DJ Premier Names His Top 20 Albums Of 2012

DJ Premier keeps his tradition alive by revealing his favorite LPs from last year.

DJ Premier has kept his annual tradition alive by releasing a year-end list of his top 20 favorite albums of 2012.

For this year's shortlist, Primo includes a handul of records for which he produced - Vinnie Paz's God of the Serengeti, Bumpy Knuckles' KoleXXXion, Lil Fame & Termanology's Fizzyology - as well as a handful of others. Making the cut are Roc Marciano's Reloaded, Kendrick Lamar's good kid, m.A.A.d city, Rick Ross' God Forgives, I Don't and more.

Check the full list below (DJ Premier Blog via HHNM).

20. Torae – Off The Record
19. Saigon – Greatest Story Never Told Pt. 2: Breads And Circuses
18. Slaughterhouse – Welcome To Our House
17. Skyzoo – A Dream Deferred
16. Masta Ace & MF DOOM – MA_DOOM: Son Of Yvonne
15. Roc Marciano – Reloaded
14. 9th Wonder & Buckshot – The Solution
13. Public Enemy – Most Of My Heroes Still Don’t Appear On No Stamp
12. Vinnie Paz – Gods Of The Serengeti
11. Lil Fame & Termanology – Fizzyology
10. Rick Ross – God Forgives, I Don’t
09. Kendrick Lamar – good kid, m.A.A.d. city
08. Action Bronson & Alchemist – Rare Chandeliers
07. 9th Wonder & Murs – The Final Adventure
06. Sean Price – Mic Tyson
05. Wu-Block – Wu-Block
04. Showbiz & A.G. – Mugshot Music (Preloaded)
03. Nas – Life Is Good
02. DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles – Kolexxxion
01. O.C. & Apollo Brown – Trophies

Honorable Mentioning: Mayhem Lauren “Mandatory Brunch Meetings”, Fresh Vetz “The Tape Effect”, Killer Mike “R.A.P. Music”, Nutso “Behind These Bars”, Craig G. “Ramblings Of An Angry Old Man”, Big Shug “I.M.4Eva”, La Coka Nostra “Masters Of The Dark Arts”, Ice Water (aka WOADAH) “Holy Water”, Bishop Lamont “The Layover”, 1982 “2012″, Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson “Dice Game”, Large Professor “Professor @ Large”.

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  • nuff said

    Gensu Dean - lo fi fingahz

  • fuck white ppl

    go listen to blink 182 or avril lavigne you fucks

  • Hip Hop nerd

    So called Hip hop nerds >>> Rap retards all day.

  • Anonymous

    Dudes list sucks...WU?

  • 225beats

    Go nu rappers to buy your skinny and your flashy shit. You are a fucking product of the Lil Wayne and Drakes minds. If they wear a piece of shit in their heads, you do the same.

  • Anonymous

    without lil wayne thered be no kendrick lamar without kendrick lamar thered be no nas hype crazy how they all leech off eachother

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  • Fake fiddle

    Toast be the illest. Premier ain't been relevant since guru. He's wack like his beats

    • 225beats

      Hahahaha, wack producer? hahahahaha. Clean your fucking mouth before talk about Premo. We will see in 10 years how many actual producers are really wack.

  • T_T

    People on here are worst than gamers. Bitching about music rather than listening to it.

  • Damn Shame

    I guess DJ Premier isn't allowed to have his own opinion about what music HE feels was best to him in 2012. Instead of complaining about other people's taste in music, listen to the music you like instead.

  • Anonymous

    trophies is overrated now flows should be better and rhymes are missed its not a bad album tho

  • Big Bang Theory

    Wow not the first time a nerd actually come out of his shell and felt offended by a nerd comment. You nerds are all over this website. Im glad you nerds are into hiphop now.

  • Anonymous

    "WU-BLOCK that is the unsung album of the year probibly the best album that came out that year.. i bought a couple" Sheek Louch thanks you for that.

