Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 1/13/2013

2 Chainz truly gets his gold album in "Based On A T.R.U. Story" while Chief Keef is breathing down his first six-figures in album sales.

In the second week of 2013, no new Hip Hop additions cracked the Top 200. However, a shuffle took place in the rankings, with T.I. re-claiming the top spot with his Trouble Man. Additionally, one major label vet hit a powerful point in his promotion, while an artist 18 years younger is on the cusp of his first six-figure achievement in sales.

Next week's appearance of A$AP Rocky's LongLiveA$AP may bid for a #1 spot and inevitably shake things up, as this week remains the last true carry-over from 2012.

2 Chainz' Based On A T.R.U. Story Eclipses Gold 500,000 Sales Mark

Arguably the biggest Def Jam Records star of 2012, 2 Chainz has finally reached the gold benchmark with his solo debut, Based On A T.R.U. Story. Released in August, the 25 year-old G.O.O.D Music affiliate's break-out since Playaz Circle featured Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne as well as Scarface. Production was divided between The-Dream, Mike WiLL Made It, 40, Mike Posner and others. The album reached gold in 22 weeks.

Chief Keef's Finally Rich Nearly Reaches 100,000 In Sales

Chicago street sensation Chief Keef is breathing down a benchmark of his own with his studio debut, Finally Rich. The Interscope Records-backed teen star still maintained a Top 50 appearance after four weeks on the chart. The Glory Boys Entertainment artist's album is extensively produced by Young Chop, with appearances by Interscope label-mates (and current nemeses) 50 Cent and French Montana, along with Rick Ross.

Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 1/13/2013

#13. T.I. - Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head - 23,000 (312,000)

#20. Kendrick Lamar - good kid, m.A.A.d city - 19,000 (639,000)

#24. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - The Heist - 17,000 (254,000)

#36. Wiz Khalifa - O.N.F.I.C. - 12,000 (280,000)

#41. Game - Jesus Piece - 9,800 (170,000)

#43. 2 Chainz - Based On A T.R.U. Story - 9,600 (502,000)

#50. Chief Keef - Finally Rich - 8,100 (99,000)

#79. Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded The Re-Up - 4,900 (797,000)

#116. Big Boi - Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors - 3,300 (57,000)

#195. Nas - Life Is Good - 1,800 (349,000)

* data comes from Nielsen Soundscan, rounded to nearest thousandth for units above 10,000, nearest hundredth for units below 10,000. Each week, HipHopDX presents top albums in Hip Hop/related, and five notables.

Will A$AP Rocky grab a rookie #1 debut in LongLiveA$AP? Check back next week on HipHopDX.

Last Week's Album Sales.

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  • NYerForLife

    um 2 Chainz is 35.

  • bizzalls

    People! Nas has been in the game for like 20 years!! To still be able to sell 350,000 copies is amazing! AND, he didn't even have a hit single! Everyone knows it's all about having a big hit single to really sell big (for the most part). It's NAS' goddamn 13th album for Christ sakes! 95% of artists do NOT have that type of longevity! The only artists who have stood the test of time so far are: Jay-Z, Eminem, Kanye, Dr. Dre (if you say he drops no albums, well he's a huge influence on hip hop, and you know damn well if he drops Detox that shit is gonna sell!) Nas, The Roots, possibly Outkast, and Ludacris, and possibly 50 Cent. The Roots still end up selling 100,000 copies which is damn good after 20 something years. I don't think I am missing anyone. That's my point, there's only a handful of hip hop artists who have done this. That's why it's the biggest joke to compare someone like Meek Mill's album sales to Nas album sales. Let's see where Meek Mill is in 20 years in the rap game.

  • Anonymous

    "Rick Ross didn't put out a great album" True, but it still went gold.

  • gumbeekjn

    dat nigga 2 chainz is 35...dont be tellin folks he 25...nigga old as fuck. props to him though

  • S

    Who actually brought 2 Chainz? Waste of money .

  • lance armstrong

    yo shout out to rick rozay, u need to follow my blue print and confess to oprah about your past homie then its all good

  • notsuprised

    i hear things like oh poor so and so...they ONLY sold 500k. THATS ALOT OF ALBUMS!

  • notsuprised

    funny how people are acting suprised at the low sales...THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN PEOPLE DOWNLOAD MUSIC INSTEAD OF BUYING IT.

