Big Boi Reveals He Didn't Vote For President Obama

Big Boi explains his political beliefs.

Contrary to the support President Barack Obama has received from artists such as Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, and Common, not every emcee voted Democrat in 2012.

In an interview with Huff Post Live, Big Boi recalled an instant when someone assumed that he voted for Obama.

"Well, I was, you know, leaving to go out of town, and it was a lady -- a Caucasian lady -- and she was like, 'Oh yeah, congratulations on y'all win last night,' you know, with like an attitude," remembered Sir Lucious Left Foot. "And, you know, just to let her know I was on my P's and Q's, I was like, 'I don't know what you talkin' bout, I voted for Gary Johnson.' And she looked shocked to even know that I knew there were other candidates on the ballot, you know what I’m saying? So, you can't judge a book by its cover."

Daddy Fat Sax explained his political stance. "I’m a Libertarian. I’m liberty, justice for all, liberty for all. I’m really pro-people, pro-freedom, and, you know, this is all about positivity. Like, you know, I have nothing against the president at all, you know, he's a nice guy, but, it’s just, you know, the things that they're standing on right now just didn't agree with me. Anything that benefits the public and not just big banking, that's what I'm with."

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  • Anonymous

    "People knew nothing about Romney" They knew enough not to make him president.

  • Anonymous

    "Implying that just because someone can vote that means they automatically know what they are doing. LOL" Alot of people spent time listening and studying up on Obama before the re-election. If someone honestly believed he could do even half of what he said he would then yes I would say they know more than some cornball rapper who is just trying to make headlines by going againsn't the grain.

  • Just Sayin

    the reason this is news is because we live in a right now information society, for every bit of information with merit comes 100X more of the B.S.

  • Anonymous

    ZZZZZZzzzzz..... If your life sucks, it ain't Obama's fault.

  • jay

    see this is someone people can fuck with. isnt ignorant knows shit and is smart.. more people need to be like him fer real..coughcough

  • Gary Johnson

    Big boi voted for this cracker because he know my dicks name is Gary Johnson. I'm the real big boi

  • Eatadoodoo sandwitch big boi boi

    What you took too many Molly that's why you didn't vote Fuck out of here ..

  • Anonymous

    so because he is black and did not vote for a black president it honestly became news worthy? ... So that means if fuckin Bubba Sparxxx didnt vote for Mitt Romney that shit will be in the headlines?

  • Wu Tang

    and how is this news we are living in a brainwashed society

  • GBtha G

    I like B.Boi he alwayz fresh. hohohoho dat ignorant muthafuckin chick thought every negro agrees with the president?

  • tito

    There is nothiong wrong because you didn't vote for Obama, but IMHO there are a lot of things wrong if you vote for someone like Gary Johnson

  • jay z

    I gave my vote for vermine suprime, youtube if u dont know him.. sad that he didnt won

  • lol

    In Response to Anonymous, I Learned in My Econ Class, That Successful Owners a lot of times pay themselves $100,000-$200,000 to avoid the Top Brackets so they are always getting back something good for possible investments,stocks,and/or personal use.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares who he voted for. Motherfuckers also think Tim Tebow is a great QB.

  • Anonymous

    I voted for Obama. And so what? Do people who didn't want a cookie?

    • GBtha G

      So who gives a fuck snitch? go 2 tha muthafuckin white hse.shit iz this website becoming a political one????fuck politics.

  • Kizman

    Alot of our people don`t realize that white racism is more dangerous today cause its more covert and more sophisticated.The worst type of racism is the one you can`t see cause you let your guard down and are easily manipulated.We really need our own major media sources to expose these sneaky demons tactics and conspiracies against us.

  • Anonymous

    Thats whats up, smart dude. Thats was actually the best candidate to be honest, to bad the media like to glorify only two though.

  • RF

    I guess the stereotypes go both ways. Glad to see a Big Boi stand up for his beliefs.

