Game Responds To Alleged Stepfather's Claims That He Was A Male Stripper

Game denies claims that he was a stripper at his alleged stepfather's club.

Game has fired back at his alleged stepfather who claimed in a documentary that he had stripped a few times at his club.

Taking to Twitter, Chuck Taylor said that Hodari Sababu told the same reported lie during an interview with Shade 45 and that it's a vain attempt to ruin his career.

"This fag get out of jail & because I dont give em no money... He do a interview with Shade 45 lying wit the same stripper story.. ha ha...," he wrote. "It don't work nigga. It's old, niggas tried dat 1 & niggas still thinkin that bullshit gone END me ? I'm to the Canyons on yo bum ass nigga."

At that, the West Coast rapper said that Sababu isn't even his stepfather and that claiming himself as such is factually incorrect. "Hol up.... Talkin bout he my stepfather ? Bitch, my mama aint never been MARRIED !!! Mad cause I aint loan yo gay ass no $$ #FuckOuttaHere."

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  • Anonymous

    boy cott whack rap

  • Anonymous

    learn lyrics if want a game chage we gotta tell them what we want lyrical revolution RELVOLT

  • post humous

    brown bag allstars

  • Anonymous

    game a fake lyricsist

  • Hodari Sababu

    Lil man, I was angry when I first read your mendacious and disrecpectful comments, then I really begin to feel sorry for you because in a few short years when all the money and fame is gone (as it surely will be) you have to meet a whole lot of people on the way down that you "fucked" on the way up. Now as far as they "fag" comment, from what I have seen at your live performances a large portion of your audience is gay and with your sagging record sales maybe it's not to smart to alienate such a large group. Yes I did comment that you stripped a couple times in your mom's club but believe me lil dude I had no idea that your sexuality was so fragil that this was something you choose to hide. Excuse the fuck outta me! Anyway lil man I have booked a ton of tours since your childish rant so keep up the good work son! P.S. PLEASE RETURN THE $12,000 YOU STOLE FROM ME LAST SUMMER AND MAYBE GOOD KARMA WILL COME YOUR WAY.

  • look at that pic

    game looks like a total dildo in that pic with that blue hat and trukfit shit on. what a poser.

  • Gutta

    This punk know he was a stripper the chic on change of heart talk about the same club and he danced for her! Who's fuckking worst C.O.william roberts or Gayme aka sugartwist!!!!


    Game, they BEEN saying you were a stripper, i doubt it's just a COINCIDENCE that everybody has claimed you were a stripper. It looks like you were one, so admit you faggot. I'm so happy your album flopped you clown!

  • Anonymous

    sad he can't accept the fact he was once a stripper


    "It don't work nigga. It's old, niggas tried dat 1 & niggas still thinkin that bullshit gone END me ? I'm to the Canyons on yo bum ass nigga." read the words he was a stripper "ITS OLD"??? niggas still thinkin that bullshit gone END me "

  • Anonymous

    Game my nigga and i fucks with his music. JP was a impresive album to say the least. But i did see pictures of this nigga on some strip club shit online. Shit could have been photo shopped tho.

  • Curtisssssssssssssss

    GGGGGGG, GGGGGGGG, G-string. This nigga be havin thongs up his ass and shit.

  • ELjay

    Magic Game, the belly dancer

  • Want Me A Dyke Ho So I Can Menage A Trois

    Ain't no minimal wage on that stripping shit damn y'all niggas slow as fuck nigga must have been making like a thousand dollars a night it ain't shit gay about that fuck all of y'all

  • Anonymous

    Fuck all you homophobic assholes!!!We live in 2013 !!!Gay is normal!!!!

  • Anonymous

    what's wrong with being a male stripper? it doesn't mean you're gay, it just means your body looks good, and it's females looking at u, not men...

  • Anonymous

    Funny thing is he didn't actually deny it

  • Anonymous

    This nigga straight upa lesbian

  • TR

    Its funny to me that this story comes up like once every year or once every two years.

