Young Chris Speaks On Next Album "Alive"

Young Chris provides some insight into his new project.

Youn Chris is back, now as the flagship artist on producer Rico Love's Division 1 label, distributed by Universal/Motown.

“It’s a blessing first off for people to still embrace me, to be anticipating my solo project after 15 years,” said the former Roc-A-Fella Records artist in an interview with

“I think I got 15 years in right now, [I] met Jay and them around fourteen, fifteen,” added Young Gunz.

“[Now] it’s a blessing to work with Rico,” he stated. “We [are] shooting for the album in May so we drop that single now, get on the road work it, do what we got to do. Club dates to arenas."

Watch the interview below:

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  • Anonymous

    He's had 2 albums in 15 years, and was signed to Division 1 two years ago. And I thought The Lox were underachievers.

  • Anonymous

    Thought this was about Yung Chris, and still didn't care... WHO is this??

    • Fish

      Young Chris - former Roc-A-Fella artist, former member of Young Gunz, Grammy nominated and better than 99.999999% of artists out there. Yung Chris - a retard who you cannot understand what the fuck he is mumbling and has one relatively successful song The fact that you confused the two means you are retarded. The fact that you tried to imply that 'Racks' faggots is bigger than Young Chris means you should kill yourself.

  • BigEarl

    Young Chris should change his name to Old Chris. Ain't nobody looking for this ancient washed up has-been anymore. He Old Chris needs to start sweeping floors for Jay-Z -- he should leave rap alone cos he is just embarrassing himself now. 1 wack mixtape every 15 years average is the lowest work-rate out of any rapper out there -- even retards like Gucci and Souja Boy put in more work.

  • june

    This dude is still rapping? LOL

  • foreal

    he says he is 15 years in? a artist who had one marginally successful album 15 years ago and nothing since shouldnt consider himself 15 years in. thats like surfing for a week, stopping, then picking up a surf board 15 years later and saying you have been surfing for 15 years

  • poetic assasin

    waste of space article --- he's been on that label for about 3 yrs now -- dropped 1 mixtape --- been waiting for him to blow up as a solo artist - should have been poppin way before Meek --

  • Longlivedolla

    Can I ask you? What difference does this make to your life then? You had the option to ignore this article and leave it to people who actually like young chris' music. The mans success and work has no impact on you if you want nothing to do with him

  • Anonymous

    this is the nigga who got boddied on a track with papoose. i think it was called "let's get it"

  • Anonymous

    looks like AZ in the top pic

  • Coogi

    Pointless article, nobody lookin for this nigga anymore

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