Nas Signs Deal With Hennessy For "Wild Rabbit" Campaign

Nas has signed a deal with the company for a campaign that previously featured Erykah Badu, Manny Pacquiao and Martin Scorcese.

Nas has announced signing a deal with Hennessy for the second year of the company's "Wild Rabbit" campaign.

For the campaign, Nas will perform at a private concert on January 15th at New York City, New York's R Lounge. Hennessy has partnered with Livestream to broadcast the event worldwide and will then make it downloadable on Facebook. Additionally, fans can submit questions to Nas at @HennessyUS during a live Twitter Q&A.

"This partnership with Hennessy has been almost two decades in the making," said Nas. "I am honored to be included in the group of previous partners Hennessy has selected over the years and hope this campaign will inspire others to 'never stop, never settle."'

"Our 'never stop, never settle' mantra communicates a value at The Core of who we are as a brand and resonates with our consumers: pursuing one's potential comes from an inner drive to continuously grow, continuously improve and seek greater levels of mastery," added Rodney Williams, Senior Vice President, Moet Hennessy USA. "Nas is not only a master in music, but is blazing new trails in film and philanthropy, among other passions."  

Hennessy launched its "Wild Rabbit" campaign last year with spokespersons Erykah Badu, Manny Pacquiao and Martin Scorcese.

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  • mal617

    fuck it he's still the best

  • Five Percenter

    Wow. This is the same negro who said he would never sign a deal like this 10 years ago. Guess someone is in desperate need for money.

    • Omar

      not at all. Nas is a henne drinker and has spoke of them in his music since Illmatic. he said he would not do a deal unless it was a brand he actually used and stood behind. its not like if he did a deal with miller lite or something. nas and other rappers have helped bring the spotlight of henne to a lot of ppl so why not get paid for that.

    • Anonymous

      Blaqrhythm: We know what Nas said on MTV, this is not a beer commercial. Nas refused beer commercials because they market to kids. At the time Nas was popular with youth, so they wanted Nas, to gain exposure to teens. Nas' fanbase is now 25-45 years old... mostly mature adults. These advertisments are not reckless partying time commercials and advertisements... the are mature and classy. ^ a true "five percenter" would do the knowledge first before applying wisdom (reading the whole page) Sharpen your swords or stop fronting.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Get that paper, son, get the IRS off your back and stay free

  • Shone Jones

    This is the same dude that dissed Rakim for his Hennessy deal 10 years ago. Morals and integrity don't mean much to some when the IRS and Friend of the Court is breathing down your neck.

    • Anonymous

      Some of you aren't living by that sacred moral code you had 10 minutes or even 3 years ago.

    • ^

      You're the one making excuses.

    • Anonymous

      Excuses over excuses. When will you ridiculous Nas stans ever start to judge Nas by the same standards other rappers are judged by? Yall fucking faggots change the rules for him every week.

    • Anonymous

      Nas dissed Rakim 12 years ago? Prove it dumb bitch

    • Fucking retard

      How do you haters come with lies like that. You don't even know what the partnership is about. People forget, well some of you are kids, these beer companies used to market to kids, just like how cigarettes used to do. that's why Nas didn't want to do it. Some of you are too young to know how America was different 12 years ago

    • Tbones

      Another ignorant nigga. When did Nas ever diss Rakim for anything not to talk of getting a deal with henny? Dumb niggas like you just like to spew that bullshit all over the net.

  • DB

    if lyrics sold, truth be told...Nas would never strike this deal.

  • Fuck Marcy

    Pass that HenRoc nigglette.

  • Anonymous

    More marketing for Nas the cheap fucking whore... who about promoting literacy? Oh right, Nas can't-- or doesn't-- read.

  • how is it?

    If you listened to Nas as an artist you would realize that Nas has been promoting Hennessey for years and besides this has NOTHING TO DO WITH PROMOTING HENNESSY because they are already the leading producers of Cognac. This is more marketing for Nas the GOAT!

  • Anonymous

    Because Negros need to spend more money drinking (and on sneakers) instead of saving their money and investing... Thanks, Nas, you sack of shit!!

  • Fact

    Why would Hennessy make a deal with this whach ass fake rapper. Them niggas sould have made this deal with real niggas like Diddy, Weezy, Royce 5'9 or MGK. Fuck this fake nigga Nas. The nigga cant rap no more. He a homo rapper. Fuckin tranny. Fuck you if you disagree with me, cause you niggas know that you below me. You all are bitch ass trannys.


    what happened to not promoting alcohol nas ?

    • easy

      @ MAC WEASEL....IT'S CALLED HATE! Niggas is so caught up in the gossip about Nas $ while Nas is investing in tech companies, films and philanthropy. About time you haters catch up to the fact that Nas is not stressing he will already prevailed at winning.

    • So Icy Boi!

      fuck mac WEASEL. swag

    • mac DIESEL


  • So Icy Boi!

    Nas is da best rappa alive. swag

  • dentaldamboy

    Nas stays getting that paper, but he's always broke. Must be getting extorted by the BLOODS. Birdman, my boss, is getting that Nas $$$ through extortion. Birdman's 5-Star general in the BLOODS army. Birdman can't wait to get some of that Hennessy money. Break Wayne and Drake off with a little extra. YMCMB 4 life!

    • @ dentaldamboy

      Keep dreaming/lying, kid. You know damn well you don't work for Cash Money. If you really do work for them, then I'm an A&R for Interscope Records. Besides, what idiot names themselves dentaldamboy? Fucking faggot.

    • LOL

      @DICKTALDAMBOY, why you browsing HHDX and worried about people hating on you and your wack ass crew??? lmao yall niggers are fucking retarted

    • dentaldamboy

      Umm...I actually am an accountant for cash money records. There's something wrong with your perception of the world. No one lies and pretends to be an accountant. It's not a glamorous job...but it is very stable. People who lie about their professions claim to be lawyers, entrepreneurs, etc.

    • Anonymous

      Dentaldamboy, you know damn well you don't work for Birdman. You're broke, jobless, and you live at your mama's house where you don't do nothing but sit in the basement, jack off to gay porn, and troll HipHopDX.

    • Anonymous

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Good joke. Birdman ain't no goddamn blood. He's a phony. Everything you said is a bunch of bullshit.

  • yes indeed

    CONGRATS NASIR JONES! This is NOT a beer commercial...this a campaign is for the mature adult audience that enjoy Hennessy the world leading luxury producers of Cognac. Looking forward to Nas & Hennessey partnership/events.

  • this is real

    I respect the move but didn't he say he doesn't do beer commercials in his MTV Diary?

    • Anelka

      @Blaqrhythm, Thanks for breaking it down to them ignorant clowns above. It seems the internet age is filled with dumb youngsters that lack the capability to reason. Nas refused that Budweiser commercial then for the reasons you articulated and is doing this Henny Campaign for the reasons you also articulated. Besides, its more than just an advert, the Wild Rabbit campaign is much deeper. This link will shed more light for the ignorant ones, peace.

    • Blaqrhythm

      We know what Nas said on MTV, this is not a beer commercial. Nas refused beer commercials because they market to kids. At the time Nas was popular with youth, so they wanted Nas, to gain exposure to teens. Nas' fanbase is now 25-45 years old... mostly mature adults. These advertisments are not reckless partying time commercials and advertisements... the are mature and classy.

    • @ huh?

      I'm not talking about the article you clowns, I'm talking about what he said on his MTV Diary episode

    • Cage

      ^^^ Lol my sentiments exactly. Smart move, Nas

    • huh?

      Where does it say anything about a beer commercial? Did you read the article?

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