    • Anonymous

      wow thanks for breaking that down for us, we had no idea why album sales have been declining years but you figured it out! good job!

  • Sean

    Nas fans or stans stop making excuses about Nas not selling, his career has peaked. It's okay, Hov and Em careers will eventually peak too.It's a natural occurence that happens to all great artists. Just how Prince and Stevie Wonder always put out efforts but they barely sell.

    • 614grind

      Not selling? 300k is doing great for a Hip Hop album theses days. Especially for a guy who's on his 13th album getting no radio play. Do the science yungin.

  • Brandon

    2 Chainz is not 25, hell naw. How in the world is Big Boi's album not selling?????? Proves to say, that even with a great album (Rick Ross) album sales don't mean sh*t!

  • Big C

    yall can hate on Nas all u want too....for him not to have no big time promotion for Life is Good and selling over 300k is dam good!!! Name a rapper that been in the game for 20yrs that can do that with little promotions?? My point exactly!!

  • jase

    damn. big boi may not even break 100,000 when all is said and done. and he from outkast. crazy...

  • skoolzdateacha

    UHM, OH YES...troll on and hate good nite/night...

  • Anonymous

    "It's all marketing" Marketing and the fact 2 Chainz is appearing on as many songs as possible. With exposure like that even Joe Budden could go gold. On second thought lol

  • skoolzdateacha

    Def Jam wrong for selling Nas album for 15 bucks for 6 months...its reflected in sales, consider a 2chainz gold lp for 10 vs. nas #'s for 15. Hmmm

    • Menor do Chapa

      ^^ Oh is that so? OK fuckboi just watch that nigga flop hard like a bitch then come talk to me

    • Anonymous

      next week you can take 50Cent out of that list.

    • Small Window

      Best Buy has Nas for 11.99, 2 Chanz for 13.99 and Nicki Minaj for 11.99. Stop with all your hating azz lies. Nas had a good run, but he about to become Big Daddy Kane, Kwame, Rakim and all the other classic rappers, who can't go gold anymore. Everybody gets a turn on top. Vanilla Ice, LL Cool J, Ja Rule, 50 Cents, DMX, MC Hammer ,Tone Loc, Crucial Conflict, Kriss Kross, Nelly and the list goes on.

    • Anonymous


  • Who The Fuck I Be?! Harold Johnson From The CPT

    Y'all see how Chief's record sales will rise up after he gets killed

  • Anonymous

    "No they are not" They're out selling boring ole Nas whose about to fall out of the top 200. Talk about a Firm Fiasco.

  • Anonymous

    Eminem, probably the only rapper that will go platinum in a week.

  • da1

    2 chains is 35 years old and getting older by the week. Get the fuck out of here with that 25 shit. Nicki minaj is already 30 I think, so is Wayne. Thats funny you would think the older you get the more mature your music would sound. But its the reverse for most of these clowns. Even Eminem is gonna keep rapping about the same dumbshit he rapped about when he was 25. Literally Eminem was 25 when he first emerged on the scene with SSLP. Actually his content was becoming more serious wth his second and third album,but then he went back to rapping about dumbshit once more with the albums that followed Eminem Show. Atleast Jay-z and Nas have a adult contemperary sound with their music. But people like Baby, Busta Rhymes, Juicy J, Too Short should be ashamed.

    • Anonymous

      jay 1st album he was 26 ..

    • Anonymous

      Jay-Z is still spending most of his time bragging about nothing. Atleast Eminem has plenty of meaningful tracks, to go along with the not-so-meaningful ones. Jay only has a couple recently. And I'm a fan of both.

  • big money

    2 chainz is 25 huh? lol. so he made Duffle Bag when he was like 19? right....im different is his best song lol but hes like 40! yeah im getting money!


    nicki still the best selling album after 9 months.

    • Truth

      I put money Kendricks album will reach PLATINUM STATUS before Niki GARBAGE ever will.

    • haha

      yeah it only took a fucking re-release to pad her initial sales. YMCM resorts to cheating in order to make their big female rapper look like she didn't flop.

  • OnemikE

    Don't u fools know a lot of peeps in the entertainment industry lie about their age!! Yea SMH is right about pathetic sales in the rap game.. It's cuz the audience in hip hop would rather spend their last $10 on sum dirt weed, quarter water and a chocalate swiss roll and download their music for free.. lol

  • SMH

    That's because the bum ass fans don't buy music.... You see the numbers! Taylor Swift out sold all of these albums combined! SMFH! White people support theirs! Minorities destroy everything. The only reason Nicki's wack ass album has that many sales is because she acts white and makes pop music for white people because she knows that if she makes real Hip Hop you bum ass leaches wont buy it! FACT!