  • Anonymous

    WU-BLOCK that is the unsung album of the year probibly the best album that came out that year.. i bought a couple.. ALCHEIST Russain roulette, PRODIGY HNIC 3, DMX Undisputed, and then WU-BLOCK pure classic hardcore beats soulful beats and everythng inbetween GHOSTFACE KILLAH GZA INSPECTAH DECK RAEKWON METHOD MAN MASTA KILLA , JADAKISS STYLES P AND SHEEK LOUCH real NY hiphop the original hiphop

  • Anonymous

    for all yall hating on preemos list, remember, it is PREEMOS LIST...nowhere in this article did he say that this is guarenteed the top 20 regardless of what anyone says, he said this is HIS favorite 20 albums of 2012...everyones entitled to their opinion, there should be no exception for premier

    • Still Anonymous

      Exactly these nerd will never get that. They throw a bitch fit when their favorite artist don't make the list.

  • Primou

    Killer Mike R.A.P. Music this was much better than Ross

  • Primou

    Great Preemo! Cheers from ARGENTINA

  • YMCMB Album Tracklist

    1. Intro(Birdman) 2. Bitches (Lil Wayne, Drake, Tyga, 2 Chainz) (producer: T-Minus) 3. Money Bank (Birdman, DJ Khaled, T-Pain, Lil Wayne, Drake, Rick Ross) (producer: Boi-1da) 4. None Like Us (Busta Rhymes, DJ Khaled, Future, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Jadakiss) (producer: Lex Luger) 5. Girls, Girls, Girls (Nicki Minaj, Shanell) (producer: Detail) 6. Interlude (Birdman, DJ Khaled, Mack Maine) (producer: Noah "40" Shebib) 7. 1 Billion Bottles (Drake, DJ Khaled, Tyga, Lil Wayne) (producer: T-Minus) 8. Past, Present, & Future (Lil Wayne, Jay Sean, Drake, Juvenile) (producer: Cool & Dre) 9. Daddy (Birdman, Lil Wayne, Drake, Mack Maine) (producers: Noah "40" Shebib, Detail) 10. Billboard Charts [Success] (Limp Bizkit, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj) (producer: Limp Bizkit) 11. Fucked Up (Drake, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa, 2 Chainz) (producer: Mike Will Made It) 12. What It Means(Drake, Nicki Minaj) (producer: Noah "40" Shebib) 13. Tax Write-Offs (Limp Bizkit, Bow Wow, Gudda-Gudda, Jae Millz) (producers: Limp Bizkit, Cool & Dre) 14. Family (Birdman, DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Tyga, Bow Wow, Busta Rhymes, Lil Twist, Lil Chuckee, Gudda-Gudda, Jae Mills, Mack Maine) (producer: J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League) 15. Trukfit [Skateboard](Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled) (producer: Hit-Boy) Deluxe Edition Tracks 16. Super Star (Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne) (producer: Red-One) 17. Press Conference (Birdman, Nicki Minaj, Bow Wow, Lil Wayne) (producer: StreetRunner) 18. Family II [MMG/We Da Best Remix] (Birdman, DJ Khaled, Ace Hood, Mavado, Rick Ross, Omarion, Gunplay, Wale, Meek Mill, French Montana, Stalley) (producer: J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League) 19. White Flag[Jay-Z, Common, Pusha T, Lil Kim, Ludacris, Hot 97 diss] (Lil Wayne, Birdman, Drake, Nicki Minaj) (producers: Bangladesh)

  • Anonymous

    Its so corny how you nerd niggas come online with yall top 5 list. Who cares

    • Big bang Theory

      Can't believe this geek tried to give me a metaphor about Dogs chasing cars and shit like that. Thats the type of punchlines you geeks put in a rhyme and yall think yall shit is complex or something like that. Anyway only a nerd nigga would come up with that lame as shit. fuck outta here nigga.

