Andre 3000 Responds To Big Boi's Appearances On "Pink Matter" & "Sorry" Remixes

Andre 3000 breaks his silence on his Outkast partner Big Boi remixing Frank Ocean's and T.I.'s songs.

Andre 3000 has responded to Big Boi tacking on verses to Frank Ocean's "Pink Matter" and T.I.'s "Sorry."

In a statement released to, Three Stacks said that he met with both the Odd Future crooner and Tip to discuss the "musical direction" of each song. He said that it was only after he completed his verses did Big Boi's name come up.

3K said that he doesn't want to "mislead our audience" and says that the songs are "not Outkast collaborations." And though he was quick to clarify, he said that he talked with Big Boi, Frank and T.I. and that everyone agreed they weren't Outkast songs.

Read the full statement below. 

"It's important for me to be clear about the origins of my contributions to 'Pink Matter' and 'Sorry.'

I was approached as a solo artist by both Frank Ocean & Tip. I discussed musical direction with each artist and completed my verses. It was after that when Big Boi's name came up.

I never want to mislead our audience - I worried that some would think these were Outkast collaborations. These songs are not Outkast collaborations. I discussed this rationale with Big, Frank and T.I. and everyone agreed. That is why I was surprised to read about these remixes.

I understand that anyone can put out an unofficial remix to any song but I have an obligation to be honest with fans about what this is … and what it isn't."

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  • Dungeon family fan

    I'm a huge Outkast fan and nothing stays the same and people change so it's understandable if rapping isn't your priority anymore and you just want to do a verse here and there and move on to acting and shit, but doing this kind of HOE shit ain't even necessary. If you don't want to be linked to outkast like that anymore and stand alone as Andre 3000 then say so and fuck all that tiptoeing bullshit. Be honest with big boi and the fans that are holding out false hope for new album when you know damn well there isn't going to be one.

  • Incognito

    Andre may not want to say it publicly because of backlash but To me he doesn't want to be associated with outkast anymore. He can get on everybody's album but when it comes to big boi he's busy and then he releases a statement like that when it shouldn't be big deal. If you listen to the albums after aquemini he slowly started distancing himself more and more til by the time idle wild came out they're on like two or maybe three songs together come on.

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    This statement by Andre 3000 is extremely wack. If there is an outkast contractual issue that needs to be addressed, do it behind closed doors and not issue a public statement. Andre's statement implies that he is throwing T.I., Frank Ocean, and Big Boi under the bus for creating remixes without his knowledge.





  • The truth about Outkast.....

    For all those angry at Andre this was a contractual issue...Apparently if this was billed as an Outkast feature they would be forced to pay their label which they weren't trying to do.Big Boi was doing a favor for T.I and he just wanted some buzz for the Frank Ocean song...They all discussed it apparently and came to an understanding..

    • ARNEMA

      That's where you wrong if it was a contractual issue for Outkast Grand Hustle and whatever label Frank Ocean is on would had to get clearance to release the songs. This announcment was not needed.

    • Jimsie

      yeah i agreee, this makes the most sense

  • Trace

    Wow... Andre 3K has got a lot of nerve. If I was Big Boi, I would seriously feel disrespected. Andre made him out to look like a fool for getting on the songs. It was done out of respect for the songs. He's got a big head and there will never be another Outkast album BECAUSE of Andre 3000.

  • Heavy Chevy

    3000 and Dr. Drizay should do an album together to break both of their procrastination and get some momentum going (put a time limit on it, like a month).

  • Elliot

    Big Boi > Andre 3000

  • Anonymous

    Is it me? Or does Andre not like Big Boi? lol

  • Anonymous

    The song sucked my opinion, no need to realease statements about it

  • BlkLotus

    big boi is a dope ass solo artist PERIOD. hes doin his damn thing the way i see it, the songs were dope without him on it and sound fuckin doper with him on it but not just because he was on it but also because it actually sounded like oukast. but dree aint feelin that rite now, maybe he has lost it n thats why he wont come out with new shit idk ???? but whats worst great music that we all thought featured outkast, even tho we already know that they got on the track sepearetly n now were disappointed cus one of em just reconfirmed what we already knew oorrr outkast putting out an album premuturally and really dissapointing everybody??? i think dree doesnt wanna take the shine from the original artist or big boi for a great song just cus it says outkast on it or has both big boi n andree 3000s name it, when it clearly wasnt an outkast song or collab. when outkast comes out with somethin then they will n if not well atleast they came out with somethin...keepin faith alive :/

  • Anonymous

    why is it that andre 3k gets 10x more attention for his guest ft's than big boi does for his solo albums?

    • blitzlegga

      because 3k is more talented and is a better rapper than big boi. this just goes to prove that 3k is the reason why outcast was successful.

