Juelz Santana Has A Video Shot For Every Song On "God Will'n," Reveals Mixtape Features

Juelz Santana also reconfirms that Lil Wayne will executive produce his new album "Born to Lose, Built to Win."

Juelz Santana is currently gearing up for the release of his new mixtape God Will'n, arriving on January 14th. The Dipset rapper revealed that he has a crew of guests on deck for the project, stating that Wale, Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Fabolous, Jadakiss, Lloyd Banks, Yo Gotti, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne, Future and more contribute to the tape.

"I think I'ma cool out. I didn't even wanna leak those records for the prestige factor of the mixtape. I want the mixtape to have a feel about it," he said during an interview with HHS1987. "I've been away for so long and it was kind of hard for me to tell people 'I've got this mixtape coming out,' and then it's like, where's the records? ... Overall, the mixtape is incredible. I got some good features on there, the people that I worked with are people that I fuck with. The features that I did, I reached out to people that I heard on that song."

The Def Jam rapper, who said that he will drop two sequels to God Will'n in 2013, reconfirmed that Lil Wayne will executive produce his new album Born to Lose, Built to Win and that they have 15 collaborative tracks in the can. He also noted that he has music videos for ever song off of God Will'n.

"I got videos shot for every record," he said. "I'm just excited to be back in my zone. We preppin' to shoot [the video for 'Soft'] this week."

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  • @MalzMonday

    Uuuuuuuuuuuhhhh You Dont lol

  • Anonymous

    we'll see if he really drops it

  • killa trigga bang bang

    Lets see the features then Wale - Everytime i hear his voice i wanna punch him wack Rick Ross - Everyone hates but hes pretty good at spitting them lies so i can listen Meek Mill - All he does is shout bout money and his fuckin watches his twitter is the same all he types is bout gettin money Fabolous - Dope cant go wrong with Fab Jadakiss - Best out the lot no doubt Lloyd Banks - Same as Fab cant go wrong with the PLK Yo Gotti - Shit version of Young Jeezy Wiz Khalifa - Unless its weed releted hes pointless Lil Wayne - Guys a fuckin joke Future - A shit version of waka flocka if thats even possible

    • Big Bang Theory

      Don't mind Fact he is just some geek with an opinion. I don't killa Trigga was gone come off hating but i actually agree with you homie.

    • Fact

      Fuck you bitch ass nigga. Lil Wayne and Future are the shit. Only real niggas fuck with them. Fuck you for liking the police officer Rick Ross. You proly a fake ass nigga. I bet you a cop, locking up niggas. Go suck your mom's dick. Fuckin dumb tranny.

  • Anonymous

    Do people really still watch videos?

  • Anonymous

    I hope he ain't just gonna have the flavor of the month on it and loads of south tracks just like everybody else

  • Looga is a biatch

    "I want the mixtape to have a feel about it," - I wish I could say the same for his past albums. And seriously, a video for every song? Like that's supposed to get me excited. A cheap video for every wack song, bc in all actuallity, this dude has lame raps, "eh eh this, eh eh that" and repeating your last bar to rhyme with the next? I repeat, repeating your last bar to rhyme with the next? There people, that's Juelz "Bland-tana" in a nut shell. smh. Hang up the mic, Dipset is dead.

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