  • Anonymous

    Why did he respond so fast if there ain't nothing to it?

  • b>M

    I dont know but i think maybe Game is a homosexual. All those rumors and defending Frank Ocean

  • Kool Boy

    I guess those who believes it and claim that is real, are maybe wet at the idea of Game strippin , their dream comes true haha

  • Anon

    I aint sayin its true, but it is something fishy about this dude...either he aint really a gangbanger or he gay...either way, no one ever said that about certain dudes like Scarface, Eazy E or DMX. If its not true, why even respond to it...something is crazy about this story

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. It ain't even about single allegations with Game, but all that shit about people from everywhere questioning and refuting his G. There must be some truth to it. Nobody before him was surrounded by that shit in this kinda way. Look at 50, so many enemies, but all back up his past.

  • Anonymous

    @Heavy Chevy: Lax??? actually I agree with KIngz because LAX was his worst album out of all of them even tho I liked it but homeboy? R.E.D album and Jesus Piece are waaaaaay better so it's either you didn't listen to those albums or I agree with KIngz you must be DEAF!!!

  • Kool Boy

    The real point right here isn't if he stripped or not? Is at this time, is anyone gives attention to this? Who cares about who's real who's fake anymore? Look out one of the most "gangsta" Rick Ross an ex cop! Nobody cares! The world is fake and nobody wanna judge them cause they don't wanna be judge themselves either! As we had a lot of choice right now. 1st i was no way i'm gonna listen to an ex cop, but at that time everyone was making gay, techno shit in their song , remember TI whatever you like and all the bullshit. At that time Officer Ricky was rappin on real HIP HOP instrumentals not techno , so i gave up! I still care about few things like never gonna listen a gay rapper!

  • The_Observer

    No wonder Game was defending Frank Ocean he's a gay a$$ himself and wanna strip for nigga hahahaa Step Daddy done put a Jesus Piece on your @$$ nicca

  • Heavy Chevy

    This kid needs to quit worrying about all this he say she say bullshit and work on a dope album. The last good one he had was L.A.X.

  • FourTrackFiasco

    Homie if you stripped for hoes, say you stripped for hoes dont lie about it. Who cares?

    • illiterate fucks

      The fuck you talkn bout?^

    • shh

      GAME waz "always"..."the NAS ESCO"...OF G-UNOT!.....*HUGE SMILE the infamous "HATE IT OR LUV IT" song from his ICONIC "DEBUT" album now THE KL IS = THE LEADER OF THE NEW "SKOOL" GENERATION "SWAG".....777

  • Mack

    Surprised they didnt Highlight him throwing around "Homophobic Slurs" like they did Banks an couple of days ago....

  • Anonymous

    game haters fuk outta here. games mums owned a strip join at one point. he never was a stripper u clowns believe anything.

  • Anonymous

    if its fake its hilarious he has to live this rumor down. that's some greezy shit. his step pops must be on some grand crack hustle or some shit to alert the press like that....damn. you need to make some changes, america.



  • Gucci Mane

    "I Love Dem Strippers"...wait?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA #BitchAssNigga

    • shh


  • Anonymous

    Game is a lame. Studio gangster male stripper that can only flow about chuck taylors and daytons. Lyrically handicapped. The west deserves better than this.

  • G_$tack$

    this shit is so old, aint nothin new. really doesnt dent the fact that dude got bars, is highly successful, and will smash any one of you clowns talkin reckless, and favorite rapper too. beat that.

  • gunhillrd

    Game's lying b. Same as him covering up that butterfly tattoo.

  • gunhillrd

    Game's lying. Same as him covering up the butterfly tattoo.

  • The Wigger Hater

    It is True! He was a Stripper! It was mentioned on "Change of Heart" show. Fast foward it too 4:00 mins Here's the Link

    • bigmoney

      fool game said he took her to the strip club to meet his moms his moms used to work there hello game went to college and played b ball and got shot 5 times now do u really think that dude is a stripper hello tell ur brain to wake up

  • Fuck Compton

    It's clear to see Game's butthurt about this situation. All he wants is to be loved but no one will do that cause he a bitch nigga.