  • Anonymous

    Any rich black rapper would be a fool to vote for Obama, because he taxes rich people. That's like poor white person voting Republican.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Lol. Not everyone gets tax returns buddy. If you make a decent amount you don't get a return, or if you do, it's nothing compared to what you paid in. Successful people in the top tax brackets who own their own business will pay over 50% in taxes on every penny they earn considering all taxes.

    • lol

      ??? because he taxes rich people? Everybody gets taxed, its not necessarily a bad thing, There is a thing called Tax Returns. Don't feel like the tax thing is fair? Work under the table then.(aka Cash Paying Jobs-Note that drug dealing usually leads to jail time or end of life.)

    • shame

      so only poor people should vote for him? Last I checked he had the most amount of money raised by multiple donors (not a few rich men like Sharon, Koch brothers etc) and they were surely not mostly black. Rich white people. Because its more than taxation. Go find a better site to read from. Big boi has a stance, but Gary Johnson though?? I would have been on a shit ticket, and he would have voted for me then.

    • The Don

      Yoooo i always thought that too. but its cause they come from the hood and rap about all that gangster and struggle shit. gangster rappers main audience are real street niggas like me so them voting for what Romney and Republicans believe in could be career suicide.

  • Anonymous

    Bill Clinton was the best rock star/president we've ever had.

  • Jason

    Word up!!! do ya homework. I wanted either Herman Cain or Thomas Sowell.

  • Jim

    Just because he's Black doesn't mean he needs to agree with the popular choice...

  • Heavy Chevy

    Blacks just can't stick together

  • Big Bang Theory

    You nerds are entertainment. Back to this blow football game.

  • Anonymous

    Like it or not, Obama is the greatest president we ever had.

    • Anonymous

      Yawn. Your illiterate half-wit self clearly ignored all the other issues I stated. Koolaid? Lol sorry but you've clearly mistaken me for one of your kind. No not black, but a fucking sheep. Fox news? Yea no. Try natural news dot com and infowars. Dianne Fienstein is trying to pass her proposal which is the attempt to steadily ban all forms of fire arms with the start of AR's. The shooting of schools and movie theaters were orchestrated by the government to gather the sympathy of dumb mother fuckers like you and your family so you accept their propaganda and don't protest, which will result in a civil war. Coming at me telling me to stop watching fox so you come across as intelligent. I am a journalist myself. Fuck outta here with that bullshit and go lower your IQ with some fluoride while cleaning your nasty mouth.

    • anan

      ^^^ "Banning of the 2nd Amendment" What the hell are you talking about?? Obama hasn't passed any new legislation on guns or gun control. If anything he's made it easier to purchase guns AND he's helped boost gun sales becase morons like you think he's coming after them. Dumbass. Do your research. Turn off Fox. Quit drinking the kool aid. Actually read legitimate sources of news. Public broadcasting.

    • Anonymous

      Greatest president for the NDAA(this criminalizes anyone the government deems a terrorist or threat so you go to jail without trial by jury which is your fucking right in the bill of rights), SOPA, PIPA, banning of the 2nd amendment fuck out of here you ignorant bitch. You fucking sheep get my blood boiling because I care about your damn freedom and you're so brainwashed it's insane. FUCK

    • sdg`

      HAHAHAHAHA.....hahahahhahahahaha....ur dumb as fuck

    • Anonymous

      greatest president?? you out your fuckin mind... george washington?? thomas jefferson?? abraham lincoln?? the list goes on and on.. obama campaigned on change and he is the same ol crook as the rest of em.. just got some people confused because of his skin color..

  • Anonymous

    I like Johnson's position on drugs, Patriot Act, foreign policy, etc, as much as anyone, but you need to take a split-second look at how austerity cuts are affecting Europe to see how bad his economic plan would kill the US economy

    • Anonymous

      Obviously in short term thinking the cuts would have a negative affect on the economy but thinking long term it will be good for the economy to not have the debt looming. You can't just keep owing more and more and expect everything to be fine.

