A$AP Ferg Signs Solo Deal With Polo Grounds Music/RCA Records

A$AP Ferg has officially signed a solo record deal with Polo Grounds Music/RCA Records.

When it was revealed that A$AP Mob had inked a $1.5 million record deal with Polo Grounds Music/RCA Records, it was only expected that members would soon be lining up solo deals of their own. Now, in a recent press release, it looks like the A$AP Ferg is the first Mob member to sign a solo deal.

News broke earlier today that A$AP Ferg has officially signed a solo record deal with Polo Grounds Music/RCA Records, the same imprint to which A$AP Rocky is signed. The Harlem native's first official release with the label will be the iTunes single version of his hit track "Work."

“I’m just proud right now because this is everything we wished and hoped for,” said his music partner A$AP Rocky. “A$AP Ferg worked hard for this and I put all my faith and backing into him. I feel like ‘Work’ is our generation’s 'Sippin On Some Syrup' [by Three 6 Mafia and UGK] or 'Chickenhead' [by Project Pat, La Chat and Three 6 Mafia], it has that feeling.”

A$AP Ferg is also currently working on establishing he own clothing Trap Lord.

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  • Gizzle

    Lol and I'm swoole my niggas whole shit leaked, I'm glad I got to hear it early, but I'm swoole for my nigga cause he missing out on a lot of bread

  • Gizzle

    But I really anit feeling ferg like that, or really any of the mob for real, they are average at the most.....but that work is a banger

  • Gizzle

    Ya dude is crazy, rocky been on my nigga, how u gonna say the nigga anit poppin cause of his blog comments and fucking twitter followers, nigga rocky been doing it big, he's a breath of fresh air for me with all this wack ass shit niggas is dropping now, soon as I herd purple swag I was on that nigga, out of the new cats out right now....rocky on top for me, long live Asap is a fire ass album to

  • daduketin

    haha yeah asap mob doing it big, it would be funny if the next gen wu tang group cuz who else is talking there place oF n, ymcmb no, mmg no, its these dudes.

  • Anonymous

    A$$WIPE TURD living to flop LARGE

  • Bobby Breezeway

    If you liked his work on that ASAP Mob tape you're only deluding yourself par.

  • piecemaafknblaze

    so proud of the big homie, hugely talented. the mothafucka could easily end up being bigger than rocky, he has one of the most unique flows. out of the few tracks he's made its clear he's dope af, even better than flacko in some songs. congratulations young trap lord, it begins ! p.s. work is the song of 2012 idgaf A$AP all day, harlem world represent !

  • no

    So you signed to one nigga thats signed to another nigga.

  • Vern

    Good shit, Ferg is actually dope. Him n Rocky r rly the only ones i dig from the mob so far. Twelvy aight every now n then.. but the other 2 above him so far.

  • Anonymous

    Kind of makes the article on the front page about Rocky representing hip hop well. Null and void.

  • New Orleans

    I fuck with A$AP Ferg!!! WORK is the shit!!!bumpin rite now

  • the underdogz

    ferg is dope fuck the hate

  • mar500

    Ever since I saw this dudes video all bloody on a cross I just cannot stand this guy. He is so fucking wack.

  • Anonymous

    How are they going put ASAP Rocky's crew on when ASAP Rocky is barely on, himself? Dude only has 300k followers and his posts on this site average at about 30 comments...People barely know who he is and he wants get his whole crew deals? ASAP and the stupid label that gave him 3 million arent going to wake up until those numbers come in and his record sells 60,000 copies...

    • Anonymous

      Shut the fuck up with all that "all these fake rappers are popular" bullshit. 98% of the game is fake. Every rapper that talks about pullin a trigger is damn near fake. As a matter of fact, just about any rapper worth more than 500k that talks about killing or still havin work on the stove is fake. Why? because them nigga aint doin that shit anymore. Even if you used to do it, theyre not doing it anymore but theyre portraying the life like they still do. THATS FAKE. And to the OP, using twitter is not a good gauge on how well an album will do. Ill ask you this, how many artists with millions of twitter followers sell even HALF of the amount of units as the number of followers they have... NONE. Not beyonce, not justin beiber, not lady gaga, not drake, not wayne, not jayz, not kanye, not eminem, NONE OF THEM. Also the labels are smart. They can predict how many records an album will sell more efficiently than those of you behind a keyboard. Thats why not ever artist has a million albums shipped to every store. Some artists only have 150k shipped out. Its all about breaking even. If they think Rockys album will top off in the end with 500k, then theyll prolly ship 600k. if they think he wont go past 250k, theyll prolly ship 300k

    • Anonymous

      A list of songs for idiots. I swear this generation just loves fake shit. First Rick Ross now a group of dudes sounding like they retarded and from the south. But they from NY. SMDH. Fake people love fake things. Maybe that's why those songs are popular. Since fake people outnumber real mofo's by the millions. I heard work. As soon as he came on sounding retarded I turned it off. Maybe it's just me. I don't want a retard in rapping in my ear.


      "Get High" "Purple Swag" "Peso" "Demons" "Goldie" "Purple Kisses" "Bath Salts f/ A$AP Ant & Flatbush ZOMBIES" "Fuckin Problems f/Kendrick Lamar,Drake & 2 Chainz" "Long.Live.A$AP" are very popular songs from Rocky.idk why this fool acting like nobody likes if not loves those tunes.those are only singles.all his shits dope. im looking forward to A$AP Ferg's debut album and tape

    • smackemwiththetruth

      dude nobody gives a fuck about ur bullshit statistics!A$APMobb is the shit!no matter what you feel! Rocky is poppin where im from so i dont know where your getting this "He's not even on himself" bullshit

  • dj nemesis

    a$ap ferg is the man...ill flow, funny style an lyrics

  • Anonymous

    "establishing HE own clothing" Wow... Also didn't Rocky just say that rappers who have clothing lines (I'm assuming its a clothing line, whoever wrote this left that out) are corny?

    • piecemaafknblaze

      what ya'll don't know is that fergenstein is an actual designer. he was a designer before the rapping, he even said he's been focusing on his clothing label until now and is just starting to get serious about this rap shit. he could have already blown the fuck up now but he was on the fashion tip and hadn't really gotten into rap yet. his dad was kinda famous in harlem for being a fashion designer and having his own store.

    • killignorantsinhiphopfans

      Raekwon said this nigga was dope...all ima say.

    • lyonsDen

      haha. thats exactly what I was gonna type. mannn.. I dig A$ap rocky but I don't think Ferg is anything special.. all production, no lyrics, not a fan of his flow either.

  • Anonymous

    This dude is actually really dope

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