Rick Ross To Make Acting Debut On Starz's "Magic City"

Rick Ross tries his hand at acting in a mafia-inspired series.

Rick Ross is slated to make his acting debut in the second season of Starz's Magic City, a mafia-inspired series set in Miami, Florida during the 1950s.

Ricky Rozay makes a quick cameo in the trailer, playing a character named The Bolita Boss. The Teflon Don lives up to his name, brandishing a shotgun and getting a quick sound byte in: "God is good... Until he ain't," he snarls.

The Maybach Music Group boss recently announced the title of his sixth album Mastermind, which follows on the heels of last year's God Forgives, I Don't.

Check the trailer below (via Miss Info).

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  • Anonymous

    "Ross acts tough but runs and hides when the GD's come. Not real" It's funny how you believe everything you read. How do you know Ross runs? Unless you've been face to face with the dude, you have no idea how tough he may or may not be. It's easy to act like Jason Statham over a screen.

  • Anonymous

    "So a correctional officer acting like a gangster is real to you?" At least a correctional officer makes an honest living. There are very few things lower than a drug dealer.

  • Anonymous

    "you respect a man almost pushing 40 playing make believe over one of the realest people out?" One of the realest people out? Ricky Ross made millions off destroying people's lives. You must be a gutter roach yourself to even entertain the notion that he was in any way "real".

    • Anonymous

      And i don't respect Freeway Ross for selling dope and ruining people but ATLEAST he keeps it real. Thats what he REALLY did. Not some made up bullshit

    • Anonymous

      So a correctional officer acting like a gangster is real to you? And before you say Rick Ross is a gangster. You'd be going against your own argument (Gangsters ruin peoples lives as well if im not mistaken). Real is simply defined as somebody who is true to what they do. Ross acts tough but runs and hides when the GD's come. NOT "REAL". Atleast guys like Wiz don't rap about being tough guys. They keep it "REAL" and act like who they ARE.

  • MC2

    Rick Ross is the realest rapper, this nigga is a true O.G. Fuck all you Ross haters who dick ride fake niggaz like 50cent.

    • Anonymous

      True OG's dont run and hide from GD's. True OG's retaliate when there boys chains get took. True OG's don't steal the REAL Freeway Rick Ross's name. Rozay the correctional officer aka Donnie Brasco.

  • mac DIESEL


  • Hip Hop please

    Too easy to say something about this ((looks at the comments)) Yup, like I said

  • ME

    Rick Ross wants to be 50 so badly first he started talking about boxing promotions now he is into movies do u gata do Rozay but we see u

  • Anonymous

    Too many motherfuckers be lying about selling, buying and trafficking I'm like really though what's happening, you boys talk about that crack again? Cause we don't believe you, need more people, y'all might as well just pack it in Show me the paper you're stacking in, show me the blocks you got on hold Show me your workers, show me your shooters, lemme see the neighborhood you control Lemme see if you a boss, and if motherfuckers is scared of you And if somebody trying to take your shit, let me see what you prepared to do Are you ready to go to war? Are you ready to shoot to kill? Are you really gon' man-up or bitch-up? Just tell the truth for real Are you ready to take a life, walk up to 'em and squeeze the trigger I don't think so cause you ain't built like that, so just be easy, nigga Cause you know you ain't 'bout no drama and you know that you really don't want it So stay the fuck out of the way when them trill-ass niggas is on it

  • Rick"diabetes"Ross

    Them fuking set caterers better step their game up!

  • Spic nut sack

    Bolita?? yeah he sure is a Bolita. fucking pendejo.

  • Anonymous

    Makes sense for William to do acting since he's good at being someone he's not. Willie's been an actor since he started his rap career.

  • Anonymous

    Sonny Corileone is looking really old.

  • Bawse

    Ross has BEEN acting this entire time with his persona, it's a veteran by now, no surprise they want him on tv shows now.

  • Anonymous

    william roberts been playing rick ross for years now

  • gun di liro

    Acting. Nothing could be more natural for this guy. He should have an easy time with this.

  • Anonymous

    hes been acting his whole music career, it not his debut

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