Juelz Santana Updates On Diplomats Album, Says "It Is Possible"

Juelz Santana explains the delay on the Diplomats' new album.

It's been nearly three years since the Diplomats announced their plans to release a reunion album Diplomatic Immunity 3 through Interscope. Now, in a recent interview with Hot 97's Funkmaster Flex via Nah Right, Dipset alum Juelz Santana speaks on the crew's delayed third album.

Juelz explained that the hold up with the album is partly due to his own creative lag, saying that he wasn't in the right musical space at the time of the announcement. Still, now that he's returned to making music, Santana said fans can expect to hear from the Dips once again.

"I'm not going to even lie - when we put out the 'Salute' record, it was still at the time where I wasn't doing a lot of music, period," he said. "I wasn't back in the zone that I needed to be in, musically…it's not even about [the Diplomats] project; I had the same way like [when] I took a break from everything…I wasn't really in my mojo to just sit down and just complete a Dipset project. In order to get it right, we've got to make it all the way right. That's why I'm saying it is possible, because I know Cam is willing to do, I'm sure Jim is willing to do it. I've always been willing to do it; it was just about me getting my music mojo back."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • dipset dipset dipset

    I loved the "Dipset Era". that being said i feel that their time as passed. When i go back and listen to dipset i think of how corny yet lovable cam'rons raps are. hip hop isnt what it was 10 years ago. very few have lasted through the years, and it is the elite in hip hop. most others are still in the mix tape circuit.

    • IDK

      lol Have you seen that one Jay Pharaoh stand-up routine on YouTube? He was talking about how Dipset, especially Cam'ron, made raps out of nursery rhymes and even demonstrated it and impersonated them. It was really spot on lol. But yea, Dipset's era is long gone, and Cam'ron's lyrics were very corny, yet I still enjoyed listening to them to this day.

  • the rap ear

    yo if i quit weed for a week i could write better raps in my sleep

  • acidrap

    Folks still checkin for these weak ass niggas lol?!

  • Mike

    waiting on that Dipset album hopefully summer 2013

  • Anonymous

    One slight problem. Nobody's asking for another Diplomat album.

  • Poetic Assasin

    I understand what he is saying, because as an artist there are times where I don't even want to write, but 3 yrs? and it would be different if he was a supreme lyricist, and his concepts were mad ill, but everything he does is the same - stop being lazy man. poeticassasin.wordpress.com

  • Anonymous

    "Had a spark when you started, but now you just garbage." In closing...DIPSET is dead...

  • Anonymous

    Niggas dun got lamer and lamer...Jim killed any chance of a legit, respectable "reunion" with that pussy whipped fuck nigga shit he pulled on that show...and you wasn't know better. Hang em up and develop another show nigga kuz it's over...#noonescheckinforya

    • Anonymous

      but you're watching the show though...........clicking the article......commenting.......that's called checking for someone because you're interested......

  • juelz n killa

    'Got as many songs as pac had on lock stash' well fuckin release them already juelz nigga made like one guest spot on beamer benz bently in the last 5 years

    • Hipstorian

      It's hard to release outdated material, when you're still alive. Just ask Nocturnal about having 900 plus songs in the vault, that nobody wanted to listen to.

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