Cassidy Says Feud With Meek Mill Is "Not Street Beef," Talks "Raid" Diss

Cassidy says his feud with Meek Mill should not be confused as "street beef" but adds that he doesn't plan on losing a Rap battle against the MMG emcee.

The battle between Meek Mill and Cassidy turned a new page when Cass dropped "Raid" over the weekend. The record was a ten-minute diss aimed at the MMG emcee. After this, Cass called in to Philadelphia's Hot 107.9 to talk about the feud and clarify his position. 

"That's what I do. I rhyme," he said of the ten-minute track. "I got bars so I can go as long as I wanted to. It's not like I planned for it to be exactly ten minutes. I just planned to go in and get a lot of things off my chest so it turned out to be that amount of time. My core audience and people that love Hip Hop love when I go in like that. They don't want me to tease them with it. They want me to go in."

When asked if Mill would retaliate, he said he would advise Meek not to.

"I can't speak upon what that man gon' do but I wouldn't advise that man to try to come back," he shared. "The first record he came out with ["Me, Myself & iPhone"], he threw a few jabs but it wasn't nothin' crazy. I didn't even understand why he did it. He should've just fell back." 

However, Cass was also sure to point out that there feud is not a "street beef." 

"I just want everybody to know that this ain't no real street beef like people are trying to create it into. I know the media gets entertained off making it into street beef and things like that but it ain't nothing like that," he added. "I don't want people to think it's a street beef or nothing like that. I'm just competitive and I was feeling disrespected lyrically."  

He continued, saying that he is not afraid of a battle.

"I've been in over 5,000 battles and I've never lost. I don't plan on losing. If you know that information, you should know not to play around with a dude like me," he said. "I'm confident in myself and he should be confident in himself. I mean, not against me. Comparing himself with me, he definitely shouldn't be confident. But he should be confident in himself. So this is just bringing excitement back in the game. I know rappers that's out with hit songs right now calling me up saying they ain't been this excited in years. So it's good for Hip Hop and I just want to keep it like that." 

More from the interview can be heard below.

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  • Anonymous

    "That's a joke, right?" No. Cassidy is that bad. Fact.

  • Anonymous

    "Cassidy Net worth 7 million" In your dreams scrub lol

    • Anonymous

      everything meek is doing and has done, cassidy did years ago if cassidy is broke now after selling more records and ringtones, then meek will most def be broke in a couple of years too

  • Trigga

    Yall poppin like Cass aint got his stripes already....making music or not you cant knock whats already been shown. Show me a battle where that nigga got murdered.....dont worry I'll wait.....

  • 101

    5000 rap battles and no loss? Bitch please try to get eminem or nas into a rap battle, lets see how yo ass will do.

  • Anonymous

    Let's see. Younging comes to you because you on and you don't fuck with him. Younging gets put on himself and now you hate. And Cass is the internet hero but can't show his face in his own city. Like I always say. Fake niggas love fake things.

  • Real Talk

    Cassidy becoming like Pusha T, only time he gets an article or song play is when he diss someone, other than that. No one cares, pusha only gets interviewed to discuss lil wayne or Drake, Cassidy only gets interviewed to discuss Meek. While Lil Wayne Drake and Meek keep making music..... can give a fuck what u comment about next under me but thats the truth....

  • JJ

    At the end of all this beef shit and bloggers saying cassidy better than meek. 1 question, when u in the club wat and im a boss or burn or amen drops, ain u rapping along? wud im a hustler get u any pussy? bitches be sittin wheen that shit drop. moral of the story diss meek all u want he is fuckin relevant, cass ain relevant, u lot re just shit steerers

    • Anonymous

      who wants to hang around the hood in philly though? thats some bum ass broke nigga shit

    • Anonymous

      How can you battle with someone who can't even show they face in their own city. I'm telling you. Cass tries to show up any where in the city where them dudes at and he going to be on You Tube. That nigga food.

    • boss

      lol this pussy needs to listen to certain music to get pussy. hahahaha.

    • jay

      uak i be rappin 2 meek shit.. meek got sum nice shit when it comes to mixtapes and some stuff on the album.. but get the facts straight this is a battle not no fuckin club.. no bias no nothing, u come hard or u go home thats it. fame and fortune have absolutely nothing to do w battling

  • Killem Dafoe

    Hey Meek Mill, hope you got toilet paper cause you just got shitted on! I ain't gonna say Cassidy ethered him because Nas didn't need 10 minutes to ether Jay-Z. Cassidy need to make a quality studio album though. Still waiting for that to happen...

  • Heavy Chevy

    What is this, like how the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather was all hyped with no fight happening.(Before Pac Man got knocked the fuck out). Meek Mill is like Mayweather: he scared; he don't want it with Cass.

  • Anonymous

    "cassidy sold more records and had more hits" Yet where is he today? Broke, no record deal. Trying really, really hard to bait Meek Mill into a $100,000 battle cause that's probably how much he owes from the hospital bill that never got paid cause he didn't have insurance.

    • Anonymous

      meek got no where near 4 million all his shit is leased

    • vonnievonn65

      Damn at least use your google feature b4 making such a statement. Cass is worth 100k and Meek is worth 4mil!!! Like Meek said 100 thou you aint got the tab for that!!!!