    • @big money

      These nerds online don't have a clue but they comment on shit like beef and none of these geeks ever been in any fight. Its strange.

    • bigmoney100

      i seenn that nigga fight more rappers 1 on 1 than any rapper u like he aint no bitch 50 cent dont even want no problems but he got time for lil gunplay and still couldnt keep him down does anybody kno wat real is anymore

  • sincerejk

    i don't really care about the stripper thing or any of this. the thing i find funny though is how he's basically bragging about how his mama ain't never been married hahaha

    • Anonymous

      Cause if his mother wasn't married then this nigga couldn't been his step father. You nerds go to deep into niggas comments and change shit up. It make sense if his mother didn't get married this nigga couldn't have been his step father.

    • Anonymous

      Guess his mama was a hoe!!

    • Anonymous

      so if his momma was never married he should hide it. fuck outta here

    • Anonymous

      hahah, yeah that was funny. "ohh he got you there step-off muthafucka...damn ur moms got how many kids?"

    • insanemacbeth

      "the thing i find funny though is how he's basically bragging about how his mama ain't never been married hahaha" cosign. l.o.l.

  • Big Dan

    Whether this is real or not makes no difference now. It did not ruin Game when he first came out and its not like he was stripping in front of dudes. That said, he came back hard with a response - too hard. You have to wonder when folks get extra sensitive. And claiming the guy was not your stepfather by saying some dumb eesh like "my mother has never been married is silly" Its also crazy to me that rappers brag about selling drugs, doing drugs, some make kids all over the place and don't take care of any of them and so on, but be a stripper - OH MY GOD, how could he?

  • Edubb

    You can clearly see that the pic is fake. But people will believe what they want to believe. This is old news anyway!!!

  • Ken

    Game's got more "street cred" than any rapper out there, FACT. now, I don't really give a shit about street cred that much cuz what matters is the music, but here it's relevant. I seriously doubt that an already known-to-be-bullshit story about Game bein a "male stripper" or something like that has any truth to it whatsoever. I'd bet money that this situation is really all about... well, money. and the money Game didn't give to some whiny little bitch with a Twitter account. fuckin lame

  • True Story

    There's nothing wrong with Game having a butterfly on his face. It's not like he put a tattoo of a mermaid or hearts. And all you keyboard warriors who try to diss Game about it, you all just need to shut the fuck up and suck your mom's titts. I bet if you saw Game on the streets you'll run up to him and ask him to take photos with him like a little bitch.

    • Anonymous

      Am a man and I didn't see anything wrong with the butterfly tattoo. Everyone start dissing me because I don't see anything wrong, just know that I don't give a fuck.

    • Dave D

      There really isn't anything wrong with a butterfly tattoo as long as you don't make it colorful and all. Game's butterfly tattoo was just in black. This whole site is full of comments by people who think they're tougher than they actually are. Game is a good dude, he takes care of his wife and kids something that a lot of men don't do.

    • Anonymous

      So, you said there's nothing wrong with it. Why did he cover it up then when he got called out for it?

    • wu wear

      I always thought that butterfly was kinda least better than what he covered it up with

    • Anonymous

      @True Story, I agree with you. People over exaggerate the butterfly tattoo.

    • Anonymous went and got a matching butterfly tatt..TOO..huh...ol follow the leader fuck theres a flick of you on ya IG with Game...#IBetcha

    • TruthHurts

      do you have a butterfly tatted on your face? and how many boppers have butterfly tramp stamps? put 2 and 2 together buddy

  • Anonymous

    First off you was ABOUT to start stripping...and ya had a tongue there's truth to STOP calling this lame Chuck Taylor, that's what he's not...his name is Shyn...I mean Dr. Dr...Jayceon...get it correct!!!!!

