A$AP Rocky Says His Goal Is To "Represent Hip Hop Well"

A$AP Rocky says that his primary goal with his music is to make Hip Hop listeners proud.

With his studio debut LongLiveA$AP already earning rave reviews from critics, A$AP Rocky is carving what looks to be a less-than-temporary niche in Hip Hop. Now, in a recent interview with MTV, the Harlem upstart discusses his goal for his music.

While discussing the similarities between the Wu-Tang Clan and his own A$AP Mob, Rocky explained that his sole goal is to make music that best represents Hip Hop culture. He continued, saying that he considers himself an "anti-bandwagon" rapper and wants to bring more to the table with his music than his peers.

"I thought I had [the baton from the older generation]. I thought I was running with it. I thought we all were," he explained. "We gotta hold it down for the young cats man. My thing is, I just want to make everybody who enjoys music and art and Hip Hop music proud," he said of his artistic and cultural mission. That's all I want to do. I don't want y'all to say this guy is misrepresenting us or he's giving it a bad name. I just want to represent Hip Hop well and I want to show you guys my aspect on what I think Hip Hop should be."

He continued, "That's why all my videos are, I guess I want to say, different than your standard Hip Hop video. That's why all of my lyrics and my production choices and just my rapping scheme and patterns are different than your average artist because I'm an innovator. I'm like anti-bandwagon. That's what I'm running with for 2013 and I'm gonna show these guys how to step it up," he boasted proudly. "If they gonna be competing against me, man, they're gonna have to get it together."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • piecemaafknblaze

    feels weird calling him my favourite rapper when he has such a small catalogue so far but he really is, fucking love your work flacko, you're making harlem proud son, keep killing em you got the game on lock homie, just keep moving forward. A$AP BITCH GET AROUND IT

  • Anonymous

    Fuck this guy. He ain't got talent, he just raps bout money and bitches and how good he is. I hate those "swag" rappers. Fuck em all bitch.

  • Da N Wuuurd

    "Tell that bitch, hop up on my dick, rolled up on her quick In a six, told her suck the dick, motorboat her tits." Represent[ing] hip-hop well indeed young man.

  • Anonymous

    Lol he makes nice music but he thinks he's WAY better then he actually is. Take away his producers and he's just average.

    • Rap

      nah i fucks with the lyrics and flow. you clearly didnt hear the album or any of the mixtapes and thats fine. go bump some fall-off rappers just cuz they are "lyrical" but i guess rappers rapping about how good they are at rapping is cool as long as they rhyme it well.

  • yeaaahh

    A$AP doesn't bite the south's style! You don't only have to be influenced by your region. Anyway he's dope! Flow, production, and he makes good songs. You can be the most lyrical rapper in existence but no one will listen if you can't make songs. He's got a bright future!

    • Jay Elec.

      Niggaz Be Like "ASAP is gay!wah wah wah!im butthurt!why cant he just be a clone and not go anywhere in his career like most new New York emcees!??Canibus is my favorite rapper just cuz hes lyrical, even though hes the fall-off of the century"lmao muthafuckin stans in hiphop kill me actin like they know real hiphop

  • dj nemesis

    yall think asap cares bout what yall think about what he wears? he represents being yourself...yall lame as fuck for caring bout a niggas life instead of the art he brings...ill buy asaps new album cuz i like the music,the beats and flows are sick


    A$$UP Rocky says"We made it cool I kicked down the door for kids thats my age, older and younger, to be able to wear Jeremy Scott sneakers, rips in their jeans and not feel gay" NO NIGGA, THAT SHIT IS GAY. YOU DONT EVEN ALMOST REPRESENT HIP HOP, SO PLEASE NIGGA, STOP LYING TO YOURSELF ABOUT REPRESENTING IT WELL.

  • Articulate1

    Representing Hip-Hop well? How about you start by getting the south dick out your mouth and step your bars up? This guy is so overrated and boring...no memorable lines. His beats are ok and kinda atmospheric but he flat out sucks as a rapper...no flow, content, punchlines and he's a NY rapper who wears women's clothes and stays jocking the south...how pathetic is that? Check for New York guys with actual talent who sound like where they are from like Roc Marciano, Sean Price, Action Bronson and even Joey Bada$$.