    • Mr. Awesome

      Very excellent point! Finally, someone with an at least basic, logical understanding of politics on here

    • Anonymous

      the way our banking system is set up right now needs a complete make over..

  • Anonymous

    "Big Boi is intelligent" Not on ESPN First Take he wasn't, but that's another story. Regardless of what Obama is doing, or what Romney would have done, these rappers slay with me their stances. So Big Boi somehow knows more than the millions of people who sincerely voted for Obama? Alot of them don't have his money or fame, so I hold their vote in slightly higher regard than Big Boi's simply because rappers love taking stands againsn't anything or anyone that has authority. Like if to say were not stupid just cause we rap. I respect Big Boi having an opinion, but he knew Gary Johnson had no shot, so why come out and denounce Obama simply because he's not running things the way you think he should.

    • Anonymous

      he's allowed to vote for whoever he wants to, regardless of who has a greater chance of winning. it's a democracy you idiot

    • Anonymous

      " So Big Boi somehow knows more than the millions of people who sincerely voted for Obama?" Implying that just because someone can vote that means they automatically know what they are doing. LOL

    • Anonymous

      because obama is killing this great country and he wants you to know he wasnt a part to him getting elected

  • Anonymous

    What an intelligent concept not voting for a black president just because he's black! Gary Johnson was going to make huge cuts and it would have been difficult, but it is what's needed. Meanwhile Obama is driving the economy downhill with no regard for the national debt. Romney meanwhile is completely incompetent and is strongly against gay marriage and weed legalization so it would be difficult for him to win plus he wouldn't have gotten rid of all the debt like Johson. Big Boi is intelligent.

  • Negro Please

    Fuck it, nevermind.

  • Negro Please

    This shit was aimed at Andy below me

  • Negro Please

    And I suppose that its only us dumb asses, that have contributed to the state of this country while you sat back and just watched? Get the fuck outta here. And hasn't every president made promises that can't be kept? That's how you get elected. Our country has struggled after every war we've had and this is no different. America will be fine. Fuckin doomsayers I swear

    • Big Bang Theory

      Wow this dude actually made more sense then any of you geeks. I see comments from geeks acting as if this Gary Coleman or Gary Johnson guy was voted they act like he would have done all the shit he said. I see the conspiracy geeks saying all the presidents are puppets this Gary Coleman dude would change shit. If every president was puppets in the past what makes you nerds think this Gary Coleman wouldn't have been a puppet too. DO you geeks think before yall post.



    • Big Bang Theory

      And then this Geek hates Big Boi and won't buy a big boi album because he didn't vote for Obama. Wow i swear its some weird emotional ass geeks behind these computers. You nerds can't be this life less.

  • Andy

    Why am I not surprised fickle hip hip fans don't know about a guy that wanted to balance the budget, audit the fed, end the war on drugs, require wars to be declared by congress, end the war on terror, repeal draconian government measures, end the police state (ie. TSA), value integrity over political party, etc. Some of y'all dumb asses are the reason we have a 16+ trillion debt, bubbles, more enemies than ever before, debt ceiling that keeps increasing, a blatantly obvious connection between lobbyists and government (ie. Obama having Mosontano & Goldman & Sachs individuals in his administration).

  • dadukestin

    alright big boi is defintly in GOAT after saying this. he's not a sheep he does his own thing. obama is an image not a president. if hilary wouldve won it would be the same. pupepts dont trust as far as you can throw them

    • Big Bang Theory

      Wow this Geek praise the dude because of Big Boi's politcal thoughts. Calls Big Boi(not Andre 3000 but Big Boi) the Goat. Fuck does that have to do with being the Goat geek nigga.

  • Kay

    Gary Johnson is Spongebob's snail

  • teamjarule

    JA RULE 4 president. Too bad he is too real to be free right now, I'm sure he will blow off all these clowns in the next elections.

