasco takes to Twitter to announce that he's squashing the second installment of his latest album.

Lupe Fiasco has announced that he has canceled Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt.  2.

Taking to Twitter, the Chicago, Illinois rapper revealed that he halted plans to release the sequel to last year's Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Part 1. "A decision has been made that the project titled 'F&L2 Part 2' will be summarily cancelled for public release in 2013," he wrote. "The title/concept for Lupe's 2013 release will be revealed later this year." He swiftly deleted the tweets, which can be viewed below.

Lu dropped the first F&L II installment in September 2012, landing at No. 5 on the charts with 90,000 copies sold.

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  • Anonymous

    Any Lupe is better than no Lupe no matter the title of the album

  • Anonymous

    smh people just listen to Show Goes On and then call the whole Lasers album trash then people listen to Battle Scars and call the whole FL2 album trash "Do you foos listen to music or do you just skim through it" - JayZ LISTEN TO THE ALBUM NOT JUST THE RADIO FRIENDLY SINGLES THAT ATLANTIC FORCES HIM TO DO. Lasers was decent FL2 was dope lupe didnt fall off

  • Big Dan

    I really hate when they try to play us for fools. Lupe, you have a new single out, meaning you have a new album coming out within months. It's not like you hit delete on all the songs on Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 2. and are starting from scratch. You are just calling the (same) freaking album something different. Try a new tactic for publicity. It was better with your last album, when you made it seem like you were at war with your label. And like someone else posted, please stop with the "high concepts" for names. I have it in quotations b/c I don't think its high concept, I think its just corny. Just make music, and respect your fans' intelligence.

  • nigghas3

    lupe fiasco one of the best rappers in the world

    • Anonymous

      There's nothing wrong with being political in hip hop, he just comes off like he's made out of little girls. If I want to get my anti-government on, I'll go for some P.E., Dead Prez, or Rage Against the Machine. All 3 far superior to poopy sore-vagina fiasco.

  • anon

    this nigga been going down the tubes since lazers. Preachy ass bitch with no real substance any more. what happened to the food and liquor version of this dude? the cool version of this dude?

  • d

    Guy needs to quit with the high concepts. The Cool worked but he needs to stop with the series like LupEND or F&L 2. Just put out some music.


    Lupe is super lyrical. BUT he need YMCMB features to take his music to the next level.

  • The real

    Should be solid either way, lupe's better than most in the game.

  • jr_rider23

    Lupe has been more disappointing than the 12-13 Lakers

  • internet troll (no caps {bitch})

    good, im glad it isnt coming out, your music is shit. horrible beats, wack flow, amazing lyrics, but no music, no sound, no style. you would have been better off as a shoe shiner, fucking pathetic nigger. by the way, chicago hates your ass, and if keef ever sees you he'll pop your skateboarding bitch ass.

  • Mike Lion Beatz

    Lupe-great rapper w/ wack beatz.

  • Anonymous

    Yu can not tell me FL2 was weak. -Strange Fruition -Put Em Up -Cold War -Form Follows Function YU CAN NOT tell me those songs were weak. there was only 3 weak-ish songs on the album. Not a classic album but definitly not weak

  • JETLIFE116

    it took 2yrs for Lasers, & a protest to convince his label to put that out..they were not going to release a Pt.2 to this. I thought the album was dope, but waiting for "Skulls"... also "The Cool" is a biblical rap album

  • QBN

    F&L 2 was weak... listen, it's great to have good lyrics and a conscious message, but the WEAK beats and RnB hooks, kill it. It's not a very good happens.. Nas & Jay had their share of bricks, why can't Lupe fans admit his last 2 lps were letdowns?

    • Rashad

      Just because the intelligence it takes to grasp the concepts in which Lupe spits are over your head doesn't mean his albums were a let down. The beats are DOPE! They're not just sounds they're actual instruments. Most rappers don't use pure sound anymore so that's why you can't respect it. Lasers was a LABEL ALBUM. And even it STILL maintained the substance Lupe puts out. Don't disrespect another mans work when you probably couldn't put a rhyme together if I gave you a Dr. Seuss book and Siri...

  • da1

    I said this from the start, when people drop albums in segments it always has a lousy outcome. There has never been an album that was a success that had a part one and part two dropped on different dates. NEVER!!! He also has a very lousy label that makes very irresponsible decisions. I'm not even in the industry and I knew that was a bad idea. It sould have been a double disc album like Life after Death, All eyes on Me, or Blueprint 2. Lupe needs to get out of Atlantic and go to a better label.

  • Anonymous

    does anyone notice the people who hate on Lupe also have major spelling & grammar errors in their posts? Or was that just me...?

    • Anonymous

      Does that mean starting a sentence off with,"...Or is that just me?" is what you call proper grammar? You're an idiot.

  • CaptainSpauldingNephew

    I think Lupe should go for a more drugged out, money, cars, hoes and clothes approach for the project. Get some guest features like French Montana, Drake, Game, Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz,Rick Ross,Trinidad James and more. Why do this kind of album? So you fickle a$$ fans can complain even more. Hate even more on Lupe. OR just maybe you will like this approach and support Lupe. Eh whatever. -CSN

  • Jay


  • andygreen

    maan fuk lupe nigga

  • shun

    Mad dudes slept on FnL2. Mad dudes just avoid knowledge. The album isn't some cliche uplifting political shit that hip hop nerds keep tryna pass it for. It's true analysis. Raw knowledge. The truth that nerds just avoid cuz it doesn't have the label "Kendrick Lamar"..

