Kendrick Lamar Responds To Nas Calling "good kid, m.A.A.d city" One Of His Favorite Albums Of 2012

Kendrick Lamar shares his reaction to Nas praising "good kid, m.A.A.d city."

Nas gave props to Kendrick Lamar's good kid, m.A.A.d city, claiming that it was one of his favorite albums of 2012. During his interview, Esco said, "No disrespect to nobody else in rap music, but Kendrick Lamar. I’m really happy about his record. I needed that. His record reaches you. It gives you hope."

K. Dot responded to the compliment during an interview with Fuse, stating that he's honored that someone as influential as Nas would give such high marks to one of his projects.

"That's crazy, I didn't hear that," he said. "That's amazing, just off the fact that it's Nas. You can hear the influence [of him] on my storytelling. For somebody who's been a lead player in this game for so many years, a veteran as far as longevity and skill, that's an accomplishment just on words alone."

He agreed with the fact that his album was the best release of 2012, chalking it up to his hard work and knowing how much time he put into it.

"I definitely feel like that. It's about hard work. Not to knock anybody else, but I know the work and the time that I put into this album. Months and no sleep and just working in that studio. I definitely feel like I can't slide nothing away as far as the accomplishment and accolades that the world is saying. I definitely feel that way."

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  • wow

    this is the last album i bought since OB4CL2 (raekwon) and one of the best albums i heard in yeaaaaars. this beats out everything ive listened to in a long fuckin time.. not many can touch this guys story telling ability there is hope for HH after all

  • lost angel

    Yeah, f that beeyach he should have meet Sherane at the momo. Or took off in the van when the dudes came down. His dumbazz deserves to get beat. Thats what you get when you f# with them hoodrats.

  • k flop

    This album will be a short time classic because most hip hop fans at my age level will grow up and don't want to hear a story about a kid going to a girls house and getting beat up by his brother and his homies. Or someone experimenting with drugs and crying about it. You got to admit illmatic had the lyrics and the production from Dj premier, Q tip, L.e.s., Large Professor, and Pete rock an allstar production cast. The beats on Gkmc seemed like they were just thown together in a hurry and just mixed by Dr dre to give them a polished listen, nothing amazing or that you wanna listen to without getting bored. I understand we are hungry for a classic in hip hop, but forcing this as the album is funny and reminds me of the days when people were saying that lil Wayne was the greatest rapper alive. Come on hip hop can do better the this, don't get mad at me but the major labels that push this on us.

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick's album is, without a doubt, a classic. To really appreciate it, you have to understand the concept behind the album. This isn't a cheap thrill that you can just pick up and put in and enjoy fully on one listen. I grew up in both listening to ice cube, rakim, public enemy, nas, 2pac, biggie, outkast; and trust me, i laughed at the idea of this being a classic (illmatic was my all time favorite). To me this album destroys anything in the last 10 years, conceptually and lyrically - even the first 5 songs alone. To appreciate Backseat Freestyle, you have to imagine yourself as a young hopeful/hopeless black youth, riding around aimlessly in the backseat of your friend's car thinking/rapping about the impact you're going to make once you get on. It's like a movie, with superb lyricism, and a positive message. I didn't appreciate Nas's illmatic until a friend of mine left a tape in my car, and I didn't have any other music to listen to, and i was forced to listen to the album in its entirety over and over. The imagery in illmatic is unparalleled, but the message isn't nearly as powerful. One of the greatest albums of all time in my honest, humble opinion. Money Trees and Sing about me, I'm dying of thirst, and Black boy fly are my favorite songs...if I have to choose.

  • ok

    sad to see real niggas like chief keef sell 50k first week and fake rappers with so called ''skills'' sell 200k plus.

  • k flop

    I agree with Harilaos, its not hate just a good opinion. Kendrick is overated.

  • Harilaos

    Good Kid M.A.A.D City was not good enough, the bonus tracks were the best part of the album and I'm a Kendrick fan... Life Is Good was okay... Not Nas' best piece of work but better than Nastradamus and I Am... Welcome To Our House was so shit, Slaughterhouse are 4 great rappers but when it comes to making music other than freestyles they cant get it right at all... Undisputed was not good enough, I know DMX has been out of it for a while but still it wasn't good enough

  • thewatcher

    when are they gonna rename this site to its only right.

    • k flop

      This is not really news.