    • #FACTS

      I totally agree that Hip Hop records should increase their quality. Honestly, Rap music has become the joke of all genres these days. It is as is all rappers talk and look the same. No specialization or uniqueness. As for the aspect of race, people of all race will buy a good record from any genre, as long as its worth their MONEY! Adelle has gone diamond for heaven's sake. Quality > Quantity

    • Anonymous

      Nicki's music is trash. Stop dickriding.

    • Anonymous

      the reason why nicki sells cause she have ggod music!!! cause u dont like it dont make it terrible!!!!!!!! stop hating!!!!!!!!!!

    • anonymous

      ^^^ homie, I've bought all of the music in my mp3 player. No piracy. No torrenting. the problem isn't in spending money, as people of all demographics are spending tons of money elsewhere. you missed the point. you don't realize that listening to music has to happen in real time, and real time is a real cost. Back in the day, the music industry used to put the best product at the top. I could buy a release and be confident that the entire thing was worth a listen. Now, you telling me I can dig in some bin off the probability I might get something worth a listen? It's like getting a toy from the fast food joint. How many burgers you got to buy before you get a decent toy? I'm not going to waste 1 hour to get at maybe 1 or 2 songs worth shit. If I got buy a cell phone or flat screen, I can be pretty sure at a certain price point, that item is just as good as any other product. the same is not true for hip hop. I don't owe the music industry anything. If they want dollars, then MAXIMIZE THE PRODUCT ACROSS THE BOARD. Hip hop is the only industry that churns out a high volume of low quality then is shocked, SHOCKED, at the decline in revenue. Tell me one other industry that behaves like this? I haven't heard of the artists you mentioned because there are too many other industries pushing out high quality product to compete for my entertainment dollars: video games, movies, sports and back catalogs of soul records. I've bought tens of soul LPs from the 60s and 70s, knowing that the weakest releases in that era were still worth a listen. Get the picture? I'm telling you, Toyota sales decline, they make better cars. Rap sales decline, people must be stealing while they are spending mad bux on other stuff.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ Sean Price, Styles P, (just to name a couple of MC's that are not mainstream Hip Pop artists) and have albums out now and are nice. Did you go support them? Or do you sit around like the rest of these followers for some one to tell you about new music that isn't being pushed in the mainstream and complaining that there isn't any good music? There's plenty of new good music... Look for it instead of settling for the bullshit being pushed in the mainstream! Ya the same cats that won't buy the artists you do like and come up with another lame ass excuse on why you don't buy albums! The only reason is because most of the fans are leaches point blank and wouldn't support their own homie let alone an artists who's music they like.

    • anonymous

      the shit that passes for mainstream hip hop is not "my" culture. Would you support a neighborhood restaurant that made shitty food and charged you the same price as an upscale eatery. the record executives got ahold of hip hop and turned it into a commodity. the only way for the record companies to let go of hip hop is it to go to zero in the marketplace.

    • SMH

      You must have tunnel vision! Kendrick is 1 artist and has 1 album. There's many more artists out there... It amazes me that NaS is not even gold yet! SMFH! Had the best or one of the best albums in a long time! What about all of these artists with a million plus mix tape downloads like Meek only selling 250k? There probably is minorities buying taylor swift but they damn sure aren't supporting their culture a.k.a. Hip Hop...

    • allyallstupid

      Kendrick sold 639,000 and he didn't dumb anything down or appeal to a white audience...i don't see your point here

    • anonymous

      people aren't buying rap music because it is a second job to find great rap artists. the labels keep putting out garbage and still try to price it like the Golden Age releases. people who work for a living aren't stupid. Most hip hop heads I know who loved the genre are branching out into other genres or buying back catalogs. The movies have upped their game and put out the state-of-the-art in most releases, aiming for the fences on each release. Rap labels just bunt and try to stroll to first base.

    • rellid

      Sound like you mad Taylor Swift is making quality music for the masses unlike "real hiphop" which is mostly wack just like the radio hiphop which is why black people and white people arent buying it which is a fact if you look at the charts...

