Chief Keef Hit With $75,000 Lawsuit Over Missed Show

A concert promoter is now suing Chief Keef over a missed performance in the UK.

As if his recent arrest for probation violation and his possible connections to the death of 16-year-old rapper Lil JoJo aren't enough, it looks like Chief Keef has more legal troubles awaiting him. In a recent report from AllHipHop, it was revealed that the young Chicago rapper is now being sued for a missed show.

Washington, D.C.-based promotion company Team Major, LLC has hit the "Love Sosa" rapper with a lawsuit for repayment of a missed show. According to the firm, Keef was supposed to perform at the Indigo 02 Arena in London this past December 29, but never showed.

Neither Chief Keef nor his label have issued any kind of response as to why the Chi-Town rapper missed the date. Team Major is seeking $75,000 in the lawsuit.

DX will keep you updated as more information comes to light.

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  • fabo

    This nigg will not last long i give you a couple of months Cheif Who

  • Decatur

    its in fuccin DC yall fuccin dumb dx be mis typin all the fuccin time he could leave the state the nigga was performin in new york at sobs

    • Anonymous

      the indigo 02 arena is in LONDON, the website was posted down below you tard not that chief keef is allowed to go to dc anyways

  • Anonymous

    he's not going to England....London is a club in DC...I go to school with the people in Team Major, they just trynna make a quick buck.

  • Spitzer

    England has is very strict on who can or cannot enter their country. Lots of rappers cant tour in England because they have previous criminal charges (Meek Mill was denied in June). Seeing Chief Keef was still on probation when the concert was supposed to take place and is a celebrity, customs would have denied him at the border. Team Major should have been smart enough to know he cant enter England but Keefs management team should have never accepted in the first place. I think both parties are at fault.

    • donnis mac

      Gucci Mane's people were doing the same thing, I remember the .pdf Ozone Magazine made about it. You should check it out if you haven't yet "Get it together people".

    • Get it together people

      The most sensible comment on this article yet. Thank you! Also, if he's signed an agreement, and transactions occurred, then it's pretty much set in stone. It's the whole "F U pay me" concept. You make a promise to hold your end of the deal, then you are expected to do so. Keep a clean slate until then.

  • Anonymous

    So this is why they moved up his hearings ... to fuck up his money. Set up.

    • shh

      KEEF won the battle SBT won the war LIL BARS defeated WFB BOW WOW does not want to be "SWAG" anymore...937 SHORT DAWG wears the crown

  • Man because he richer than you

    There is way too much hate against this 17 year old multi millionaire.

    • Donald Passman

      He only owes the label back as far as royalties go. Whatever signing bonus they gave him, he gets to keep whatever it was plus his recording budget. If he got a combined deal for $2.5 million, until his album sales the required amount to recoup, then he won't receive a royalty check. However, if he doesn't sale enough albums to cover his signing bonus and first album expenses, he doesn't have to pay them out of his pocket. Also, the label will give him more money for his second album, but he'll probably never see a royalty check.

    • Lboy

      Not really bruhh. EVERY rapper has a certain hate level naturally just for being successful. The ones with no actual rapping skill get more, plus laughing at the death of jojo then coming back saying his twitter got hacked or whatever excuse he used really turned alot of people off towards him. Plus remember this is the internet everyone acts real dramatic on here and gets more bold with their responses and comments, keep that in mind when reading what ppl say about him. I know alot of ppl that dont like his music and may see it as ignorant and some that enjot it but not anyone that hates him personally. I think your just sensitive bruhh.

    • kidmex

      I thought he was only worth half a million.

    • Anonymous

      hes not a multi millionaire but he does get a bunch of hate. And the previous person is semi correct. His album didnt do all that well. Granted you dont make a lot of money off of album sales to begin with. But hes not headlining any major tours and he doenst have a bunch of big name sponsors either so no hes not a multi millionaire.

    • Anonymous

      cmon he cant really be that rich, his album flopped and hes gotta pay his label back and and he not getting no real tour money

  • Anonymous

    how was he supposed to make the show when he wasnt allowed to leave the state?

    • Anonymous

      thats not up to him. Thats on his manager. the artist doesnt accept the money or book the shows. Thats his manager that handles that. I also put it on the concert promoter too because youre supposed to do research on the artists that youre booking.

    • Anonymous

      shouldnt have took that money then

  • Lboy

    bad karma is a bitch. Go around laughing at peoples death and dont expect to prosper for long

  • kev

    How's the kid gonna perform in London if he's on probation?

  • Anonymous

    how was he gonna go to london though? im sure hes not allowed to leave his state without permission let alone the country

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