      Not comparing the two talent or music wise but 2pac didn't sound like where he was from and he didn't worry about pathetic anonymous shit talking about doing ballet or what ever the fuck he wanted to do. Only insecure sheep feel the need to look and sound like everyone else.

    • Anonymous

      Lmao Action Bronson & Joey Bada$$ are on Rocky's album....kill yo self

  • Harlem old head

    Yo that Asap Album is fire. Different like the mixtape a little more up tempo on the album tho. I feel like Asap is representing correctly. Don't agree with Dresses(tho i never seen him in dresses) could be something you nerds made up. Anyway the album is fire tho and different. Ima support when it drops.

    • Anonymous

      so it was a 6 XL tank top? looked like a dress on his little ass

    • truth is

      dont listen to this foolish muthafucka its not even a skirt!Rocky said in an interview what the fuck it was!i dont understand why these closet fags are so hell bent on it being a skirt like they want it to be one so bad lol yall makin yaself look bad tryin to run this niggaz name under the mudd

    • Atl2Trill

      Him wearing a dress is true and isn't made up. Google it old man.


      Word up.all the tracks are dope.imagine them live!

  • Anonymous

    how is Goldie different from other rap videos? Naked girl, gold grills, weed...

  • Anonymous

    represent hip hop well? him amongst others are part of the problem

    • Kool Herc

      No ur just afraid of change.something different. If he was really that ass nobody would fuck with him.but EVERYONE DOES! If legends & the dope emcees of today fuck with him then what the fuck is your problem? And the artists who fuck with him ARE THE CULTURE! Rakim,Kendrick,Big Boi,Action Bronson,Bun B etc. dude just quit hiphop because you clearly are hurting it way more than Rocky ever could. Wack is when Ice-T puts you on blast for being wack ass fuck.

  • 2 Icy Boi!

    I like ASAP's clothes. I would wear dem. he iz so fashinoable. swag

  • Got Money In My Ghetto

    Then go ahead nigga, do it. "Represent Hip-Hop well". Stop that bullshit you call music.

  • pacer ssd

    representing hip hop good wearing skirts! thats a fail my nija

    • Realness

      It's not even a skirt u ignorant monkey ass muthafucka. It's actually a long shirt.you know like how niggaz rocked them big ass Ts back in the day.and sagged ya pants past the ass!!n niggaz thought they looked thug but really that shit was gay. But ok fashion police ass nigga that's cool keep pointing the finger behind ur closet door. Smh.anybody who looks waaaaay past the music to dis clothes will forever be a straight fag.

  • Anonymous

    Songs like longliveasap, goldie, and 1 train have great beats in my opinion. Whether or not you like his fashion (which I fuck with), you gotta respect him for having the courage to do something different and put himself out there even if it doesn't always work.

    • ASAP Truth

      Anybody who focus' on another mans clothes instead of the music is a stone cold queer in my eyes. Nothing wrong with Rocky or the Mobb its the Stan's in hiphop that give hiphop a bad rep. If anything I'm not as proud as I should be as a hiphop fan because of these closet fag fashion police. THE MUSIC PEOPLE!!its about the fucking music!!!

    • Anonymous

      Obviously that shit is silly and it didn't work, but enough of his stuff does work so I give him props. I'd rather see more Rocky's in terms of taking chances and failing then having to watch so many rappers just do the same boring shit over and over. I'd love if Nas was still 94 Nas and Jay was 96 Jay and the Wu and Tribe were still at their peak but none of those guys are walking through the door anytime soon.

    • Anonymous

      you fuck with dresses?

  • Anonymous

    right. Black musical 'culture' was once represented by Curtis Mayfield, Stevie Wonder, Gil Scott-Heron (before crack fried him), George Clinton, Sly Stone (before cocaine fried him), Bill Withers and so many more... now it's up to A$$WIPE!! ** HUMANITY ** should fucking weep, not just black folks.

  • Dayum

    Anyone hear this dudes album? That shit is terrible...No good beats, raps about nothing, wack new school rapper features. I deleted that shit, ASAP.

  • Anonymous

    and the latest trends in womens fashion!

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