A$AP Rocky Discusses His Suicidal Thoughts On "Phoenix"

A$AP Rocky opens up about his suicidal inclinations and how they factor into his song "Phoenix."

With the recent deaths of Pro Era member Capital STEEZ and Freddy E., the issue of suicide is becoming a serious hot button topic in Hip Hop. Now, in a recent interview with MTV, Harlem up-and-comer A$AP Rocky enters the dialogue and discusses his own suicidal inklings.

Rocky discussed why he was compelled to rap about suicide on his Danger Mouse-produced song "Phoenix," saying that he sometimes thinks about taking his own life. Despite this, Rocky explained that he believes those kinds of emotions are normal for most people, whether others would admit it or not.

"'Bloody ink on my pad spelled suicide/Michael Jackson even passed cause you scrutinized' - those are natural feelings that we all get sometimes," he said. "You hurt so bad and you're going through so much pain to the point where sometimes you don't even wanna live anymore. That's how a lot of people think, whether we'd like to admit it or not and that's all I was showcasing. It was that emotion...suicidal kinda emotions...I'm not glorifying it at all. I'm just basically telling you that sometimes I have suicidal thoughts. And maybe I should seek help, or maybe it's not that deep."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • J. Cash

    Hopefully his music is as far as he will take that shit!

  • Daniel

    I kind of agree with him. Everyone has those thoughts of how the world would react to them leaving.

  • Shyne

    AKA Sold his soul to the devil. Now he wants to leave this earth.

    • trollshavenolives

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  • WMD DuBois

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    • SchoolinFoolsSinceHipHopStarted

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    • Anonymous

      Even though his name sounds like Aesop Rock's name. There are 2 things that are constantly wrong with that statement. 1. Rocky's name came from his real name Rakim Mayers. 2. Even if he did rip off the name it's not like it would matter. The 2 are completely different rappers. So please quit bringing up that their names sound similar. Because it's irrelevant to the point that suicide is not something to be laughed at. And just because Biggie has suicidal thoughts doesn't mean no one else does.

    • Anonymous

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  • Unanimous

    Well spoken @Anon!

  • Fish

    Ridiculous statements from a ridiculous man. Every time he opens his mouth, he says something that makes me think he has more than the average quota of chromosomes. No Rocky, suicidal thoughts are NOT normal. No, most people do NOT have them. And yes, if you're having suicidal thoughts, you DO need psychiatric help. And for choosing to make this statement when two people in the industry have just committed suicide makes me think you're a retard even more. Well played dickhead.

    • Fish

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    • Anonymous

      Suicidal thoughts ARE natural and I APPLAUD Rocky for representing them in that way. This topic should appear more in the public and let people know they aren't CRAZY or DIFFERENT because they think of suicide. It's just important to overcome those demons.

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