  • So Icy Boi!

    3rd party? dumb niggaz.... there is only 2 parties. and who da fuck is Big Boi? diz 40 years old fag cant be a souther rapper. old ass nigga cant rap shit. smh. swag

    • N/A

      WOOOOW! Someone needs to pick up a book, seriously? For the simple fact that their are people out there who are as ignorant as "icy boi" and are voting...scares the shit out of me. Please tell me you've heard of an "independent party" (or at least the name of the country you live in).

    • Anonymous

      there is way more than two parties.. those are just the two "correct" parties, or so we are led to believe.. any reuplican or democrat running for national office, is more than likely a crooked, shiesty individual...

  • YEBO


  • argenTINO

    Your political beliefs make me respect you even more

  • Anonymous

    "You kids need to enjoy the music and stop worshiping these cats" You must be old and angry cause that was clearly sarcasm.

  • Anonymous

    He should have voted for Ja Rule.

  • EffNoseyPeople

    Should have told her to mind her business. Politics, money, religion should remain off-limits. "Who are they to be equal to?"

  • Cee

    at least he didn't vote for romney but who the fuck is gary johnson? that's the only vote gary received

    • Andy

      Lol, this guy was calling for an end to increasing deficits, debt increases, foreign wars undeclared by congress, the war on drugs, the war on terror, & draconian measures (ie. Patriot Act) while standing against the federal reserve, military-industrial-complex, and lobbyists. Congrats on being a root of the problem.

  • rahrahrah

    I'm all for independent thought. If you want to support alternatives to our two party atrocity support them in a way that actually matters. Organize at the grassroots level instead of voting at the presidential level where it accomplishes absolutely nothing other than giving you a soap box.

  • kennyken

    thank goodness he didn't vote for mitt

  • Fact

    Yeah good job Big Boi for not voting for that clown Obama. That nigga Obama aint even American the nigga is from Kenya. How do a Kenya nigga become leader of America. America hasn't had a good leader since the nigga Clinton. Fuck Obama, that nigga as bad as the Tea Party. Fuck Obama, Fuck Bush, Fuck The Tea Party, Fuck The Republicans, Fuck Romney and Fuck Nas. If you disagree with me you must be a tranny nigga.

    • gemini

      You talk like a monkey, boy. Stay ignorant for us.

    • Fact

      @Hip Hop please... Get your mouth off your dad's dick, fuckin tranny. Dont call me a kid. @Thermo... Who the fuck are you to talk shit bout my comment. you a dumb nigga. I will fuck you up. It's their ancestors that are Irish, German or English, not them nigga. Get it right. That's like saying everyone is African since life started in Africa. You dumb fuck. Tranny ass nigga.

    • Hip Hop please

      Get a life kid

    • Thermo

      Who you wanted to become a leader of America? an english? or maybe an Irish? or better yet a german? All the fuckin real "americans" are the indians.

  • Anonymous

    I'm curious who Kendrick voted for.

  • Anon

    Least he didn't vote republican

  • Doubl Negative

    Asshole, I've got no respect for Brothers who don't support our people.

  • Kramer

    Nice, gained a lot of respect for you BigBoi!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for not blindly voting for a horrible president like others (Killer Mike.)

  • Anonymous

    its still a 2 party dictatorship until more there are more than 2 presidential candidates of different parties not just dems and republicans i will never consider america a true democracy

  • wu wear

    Hell yeah Big Boi. I vote Green Party every year. Time to let the people know that there's more than two ways to do things.

  • Anonymous

    Good for you Big Boi! We have way too many sheep out here that blindly listen to mainstream media and their preferred candidates not knowing or even caring that they are being lied to. Obama is basically GW Bush part 2, but still better than Romney would have been.

  • Fuck Atlanta

    Big Boi Reveals He Took A Shit This Morning.

  • Ez

    Big Boi right on the money with that one. I hope the libertarian movement continues to grow over the next decade.

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