    • Big Bang Theory

      @blazeitup hay geek if you was so smart you would notice i never boast about the streets. Where in my comments do you see me boast about the streets. Im calling nerds out for doing that tough guy shit online. Im from Harlem Ny you nerd nigga(grown man did all that street shit not impressed by it and i don't need to boast that shit) and i never came online mentioning anything about the streets. Only reason i comment is cause im at work, but i bet you nerds are at home commenting. Go outside you fucking geeks. I guess since i call you nerds out you assume im claiming im a thug. You nerds aint that smart cause none of you geeks could comprehend. Reason why i call niggas nerds is because you nerds come online talking about street shit and don't have a clue. One question nerd, where in any of my comments did i glorify the streets.

    • blazeitup22

      For one real gangsters don't boast about the streets. Thats something the wannabes do. Real gangsters are on the streets because they got trapped in the BS system created to make the poor fail. They never glorify anything. Its the wannabes who talk shit, they're like little jack russell dogs all bark and no bite. The dogs that bark after moving cars but leg it off when a car stops or bark at your leg until you put a foot down and you see them run off like cowards. Thats your type faggot.

    • Big Bang Theory ass Geeks

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    • Anonymous

      You're right Blaze. I actually am a nerd myself, I should just keep my mouth shut. I guess, somehow it makes me feel better calling people who I don't know on the Internet, nerds. Crap, my glasses just fell off...

    • Anonymous

      I see this nerd got offended. Exactly what im talking about, nerd geek nigga. Also who cares for this essay you just wrote nerd.

    • blazeitup22

      Its so corny how faggot ass internet gangsters post stupid comments calling people they know nothing about nerds and then finish a comment off with who cares. Fool if you didn't care then why are you posting comments about it. The comment section is here for a reason, to discuss the piece of news on display and if people want to weigh in with some albums they loved then who the fuck are you to talk shit about it with your cowardly anonymous title. Your probably one of those fools who sits posting anonymous comments on hiphopdx all day trolling every comment section with the usual "I'm a real fighter ain't none of yous ever fought before, I'm so gangster even birds in the sky fly away when they see me" So tell me whos the real nerd huh? Man STFU

  • Banfield

    APOLLO BROWN & OC went HARD! Classic shit!

    • Articulate1

      Are you on crack? GOOD music was a critical flop (Kanye is out of touch on that Trap bullshit)...and 2CHainz and Flocka arent even Hip-Hop...straight trash. Trophies, Rare Chandeliers and Reloaded were the best albums to drop last year...uneducated listeners new to this genre need to shut the fuck up.

    • ANDWON

      DJ Premier still out of touch. RAP Music/Dice Game/GKMC should all have been higher. Also, no GOOD Music or 2Chainz!?! Where is Flocka's album or anything of the Pro Era projects?

  • blazeitup22

    I've only listened to half of those records but the ones I did hear deserve those spots. My top 5 for 2012 would be 5: Vinnie Paz Gods Of The Serengeti 4: Nas Life Is Good 3: DMX - Undisputed 2: La Coka Nostra - Masters of the dark arts 1: Kendrick Lamar good kid, m.A.A.d. city

  • 3

    dj premier names HIS top 20... do you fuckin tards understand? HIS top 20.. get it.. HIS...

  • Big Angry Nigga

    Yeah! Primo's opinion's are completely wrong! I know better then him how HIS top 20 should look. How is that motherfucker going to have ________ that high on the list and not include _______?! He is a complete idiot for having an opinion on this matter that differs from mine! I'm angry!

  • D-Train

    His list is average at bets because he's missing some real bangers, Nas, Rick Ross, Kendrick Lamar, Slaughter House, should not be on the list.... He tried to mix underground and commercial so thats cool but for a straight hot 20 albums not !!!

    • bizzalls

      D-Train, your name should be more like "Short Bus." WTF u mean Nas and Kendrick shouldn't be on a TOP 20 list. You're telling me those albums aren't even good enough to be in the Top 20? You're a fuckin moron.

    • Anonymous

      Nas and Kendrick should not be on the list?? Just about everyone has at least one of those two in their top 5 list.

