Mac Miller Provides Update On Settlement With Lord Finesse

Mac Miller says what he can about the settlement in the $10 million lawsuit filed by Lord Finesse.

The exclusive broke on HipHopDX when Paul W. Arnold reported that a settlement had been reached in the case between Lord Finesse and Mac Miller. This was a $10 million lawsuit brought on by Finesse, making a case against Miller's "Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza."

Now, Miller has responded to the reports by acknowledging the settlement but adding that he cannot say much regarding the case.

"I'm actually legally not allowed to say anything about what happened," Mac told Complex. "Other than that it's been resolved and we didn't go to [trial]."

However, Miller managed to add a statement to make it clear he felt he was not at fault.

"If that was really a problem, people would be getting sued left and right," he added.

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  • Anonymous

    Nobody seems to care that this miller kid looks like the biggest fag in the world?

  • dj nemesis

    wanna know why i lost respect for finesse? he said if joey bada$$ used his beats he wouldnt sue...making it obvious hes either racist, or has a personal vendetta towards miller...i respect finesse as a producer, legendary producer, but as a person hes a scumbag...hes like a kanye type,fuck that nigga

  • Anonymous

    "He reached a huge audience with that song and it all equaled to PROFIT on Mac's part" Did the single sell 10 million? Hush child. We've already been over this before. If this was anyone other than MM, Finesse wouldn't have sued. He knows full well Miller is worth a few dollars right now, and so what better way to try and get some of it than to apply the "he used my instrumental and didn't credit me" logic. This happens all the time. Miller is 100% correct, and while maybe he could have shown Finesse a little more respect, this is business. How many sheisty things has Finesse in his rap lifetime? I bet more than he'll ever let on.

  • Real Talk

    IDIOTS He never payed Finesse for the beat. The song was sold online for PROFIT. The video created an income stream through YouTube for PROFIT. He performed the song at paid shows for PROFIT. He reached a huge audience with that song and it all equaled to PROFIT on Mac's part. When confronted Mac and his team got shady and disrespectful with a hip-hop legend. Not hard to figure shit, maybe it's time for you all to get an education.

  • True Rap

    Just another case of a dirty white devil stealing from the Black man

  • Anonymous

    If someone can cite Mac Miller earning 10mil on his little mixtape then I will bow down. Folks gotta be new to this hip hop mixtape bizz if they are citing actual fucking album releases under label. That's a no-brainer. You clear your shit on official releases or you get done-in like my boy Quik lol In the hip hop game, mixtapes are hip hop in it's purest form(even if it's pure shit now thx to homos like lil weezy). You shouldn't have to worry about going bankrupt if you release a damn tape with freestyles over other folk's beats. Otherwise, the mixtape game would be monopolized by record execs like the damn radio. I bet yall would like that, right?

  • BB

    Lord Finesse's ribs are touching. I also lost respect for his broke starving ass. Filing hilarious lawsuits... I guess Premo, Dre, Large Pro, Alchemist, Trackmasters should sue people too since people freestyle on their beats and make money off them from mixtapes and other sh1ts. And no Im not a mac miller fan. I dont fuck with his music. I agree 1000% with James comment. Its the hiphop lifestyles and its a form of showing love. yet this old ass Lord Finesse just looking to make a quick buck. SMH... I bet if Kool G Rap was on the mans beat and earned some money off it, there would be no lawsuit.

    • Anonymous

      name some artists who are selling their freestyles over dj premier, dr. dre, large pro, alchemist, etc. beats like you claim? if it was a free mixtape it wouldnt be an issue but mac miller was selling it

  • Fuck You

    Its so wack this dude would take a legends beat- fuckin mac miller probably hasnt even heard 10 finesse tracks- then say "its not a big deal" that he made a million off that shit. If He Really respect Lord Finesse he Would have atleast shouted him out on his own beat..kid's a clown no respect for the foundation.


    Wack Miller played himself by stealing a hip hop legend's track without contacting him for permission, its just an example of the stupidity of the majority of this new generation

  • james

    It doesn't matter, so many shitty mixtape gangsters sample hip hop and never get sued. Why? Because that's the fucking foundation of hip hop. Lord Finesse is too damn old to be affected by fans turning a side-eye to his music; he don't give a shit about hip hop. Mac got sued because he is successful and it has almost nothing to do with Finesse's work. White boy's success comes from his own grind and his love for hip hop and the community's obvious hunger for his old-style of flow while appealing to the youth. The struggle to clear samples mainly comes from greedy white folks who hold the masters to old artists and still hold outdated views on music as an art. When you got a hip hop "great" trying to make a new living off of someone elses work, then you're going to be remembered for being a leech, not a legend. Yes, Frozen Pizza was his shit, but Mac didn't earn shit off that record, besides respect from hip hop heads. You don't see KRS-ONE chasing paper for all the times he's been sampled.

    • @ James

      "The struggle to clear samples mainly comes from greedy white folks who hold the masters to old artists" ^ the story of James Brown. Did you ever hear the label complain? No, they got their due. Do you remember what happened to Biz Markie? Let me help those who don't: "Biz was served a lawsuit by Gilbert O'Sullivan because of "Alone Again" featuring an unauthorized sample from his song "Alone Again (Naturally)." The resulting case was Grand Upright Music, Ltd. v. Warner Bros. Records Inc., in which the court granted an injunction against the defendants to prevent further copyright infringement of the plaintiff's song by sampling and referred them for criminal prosecution. The judgment changed the hip hop music industry, requiring that any future music sampling be pre-approved by the original copyright owners to avoid a lawsuit. Biz would poke fun at his misfortunes, titling his next album All Samples Cleared! After Cold Chillin' ended its deal with Warner, the album was re-pressed without the illegal track." ^ so NOW, why are you against Lord Finesse, someone who obviously has learned from these two brothers' mistakes and actually caught one of these "greedy white folks"? "trying to make a new living off of someone elses work," ^ isn't that what Mac just did? You need a mirror check James.

    • Anonymous

      BUT HE DID "EARN SHIT OFF THAT RECORD" HE WAS SELLING THE SONG ON THE INTERNET AND AT HIS SHOWS! krs-one being sampled and mac miller jacking a whole beat is quite different

  • kids

    what the fuck do you know about finesse? if I were him the settlement would be Mac Miller cleaning service for the rest of his life, fuck that shitty wanna be

  • Anonymous

    Finesse lost my respect...

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