Slaine To Release "The Boston Project"

La Coka Nostra member Slaine releases a trailer in support of oeThe Boston Project, which is schedule to drop in March.

On the heels of La Coka Nostra’s 2012 release, Masters Of The Dark Arts, and his own 2011 solo effort, A World With No Skies 2.0, Slaine will release The Boston Project in March of 2013. The Boston native is partnering with Suburban Noize to put out the album under the Commonwealth Records imprint. You can view the trailer for the album below.

The Boston Project is slated for a March 19 release, with the Amadeus and Moroney collaboration, “Cocaine & Whiskey,” serving as the lead single. For more information, visit or

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  • Slaine's Uncle

    This guy should stick kicking rocks.

  • Anonymous

    fuck slaine his cds are whack

  • d2420

    you really got me good with that are so creative and my dads dick i cant believe ive never heard that from you before and tranny..whew that is on sum other level bravo sir bravo

  • Anonymous

    Friends, Romans, countrymen lend me yo' eardrums It was a beautiful day off in the neighborhood Yellows and greens and blues and browns and greys and hues that ooze beneath dilapidated woods Ain't a thing could explain what pertains to cocaine it's a stain that rain See summer roll around niggaz holla bout change Then they steady move them ki's like Bob James Cause old man winter's arrived, the temperature dives November just died, December's alive Thus it ain't no typical ride Just individual's way to bring home the bacon when bacon was all gone Makin it our own, takin me all wrong We've all indulged in the bulge of those no-no's No you ain't solo, it's even lower levels you can go Take sun people, put 'em in a land of snow

  • Anonymous

    Slaine is a good rapper.

  • d2420

    and if you speak "real word" enlighten all of us..what makes him a kkk it because hes it because hes in a group with two other black men called special teamz ..lets see sum "real words" on the subject

  • Fact

    Who is this fake ass white devil. Fuckin KKK clown ass bitch. Fuckin hiphopdx, get this shit off the site. Damn....


    Slaine is actually a nice MC though Coka Nostra is dogshit and he needs to watch his weight... WTF with all these fat fuck white boys on the mic and on the boards?

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