A$AP Rocky Speaks On The New Orleans Influence On "LongLiveA$AP"

A$AP Rocky breaks down "LongLiveA$AP" for LifeAndTimes.com, says the record has a New Orleans-inspired sound.

It’s no secret that Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky has been known to incorporate the sounds of various regions into his music and during an interview with LifeAndTimes.com, Rocky spoke on bringing a New Orleans-inspired sound to "LongLiveA$AP," his upcoming album’s debut track.

According to Rocky, when he was creating the beat for the title track to LongLiveA$AP the sound of the record brought him back to the days of No Limit and early Cash Money.

“When I was making the beat and everything, it had more of a New Orleans, Magnolia kind of feeling to it. It took me back to the No Limit/Cash Money kind of thing…I put myself into the existence of like a 22-year-old New Orleans, Magnolia kind of trapper or something like that. I feel like that’s where I can go with my music and stuff. Sometimes you can speak in third person and be another person.”

The A$AP Mob spitter went on to further address the third person approach on “LongLiveA$AP” and how it allowed him to speak directly to his generation.

“I’m basically talking to my generation,” he revealed. “I’m just being a product of my environment when I’m speaking in third person. It’s [not just] one person, it’s just me talking about my generation. That’s what we do, straight up. That’s just how it is.”

A$AP Rocky’s commercial debut, LongLiveA$AP, will be released on January 15 via RCA Records.

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  • Anonymous

    with other words: again a east coast rapper who's scared to make an eastcoast album. fuckin faggot

  • fuck his cd

    buying it so i can watch it sink to the bottom of lake ontario


    A$AP's hella smart forreal doe "Sometimes you can speak in third person and be another person"

  • Dope

    LongliveA$ap is a DOPE cd. I expected failure..but its great.

  • dazeone

    He is winning because he does not sound regional .. and he makes good music ..I rep the east and hate half of the new music but ASAP is aight

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ Absolutely.

    • Anonymous

      agree 100%. Dude sound is different. If you from NY you know that its a bunch of niggas that is nice and can spit but more often then not niggas is following either Nas' formula or Jayz/Biggie's formula. Asap rocky shit is different. He throws that NY swag to his shit mixed with an regional sound. Alof of shit on his first album(or Mixtape) LiveLove Asap, alot of the beats reminded me of Bone Thugs beats. Asap Rocky is different thats why dude is nice and respected.

  • Fact

    A$AP Rock and Kendrick Lammar make such a good team. I hope to hear more songs with them together in the future.

  • Anonymous

    I only look at asaps shit to see what he's wearing

  • Anonymous


    • OUCH!

      what are you talking about? he said hes the "pretty muthafucka, Harlem is what hes reping" LOL!

    • tresdemayo

      forget about that regional thing, NWA was sounding New York, Ice Cube's first solo was recorded in New York with the Bomb Squad, you have a huge boom bap scene in Cali for ages (freestyle fellowship, lootpack, dilated peoples, etc), DJ Premier, the embodiement of the NY sound is from... Texas NY is the Mecca (and that's the sound I've grown to and that I still love), it's been the most influencial scene for a long a time, but the south took the lead ten years ago so it's no surprise to see guys like Rocky bring that flavour in this internet age. Now, whaterver his influences, dude is from Harlem, how do you want him not reppin his city ?

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