50 Cent Says He Saw Trouble Coming For Chief Keef, Praises Keef's Rise

50 Cent explains why he saw legal trouble coming for Chief Keef. He also explains why he sees positive aspects of his work.

After hearing about Chief Keef's recent legal woes, 50 Cent acknowledged that he saw it coming. Noting that he feels "bad" for Keef's current legal troubles after the young rapper was detained in Chicago for violating probation, 50 went on to share how he understands Keef's appeal and the impact of stardom.

"With Chief Keef, it's unfortunate to hear that he's actually locked up," 50 told MTV. "I feel bad, because I feel like I knew that was gonna happen. I knew what continues to happen afterwards if you let it spiral out of control."

50 also shed light on the positives in Keef. 

"Chief Keef, I think he has something, obviously. Even within the system, no one has done anything for Chief Keef. He's still just this raw music, raw talent, because he shot all of these music videos in the living room."

Later, 50 explained how Keef's rise in Rap can show others that you don't necessarily need money to generate a buzz around your music.

"He hasn't had a music video that cost more than $4,000, so that should indicate to other young talent out there that they can do it with the means they have around them. Their telephone can serve as the actual video camera if you record the right in-studio performances. There are limitless opportunities out here now."

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  • Anonymous

    50 you may not need money to create a buzz but you do need skills & your dumb boyfriend keef is wacker than Kriss Kross wearing their clothes backwards. He has no lyrical ability & his raps are so simple it's just disgusting that so many people eat it up like he really is speaking about something. There is no creativity in his flow or raps. He is just plain garbage & for that I say audios for bringing that garbage on scene.

  • ThaDonPrince85

    He betta remember how to duck, doj, bob & weve cause he ant real he hella fake & tht most deff ant execptable where im fro. We walk tht walk we talk tht talk we from grimy ass NEW YOORK

  • ThaDonPrince85

    Follow ur dreams dont allow obsticals come in ur way. We only get one chance at life so live it too tha fullest

  • Anonymous

    Who gives a fuck what this old-washed up fool is got to say...GTFOH

  • -

    no really detective jackson?

  • The Game G-Unit


  • Oh Please

    This industry puppet is supporting his fellow label mate and fellow coon. Jimmy Iovine's "boy". 50 cent continues to create the theme music for Black males murdering Black males. A few sneaker giveaways and scholarships blind the masses, but 50 cent and chief keef are tools to keep up the status quo which is Black males bound for a life of jail, murder, and baby mama's. He is a hellified business man and intelligent, but him and chief keef (who is about as smart as a brick) used their "talents" to perpetuate our downfall... And before you come with the music doesn't infljavascript:void(null)uence, explain why companies spend billions on advertising.

    • Anonymous

      They are both puppets of the Illuminati!

    • Anonymous

      Say word to big bird! In a moral sense 50 and many others are walking contradictions if you ask me, they rap about trash and speak like morons towards other people. And then they try to lean on some image of them working a couple days in a soup kitchen, or giving away 100 turkeys at thanksgiving. That's only pocket change to what they really have and that was made off breaking society down in the first place.

    • chronwell

      Im a fan of 50's rise to wealt , how he did it, the mixtapes, the clothing line, the capitalistic pursuits, even some of his aggressive content BUT U tell no lies. Thats exactly what him and Cheif Keef are!

  • Anonymous

    50 is the complete opposite of a dick rider he doesn't copy he does what he wants thats why you kids say you dont like his music

  • Anonymous

    50 is such a dickrider

    • Anonymous

      answering a question in an interview makes him a dickrider? so what does that make you for going into every one of his articles to hate?

  • hypestyle

    hopefully Keef will be safe in prison for now- hopefully he'll take time to think about his future, there's no future in fronting like you're the king gangbanger of the country-- too many people are dying around you-- ease back, slow down. Take some acting classes if you want the Hollywood money. Get your GED/diploma. Save some money, don't just floss non-stop.

  • Ricky Rozay

    Another day, another promotional stunt by 50 to try and stay in the news. Nigga worry bout releasing ur album rather than talkin bout trash ass rappers. Oh yeah I forget the nigga cant even get his album released cuz interscope know his career is over. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      his first album sold double what rick ross has sold in his entire career! that shit cray!

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