    • i

      facts! maybe some minorities buy taylor swift too im sure of it

  • datnigga

    lol they said 2 Chainz is 25 instead of 35. Tha art of trolling in action...

  • Anonymous

    Damn Game...slowly dwindling like his career...pahahahahaha!!!!! Compton's gotta real nigga reppin' now...#GKMC

  • bizzalls

    Did these idiots really say that 2 CHAINZ IS 25 YEARS OLD? 25?! HA!! More like 52! That dude is like 40! WTF? And Nas selling 350,000 copies without a good hit single AND being in the game for damn near 20 years now, that's pretty fuckin incredible. There are literally only a handful of artists who still do that.

  • Kareem Sad

    Poor Nas couldn't reach the 500 hunred thousand mark.

  • BOY

    LMFAO! Look at these petty ass rappers making low ass numbers except for YMCMB's very own Nicki Minaj! These rappers cant fuck with YMCMB! Lol look at Nas bitch ass xD If Lil Wayne came out with an album he would go PLATINUM AGAIN! First Week! He's the only that can do it because he is the GOD of HIP HOP! LONG LIVE WEEZY!

    • allyallstupid

      weezy is the best you don't know anything about hip-hop, young money taking over this year. word

    • Anonymous

      Shut up, dickrider. Nothing you say is true. You forgot about Eminem, who's the only one to go platinum in a week twice.

  • M.U. THA DON

    Based off of the way things have been going on in the industry lately,if I was any of these artist I would happy just for the fact that I'm making some money & providing for my family & myself. If I sold 100 k I'll be blessed...

  • wouzi

    congrats to macklemore for getting that indie gwap. wiz, tip, game and meek flopped real bad

    • Anonymous

      T.I. isn't a flop, he's selling just as much as these other rappers that make horrible pop-rap songs

    • gsonii

      LMAO at congratulating trash. After I heard that wack ass single from Maclemore no way would I ever buy that shit. As for TIP, dude has not even released the biggest song from that album, dude is going gold definitely.

    • tipster

      How can he flop if this album did better than his last?? and with hardly no buzz and just gettin his name back out there he did better than 90 percent of rappers doin!

    • Huh?

      ur an idiot. Tip will be gold by spring. He dropped some classic material on top of that. good music can't flop.

    • Anonymous

      Wouldn't necessarily call TIp album a flop. Just in the day of age where Internet is the #1 factor in album sales. Plus I don't think this website count DIGITAL SALES too. By the way TIP album is good. Kendrick Lamar will definitely go platinum this year.

  • Really???

    You bored ass niggas trolling over a damn 1 character typo...im bored for responding. fuck everybody!!

  • Wito

    2 Chains is 35. It might have been a typo or somewhat of a accident to type that he is 25. People on the comments need to calm down. lol

  • Fail

    So 2 Chainz formed playas circle when he was 10? Way to fuck up yet again HHDX, are you all seriously high when you type that hes 25 years old among all the other stupid false shit you post? Do you even proof read your articles before you publish them? Hes damn near 40 years old but somehow you guys think hes 25, hahahah. damn why do i even come here anymore, this site lives because of its comment trolls. i have no more faith in the credibility of this site

  • gsonii

    This shit is sad. Gonna take T.I. 4 months to go gold he used to do that shit in 2 weeks max. Guide damn TIP I mess with you but its a slow crawl. LMAO. Lamar is going to have a hard time getting to platinum.

    • christ

      yeah tipster talk to that nigga tip is the king of trap muzik gibbs u better know that t.i. is komin with fire the sequel would prove that even the first trouble man will goin to have GOLD AND PLATINUM!!!

    • gsonii

      I'm talking to Gibbs bitch ass for trying to talk shit about T.I.

    • tipster

      man r u a Tip fan or what?? Y u actin like hes slackin when evrybody knows dis is a trying time fuh sales now!!?? T.I. is in a situation where he hadnt dropped a real well promoted album since 2008, had to get his name back out there, and he did it well!!! Selling more than most rappers now!.He will hit gold by february! and the sales that u r referring to will show again on his sequel

    • gsonii

      Your a wack ass fake wanna-be gansta rapper that not even Jeezy can stand. You mad cause you got caught before you even got started with your police daddy? LMAO, lame ass nigga.

    • gibbs

      your delusional dickriding of the Struggle Man and his kidz bop sounding ass album is hilarious

  • Notorious H.A.T.E.R.