  • Anonymous

    This dude is just getting on everyone's nerves now

  • Kizman

    Big Boi had his time and great success as a solo artist. He released his albums. Andre, gives me the impression that he's a perfectionist. He is a song writer and any project he works on he is very hands on with the concept and how the song turns out. It's not just a throw away 16 or a quickly written verse. He puts his all in every guest spot or project he is working on. And, he feels any song with the Outkast name on it should impeccable. I think he also feels that Big Boi should be understanding and shouldn't have a problem with him taking his time to release a solo album. It is what they agreed upon in the first place. Each one releases a solo album, then an Outkast album. Big Boi is just impatient. Andre wants an Outkast album to happen organically and not rushed or forced. And I feel every fan should respect that and be patient, and in turn, they will be thankful for when the Outkast album is finally released and its a classic.


    I feel disgraced as an Outkast fan. I used to love the music they made together... We all did! It's the reason that Andre is a "legend" and part of the reason we are all so invested in hip-hop! But Andre 3000 has been legitimately avoiding creating new music with Big Boi. How could you even argue against that after this latest statement? When we heard Pink Matter, we knew it wasn't an "Outkast" song! But we settled for it, because the two of them on a track together is the closest thing we've had to an Outkast song in years. Big Boi is not just the better rapper of the two; he has earned my admiration and 3k has lost it.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I'm tired of this motherfucka already. Big boi is doing a lot of dope music and he just acts like he is too good to get down with him. Keep doing guest appearances and whack movies and acting like you are too good for your homeboy and fans and see how far you get.


    Fuck andre3000...i will never support any of his movies or any of his solo shit...he acts like a bitch then people go running towards him when he releases new shit...fuck him and dre...these muthafuckas dont remember who got them in the place they are in your fans some respect and drop some music

  • BK

    The fact that he issued a statment is Hollywood as hell.

  • Anonymous


  • Mortis

    What a fucking homo. Fuck this queer. Disrespect your legacy. Your a fucking hollywood clown. Fuck you

  • taylor

    If you dont know about RapRuler, you're missing out, they have an exclusive T.I. interview and other relevant news

  • j

    Outkast is sacred is basically what he's saying

  • anonymous

    I understand what 3000 is saying I thought the remix was dope with him alone but when Big added his verse it made me excited like they were gonna come back together I mean shit they are by far one of the best groups in Hip Hop. But if they don't release another album I won't complain these kats have dammit they have classics so its all good.....but it would be dope to see them reunite and headline a Rock The Bells

  • Anonymous

    by the time they make up and start making songs together they will be washed up. it happens to every group. destinys child today, new edition in 2004, any future g-unit/diplomats albums etc.

  • 2 bandz

    Andre 3 stacks doesnt have the juice anymore.he know outkast will flop

  • yeaaahh

    Blame the media!! I kept seeing, "Outkast reunites on Frank Ocean's song". Andre is just setting the record straight. I agree with the dude who said if they do decide to make new music that it should be because they want to. I don't want forced material because fans won't stop bitchin'. All we can do is patiently wait.

  • B

    They're T.I. and Frank Ocean songs not "official" Outkast songs. But if you had a song with John, Paul, George and Ringo it's a Beatles song to me. Welcome back Outkast!



  • madmanmike

    coulda just said 'they pulled a fast one on me, we both ended up on the same record. this isn't Outkast but they got me.' won;t be young forever Andre! live it up

  • Anonymous

    Man Big Boi puts up with SO MUCH SHIT from Andre. He dropped his tour, they stopped the music, they stopped collaborating, and now he's trying to push himself away from probably some of the best songs they've been on in almost a decade. And the entire time, Big takes it in stride and says its all fine and let's it all go. That's a good dude right there. That OutKast reunion album better be perfect.

    • Anonymous

      Probably because Big Boi keeps putting out incredible solo albums while Andre can't seem to do anything. I don't understand what Andre's deal is the two of you rapping on the same beat is Outkast cuz they were the two members

  • C Boy MusiCC

    If yall pay attention to both of them in interviews they dont wont the media severing up Outkast shit when it clearly not Outkast is all he saying thats a Frank Ocean song and T.I's song is his when the unoffial remix drops. He not dissing Big in no way.

  • RR

    Why is Andre going out of his way to tell us that these are not Outkast-related songs? Jesus Christ, god forbid you and Big Boi get on a song together. Fuck off, Andre...

  • Itz Over...

    There was no need for this statement. He clearly does not want to be associated with Big. Im not saying he does'nt have good reasons, Im saying he is not feeling Big. Killer Mike hinted a while back, when he and Big had issues that 3000 wasnt gonna work with Big. Go back 4 0r 5 years ago and check that Killer Mike vs Big Boy beef

  • samwise g

    andre 3k is like the anti-2 chainz. andre-all talent, no work ethic 2 chainz-no talent, all work ethic

  • Player Ball Attendee

    Mr Benjamin should do a solo rap album with no features, to make up for all these lost years of him not rapping at all. After that then maybe he could do an Outkast album.

