Papoose Questions Chris Lighty's Suicide On "Obituary 2012" Track

Papoose doesn't believe that Chris Lighty took his own life.

Earlier today, Papoose dropped a track, "Obituary 2012," which mourns many of the lost lives in the music industry from last year.

The song includes remembrances of singer Whitney Houston and "Soul Train" creator Don Cornelius. The song also mentions Chris Lighty, head of Violator Management, who reportedly committed suicide last year.

In the song, Papoose reveals that doesn't believe that Lighty's cause of death was suicide: 

"Chris Lighty, Hip Hop shed a tear / He gave birth to so many careers / Born May 8th, '68, in the Bronx, used to carry records for Red Alert, he was smart / Started Violator, made it better / He helped me with my career, we took a million dollar deal together / The cause of his death? They say suicide / But anybody who knows Chris sees through the lies."

Pap joins 50 Cent in his speculation, as Fif reportedly hired investigators to look into Chris Lighty's death. Lighty's family has also made known their skepticism.

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  • Suge Knight


  • CharlieBanks

    What is a papoose?

  • Anonymous

    Just get the fuck over it. No matter how much you talk about it; he still would be dead at the end of the day. R.I.P.

    • Anonymous

      Kind of like you, no matter how much u talk about..ur still gay at the end of the day. follow at newtracksdaily

  • Anonymous

    Everybody says that same shit when a family member commits suicide, nobody ever wants to believe it and they all say "He/She wasnt the type" Just let it go man, 50 had a private investigator on the case for 6 months if there was something to find he would hve found it by now. Middle aged man going through a divorce and financial problems commits suicide. Its not uncommon. Just let it go

    • Anonymous

      "Cold Case" is more than a TV show, it's a reality. Would you to be able to share how you know the investigator(s) haven't found anything? BTW, because you haven't heard anything isn't a valid reply. The Central Park Five had their convictions overturned due to diligence by investigators and lawyers but lost over a decade of their lives in jail. You're thinking six months is ample time.

  • steviebee82

    If I was the marketing agent that made the deal with you to post this article on your site about our artist Papoose, I would demand my money back for the mere fact that the song itself is in your library but there is no link in this article tying to the song albeit it has received 875 plays. Please do better. Thank you. But Papoose did rip this track though :-)

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes bad things happen that don't get resolved. Maybe Lighty's money problems had something to do with this, but does the family really want to hear that someone may have killed him?

  • The Don

    I really hope 50,papoose and everybody else thats using Chris Lightys death to promote songs,albums and trying to make themselves hot again really get to the bottom of this. I dont know Chris Lighty personally so i dont know if he was suicidal or not. He could have been or he couldnt have been,i dont know cause i didnt know him but 50 and papoose knew him and probably have clues of him being suicidal or not. I was one of the first people to write on his story saying i didnt know him but that suicidal thing just didnt sound right for some reason. If 50 and papoose have clues of him being suicidal they need to leave this alone and never speak on it again. But if they truly believe he didnt kill himself then yall need to really do some investigating cause i feel like he didnt kill himself and these rap interviews and rap songs just seem like they playing with the mans death and legacy which seems disrespectful. but i dont know how this Hollywood bullshit work. that a whole different life than i live. all i know is if its real,then do something about it,dont make a rap song with 2 bars talking about it a year after the nigga have passed...that makes it look like a joke.

  • yeaaahh

    If you don't have evidence to support it - shut the fuck up. This man has a family so stop stirring up feelings with all the conspiracy bullshit.

    • Anonymous

      the man does have a family. A wife that didn't give 2 craps about him and is obviously acting super suspect in the matter. I would rather the truth come out so the man can rest in peace. So if it means stirring up shit to bring the truth to the light, then so be it.

  • Anonymous

    Thats how they get rid of those they dont like they ether kill them and say it was suicide or kill them and say it was a over dose. These are the techniques they use now to assassinate people, the old bullet to the head raises to many questions. Who knows how they exactly pull it off though, thats the mystery. We can only imagine what kind of technology and other things they have to kill people or pull off false flagged events.


    ya bish


    that shit is sad

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