    • Hip Hop please

      But Kendrick Lamar has skills, he is a good MC, am I right? So it makes sense that a Hip Hop site like HHDX gives us news about him Plus the kid got something to say, he ain't no f*cking retard like Wayne/Ross

  • King Chandler

    Both Kendrick and Nas had 2 of my favorite albums last year but how is Lupe's joint never brought up in these convos? I wasn't even a big Lupe fan before his most recent album but I'm definately anticipating his next shit now, I've bumped it countless times and I still hear a new gem of a bar that previously slipped by every time I listen.

    • Anonymous

      YO I still haven't heard Lupe shit. Its a shame cause i stop fucking with him after The Cool album.(classic by the way) Lasers i couldn't get into and i heard his last album was too preachy and concious. Most importantly no one i know ever talk about his shit. So i wasn't checking for it. Ima check it tho.

  • Anonymous

    Life Is Gay was a far superior album to Gay Kid, mAAd City.

  • kw4life

    Kendrick made one of the best hip-hop albums of 2012 with GKMC. Everything came together well on that album and for that, he's reaping the rewards. I hope his next releases are even better.

  • Anonymous

    excuse me but do you know whose pool youre in? beaches in brazil, steaks on the grill life is gay, life is gay life is gay, life is gay~

  • Anonymous

    Chief Keefs album was much better. Kendrick says bang only like 6 times at most in his release #Thugnation

  • me gusta la chicha

    "He agreed with the fact that his album was the best release of 2012" fuck outta here, that isn't a fact, it's an opinion. who the fuck wrote this article?

    • Anonymous

      dont kill my vibe swimming pools

    • Big Dan

      Thank you sir. While I appreciate what the kid has accomplish, all these accolades are steaming me. Nas is just nut riding for one. Obviously, any rapper praising the album gets a couple minutes of attention. There are no bangers on this album. Its nice that in a time when the industry, or maybe I should say the radio industry has decided that the idiotic nonsense they fill the airwaves with is where rap is at, lyricism is appreciated, but if you have a party, are you throwing on Kendrick Lamar? In my opinion, this album is not all that. Even the title sucks.

  • Anonymous

    we need a collab.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone remember that slaughterhouse album that came out last year? ANYBODY? nope?.............because it was a piece of shit that no one listens to anymore or even when it come out! im still pissed about that pathetic attempt of a release.

  • Anonymous

    kendrick lamar/is the future of hiphop along with j cole and wale they will keep hiphop alive

  • Anonymous

    Nas' album is best of 2012.

  • Anonymous

    get the hood off homie. Seriously.

  • Anonymous

    When you look at the first two albums Kendrick Lamar has put out they were both in the top 3 albums of the year. It is exiting to see what Kendrick will put forward in the future

  • My Life Be Like: Ooh Ahh

    Nas is totally right for saying that shit: Kendrick Lamar is the greatest nigga that ever picked up a mic in this planet.

  • Anonymous

    Thursday, Kendrick will explain why he thinks Vanilla Ice was better than 2pac.

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick Lamar rocking hanes? Hip hop dx will keep you posted.

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick Lamar explains why he prefers charmin over generic toilet paper. Stay tuned to hip hop dx.

  • Humble Pie

    He agreed with the fact that his album was the best of 2012. Well didn't he call Life is good the best album a couple weeks ago and it's not fact its a matter of opinion, Good kid mad city is a good album but not a great album, it does start out slow, does it have its songs yes and I also like him bringing story telling back instead of all punch lines that has been dominating for years but it's not the best thing I have heard in years.

  • Anonymous

    Damo - Juice (New Track)

  • Dont Hate My opinions

    I like life is good better though, even though Kendrick's album is good the album does not bang from front to back IMO, the first 4-5 tracks I started skip'n after a couple plays

  • Showed me

    I gotta admit i wasnt expecting much from good kid mad city i thought it would be an average over hyped dr dre throw-away so glad he proved me the fuck wrong its album of the year no question and the amount its sold as well is incredible i was sure it would do less than 150 thousand mabye i should keep my expectations low and hip hop might come back to what it was lol

  • Anonymous

    ...Official Stamp...Shyne Po aka Mosese Levi the fake a sack full of sick d$%^&cks.....

  • Frank Ocean

    Kendrick Lamar Responds To Nas' Dickriding.

  • Hip Hop please

    Life is good kid

  • Anonymous

    that dude fronted though, nas never said it that way.

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