    • jay

      funny how noone knows who cassidy is as a person and not a clue how much he got in his bank but ppl still say hes broke confidently like they know the sure hes got more money in his account than any blogger here, including me... now thats hatin for ur ass for whoever say that w.o even knowin dude.. songs crazy too 5/5

    • Anonymous

      Cassidy Net worth 7 million Meek Mill 2 million plus cassidy just got 2 million from trojan for that condom style whose broke?

  • Anonymous

    "and compared to cassidy hes soulja boy" Compared to Cassidy he might as well be the inventor of rap music all together.

  • Anonymous

    "twitter gangsta got no bars!" Compared to you he's Jay Z.

  • Anonymous

    5,000 battles? lol Listen to that broke joke rapper. Nobody remembers those "non events" anyway.

  • Brik

    Glad to see Cass keeping this all in the proper perspective, still wish there was going to be a big pissing contest on who is the better mc, I wish it would happen with a better grade of rappers.

    • Anonymous

      He's trying to keep there because he can't win in the streets. Cass has a serious beat down on You Tube coming to his ass. The goons than left him. He's food now.

    • Anonymous

      can't get much better grade to cassidy when it comes to battlin. you forgot about freeway?

  • Tupac

    Cass got him, MMG dead, hold ma money fuck boi

  • Meek Mill

    -Nigga only reason you hot, is cuz u aint iced up like me - 2013 -no one checking 4 cassidy -So u had t0 make a diss song mentioning me -Just to keep your 15 mins on clock ticking -Ya Man caught a body, and u went missing -ironic cuz if he wasnt there yo ass would be missing -No lawyer fees, no money on his books -Soon as you got out, wasted no time and shook -cuz we all know you aint a real crook -just a nigga that raps, with a gangsta look -Fronting like u someone, that I should respect -U caved in like a turtle, while ya homie put out his neck -U a bitch nigga in every sense -Plus im stacking dollas, u can keep ya 2 cents -i pop bottles, fuck ya drink and 2 step -Now watch How I do this - no beat from swizz -No love from X -Claim ya Ruff Ryders, but looks like everyone else left -Before I did that interview -ABout the battle between U and Murda Mook -Lets be honest NIGGA, WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU -Only place we cud hear ya shit was on UTUBE -I Win, I dont lose -I wore orange in the pen, not those PC jumpsuits -I really slanged drugs, not like u on instrumentals -Really carried heat, not rap about it cuz my friends do -U not from the streets, but claim u bang like a pistole -Cant Fuck with meek, My bars is a official -Guess I got the game on lock, cuz I run with a C.O -But nigga helped me get my own label -Now ya looking at Mr CEO

  • John-Boy

    At this point I think Cass can let up. Meek knows that he made a big mistake by challenging someone (anyone) to a battle. He need to get rid of whatever yes men in his camp had him thinking he was a real lyricist.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing like a good natured rap battle.....

  • t_clark1990

    Cass a real dude. Mad Respect. His Father was a rapper too i heard but aye no matter what happened in the past and all that with AR-ab its irrelevent you cant bring that shit back but on this battle tip its good for hip hop cause it gots everybody talkin bout it. you dig free premotion. them niggaz probably DM each other laughin all the way to the bank for it..

  • Take Over

    hahaha he wanted to let Meek know its not street Beef, Cuz cas dont have no more shooters on his team... And the one shooter he did have, Cas left him 4 dead..

    • John-Boy

      Actually it was Meek who intended for this battle to be on wax. Meek never intended for this to be a street battle. Check your facts before posting.

    • Anonymous

      you need to watch this video

    • Take Over

      I mean the nigga that killed someone because he was trying to harm Cassidy. Thats who I was talking about, the guy that actually pulled a trigger...

    • Anonymous

      you mean that crab ass nigga that got high as fuck on percocets and went on a rant for 40 minutes?

  • TheRealHipHop

    Everything cass said is exactly how it started people keep thinking Cass started this beef its not Cass was chilling gettin his cool 2 million from trojan for that song he made for them smh

  • Anonymous

    To me meek mill has the best diss song out of this battle but cass is not wack by any means

  • GoReadABook

    Keep it real Los would fuck Cass up in a battle....i fucks with Cass but come on, stop bigging yourself up. No amount of money could make either of these two diss Em

    • iLLaaa-ELF

      Really?? Out of all the battle rappers on the scene, you would pick Los to be the one to go up against Cassidy? Stop posting on these threads when you have no clue what it is your talking about.

    • Anonymous

      Los? the nigga thats been on Bad Boy for almost 3 years now aint did shit since but get lola pregnant? the nigga that changed his name to KingLos? you think he could beat cassidy? your living in a fantasy

    • Anonymous

      nah too many ppl on ems dick. he's at the top, but that would be a dope battle. and cassidy would have a real chance of taking it. if you don't think so you don't know them both well enough



  • Hip Hop Head

    Cassidy just gave birth to Meek Mill

  • Anonymous

    the first record he came out with was repo, me myself and iphone was cassdy's record you morons

  • Too bad

    You need to MCs for a battle like this.. Unfortunately Meek isn't one..

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