Shawty Lo Starts Petition To Save Oxygen Reality Show "All My Babies' Mamas"

Shawty Lo fires back at Oxygen to get his controversial reality show on the air.

After Oxygen halted production on Shawty Lo's controversial reality show "All My Babies' Mamas," the rapper has responded by creating a petition to get the series on the air.

According to RumorFix, the Southern rapper's rep Kali Bowyer says that they're going to fight back. Bowyer explains that they've received more than 123,000 emails to their Atlanta, Georgia offices wanting to save the show, and have started a petition of their own that has 153 supporters as of press time.

The show initially came under fire with a petition that amassed almost 40,000 signatures. Oxygen released a statement yesterday announcing plans to shelve the show.

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  • donnis mac

    Why not show it? People are worried about stereotypes NOW? There are hundreds of stereotypes in commercials EVERY DAY! Put it on TV and watch it with your kids and have that family discussion. SHOW the young "dick-slingers" this can happen to YOU if you don't wise up, SHOW the young women don't be fooled by the "life", make smarter decisions. Some of the people outraged are people who have multiple baby mommas or daddys, are you scared to see it and have it hit home? The "Honey Boo Boo" show is stereotypical, but through the "entertainment" and outrage lies messages. Honey Boo Boo's moms has 4 baby daddys. Wiki the show. I watched it last night, and came out of it thinking this Shawty Lo show would have been great to SHOW the kids REALITY instead of trying to teach them with a pre-written message in a pretty package.

  • Anonymous

    Shawty Lo sound like he telling ghost stories when he rap. Ol' whispering ass nigga.

  • Anonymous

    Cancel that crap!

  • Anonymous

    this the same 'nigger' that brought the world D4L & "Laffy Taffy". probably the most coontastic 'song' ever heard next to 'chicken noodle soup' & 'fry that chicken'. i have no respect for this 'nigger'. seems like everything he does sets blacks back 400 years. bowen homes should be ashamed that he's a product of their hood.

  • Anonymous

    Please. Please. Exploit me. I need the check.

  • egyle

    I signed it. Why? Because Shawty Lo should be in everyone's home. Shawty Lo represents freedom. Democracy. And cake.

  • Anonymous

    fuck this clown ass nigga you gone need that oxygen money to pay that child support from them 11 money hungry bum hoes ya bish you get the he-bitch dance of the month keep that shitty show off the air we got enough ratchet shows that make our race look bad as it is old ass nigga fuck yo petition

  • CaesarDuke

    Bigdog fuck you you racist mothafucka and co-sign nobody just blatantly says I'm racist ignorant jackass god I can't stand racism or racist people why can't we all just get along Oh and this ignorant shit doesn't need to air at all and the people who signed this petition should all be ashamed of themselves forreal supporting this ignorant shit just doesn't make sense

  • soboss

    no one gives a fuck bout this nigga. bitches get some baby money dick now they be trippin wanting a tv show n sheeit

  • jayy

    thats 123,000 with NO life what so ever...153 ppl actually signed it?!? lmaooo thats 153 people i never want to meet in my life bec there prob just so fuckin stupid its nuts.. this is hilarious.. a petition LMAO.. i think its funnier bec im high as a fuckin kite off that pinapple express shit.. but damn

  • m

    I'd be more inclined to see a lil wayne baby moma show

  • Anonymous

    Shawty Lo should turn this into a Broadway play.

  • Anonymous

    They need to post the names of the idiots who signed the petition to save this minstrel show...shame them into oblivion..

  • TrapHouseNukka


  • Fudge FILTHY Fresh

    The PEOPLE signed a petition to get that trash snatched off the air. The PEOPLE should not want to see this trash AT ALL!!! Am i a hater? No. But, in this case... emphatically HELL YES!!! I'd HATE for mine or anyone else's child to see this garbage & get the notion that it's "NORMAL" to have 11 children with 10 different Women. That just screams of unsafe sexual acts. Does he EVER wrap it up? Any Woman that will willingly allow this 1/4 pint to slide up in her raw, after knowing his background needs to have her common sense, intellect & self respect placed on the side of a milk carton... because she's lost ALL of it!!! Keep this ignorant & uncouth behavior off television!!!

    • "Ignant" muhfuckas are

      @ anonymous...How's that ignorance working out for you? Cell phone in yo mama's name-Check No car riding shotgun in ya mans whip like it's yours also-check Sleeping on your mom's sofa-check Drinking 40's trying to get your baby moms to lend you 20 bucks-check Hey here's an idea.....shut the fuck up you helmet wearing moron.Some of us actually contribute to society..idiot..

    • Anonymous

      killyoself you square ass nigga.

  • Twizzy

    of all the other ratchetness on tv, that they let slip thru the cracks,they wanna solo out this one This is actually an important show for people to see, if for no other reason than, people, especially white people tend to ride with the general thinking that if you have more than one baby mama, no body gets along and theres always drama. If that man makes sure his kids are provided for and makes sure nobody has drama with anyone..kudos to him. Quit trying to come between him and his check.


    Shawty Lo is such a broke ass nigga, MAKE RECORDS

  • Anonymous

    why would anyone want to watch it? Props to Oxygen.

  • Jay Kid 2 Fly

    Why does anyone want to watch that trash?

  • Anonymous

    Dumbass is trying to force the station into airing his show lmao. I'm pretty sure they care more about the millions who have protested against it than you and your baby mommas. Should have never signed with 50.

  • Sco*

    again, with this guy here.....Shawty Lo is the antithesis of T.I...he can't rap, signed with G. Unit, and is a questionable father at best....stop it kinfolk......

  • Gangsta Gangsta

    Dude just trying to get his ends. It's not like he's got a "story" to tell.

  • Bigdog

    Im racist and enjoy when black people go out of their way to make themselves look stupid so Im definitly gonna sign this

    • Pistol Pete

      I am pretty sure Nazi's have Swastikas tattooed on there necks and heads, but they wouldn't be as racist as to come on a random blog and just say I dont like black people. Thats a bit much........

    • ^^

      lol no racist would admit they're racist just like that. you trippin

  • Anonymous

    As ratchet as the show is and what its about....they really fucked up with the title...."All My Babys Mommas"? He might have would have snuck it by by calling it "All My family"..."The Shawty Lo Bunch".....But "All My Babys Mommas" has to much steretypical connotations behind it. FAIL

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