Juelz Santana Promises New Diplomats Song, Possible Album

Juelz Santana says the Diplomats may return with a new song sometime soon.

Last week, Juelz Santana gave an update on the status of the Diplomats and hinted at the Harlem crew reuniting for a new material. Now, in a recent interview with Fuse, Santana revealed that he, Jim Jones and Cam'ron have a new song in the works.

Juelz explained that he was deciding between two different Jim Jones songs for the final cut of his mixtape God Will'n, with the Lil Durk-featured "Both Sides (God Will'n)" making the cut. The other song, however, may find second life as a Dipset single, as Jim and Juelz are taking the track to Cam'ron to add the final verse.

"I'ma just put it to you like this: you know Jim was on the mixtape, he recorded ['Both Sides (God Will'n)'] with me and Durk," he said. "We actually did another record before that, it was a decision - not a decision, but a question of which was going on my tape. So we wound up saying, 'You know what? Why don't we just…put you on that one with Durk'…the [other] record we have, he got a verse on it, I got a verse on it, and [Jim] said he's gonna take it to Cam, and have Cam put a verse on it. Hopefully that will be the start of…a Diplomat album; it's possible to happen."

Check out the full song below.

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  • destiny Rodriguez

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  • Anonymous

    Ain't nobody checking for this dude. He was always wack.

  • jay

    hopefully its fire i always liked dipset as a group..god willin' was aight nothing special just decent.. juelz needs less features and more verses like that verse in soft..that ws fire

  • Anonymous

    Doesn't he have 2 kids by that hood rat named Kimbella??

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