  • #teamjarule

    Everybody know Ja Rule's PIL 2 is the greatest rap album of 2012 and one of the best albums released ever. It's such a shame that DJ Premier is probably blind, deaf or he maybe just didn't notice that Ja is releasing his new album. Anyway, I lost all my respect for Preemo. #teamjarule

  • Jonny The Best

    excellent list...not sure why he thinks Ross deserves top 20 status but all in all a great classic list if you ask me

  • Anonymous

    #10 Officer ricky? lost a little respect for preemo..that looks like an industry play rather than keepin it real, i dont know...stop supportin fraud rap

  • sandmaN


  • Biggie

    What about Soulja's last joint?? Straight banger track to track yo

  • Anonymous

    This is my problem with idiots on the net. Nigga its HIS list, how you gon ask "where the fuck is ____"? Then niggas wonder why niggas in hip-hop feel like they gotta say the same artist/album to please you dumb niggas.d

  • Anonymous

    This is my problem with idiots on the net. Nigga its HIS list, how you gon complain? Then niggas wonder why niggas in hip-hop feel like they gotta say the same artist/album to please you dumb niggas. It says "Dj premier names HIS favorite.."

  • Anonymous

    Skyzoo's A dream deferred should have been in his top 5

    • ronnieb

      Its a shame when people who claim they love hip hop don't know it any more, trophies and dice game were classic . I think his list was great

  • Anonymous

    i dont like premire any more thought he knew hip hop like i did

  • Rap emperor

    Where the fuck is milk and toast cd Hands down illest cd of our century. Wu affiliates brought the heat rockets again. Don't sleep on poeple that are affiliated with wu by word of mouth. Bars for days. Swag for years. Body them vatos and Vito's. this is 2013 dj premier is irrelevant like using tissue to wipe your ass. I use 1$ bills u broke bustas

    • Anonymous

      This is my problem with idiots on the net. Nigga its HIS list, how you gon ask "where the fuck is ____"? Then niggas wonder why niggas in hip-hop feel like they gotta say the same artist/album to please you dumb niggas.

  • Anonymous

    Ricanstruction Black Rosary needs to be up there. That was the best album this year.

  • jorge

    no jesus piece? & kendrick ain't top 5 at leastt? respect it though..

  • tony toca

    what are you people complaining about its his opinion not a fact? fucking internet cry babys gotta bitch about everything go suck a dick

  • Anonymous

    what a great list...i think slaughterhouse and rick ross could have been replaced by rapsody ( the idea of beautiful) and e-40 ( welocme to the soil 2) or even chino xl (the ricanstruction)...however i do agree with the top 2, they are by far the top 2 and top 2 underrated of the year, not sure why people are sleeping on those 2...listen to the key off kolexxxion and youll see why i say that, its a beautiful song

  • Anonymous

    How can he include Rare Chandeliers but no mention of Russian Roulette or Vodka & Ayahuasca?

  • VizionMC

    For the most part on point. Especially #1 that Trophies album is nananananananasty

  • NutinB3tta2Do

    This is a joke Good Kid M.a.A.d city isn't #1? not even top 3? FUCK YOU!!!


      biotch relax, please. you may be on lamars dick and you may be his homo boy but don't forget that this is premiers opinion, it his list. so relax, you can always politely disagree. keep the f word between you and your favorite rapper. thank you

  • Osiris, The God

    This man fucks with Bronson, respect...too many people slept on that, I'm glad a legend recognizes real music when he hears it, no matter the era...

  • Jay


  • The_Kidd

    No Homeboy Sandman? First of A Living Breed

  • Anonymous

    Sorry B but this ain't 98 anymore ya music sucks. Diplo > Premier.

    • titsokay

      nigga hip hop aint dead but niggas like you and that pop queen diplo gon kill it fo sure

    • Anonymous

      What the fuck is diplo?

    • Anonymous

      Fuck you waking me for bitch?? Nigga I helped you get out the hood you can't hate me like that ungrateful mofacka hope you goes back to prison lol

    • Anonymous

      Fuck me Diplo ruins songs. He had a promising career in the electronic scene but decided to sell out when he made this (Beyonce- Run the World). I enjoy major lazer but fuck me he can make some pathetic moves

    • FOH

      Nigga, choke on a tootsie roll. Diplo, those techno laced beats? Climax over a Premier beat? Fuck outta here!