    I didn't know 2 Chainz was 25 years old, at least according to hiphopdx.

  • strange crack yall smoke

    I know he been rappin for years and deseves to make some cash after all them years grinding to get here but who da fuck is actually spending their money on a 2 Chains album

  • Anonymous

    where all the MMG fans ?????? officer ricky still tweets everyday please buy my album and meeks lol ha ha ha ha

  • christ

    T.I. king of the south

  • jay

    damn shame when 2chainz outsells nas! and the reason nas isnt sellin more isnt bec 2chainz is new LMAO 2chainz been in the game for yeeeeears. not many ppl like 2 think and expand there brains no more so they like doin drugs n toastin out 2 dumb shit bec there dumb.. and cant handle real mcs like nas.. jesus piece was dope and good to see kendrick lamar going to plat.!.. 100,000 ppl bought C.K album..100,000 need to kill themselves..i wouldnt waste a blank CD on that shit


      You stupid fuck!! The reason 2 Chainz sold more than Nas IS because 2 Chainz IS NEW! We're not talking about the guy from Playaz Circle! To the world, 2 Chainz is a brand new person, he had all this hype, that's the ONLY GODDAMN reason he went Gold. Dude is wacker than wack. You're a fuckin dumbass. Let's see if 2 Chainz is selling 350,000 like Nas did, 20 years down the road, HAHAHAHA!

    • Anonymous

      stop hating 2 chainz album sound better to ride in my car to than nas beats, features, the whole dirty south sound is better than nas lyrics period... I bought both albums and listen to both and I listen to 2 chainz more

    • YESSIR

      My bad, I'm slowly getting educated on this hip hop shit and I realize Nas has been in the game for almost 20 years I think, and most rappers careers don't even last 5 years. So, yea...I'm a total idiot. Sorry guys. Nas is a legend.

  • Anonymous

    Everyime I occasionally come here I am reminded why i only occasionally come here. 2chainz 25? he's 35. you guys cant be serious. how is it okay for you to be so incompetent.

  • optimus rhyme

    Macklemore/Ryan Lewis still killing it! The numbers they're putting up on an indy label is amazing! Sad state of the game to see 2Chainz go gold though. That cat is past rubbish. Whoever is wasting money on that need some sense kicked into them.

  • Anonymous

    I can't believe 2 Chainz has held on like this. Even Keef is selling relatively well.

  • i can add

    I thought Last week Chief Keef had 55k in sales and this week 8100. How does that add up to 99k?!?!?!?! 55,000 + 8,100 = 63100 How da fuck he breaking 100k?

  • siamakf

    Here's hoping Kendrick goes Platinum...

  • gucciMane the Ceo

    170k not bad sales from former stripper #salute to my boy game

  • Anonymous

    nice to see kendrick still doing decent numbers

  • Chi-Ill

    Chief Keef still outselling Bog Boi lol That's some messed up shit! Chicago stand up! lmfao But fo real, (in BirdMans voice) WHat happen to that Boi?! Not a fan of Birdman tho lol

    • Chi-Ill

      ok Mr. Ritz, I see where you heading with this. If I can remember, Nas been around longer and he ain't even doing Nas #s Buhahahahahaha......... wait ..... ha! What's your excuse for that now? Nowhere in my post did I say Keef was a better rapper. My comment was just saying, Keef outselling Big Boi

    • Riz

      This dude Chi-ill is a fucking retard. Of course Chief Queef is gonna sell more than Big Boi. First of all, Big Boi's been around for years and years, secondly, his album got no promotion. But the main reason is that Chief Queef is popping right now and is JUST coming up right now, he's brand new in the game! Regardless Keef FLOPPED LIKE A MUTHAFUCKA!!! 50,000 first week?? That's it??? That's because he's fuckin GARBAGE!

    • Chi-Ill

      I see you the one that even put my name on your post last time around, now I need to get of off you? GTFOOH lil nukka!!!! And Yes it's OFFICIAL "Hate Or Love It" is fifs work lol


      shut ur mouth fool...aint nobody respect ur opinion...GAME 5 albums deep in the rap game..HE OFFICAL..hate it or love it..facts r facts...dont be commenting every time I make a post..get of my nuts fool..

  • Anonymous

    Watch Chief Keef do better than Game before April HAHAHAHAHAH

  • Anonymous

    I can't understand how Nas and Big Boi have such low sales. Ridiculous

  • IceCassidy

    Wiz Khalifa selling more than Game. Sad.