  • TruthHurts

    Game is so salty about this! lol If it ain't true, why's he getting so defensive and aggravated over it? I don't know about y'all, but I don't listen to a 'rapper' who shook his junk around in front of other guys' faces for money. Lesbians go to female strip clubs, I'm sure homosexual males go to male strip clubs. There's no way Game didn't shake it in front of another dude throwing money lol

    • Anonymous

      lol you forgot about those hetero female strip clubs but you wouldn't care or know about the hetero ones would you....

  • ok

    Proof that the pic is fake

  • Anonymous

    even if he was a male stripper...big deal? they didn't say anything about it being a gay strip club.

  • .dot

    The stripper thing was proven false years ago... And that pic was photoshopped. 50 Cent is always lying and getting weak minded people to belive his nonsense... Heres the proof right here.

    • AWW Shit

      50 Cent is a bitch, all he could do to Game was come up with some gay ass photoshop images. Fuck that nigga who be thinking he's Game's step dad. Game should whoop his ass like he did 40Glocc. Dre needs to dump 50's dumb ass and sign back Game.

  • d block north

    i seen the intervew wit his dad he said the picture of game as a stripper on that g-unit radio mixtape was real? is that true cause that picture always looked fake as fuck to me

  • Milehighkid303

    "I'm from a town where if you wore a tounge ring you can't talk tough..." "The hood made him cover up the I'mma make him cover up the other eye, cause you ain't never murked nothing and that's another lie....." "Cmon Game you'll never be my equal, your homies shoot doors my niggas shoot people..." "Look at what's happend to the system....niggas on game shows two dudes kissin.....listen were not the same, were not for fame....the industry is punked out, were not to blame...."

  • ok

    He is a blood piru and from compton 6'5 nigga. so that automatically makes a the rapper with most street cred ever.

  • Kgabong

    Some people want to see The Game go down and they are wrong for that.


    FOR the HATERS..if you wont diss him to his face, then he more G than u...dude is worth 25 mill and he still beating dudes up in the streets....cant get more hood than that..yall some petty JESUS PIECE, real hiphop lives on with GAME

  • Eric Frazer

    Now I've never heard of the Nmae SABABU as Bad as a Mother fucker but if my Name is SABABU , I'd be Pissed as a Mother Fucker. I will intentionally try to Piss other People off just to Feel Better about my Self.!

  • Anonymous

    the gayme's a faggot ass nigga

  • Anonymous

    MUST BE TRU..or game wouldnt have got upset lol

    • Born in 86

      The only reason Game is Upset is cos Somebody called SABABU is Talking about him ! I'd be pissed too if someone with a name like GABABU OR SABABU talks about me in anyway , be it Good or Bad !

  • Shit..

    How else does he get all this TrukFit merchandise? Obviously he's banging Lil Wayne, his splooge probably inspires some of the shitty designs on the shirts.

  • Queens in this bitch

    GGGGGG, GGGGGG, G-String!

  • Anonymous

    sounds like something officer ricky would say lol

  • Born in 86

    With a Name like Sababu, you know the Nigga is lying !

  • Tony Gayo

    yeah those are the photoshopped ones fifty put on a mixtape. Idiot. lol

  • Anonymous

    Aight, Doja. Whatever you say.

  • Tony Yayo

    Everyone knows Game was a stripper. Nigga stop lying to try and save face. The photos are all over the internet. Nigga be havin strings up his ass and shit. LOL


    Game we know you lying ass nigga. The unit had the pictures to prove. LMAO at this nigga trying to save face.


    Gayme we know you lying ass nigga. The unit had the pictures to prove. LMAO at this nigga trying to save face.


    Gayme we all knows you was a stripper nigga. Got the pictures to prove it.

  • Anonymous

    his "stepfather" said there's pictures though there has to be some truth to this rumour

  • Anonymous

    once he said that game didnt give em money it was a rap he was lying!

  • Anonymous

    game with them homophobic slurs, gonna piss off his gay fans

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