  • rizzle

    Lupe is one of my favorite emcees but that talking musically personally i think he's a winning bitch, i see some comments talking about the political direction is uninteresting, what the fuck are you on about go listen to soulja boy and lil b you bitch, take a look around the world riots strikes wars are breaking out people are sick of their governments thinking their the shit and mistreating the people the time for a revolution is upon, in america the government are faking things like that sandy shooting we've all seen the vid on worldstar, just to disarm americans once thats accomplished your ass getting it django style, i like the ay you bleed boy all lupe is trying to do is tell you to wake the fuck up, vote for who you wanna at the end of the day behind closed doors their eating together letting you feel you have the control when you really dont have control about shit cause your asleep wake the fuck up

  • YEBO


    • BP

      for the thousandth fucking time, T.I. never said he would retire... he was contemplating it. there's a damn difference. at the time he said that he still had 100+ songs done, fuck he gon do... throw em in the trash?

    • shh

      MY BIG THREE LUPE YEEZY TIP LUPE is my fave in of the best "RAPPERS" ever!!!!!!!! OUT OF ALL THE "NASIR JONES" TITANS LUPE did it w/out becoming a huge "HIT MACHINE" KENDRICK is WEST COAST SAVIOR...MORE "STREET" than POP GAME is more GANGSTA than "LYRICAL" LUPE has the GUTS NOT TO BE MAINSTREAM!!!!! KANYE WEST is always going to be "THE PRODUCER GONE POP" TIP has a EGO TRIP problem....LYING about RETIREMENT..*huge 2012 MISTAKE...making *2 lackluster albums....PAPER TRAIL 2008 4LIFE..... LUPE needs NOT RETIRE.....7777.....BEST RAP ALBUM 2012!....456

  • Anonymous

    Good. Lupe needs to get back to his Kick Push days and stories of Michael Young History. Political mumbo jumbo is uninteresting and his style has fell off severely.

  • Jerod

    Fine I'll just continue chillin on A$AP's new album until then.

  • Dashing

    Lupe(assuming he reads this), I'll take as a good sign that you're moving in a different direction, which is good cause despite a Grammy nomination, your last album was not great. The beats were uninteresting, your songs were severely lacking and you were waay too preachy. Here's what you need to do: link with some producers that are creative and original and make something that's not trying to sound poppy or cliched hip-hopy. Push the envelope dude. For real. Few artists cana ctually do that and you're one of them. DO it. -

  • Anonymous

    Doesnt even soiund like Lupe...starts off a tweet with "Hello" lol thats just weird

  • TOY-T


  • Anonymous

    not that lupe didnt make the first one.... but that sequel didn't deserve to be called Food and Liquor II

  • blackula

    Good move by Lupe. I don't think the Great American Rap album warrants a sequel. One is enough.

  • Lboy

    good Food and Liqour 2 was horrible. Alot of songs on it were cheesy (too over the top and theatrical) and the songs weren't catchy. The production was generic (every beat on the original F&L stood out and had its own personality). I was feeling probably 2 songs on the whole album. Lyrically Lupe was on his A game but the overall musicality of F&L 2 was a big downgrade from The cool and the original F&L. Im not even gonna talk about Lasers. I just want his next project to actually be dope cus I respect him as an mc hes starting to get a little too more righteous then thou and preachy. Were humans we like songs about sex and materialism from time too time get over it.

  • Anonymous

    some of these rappers try to carry on the name of there most successful albums by doing pt.2,,, but im guessing in lupe case it didnt work out for da best,, dats similar to jay z and da blueprint 2.

    • Anonymous

      blueprint 2 was not a classic,, few good songs but it was no hit,, he had to change it into bluepint 2.1 coz it was abit lame for jay-z standards.

    • Anonymous

      even bp3 was dope! who is this cat??..

    • Dashing

      Actually Blueprint 2 was NOT a classic and was filled with Jay-'s worst songs of his career including "Nigga Please" "Fuck AllNite" "2 Many Hoes" etc... It had some dope songs on it too, but it was NOT a classic. That's why barely performs any songs from it.

    • smhsocalledhovfan

      blueprint 2 was a classic you idiot. disc 2 the curse = some of jays best rhyming ever

  • Anonymous

    Doesn't even seem like a Lupe Fiasco way of tweeting on there. Dude is losing his mind (been). Don't let the pressure get to ya holmes! Just make great music for the fans.

  • Damn, damn, damn James!!!

    What part of the game is this? So does that mean the whole album has been shelved and he he's coming up with a fresh new concept? Regardless, I am a bit disappointed. F&L 2 was so so, but way better than Lasers. I was hoping part 2 could make up for both albums. I really don't know how I feel about this. I'm really losing faith in this dude slowly.

  • Tapeworm

    so its a sequel to a sequel cause the job wasnt completed

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    drama queen still thinks people care

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