  • More fails

    2chainz is like 40, not 25. HHDX editorial fails continue

  • Anonymous

    big boi less than chief keef ?

  • Anonymous

    nas should go gold

  • big mike

    Lets see if 2 chains can sell 350,000 copies 15 years from now


    CONGRATS TO GAME...a solid 170k...without any real promo or tour yet...Classic albums sell on they own, word got out, and the streets have spoken..GAME official now..

    • brollya

      he go be the first nigga to ever do a tour on skype.... all dem features, dem niggaz go perform on a big screen on skype in the arena.... "be near a computer cuz im a be on tour and im a need u to perform this on skype so they dont get cheated"

    • Chi-Ill

      Hahahahahaha ............ HA Tour? I'm sure he will be doing a tour tho. A tour to all the local bars in compton! This nigga can't do an actual Arena tour! Give it up and stay off this niggas dick!

    • Anonymous

      real promo? get off his nutts and he cant go on tour what he gonna do about the 1000 artist he got on the album? cant tour with a flop

  • brollya

    rip to meek mill rappin career... it was fun while it lasted

  • christ

    T.I. will go platinium very soon

  • Be a success in life to the end

    Nas doesn't have the ability to sell records anymore. However, he has become a vintage rapper, who no longer has commercial appeal. He did have a pretty good run, that was longer than most, so the respect will always be there, just not the sales.

    • Anonymous


    • erna

      Actually nas abilities toward sales are really good. Just check all his 9 albums sales. I dont which artists sale like this in hiphop industry. As for now its still pretty good figures.

    • digga

      this shit is sad. that album was amazing. rap fans are fucking stupid. i have no faith in this genre anymore. 2 chains goes gold and the album was fucking atrocious while nas hasn't reached gold and put out one of the best albums in 2012. this is a fucking travesty. come on, this is pathetic. i can't be the only one who thinks this is pathetic. this is sad

  • Hip Hop Fan

    Whats crazy is that Macklemore keeps selling and is doing this independently. He is just doing him and its working. Other artists should be taking notes on how he is doing business. Mac Miller also sold 350,000 independently as well.

  • Anonymous

    gfid still not gold they just gave him a pitty plaque

  • OUCH!

    looks like t.i. is at a good pace for reaching that gold plaque

    • gibbs

      what i believe is that album was slightly less mediocre than No Mercy but still generic as fuck, dude did a struggle song with Pink and R. Kelly that sounded like arena rock bullshit, his trap songs were just like his old ones except not as good, dude sang a whole song like wtf kind of shit was that, plus none of his singles made any dent in the charts. oh and his label is full of rejects, the white crikey bitch who thinks shes dirty south, Bobby Sunshine Ray bitch made Taylor Swift collaborating ass nigga,

    • christ

      dont underestimate the strengh of tha album u will be surprise tommorow belive me gibbs

    • gibbs

      haha T.I. aint going platinum with that Struggle Man album, Blue Ivy will go diamond before T.I. ever goes platinum again

    • christ

      oh yeah it will then it would be platinum

  • jayvon32

    Based On A T.R.U. Story. Released in August, the 25 year-old G.O.O.D Music affiliate's break-out since Playaz Circle ^^^ I think you guys are off by a decade. 2Chainz is 35 years old not 25

  • big-tuna

    2 chainz is 35, not 25......

  • Anonymous

    2chainz gone gold, nas aint gone gold.HHDXers why dont yall buy albums? bucnh of freeloaders...

  • Anonymous

    how the hell nas has 349.000 and 2 chainz has 500.000 this is whats wrong with hip hop today most fans dont what it is anymore..

    • blackula

      Hiphop fan 2CHainz is not a newer artist. All he did was change his name from TityBoi or whatever to what it is now. When his name was Tity, no one was checking for him. It's all marketing. Dude has been in the game at least a decade. Fans buy his album today cuz most fans today are just dumb and brainwashed. There's nothing else to it. It's a joke that an album of that quality goes gold.

    • Anonymous

      piques* more interest

    • Hip Hop Fan

      Well, its because Nas has been in the game for 20 years so people know what is expected from him and over time all artists decline. 2 Chainz is a newer artist and is more marketed to the younger generation so he peaks more interest. Also they make two different styles of music.

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