  • LucasO11

    Rick Ross? No Xzibit? Whaaack

    • LucasO11

      fuck is wrong wit you, I didnt say X is whack, he one of the realest niggas out there. Dropped one of the dopest albums of 2012 and fools act like it was nothing instead givin props to Mr. Police Man who thinks he's the shit

    • xoray

      true that nigga, couldn't have said it better. ross and x are totally whack

  • slick

    i know he's a legend but cmon man his opinion is wack

  • Anonymous

    what about KA - Grief Pedigree? i thought dude would of mentioned that, but i forgot dudes slippin these days

    • KA is a TNUC

      ka - grief pedigree was whack. it was overate. it does not deserve to be in any of the top lists. it is a very good candidate to be on all worst of rap lists. it will get buried and become one of the obscure albums that no one will talk about or remember after i am done with this comment

  • Anonymous

    apollo brown & guilty simpson - dear jane

  • FLIP


  • SDK


    • LOL

      What do think a hipster website knows about hip hop? I rather check out Premier's (20+ years in the game) whether l like it or not than a DX list if l want authentic hip hop. not dickriding commercial hip hop.

  • Ken

    Kendrick is 9 and then Rozay got #10?? this list is funny.

  • Pmark913

    Macklemore the heist all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • slick

    he forgot the best album of the year, trouble man t.i

  • ILL

    All he did was just mention all of the albums that dropped last year ...shit anybody could have done that

  • Curufinwe

    Life is Good 3rd, Gook Kid 09. Listen to Primo. he does know Hip Hop more than you. Kdot album is good but way too much overated.

    • betIgotsomeWEED

      He puts God Forgives, I Dont, above Gods of the Serengeti and MA_DOOM: Son Of Yvonne, Premo what happened to you?

  • Von

    Good list. Ray West Luv NY was hot!!!!

  • ss

    a lot of politics and bullshit in this list. how can lupe's album not be put in anyone's 2012 list that know's hiphop?

  • BEC

    I just wanted to know if he was going to add Apollo and OC because that album is a classic in my book. Good list



  • Anonymous

    rare chandeliers was whack

  • Anonymous

    Ice Water (aka WOADAH) Holy Water is better than Kendrick Lamar good kid, m.A.A.d. city

  • Anonymous

    YES you stupid motherfuckers Rick Ross makes good music. Hate to break it to you.

  • Anonymous

    this list is whack

  • Anonymous

    son of yvonne was whack

  • Anonymous

    dice game was dope

  • jester

    No honorable mention for Schoolboy, Tech, Mayday, Trice, Prozak, Prodigy, DMX, Lupe, Xzibit, Krizz, Game & TI

  • bizzalls

    One more BTW, Trophies is not THAT DAMN good...IF anything it's real good because of OC not Apollo Brown. Don't get me wrong, I know Brown makes ill beats, but they aren't THAT good! HIPHOPDX definitely forgot "The Kollexxxion" album though.

    • Anonymous

      kollexxxion made me think statik selektah was better than premo trophies is dope MELLO MUSIC GROUP THE BLAc|K OP ERA

  • harveybabyyy

    haha did he really put his own album in the top 5? nigga be riding his own dick (i am kidding) it's okay. i have only heard like 5 albums of his list, maybe i will check out a few of those albums...

  • bizzalls

    By the way, I'm real shocked he didn't put the EL-P album, or the Killer Mike and EL-P album? HUH? Premo, c'mon son.

    • Yeo0

      EXACTLY! imo they were the best two albums of the year. Have no idea why c4c wasnt even in the honorable mentions.

  • bizzalls

    Premo....WHY? Rick Ross?? WHY?? What are you thinking??

  • Fish

    There has been soooooooo many shout outs for this OC and Apollo Brown album and I literally havnt heard one track off it. But I think its time to give it a go, cuz Premo is usually pretty accurate with his co-signs.

  • Anonymous

    y'all silly muthafckas asking for Game's album Jesus Piece?? this is real Hip-Hop!! not trash hip hop! i don't agree wit the whole list but its respectable!