  • Anonymous

    3 stacks doesn't want anything to do big boi remedial flow and pill popping ass. 3 stacks stayed tru big boi fell off

    • Anonymous

      Big Boi's CDs are awesome. His new one has some good ass tracks like In the A. You should check them out if you haven't heard them yet maybe you would get why Andre is acting ridiculous. Big Boi had to step up and start putting music out to keep the Outkast Legacy going and not let it die out in time which is what would have happen if left up to 3 Stacks doing a verse every other year or so. I mean we will always know Outkast but the younger generations who knows they seem to listen to shitty music

    • ETK

      yes Andre was the main reason for the album selling so much but it's still a dual effort.. Big Boi put in his work for that album too. 3stacks drops "classic" verses because he doesn't do them as often and when he gets to the booth he murders it, all natural. Big Boi is shelling out LP after LP showin that hustle that Andre doesn't show, and while his albums may or may not be classics, they're still pretty fuckin good. he had the best LP of 2010 in my opinion alongside MBDTF.

    • Anonymous

      ok, you have a point but i have a more major point. 3 stacks drops classic verses and commercials. Question, is Big Boi album classic material? Question, who album was better the love below? or speaker boxxx? I remember big boi having one single and i remember hey ya! Andre is the reason that album sold 17million copies. Agree or disagree?

    • wha?

      uhh it's actually the complete opposite. Both are dope, but Big Boi is out here making full solo albums while 3 stacks is making shaving commercials.

  • WestCoast17

    I think this could be good news for Outcast least him n Big is talking! And shows they still can drop some niccce songs, 2014 maybe? lol

  • Anonymous

    thats upsetting.....damn

  • jay

    damn but u rly had to go out ur way to say it wasnt an outcast song..? what wsa the point of that im sure since its on neither of their albums that it wasnt even a thought ppl were just excited 2 see the two on a song again.. damn stacks WTF is going on thru ur head

  • Anonymous

    lol not really a big deal, just a technical distinction. he's just sayin he wasn't writin it originally as if big boi was on the track.

    • anon1

      co-sign! He's just clarifying that they didn't approach it as an outkast feature, if they had, then the artistic direction may have been different. I don't think its a big deal

  • hex

    i don't know... everybody's complaining about 3 stacks' attitude and his not wanting to do another outkast record, but i feel like if his heart's not in it and he forces new outkast material as a result of fans' constant whining, it won't be great. if anything, it won't be the same, and you'll be able to tell that 3000 didn't really do it cause he wanted to. everything that's been happening with these two lately is a sign that we may just have to forget about a reunion anytime soon. it's tragic, but you gotta let go sometime. i'd rather stick with kast's back catalog of timeless records than get something uninspired out of a forced reunion just for the sake of having a new album.

  • Chris

    In my opinion, I think you guys are taking his comments out of context...I personally feel that Andre is very passionate about the Outkast brand/sound and that is something that he wants a clear distinction from their solo projects, features, etc...Just like Pimp C wanted to separate Pimp C the artist and Bun B the artist from UGK the GROUP, I think this is same with Andre. Outkast has ALWAYS recorded all of their official calloborative music while physically together (in the same studio), so that music is more sacred then say some random features that were submitted at different times while they weren't together in the studio. Just my thoughts. I don't think this effects the chances of Outkast album in the future. I just think that Andre and Big Boi want that music to be released officially when THEY (Outkast) feel that the time is right! My 2 cents...

    • Chris

      As an Outkast fan, I hope I am right too! Also I think that Andre might be afraid of failure (meeting people's expectations, while still making a commercially successful album in this sales climate). I do not think 3 Stacks want to put the Outkast stamp on anything right now, as there resume is damn near impeccable, so he doesn't want to have a blemish on their name! Personally I have never doubted the chemistry between Boi and Stacks nor their ability to drop classic records while evolving with the times. Only time will tell though...

    • Sam F.

      I hope you are right.

  • Anonymous

    He clearly doesn't want anything to do with outkast. It's a damn shame.

  • Keith

    I hear what Andre's saying. He's saying, "Don't get too excited for an Outkast reunion." These were unofficial remixes that Big Boi did on his own, and not official Outkast reunions. Cool. However, I wish Andre would see it as a gesture of reaching out from Big Boi, and maybe realize that this is something fans really want to see. And I think it's something modern music would definitely benefit from: these two create magic in the studio together.

  • AllahIsLord

    "SMACK A FAGGOT IN A STRAW HAT" hahahhaah best name ever


    Why the fuck would you issue a statement for this??? It's not even his fucking songs..If you did a song with Jadakiss then put Sheek or Styles on it later, do you think Jadakiss would give a fuck? He would be happy his boys are on there. I'm sick of this fucking faggot ass hipster Andre, he acts like a queer.

  • foreal

    Why does he feel a need to say this? i feel this is a bad sign for a reunion.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ That issue was resolved and Big Boi has stated that's not a factor anymore

    • khordkutta

      I can only presume its because "la face" or whatever record label, still "owns" outkast. so none of the artists want that label involved or gettin money

  • Anonymous

    unless outkast have broke up then i can see why it wouldnt be an outkast collab.. Still, they haven't broke up yet so technically its still an outkast collab..

    • blah

      Thats the thing, its not a outkast collabo. hell, its not even Andres songs and Big Boi merely did a remix. That does not make it an outkast record unless they recorded as such. Im over 3000 and dudes attitude. At least we are getting dope solo albums from Daddy Fat Sacks. The same cant be said about 3000

  • Geko

    3000 is vey selfish/Playboy

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