  • wooow

    shit list lmao, jesus piece?, dreams & nightmares?, control system? where they at niggah


    The illest Underground mix. 2012's most slept on shit... Right here... Black Kray - Crack Clouds Over Art$ Kitchen Dayggs - Dessert FACES - FRENEMY w SortaHuman Dayggs- THX KOOL A.D. - Antenna Man's Theme Calvin Mercury - Life$avers Yung Yadi - Hello Kitty Keyboard Kid - Trapped in Based World Chippy Nonstop - So I Know It's Real Y A W N I N G B O Y - BELLY w FACES.CULT + YUNG GUNGHO.CULT Yung Raw - Poppin Off FRESHGALAXY - Bikini Music SortaHuman - Take Off Damon Thomas + Awir - DePatterning Key Nyata - Pitch Black Dex Machina - In Dexter's Lab Toy Trains - Stanky Sweet Xyloid - Epoch 1 DO$AGE - Everything Chris Green - I Ain't Gettin In The Truck DAYGGS - Lie4 (Trap Instrumental) A-Train - SLANGIN' (Prod by DKallday) Pistol Opera Agency - Audio Bullies Show You Suck - The Return of HeadBangers Ball (Eyes and Teeth remix) Yung Yadi - WonderWoman Vaginal Bear Trap - Climaxipad (loop) Lil Ugly Mane - Maniac Drug Dealer III Damon Thomas + Awir - DePatterning GOLD LA - Astral Focus - Chuck Norris Eyes and Teeth - Fection Yung Yadi + Eyes and Teeth - ExWife Black Tokyo - L w Cashus Flow Sigidy - Sippin Lil Ugly Mane - Psychic Aviation Sir Pressure - Blue Dog JoeyBagaDohNutz + Eyes and Teeth - Johnny Kra$h A Tribe Called Death - Mouth of Madness RL Steeze + Eyes and Teeth - Goth Game Hugh Heff A Tribe Called Death + Mummz - The Heemie Dennis Blakkk - Oldie Mr. MFNeXquire - Lost In Translation FRESHGALAXY - Skateboards & Longboards Nolan The Ninja - Makaway Tedy Brewski - Hostage Black EL + Durkin - Thelonius BlamLord + Blown - Nihilistic GOLD LA - 33 El-P + Mr. MFNeXquire - Oh Hail No (DJ Critical Hype Blend) K.E.V.O.R.K.I.A.N. - The Gateway Drug Yung Yadi - Cheefa Da Reefa Deli Mane + SHMX Battaglia - Under The Pyramids




    WHERE JESUS PIECES AT?? are you for real PRIMO...u got it proper last year by putting RED at #1...

    • Anonymous

      i saw on another website with this list and he said he forgot jesus piece and didnt want to change his whole list to include it but hes still bumping it in his whip

    • bizzalls

      Honestly man, I don't think he puts the albums in any order, but I could be wrong.

  • Anonymous

    You know what..... this dude has some good taste. People talkin shit need to go and google Gangstar and get their fingers out of their bums... just dont cosign the rick ross trash

  • dfgfd

    Primo just shit on his whole career with this retarded shit....

  • Anonymous

    Guess what Preemo? You ain't shit anymore, Pimpin'.

  • Anonymous

    Hey yo DJ, kill yourself.

  • nuc

    No Large Pro - Professor @ Large? Surprised by that, largely!

  • Anonymous

    rick ross over PE ?...

  • bringi

    apolo brown and o.c. trophies is very similar to large professor and neek the exotic's still on the hustle 2011 album and both hold the same position to me ..boom bap lives!

    • Anonymous

      What's dope is that they were able to properly transform boom bap into a more modern sound without comprising it.

  • Killem Dafoe

    At least someone got Wu-Block as a top 5. But Primo, putting your project at #2 is suspect. Not saying it isn't good, but it is a shameful plug...

    • bizzalls

      I don't know man, he's not really biased when you think about it, but come on, ANY artist likes their own shit! But to prove he's not totally biased, he didn't put the La Coka Nostra album or Big Shug's album in the top 20, which he both produced on.

    • Warren Peace

      Preemo does this every year. He always has one of his Gang Starr affiliate projects somewhere in or near the top 5. His list this year is an improvement over last year's though.

  • Anonymous

    my fav albums of 2012: niki minaj: roman reloaded 2 chainz: based on a true story chief keef: finally rich wiz khalifa: onifc future: pluto 3d ne-yo: r.e.d. meek mill: dreams and nightmares project pat & nasty mane: belly in full 2 kreayshawn: somethin bout kreay keak da sneak: cheddar cheese I say flo rida: wild ones

  • Anonymous

    I had a feeling he would have chosen and apollo brown record...nigga loves his boom bap

  • Primo!

    "Kolexxxion" As Number 2! Puttin My Own Sh!t As #1 Is Too Mainstream! But #2 Seems Legit!!! Oh Yeah! And Plz Don't Be suspicious! Im Just A Hip Hop Fan! =)))))

  • Alyssa

    Add me guys:

  • ?????

    Fuck DJ Premier that's a whack ass top 20, the only good ones are Wu Block and Rick Ross and Kendrick

  • rob all yall

    Guess il download a few of these gangstaz dont pay for music ........Bang Bang?

  • Real N.I.G.G.A.

    That's a real ass nigga right there

  • Cee

    that's a high ranking for rick ross, what about Apathy-Honkey Kong or was that 2011

    • Anonymous

      that was def. 2011 and preemo's beat on that album licked ass. i think apathy produced the beat and paid preemo to scratch on it and take credit for the beat.

  • Angelo

    People gotta understand these are "Personal" lists. I like most & respect most of his list. The only selections I would take out would be Rick Ross & Wu-Block. My top 5 are... 1. Roc Marci - Reloded 2. Nas - Life Is Good 3. Kendrick Lamar - GKMC 4. OC 7 Apollo Brown - Trophies 5. Show & AG - Mugshot Music ...but it's all personal taste & preference.

  • Anonymous

    he put rick ross in but no brother ali , even in the honorable mentions no brother ali , that was one of the best albums last year if not the best on a tie with kendrick

  • mr_b

    trophies is an amazing album. a very thoughtful list from mr. martin.

  • Hip Hop please

    Yup, minus Rick Ross it was a good list Good to see DJ Premier did mentioned Bishop Lamar Never understood why he didn't blow up the way he supposed to He had some really dope mixtapes, and his time on Aftermath only made him better

  • Anonymous

    Trophies deserves this spot. Such a great album.

  • wu wear


  • Anonymous

    Minus the Rick Ross album, Preem's selections were pretty dope. RAP Music and Professor @ Large would have been in my list, though, and not in the honourable mentions. Personal tastes here, though. Can't knock his selection, by any means.

  • Ruthless

    So he got Rick Ross on there but didnt like Jesus Piece? to each his own I guess but I feel that Slaughterhouse album was very dissapointing

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Top 20 Album, no "Top 20 Mixtape"

  • Anonymous

    how he gonna relegate Dice Game to an Honorable Mention??? smh

    • Anonymous do know this is Preem's "Top 20 Albums of 2012", not Preem's "I'm Mindreading Niggas, And This Is What I Think Everybody's Top 20 Albums Are", right?

  • BTW, Looga is still a bitch

    I think that before anybody starts criticizing the list and offering their pathetic list that nobody gives 2 flying f#$s about, they should listen to these albums on Preemos list. I've copped I'd say 3/5 of them when they dropped, and will be looking to sample the others I haven't.

  • Looga is a bitch

    @anon below: LOL! For real! That Trophies album caught me off guard when it dropped. OC's flow took me back to the 90s and Apollo Brown's production was superb. I play that shit to chill and reminisce for real. I'm curious to what a different emcee would've done to those beats though.

  • Assassin221

    Damn, R.A.P. Music not even in the top 20? And he picked the wrong Action Bronson mixtape. Everything else is cool as far as I know, I really didn't bump too much 2012 shit so idk.

  • Anonymous

    here comes the lists from all these commenters that no one gives a fuck about

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